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Zendaya Is Iconic
Prije 2 mjeseci
100 Komentari
Floral WAVE
Floral WAVE Prije 4 sati
I thought I saw slappy and I was like "dummy"
Lynne Gaming
Lynne Gaming Prije 4 sati
Well.. he still tryna to get close to me like... he stick his shoulder to mine, and stick his head to mine when we were called by our friends to gather around he's taking this little chance to stick around me, and. He always showed up everywhere i go lol
Eve Tats
Eve Tats Prije 4 sati
🙄 so Michael Jackson’s genes changed post plastic surgery? Using that pic of his 80s/90s face to compare to his son’s pic does not seem logical at all...
Sofia Chloe Cramp
Sofia Chloe Cramp Prije 4 sati
Lidia Baez
Lidia Baez Prije 4 sati
No one: Literally no one: Them:*DAnIElle ConE
hobbsmack Prije 4 sati
She's bipolar...she wrote a book about her struggles with it...typical....Brad was screwed from the get go....he never had a chance outside of rejecting her from the beginning....he married a psychopath basically....he could never prove it you can do is survive it....barely.
Aerolyn Gindap
Aerolyn Gindap Prije 5 sati
ANd nO StoP thAt! Jungkook’s ideal type is IU!!🔥🔥😡🔥😭🔥😡🔥 change and delete this! NOW!😡
omar suno
omar suno Prije 5 sati
USA U S Embassy Senegal site
Joy Lucas
Joy Lucas Prije 5 sati
Matuturuan aq ng mama ni prince fazza tlg s ganun gawain. 😊😊😊Sama q mga princess nl. 😁😁
omar suno
omar suno Prije 5 sati
USA U S Embassy Gambia site
cherrydiva1 Prije 5 sati
i like it
omar suno
omar suno Prije 5 sati
USA Coroner the Banjul
Joy Lucas
Joy Lucas Prije 5 sati
Alam ni prince fazza panu ang tama gawin s charity eh. Wl aman aq alam s ganun eh. Pro vusto q puntahan ung mga bata tumutulo sipon s war areas. 😊😊😊
omar suno
omar suno Prije 5 sati
G4s Gambia
Aristotle Novus
Aristotle Novus Prije 5 sati
It's nice. I support him.
Ana Prije 5 sati
Two very beautiful people but just looking at them together, doesn’t feel like a match
Joy Lucas
Joy Lucas Prije 5 sati
Aayain q tlg mga princess ni king rashid s mga war areas. 😊😊😊Mama ni prince fazza pang charity tlg un eh. Ky tlg papayag un. Wl lang tlg xang guts pr ilabas mga primcess eh. Ky tlg tropa n kagay q need ng mga anak ni king rashid. 😁😁😁
Rujinas Reality
Rujinas Reality Prije 5 sati
He kept her separate so he can spend time with his side chick😂😂😂😭
omar suno
omar suno Prije 5 sati
Princess wedding l am not married
Amaya Peele
Amaya Peele Prije 5 sati
she was on he tooth fairy remember?
Amaya Peele
Amaya Peele Prije 5 sati
Tea Time
Tea Time Prije 5 sati
I haven’t watched the entire vid yet but WHAT ABOUT RUMPLESTILTSKIN AND BELL WTFFF
omar suno
omar suno Prije 5 sati
+220 2248026
Vannvatey Sam
Vannvatey Sam Prije 5 sati
Did you know Maddox is from Cambodia but Angelina Jolie adopted him
Victoria Louise Hutchinson-Briars
So many mistakes in this. As a British person it’s just painful. Including palace not place. And confusing Prince William and Prince George especially in regards to the church 🙄
Kaymo Reep
Kaymo Reep Prije 5 sati
Haily sucks
kitten peepee pijlman
0:07 ik was bij dat concert van ariana
boi space
boi space Prije 5 sati
This video proofs that *I will always be single*
Cristina .Filipe
Cristina .Filipe Prije 5 sati
You're using her stuff meanwhile due to your money she's using dior ,chanel etc...only the very best,don't tell me you believed her???I mean what would u do w her millions?
Chanté Fourie
Chanté Fourie Prije 5 sati
Kendall looks the nicest
Peyton sage
Peyton sage Prije 5 sati
This is so cool and very enjoyable love your videos!!!!!
