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100 Komentari
Papai Pai
Papai Pai Prije 7 sati
What is he gonna say if you hit
Ivo De Niro
Ivo De Niro Prije 7 sati
This pig deserves the same. Death sentence for this pig.
Mimi N
Mimi N Prije 7 sati
Law enforcement should have stricter mental evaluation before letting them become officers, sad to say that I really don't feel safe amongst officers at times due to things like this. how are we supposed to have trust, and depend on officers when things like this are happening?
Wolfgang548 Prije 7 sati
The coronavirus is a hoax. Anyone notice how no athletes, no one in the music industry, the movie industry, the main stream media or the government has died from it? It's all John and Jane Does that no one knows. On top of that, I'm seeing comments on other videos of people who state they work in a hospital and there's no pandemic, that the media is lying. The government and elites are pushing for an agenda what they call a New World Order. This pandemic is an excuse for them to force vaccinations on us. It's ironic how this new virus comes out of nowhere and they can develop a vaccine but they "CAN'T" cure herpes, AIDS or diabetes. And if you think the media never lies to its viewers, take a look at this: And if you also think our government wouldn't lie, reflect back on these: George H. Bush - "Read my lips. No new taxes." After elected, they introduce new taxes. Bill Clinton - " I did not have sexual relations with that woman." Was later impeached. George W. Bush - " Iraq has weapons of mass destruction." No weapons were found. Barack Obama - "The first thing I'm going to do when I'm elected is pull all the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan And you can take that to the bank." The first thing he does on that matter after elected is send 30,000 more troops across the pond. WAKE UP PEOPLE. They are lying to you.
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith Prije 7 sati
She what happens when you poke a Bear Joe?
Sceptezz Prije 7 sati
The amount of time this video is. Is my most favorite day....
Hazel McCloy
Hazel McCloy Prije 7 sati
What is the R in each state?
mark sullivan
mark sullivan Prije 7 sati
How about Lamb reminding every 2020 voter, especially the educated ones, about the 5-time draftdodger calling the kettle black, or should that be chicken yellow?
Shar Bear926
Shar Bear926 Prije 7 sati
The cluelessness of this man is unbelievable. Trump calling for honesty? Yet another lie. He cares as much about honesty & democracy as he does the 100k people who’ve lost their lives.
Île-de- France
Île-de- France Prije 7 sati
💷😒👉 *Trump firm 'refusing to pay' legal bill for windfarm case* 👇 *Scottish government says US president’s company has not accepted bill of tens of thousands of pounds* Donald Trump’s family firm is refusing to accept a legal bill worth tens of thousands of pounds after he lost a lengthy court battle against a windfarm near his Aberdeenshire golf course, according to the Scottish government. A Scottish court ruled in February this year the Trump Organization had to pay the Scottish government’s legal costs after his attempt to block an 11-turbine windfarm in Aberdeen Bay ended with defeat in the UK supreme court in 2015.
DannyB1954 Prije 7 sati
Liars think that everyone lies. Thieves think everyone steals. tRUMP is busy name calling because he is all the things he accuses others of.
Ava Maria
Ava Maria Prije 7 sati
and we give a sh*t because?
Sharon Cooper
Sharon Cooper Prije 7 sati
Trump can dish out criticism but can't take it!! Coward!!!
Mark Baker
Mark Baker Prije 7 sati
All 4 of those officers deserve LIFE in jail and at least 2 should get the death penalty. Cops should NEVER put their knee and full body weight on anybodies neck.
CC Bean
CC Bean Prije 7 sati
If testing is overrated, stop testing everyone around you.
david holder
david holder Prije 7 sati
I am a army combat veteran and anyone that claims they support Trump could not have been one. Anyone that knows what it feels like to be in combat would not let a draft-dodging coward like Trump teleport them. This congressman is doing a good job and his constituents should make sure he gets re-elected.
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Ernest Chacon
Ernest Chacon Prije 7 sati
If George Floyd had survived, would he have been paralyzed for this so called cop's actions??? They all need to be arrested for accessory to the crime !!!
