US Open Tennis Championships
US Open Tennis Championships
US Open Tennis Championships
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TheIñigoYT Prije 4 sati
Anybody here after his 20th grand slam title?
ليبرالي مصري
After onther 17 years he now has "20" Grand Slam 13 Roland Garros 4 US open 2 Wimbledon 1 Australia open
Rishbah Pandey
Rishbah Pandey Prije 7 sati
Anyone after Nadal smoking djoker in 2020 rg
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Prije 8 sati
Here after Nadal won the 2020 Roland Garros...
somerandomdude999 Prije 8 sati
Miss this Nadal. These days he can only bagel Djokovic on clay :(
Felix Y
Felix Y Prije 9 sati
The only player who bageled Nadal and still couldn't beat him in GS. Thiem is a nightmare for big 3, soon he'll be no.1 replace Djokovic
James Prije 11 sati
Kevin shouting "come on" as he comfortably loses every set
Bernardo Corral
Bernardo Corral Prije 12 sati
Aleph Beta
Aleph Beta Prije 12 sati
Azarenka.. great player but I can’t stand her shrill grunting. Sounds like a ghoul racing across a frozen lake.
Cody Hurley
Cody Hurley Prije 13 sati
Unbelievable match from both of these incredible players. I'm sure this was a very satisfying win for Serena.
Jose Andre
Jose Andre Prije 13 sati
Guy who screams allez is so annoying
Amanda Cerny
Amanda Cerny Prije 13 sati
Ditch the music. It takes all the energy out of the video
SETHUPATHY V Prije 13 sati
Us open:Zverev US Open in review Zverev: I'd put myself.... Us open:You no need put yourself because it's about you
Urbano Covarrubias
Urbano Covarrubias Prije 13 sati
Serena has a lot of shooting power as always but is very slow at the court, and that's gonna be a problem to win a Major for sure.
Tu ._.
Tu ._. Prije 14 sati
The video is great but the music was just not it. Just remove it :)
nobody special
nobody special Prije 14 sati
Muscle cramps due to intense physical exertion are extremely painful. There have been likely many scenes like this over the years, but they happen in locker rooms after matches, not in the public eye. Only the athletes out there know this pain. A true side effect of professional sport.
Makomuono bunde-omuono
A vicious battle between two equals. Great match.
WeedSmoker69 Prije 14 sati
this is just a video of Nadal attracting more mothers
Jonathan Fan
Jonathan Fan Prije 14 sati
Novak got aced like ten times by Nadal before. His serves are op
Macmittens411 Prije 14 sati
Mariah always has the best beats / song selection and Hooks!! The Best!
ВАНЕ РИСТОВ Prije 14 sati
Serena this, Serena that, the foot, the injury BLAH BLAH BLAH. The commentators are always degoutant. Why don't they mention her AWFUL SCREAMING and Azarenka's willpower, particularly in this match. That's so gross. Excuses for Williams, silence for Azarenka. Disgusting.
アンディ君 Prije 15 sati
2016 may be not funny season for Big3 fans, but as a Andy fan, I enjoyed that season.
Lucas Prije 15 sati
2:15 :o
deejaydan313 Prije 15 sati
Iga vs. Bianca
Victor Vega
Victor Vega Prije 16 sati
le suda del sobaco
angel91485 Prije 16 sati
he deserves it, those questioning, he is one of the few who has beaten the Big 3, so he got nothing to prove...
Carolyn Bratton
Carolyn Bratton Prije 17 sati
Serena William's needs to pass the tourch and retire.
Mr_Waddleman32 Prije 4 sati
I agree with Carolyn
Amanda Cerny
Amanda Cerny Prije 13 sati
Why would she? She earned more from this tournament than you will in your life
Dino Prije 17 sati
I’ve never seen so many sexist comments on a vid.
xElNinoo Prije 18 sati
One of my favourite matches ever. 2011 was the zenith of Novak's career, level wise. A juggernaut.