Mikey Tan Cebu
Mikey Tan Cebu Prije 5 sati
My dad is a Virgo and I'm a Libra. So that's a yes!
siphesihle sithole
siphesihle sithole Prije 5 sati
Niki is a talented artist I think she's one talented rap artist I personally lyk so far
jasmine apostol
jasmine apostol Prije 5 sati
I like her shes so cute and pretty eyes😊
Dearly Kate
Dearly Kate Prije 5 sati
All I want to know is Eminem’s real hair color. Growing up he always seemed to be blonde (eye brows too) and now it’s brown (beard too). Ugh, which one is it. 😑
Lionel Theary
Lionel Theary Prije 5 sati
I don’t wanna see them together, it’s annoying 😐😐😐
lunar moon
lunar moon Prije 5 sati
Some of these are not true don’t lie talko
Nosipho Hlikihla
Nosipho Hlikihla Prije 5 sati
U spend 20M on urself in an effort to look good but u come out still ugly😕why not give the money to those who Don hve it? 😢
Nicolas Laine
Nicolas Laine Prije 5 sati
*When you're too good for the olympic system*
Thyrza Campbell
Thyrza Campbell Prije 5 sati
There is something I don't understand about the weight thing. They're modeling clothes for us aren't they, and it's not everyone in the world that's as skinny as them so what exactly is the use of them to be underweight or skinny.
Maryam 626
Maryam 626 Prije 5 sati
I'm not even indian and i love it when celebrities wear indian clothing. When the royal couple came to pakistan, kate was showered with love when she was shown embracing different cultures of Pakistan. People need to stop being so damn sensitive
Ted Petry
Ted Petry Prije 5 sati
Lena is more than hot..
Scarlett Cornell-Abel
She is my idol and I don’t even do gymnastics so that says something LOVE YOU SIMONE!!!
Rob Lewis
Rob Lewis Prije 6 sati
Go Kanye! I cant stand the trashy culture that the hip hop community has developed into these days. sets a low bar for all americans!
Sini Nurmi
Sini Nurmi Prije 6 sati
The only one that was truly awful was tyra’s eyelook....
Moa Prije 6 sati
I understand that everyone can feel insecure, no mather who you are. But seeing beautiful people insecure about their looks make me feel extra ugly 😂
Mike Likewise
Mike Likewise Prije 6 sati
You lot are just plain sick
Andrea De jesus
Andrea De jesus Prije 6 sati
sushanta roy
sushanta roy Prije 6 sati
You are all so nosy.
Mick Williams
Mick Williams Prije 6 sati
The vile Markle and her pussy of a husband should NOT be given tax payers money if they cant follow the rules .They should fu*k off to some other country as they are a pair of parasites who have no qualities to give this country.I would think most Americans would have been highly delighted when she left .
WrestlingRevolutionCookie 333
You forgot bout araki sensei
Saanya Thapar
Saanya Thapar Prije 6 sati
Jakiyah Taylor
Jakiyah Taylor Prije 6 sati
Cardi b:gets a lip piercing Bhad bhabie:gets a lip piercing Thetalko:AND THATS HOW BHAD BHABIE COPIES CARDI!!
Nobel Das
Nobel Das Prije 6 sati
Nithyasree Mahadevan
I ❤️❤️ Ken..... Is it fine if I call u Ken???
Nithyasree Mahadevan
Omg... Yaas Kendall
chandan mahajan
chandan mahajan Prije 6 sati
Taylor Swift is not snake and Kim and Kanye poster wrong voice tape on internet the poster the half cutted video and she was not told the line that I made the b**** famous ok so Taylor is far more better then any other person on the list and she is not a snake she is a kind hearted person if you don't know for your kind information she was not informed fully about the song
Selina Young
Selina Young Prije 6 sati
What Bryce hall is not a bad child
Asma DZ
Asma DZ Prije 6 sati
In this list only Huda is really self made 💓
Saima Jolkkonen
Saima Jolkkonen Prije 6 sati
is group gymnastics even a thing in America? i tell ya that's a sport that has some stoopid rules
Pari Nidhi
Pari Nidhi Prije 6 sati
#teamcardi #bardigang
d abdella
d abdella Prije 6 sati
Did you get paid extra, for talking loudly over the annoying music. Dd
x Tough Love x
x Tough Love x Prije 6 sati
honestly dancers go through the same thing.