SMITTY Prije 7 sati
Only gives a crap when it benefits him, been clear for a long time.
Christian Faust
Christian Faust Prije 7 sati
when do you finally stand up and put him there where he belongs to....out of white house????..the world is waiting for faithful Americans fighting against COVID-19 and climate change...we can't wait any longer and listen to a nasty baby child it is awful, disgusting why you don't stop him????
windwhisper2016 truthoftheking
lies lies lies
NeNe Red
NeNe Red Prije 7 sati
So sad to hear this my heart hurts for the families
Melody Maitland
Melody Maitland Prije 7 sati
Joe ...whatever you blather about and pontificate about means nothing anymore., the same can be said for your skank beside sentiments towards your family are align with tens of millions of American men as well as some women that you turned on a friend.Donald j Trump was your friend ...the world saw how you treat friends, nothing comes close in importance ..your scum Joe for eternity I'm afraid to tell you ...
Real Economy
Real Economy Prije 7 sati
The upward manipulation of the stock market is killing me and crippling this country.
JIMBO Prije 7 sati
Seeing Trump saluting makes me vomit 🤮
Jeff Green
Jeff Green Prije 7 sati
I bet if the public tried to help that man, they would of been arrested or killed. Thank god someone captured it on camera to bring awareness and swift justice.
wily wascal
wily wascal Prije 7 sati
Should have been a nationwide lockdown March 1, with US population isolating as much as possible. The lack of testing necessitated it, but Trump administration had another major malfunction in leadership, which will directly senselessly cause the suffering and deaths of many more Americans who could have been spared. (First posted weeks ago; new study estimates 83% percent could have been saved if March 1 lockdown. Instead, in the absence of any rational coordinated national pandemic response due to Trump's criminal negligence, we now have states ignorantly reopening despite rising infection rates, in defiance of medicine, science, and common sense--despite 100,000 dead in less than three months from COVID-19. Another study has found that had the U.S. followed Taiwan's example, which allowed only SEVEN deaths, U.S. deaths would have been limited to only one-hundred. Instead of 100, we have 100,000. That's just not acceptable.)
Puttentane Same
Puttentane Same Prije 7 sati
Welcome to REAL America, folks. Screwing indigenous peoples & minorities & the poor over for generations. Self-serving racist scum & assorted cons...regardless of party...will find themselves removed from the taxpayer $$$ trough. GET MAD...STAY MAD...and VOTE the heart of the true American dream!
Alehia klorian
Alehia klorian Prije 7 sati
I can look at his the man was going in and out of consciousness he peed himself. The cop is a klansman they do not wear sheets anymore and the police are the perfect cover for them to do their dirt.
Joe B
Joe B Prije 7 sati
“We have Not Failed” - trump the incompetent sociopath HAS.
Warm Violet
Warm Violet Prije 7 sati
Dont U see 👀 that MSNBC is a unproclaimed Arm of the Democratic Establishment 💡 ! ..... they realize Sleepy, Creapy Joe is an illegitimate Candidate and try to hide all the Obama Admin mishaps and illegal actions 💡 ... see thru the Media Manipulation and #WALKAWAY , flee the Democratic Socialists Plantation, #WALKAWAY. 👎👎
Christopher Meyer
Christopher Meyer Prije 7 sati
heroes bs/ she wants all the other states to bail her state, Ca., that is drowning in debt due to mismanagement. Yeah Neusome lets give $1200 to each illegal alien. Do you all remember when pelosi, schumer, obama all said that the country need to stop Illegal immigrants. Look it up. It only changed when Trump took over. Why is that?
