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Is Cardi B Okay?
Prije mjesec
87 Komentari
letsleavetheparty Prije 2 sati
If someone's bank account looks like theirs it seems kinda normal
Hyah Gaming Gacha
Hyah Gaming Gacha Prije 2 sati
"Watch out Kylie Jenner, Charli D'amilio is the next internet sensation". Look, she's not copying anyone, everything is just a coincedence.
Cruz Arellano
Cruz Arellano Prije 2 sati
Your just mad
Teagan Nicole
Teagan Nicole Prije 2 sati
No hate or anything like that but I feel like Khloe gets so much hate for little things but then Kylie is like giving stormi like 7 cars and it’s like wow love the look but Khloe’s gets really does she really need that
Marie Parisi
Marie Parisi Prije 2 sati
Why do all thumbnails make these actors look like crack heads
Hyah Gaming Gacha
Hyah Gaming Gacha Prije 2 sati
She isn't copying anyone! The thumbnail, James Charles gave her that look! Ugh! This is so fake news! Charli is being herself!
Oliver Reynolds
Oliver Reynolds Prije 2 sati
breezey :3
breezey :3 Prije 2 sati
Dont feel jealous cuz I know I'm gonna g to heaven and that's way more expensive:)
Michelle Delos Santos
There's nothing to be embarrassed here. Hahahaha
Keiry Alexandra Pineda Rodas
No just cuz they are famous doesn't mean that people well everyone likes and loves them ok and btw kylie's and Charlie's style is not unique at alllllllllll and there are limited famous people tho ok
Zeeqh Sal
Zeeqh Sal Prije 2 sati
3:48 unbelievable !
Keren L
Keren L Prije 2 sati
Sometimes here they arent even spoiled just like when North cried that was not spoiled but just acting like a child so... PERIODT
Jezel Ogaro
Jezel Ogaro Prije 2 sati
Why does people care about them? They are rich
Keren L
Keren L Prije 2 sati
It r kids they need attension
tenina anderson
tenina anderson Prije 2 sati
Stop blaming them for other people faults Scott had issues because he's have a rough time dealing with he's parents passing away leave them people alone
Gabriella Nelfien
Gabriella Nelfien Prije 2 sati
P3d0 @£ert
Ariez Azlan
Ariez Azlan Prije 2 sati
must be cool to have a well known father in getting all those jobs without a degree
Seth Bender
Seth Bender Prije 2 sati
These girls work so much harder than fifth harmony and deserve the world. I’m so sick of the US ignoring them for no reason. The music is great and what they stand for is in powering. I don’t buy albums, but I will be buying theirs just to show my support. So sick of them being underrated. They are amazing performers, great live, and fantastic dancers.
Monike souza junior
Monike souza junior Prije 2 sati
Bunny Maee
Bunny Maee Prije 2 sati
Khloe was such a natural beauty shes still beautiful tho
Cindy Fitzgerald
Cindy Fitzgerald Prije 2 sati
Tutie Diane Earl Romines
Daang everyone fu$$ing everyone. Hope they used pritection. We C he dont like to cause shes knockedup now
Corin Britt
Corin Britt Prije 2 sati
Frist of all she is her own person
Sanju Aryal
Sanju Aryal Prije 2 sati
She is pretty ❣️❣️
Lisa Cooper
Lisa Cooper Prije 2 sati
Pls like
jahabar sadiq
jahabar sadiq Prije 2 sati
Every parent showers their kids with love and soo kar jenners are a bit more
Helen Pierce-Lamoureux
poor, poor shy Kendall. :(
Karlie Hardick
Karlie Hardick Prije 2 sati
Bruce Hall🤣🤣 I CANT🤣
Natalia Buczak
Natalia Buczak Prije 2 sati
Marta Kalniņa
Marta Kalniņa Prije 2 sati
I prefer musically cuz it was made for fun not to rlly gain hype
Vicky Patrick
Vicky Patrick Prije 2 sati
Everyday just kardarshian jenner
Alexis Little
Alexis Little Prije 2 sati
Mona Hyde
Mona Hyde Prije 2 sati
I am a fruit salad.
Huzaifa AhMad
Huzaifa AhMad Prije 2 sati
Kpoop is full of trash music and plastic surgery
Cricket Hop
Cricket Hop Prije 2 sati
It's called mirroring and it speaks to having no sense of self. if you go so far as to get matching surgeries, that tells me there's a psychological problem. this isn't something to idolize.
Death Hela
Death Hela Prije 3 sati
Even one of the world’s smartest man is stupid at naming a human child. Either the child is a robot made by him or it’s an alien
Youmna Wehesh
Youmna Wehesh Prije 3 sati
Not just men and people life are empty that we watched the Kardashian but the the Talko subjects are more and away empty
saraswati shrestha
saraswati shrestha Prije 3 sati
i cant believe he married one of his die heart fan.omg
Vyshi Arunagirinathan
There's another video by the Talko saying that Cardi B copied the Kardashians with the name Kulture. This video proves that video wrong. Sending mixed messages?