Sky's the limits
Sky's the limits Prije 6 sati
I have never owned barbie doll ever
ELLWOOD LISA Prije 6 sati
the most kind the most beatiful
Mongtea Wu
Mongtea Wu Prije 6 sati
2019 anyone
Mia Khan
Mia Khan Prije 6 sati
I did not know that she dated Drake
celine. yuu
celine. yuu Prije 6 sati
You mean, all girls except Hailey was just a fling for Justin. Lol
Laijung wangsu Laijung wangsu
K Prije 6 sati
You are disgusting! This is so wrong ! How dare you bully children.
giuli zamudio
giuli zamudio Prije 7 sati
the transitions are awful
soyu.q Prije 7 sati
wow she sings like an angel 🥺🥺
Jessica Montero
Jessica Montero Prije 7 sati
Flip flops ❤👍👍👍👍👍
Jossana Brito
Jossana Brito Prije 7 sati
Alina looks exactly like Sofia Jamora Go take a look
Akira Fernandes
Akira Fernandes Prije 7 sati
No offense but At 2:23 doesn't Scott know kids won't be kids for long 😑😑
Daniela Cutler
Daniela Cutler Prije 7 sati
I'm VS TRUTH. I USED to be the VS dream. Now I'm a mom with the spending money. Call me for your target market info. Just sayin
Hajah Kalsum Haji Sakman
Lady Gaga Ultimate Pop Princess
James Dick
James Dick Prije 7 sati
no, they should not be PERSECUTED. they should be PROSECUTED, instead.
Ava Lexi Nighstar
Ava Lexi Nighstar Prije 7 sati
Margot robbie looks way better than that freak
Mama Diana
Mama Diana Prije 7 sati
I 😍 de video
Ava Lexi Nighstar
Ava Lexi Nighstar Prije 7 sati
You forgot my best friend and Britney Spears,Yes My bestie looks like Britney Spears And me and ava max have the same eye shape and color :)💖
My Kookies
My Kookies Prije 7 sati
You know what, I just want to go and torture THAT STOOPID JONG UN UNTIL HES DEATH!
Jeon_Raine Prije 7 sati
Soooo kids this is how A.R.M.Ys and BLINKS started a fanwar... P.S Please stop comparing them, to those immature A.R.M.Ys and BLINKS please grow up and let's support both groups as one..both groups are friends and they wouldn't be sooo happy and proud if they see both fandoms hating eachother...spread live not hate☺
astha pokhrel
astha pokhrel Prije 7 sati
this video just called me poor in 40 different languages
Liza Santiago
Liza Santiago Prije 7 sati
I never had a kiss from school and no one likes me
Rxea Prije 7 sati
They did not dominate K-pop. They are really good but BTS are the top K-pop group. Blackpink might be the hottest girl group but the not the top.
Sammy K
Sammy K Prije 7 sati
Ahhhhmmm none of them even came close..this is sad
Itsmeems Prije 7 sati
Megan ❤️
Mick Williams
Mick Williams Prije 7 sati
Markle is an absolute disgrace and not fit to be a Royal .She is a lazy self centred waste of space and should have stuck to soaps.Her pussy of a husband is not much better and if his Mother was still alive she would disown him.It seems only his grandad and prince William have got any balls .Apart from Prince Philip and the queen William and his wife Kate are the perfect example of how true Royals should behave .Markle and Harry should go live somewhere else instead of spending tax payers money on luxuries they most definately don't deserve.Get rid of them and NOW.
stranger things fan
stranger things fan Prije 7 sati
is it just me or why is prince george clothe moving on 9:19?
Jeon_Raine Prije 7 sati
My multi fandom heart dies everyday T_T
k74 Prije 7 sati
also if you watch the show in all of theese shes left out in she couldnt make it cause of work or she just didnt want to be there
k74 Prije 7 sati
i always thought they kind of left kendall out but im pretty sure she just wants a reasonably normal life and shes drama free for the most part so shes not in the show as often and if anyones excluded its rob
Jason Yoki
Jason Yoki Prije 7 sati
I dont know who any of these ppl are except the girl from ridiculousness
Gessia Heer
Gessia Heer Prije 7 sati
A bela.e a fera...
Lili Muyunda
Lili Muyunda Prije 7 sati
I shouldn't allow this video to make me upset.😂😂
Harley Diaz
Harley Diaz Prije 8 sati
people get a life dont be a parasite with their lives duh
sanvi gaddale
sanvi gaddale Prije 8 sati
North Korea has - KIM JONG UN South Korea has - KIM SEOK JIN (world wide handsome) BTS
J Caballero
J Caballero Prije 8 sati
I met her in houston and She was so nice and loved my suit . I thought she was someones grandmother by how nice she was . Her body guard then told me she is a fashion icon . Looking back on it , I was blessed lol she like my style
Ritu Rose
Ritu Rose Prije 8 sati
isnt it very clear that the jenners won?theyre so young yet give an almost equal competition to the kardashians...excluding the fact that kim literally copied kylie on that makeup brand thingy xD