Steve Jory
Steve Jory Prije 7 sati
Question from New Zealand. Why can't his decisions be overuled ?? Is he the final word and no further discussion entered into ?? Seems very dictatorial. Thanks for your feedback.
bill t
bill t Prije 7 sati
I thought for sure that the stable genius would be piloting the manned space misson today
Icare Prije 7 sati
twitter and fakebook followers need to ban together and demand either Trump go or they do.... willing to bet you they would kick him to the curb and run the bus over him.☝🏽👊🏽👍🏽
Annie Prije 7 sati
Look at Trump trying to con Black's for votes by acting like he wants racist officers arrested when he LOVE that they're doing just what he wants. DON'T BE FOOLED BY TRUMP'S MANIPULATIONS!!!
Digital Light
Digital Light Prije 7 sati
Meanwhile in other news ... Trump details all the ways to commit voter fraud ... because who knows more about that than him??
snakey973 Prije 7 sati
zackster020168 Prije 7 sati
MSNBC is Fake News!
c c
c c Prije 7 sati
...9/11 Psyop Staged by the United Terrorist Snakes( War Criminal) & the world elite
Rick Girten
Rick Girten Prije 7 sati
U killed her
Big L Williams
Big L Williams Prije 7 sati
Cadet bone spurs Trump hiding on tweeter with his childish crap. what a loser!!! over 100,000. deaths on his watch. Shouldn't talk about others with such a bad record.
Schoolius Delta
Schoolius Delta Prije 7 sati
This is when those people PUT DOWN THE CAMERAS AND AS ONE UNIT "Citizens Arrest" TO STOP THOSE BAD COPS! The U.S. Law Enforcement AND Justice System is rotted to the core. Both needs deep cleaning and revamped/desperate training/retraining 👀
Niall Byrne
Niall Byrne Prije 7 sati
George was dead on the ground with a pigs knee on his neck while other cops stood by and did nothing while concerned people and George pleaded with them to stop. Disgusting. I'm so sorry George. RIP
wily wascal
wily wascal Prije 7 sati
Hey, there, seniors and other vulnerable groups! Grateful greetings, vital medical workers, essential front-line workers! Just remember, ALL of your excess senseless suffering and deaths from COVID-19 are merely an offering on the Republican altar of pure, solid, iron-cast ignorance to their god, Toxic Trump.
Zap Conceicao
Zap Conceicao Prije 7 sati
Lost for words.
Carolyn Watkis
Carolyn Watkis Prije 7 sati
You needs to be the on the front row with your disgusting family
Peter Nesen
Peter Nesen Prije 7 sati
I wonder if Joe Scarborough will get the death penalty for what he did to that poor girl.
Warm Violet
Warm Violet Prije 7 sati
is What the Democratic Establishment really thinks of Us 💡 Minorities Votes taken for Granted ( look at Any State that has a Democrat Governor 👀 = high taxes , high crime rates , and worst schools ) 💡 see thru the Manipulation and #WALKAWAY from the Democrats Socialist Plantation, join Millions and #WALKAWAY
JaydogPDX69 Prije 7 sati
Call out the businesses, lets vote with our wallets and our feet
Red Roger
Red Roger Prije 7 sati
Some mug in that picture
X W Prije 7 sati
Another name added to the long list, a shame nothing will be done.
oilpntr Prije 7 sati
Why is it - that when he says the name of the country China-he sounds like he is mocking them??? they, too, have suffered on the human level, the average everyday people that suffer the spoils of the poliotical disvaluing of human life. he is a fool just as VP Biden says
Rick Girten
Rick Girten Prije 7 sati
Bill Byrne
Bill Byrne Prije 7 sati
you make me sick that was murder bcuase he was black/ we all know it and you should be charge for this or is thear no law in the USA .for the colder people
wow seriously
wow seriously Prije 7 sati
Nobody cares anymore though, we expect to get it.
Nikki Hill
Nikki Hill Prije 7 sati
Rachel , I would like to mention something very serious for your consideration.. Do you understand the two hop rule under a Fisa? You wouldn't have a friend or foe who might be under investigation with a Fisa warrant used on them would you? Because this is what could happen! If you do know anyone who is under a Fisa, then (your) phone records , txts , emails etc could be looked at with out you knowing and used against you in a court! The chance you are under that umbrella is very high indeed! lastly, if you are investigated your friends and work colleagues will run a mile..... buckle in! its going to get very bumpy i think?