Ipo Ullrich
Ipo Ullrich Prije 18 sati
Great song Mariah! You are amazing!
Bea Badjar
Bea Badjar Prije 18 sati
Aww, pobrecito.
soapsuds Prije 20 sati
Thiem is the best!!😊
Gaby Prije 21 sat
"I hope to see you again next year" cries
Derek Manderscheid
Derek Manderscheid Prije 22 sati
Look up videos of bad leg cramps. It looks like your muscles dancing under your skin
Andy Woan
Andy Woan Prije 22 sati
I also had a cramp in my foot and it was super painful. what's the cause of these random cramps?
glutamin111 Prije 22 sati
In retrospect, Roger seemed unusually irritated in this match, even while leading he was really in a hurry to win and not really enjoying himself out there
JOUBERT ADRIEN Prije 22 sati
Namis eSports / 5ebas
Namis eSports / 5ebas Prije 23 sati
Here for the 68 MPH serve
Doksh Prije 23 sati
I can watch your matches, Serena, over and over again, and never get bored. Thank you, Queen of 🎾
Doksh Prije 23 sati
Great match Serena 👍, you are the best player in history. I personally do not care about the WTA ranking, a player who is playing like this is number ONE without any doubt.
subir sinha
subir sinha Prije 23 sati
He is the most hard working human being in the court.
Trinity Barnes River Paul
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
M Rizky Anugrah
M Rizky Anugrah Prije dan
where I can watch the full match ?
M Rizky Anugrah
M Rizky Anugrah Prije dan
where I can watch the full match of the us open final 2020
M Rizky Anugrah
M Rizky Anugrah Prije dan
where can I watch full match of final us open 2020?
M Rizky Anugrah
M Rizky Anugrah Prije dan
what brand the headband of dominic thiem?
Angie Sahad
Angie Sahad Prije dan
Nadal, to the hall of fame.
Benjamin Moreau
Benjamin Moreau Prije dan
These players are so fair play, you'd think they're all canadian
onetwocue Prije dan
I love Serena, I would love to see her get 24 but I'm doubting it. Prove to your fans like me that we're wrong.
Amanda Cerny
Amanda Cerny Prije 13 sati
You’re not a fan if you doubt her
Sankalp Sankalp
Sankalp Sankalp Prije dan
Nadal wins his all us open title in black outfit .wow😂😂😂
Miquel Villarraso
Tricerapost Prije dan
2:30 How to escape a conference discreetly
Pedro Bas
Pedro Bas Prije dan
Rafa is the GOAT...he’s beaten Federer in Wimbledon and Australian Open Djokovic at US Open twice but they can’t touch him at Roland Garros...he can take them in their surface, but they can’t touch him in his!
Roger Rojas
Roger Rojas Prije dan
Ya cualquiera te gana...
Nagaon Talks
Nagaon Talks Prije dan
This game audience very bad react
Scully Mulder
Scully Mulder Prije dan
Lake Lake
Lake Lake Prije dan
I can see the focus in u zverev instead of caring others just focus on yourself. U b win grand next year I can feel
復帰したアザレンカ本当に強かったですね セレナはグランドスラム獲得記録更新まであと二つ 世代交代の波の中あと一つ獲れるかどうか厳しい所かも 筋肉量を減らしてフットワークを軽くしたほうがいいと思うのですが素人考えですかね…
Perry Kettler
Perry Kettler Prije dan
Girlfriend: Do you wanna go shopping with me today? Me: 2:28
Kevin Chang
Kevin Chang Prije dan
honestly, I think brandon should think about running around to hit backhands. His backhand is so amazing, and his forehand is mediocre. I definitely cannot see any benefit to running around for a forehand, which he did several times.
Killer Boy
Killer Boy Prije dan
Lol who is here after he forced the retirement out of novak
Kreeni Rajesh
Kreeni Rajesh Prije dan
Awesome Marsha.miss u
; 愛f l a v i a
finally!! i cant wait to see this <3