Helen Pierce-Lamoureux
krystle Gonzalez
krystle Gonzalez Prije 3 sati
AEG AEG Prije 3 sati
The perfect 007 spy
Sabrina Scott
Sabrina Scott Prije 3 sati
Oh no, a toddler throwing a tantrum when they are completely oblivious to the fact that they are rich and famous
Ian Nebraska
Ian Nebraska Prije 3 sati
If your transgender your GENDER doesn't change your the same no matter how much you cut yourself
Raphael Champion
Raphael Champion Prije 3 sati
‘it’s obvious that these toddlers...’ *shows mason*
Andia Sasani
Andia Sasani Prije 3 sati
Leave her alone jesus
Diego DJ
Diego DJ Prije 3 sati
9:55 or, or, or, guess what. They could be brothers. *mind explosion*
Rouda Sultan
Rouda Sultan Prije 3 sati
I checked on google even if we are in 2020 today
Rouda Sultan
Rouda Sultan Prije 3 sati
No that is fake news
Nada Ali
Nada Ali Prije 3 sati
I feel like the this channel know more things about tge kardashiens then the kardashiens know about themselves
LDSgaming 11
LDSgaming 11 Prije 3 sati
No one is copying anyone Dixie has always looked like that🙄🙄
didira star
didira star Prije 3 sati
For me it's Billie cause of her angelic voice. It might not be high and belty compared to Ariana but I love it. Billie also sings with emotion. I have not been through a lot of things Billie talks about in her songs but they are 🔥and (definitely not depressing to me) Billie also has a wonderful personality. I watched one interview of her and i was convinced to watch another one. A lot of people are saying she will continue to make "deppressing" music and get out of the spotlight but I think she is definitely going to change. I also like how she is just unapologetically her self. Also Ariana has the best voice in the world but I don't really like her songs. She is really nice but I can't see her the way I see Billie. OMG now i sounds like some obsessed billie eilish fan. Guys they are both queens but we can have our own opinions.
Sarah Herbert
Sarah Herbert Prije 3 sati
I just threw up in my mouth🤢
Adeline Cook
Adeline Cook Prije 3 sati
Y'all really expect toddlers not to cry in public? bruhhhhh. Everyone cried as a baby
Sushi My Tooshi
Sushi My Tooshi Prije 3 sati
My baby is not cancelled. I still want her unreleased song 😭
Jake Matton
Jake Matton Prije 3 sati
Misleading video
Juan Myburgh
Juan Myburgh Prije 3 sati
Wonder how many woman in high positions abused men as well. Goes both ways. Men are struggling as well.
Shreya Gopalakrishnan
Who else just love the name Stormi? 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻
Arianna Roblox
Arianna Roblox Prije 3 sati
My diamonds
My diamonds Prije 3 sati
its raining talkos oooOOh~ XD thats what i think when she ends her vids
Yo i
Yo i Prije 3 sati
So,we admire someone who doesn't accept their authentic nature and approve fake?
The Virgin Dude
The Virgin Dude Prije 3 sati
Not her its His.
Quentin Vo
Quentin Vo Prije 3 sati
what does it mean if a girl calls me daddy 😳
Anvita Prije 3 sati
11 minutes wasted succesfully😁😁😂😂
Dantel Pro
Dantel Pro Prije 4 sati
This video sucks! A poofy ballgown is great, a colored dress is fun and unique, a short dress for the reception is awesome. Kim, Anne, Brittney, Jessica look amazing. The Talko is a bunch of haters lol smh...
kassandra pulmares
kassandra pulmares Prije 4 sati
Daniel chon is rude if she meets with fans zhe doesn't deserve the hype
Tasnim Islam
Tasnim Islam Prije 4 sati
It’s not about she got more money than us still . It’s about the title . She does NOT deserve it . It’s just like the Olivia jade case where she took a spot of a deserving student at UCLA . Smh my generation cannot support the right . It’s time fix shit and I’m 2021 we should be supporting real people .
Mimiplays- Roblox
Mimiplays- Roblox Prije 4 sati
I’m sorry to say but the forbs that made Kylie the youngest self-made billionaire said she only makes 300 million not $1 billion and why what do you say they were spoiled brats they are spoiled brats but not that spoiled
Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes Prije 4 sati
Whoever’s voicing this sounds sooooooo condescending! 👎
Misk otaibi
Misk otaibi Prije 4 sati
what’s the name of the KarJenner member That runs The Talko 🤔
XxCookiePlayzxx Prije 4 sati
imagine making a video for toddlers doing regular things-
Juliette Van Wagner
Juliette Van Wagner Prije 4 sati
Just because she cut her hair does not mean that she’s a horrible person and trying to copy her inspired means she love the look so she wanted to do it as well they both are amazing and you should not be saying stuff like this
sweet like ari
sweet like ari Prije 4 sati
CHAN ZEAN YUNG Prije 4 sati
More and more will make u speechless.....
Barbara Santana
Barbara Santana Prije 4 sati
A husband being a cheater is NOT to be blamed on the wife. These men CHOSE this life they knew exactly what they were getting into. Stop being so extra Tako
Azferene Kabir
Azferene Kabir Prije 4 sati
Charliedamelio can not fo anything but copy people
Anna Chase
Anna Chase Prije 4 sati
Joyln only has womens things
Ladonja Simpson
Ladonja Simpson Prije 4 sati
Of course Nicki minaj
Erin Officer
Erin Officer Prije 4 sati
Umm the Kardashions are not spoiled brats soo SHUTUP
savagen1 Prije 4 sati
Honestly you’re spreading crap. Yes they’re spoiled. So what. The truth is you would do the same
Pizztella Prije 4 sati
Watch Dis!
Mh18 2018
Mh18 2018 Prije 4 sati
If she feels good and is happy then good for her.
audrey bella
audrey bella Prije 4 sati
Milagro Abigail
Milagro Abigail Prije 4 sati
These kids are gonna be massive brats.
Della M.S.S.
Della M.S.S. Prije 4 sati
Lol how could ppl expect a baby or toddler act mature 😂😂😂
XtinaLucia Prije 4 sati
Who cares if it’s for all the wrong reasons!
Audrey and Friends
Audrey and Friends Prije 4 sati
This channel is either run by idiots or ur just out of ideas bc no one watches ur stupid content. Stop posting abt the kar-Jenner family, it’s freaking weird. Also ur reasons were dumber than ur content lol this video was just so wrong