GamerGuide 679
GamerGuide 679 Prije 7 sati
Trump is a lying piece of trash !
wily wascal
wily wascal Prije 7 sati
Republicans: "We're killing America and we can keep it great!"
TriZRug215 Prije 7 sati
The winter is coming......
Lori Smith
Lori Smith Prije 7 sati
It is evil. For somebody to stand up and praise himself is staggering . I believe that this is.a warning from God himself wake up Americans or next you will be waiting in line to get your mark of the beast behind this evil man.
Merinaz Rodd
Merinaz Rodd Prije 7 sati
Lies lies, lies,
Desperado5501 Prije 7 sati
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas Prije 7 sati
Desperadodumdum5501 = PAID TROLL
Juan m Gonzalez
Juan m Gonzalez Prije 7 sati
Trump your fired
Rodney Austin
Rodney Austin Prije 7 sati
Hmm...she points out the Nebraska "problem", Republican governor. She then points out another Republican governor, AR. Look at the states and Dem controlled states are the worse. She says we are "largest epidemic on earth" is right but it's not the most fatal. And of course it's getting bigger, but it's not hitting the exponential growth anymore. It's time to get out.
Ivalina Passe
Ivalina Passe Prije 7 sati
This was so awful and these Police Officers need to be Arrested and not just Fired but Have A Jury Send them to Jail for their Horrific Murder they have committed just Awful way to treat a Human Being.
hugh allen
hugh allen Prije 7 sati
Trunk, the racist narcissist, is problematic. Of far greater issue is that so many "Americans" hold Trunk and the criminal Party of Trunk in such high esteem. Something is SERIOUSLY wrong with a society that values lying, blaming, chaos, international weakness, belittling, denial of science, and a government that is killing us through inaction on the pandemic and global warming. Unbelievable!! ☠️☠️☠️
Vega Nona
Vega Nona Prije 7 sati
So I'm sitting around my house and I'm not feeling sick. Is my thought I really recall really want to go out and expose myself to confirm that I dont feel sick? Is that your thought? Is that anyone's thought? WTF are they talking about?
Mr E
Mr E Prije 7 sati
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith Prije 7 sati
She what happens when you poke a Bear Joe?
Love Blessed
Love Blessed Prije 7 sati
TRUMP'Dummirasium don't want no one to Vote by paper ballots bc he knows how the Republikkklan party and PUTIN 👺 Kim jung Urn cheated for him in 2016 to help him win the election, Now he doesn't want no one to Vote that way but I already voted paper ballots, VOTE BLUE 💙 DEMOCRATS by paper ballots or to the voting Machine, let's get that MAROON OUT PERIOD, too much choas every day..
Rene Rigney
Rene Rigney Prije 7 sati
he may not have even known it was counterfeit...disgusting
Roland Farmer
Roland Farmer Prije 7 sati
Trump is a representative of SATAN, and the gop its legions.
Beth Razz
Beth Razz Prije 7 sati
I'm so sorry for your loss what they did was extremely wrong. He goes unresponsive and he still don't lift a knee wtf. SICK.
z loe
z loe Prije 7 sati
This is the USA. Democratic country
Gregor Resch
Gregor Resch Prije 7 sati
Pick Kamala Harris VP, she is SUPER.
Melissa Prije 7 sati
Honestly shocked DDump hasn’t gotten the virus.
rere5211 Prije 7 sati
I just couldn't watch the video. it broke my heart to hear the victim and see what happened to him. Those officers should be brought to jail. All our black men is fair game for the police. May he rest in peace and may his family get justice for this injustice.
Abhay Achal
Abhay Achal Prije 7 sati
USA = the most powerful country in the world
Annie Morris
Annie Morris Prije 7 sati
WTF is WRONG with you America!?! Australia has its own race issues, but for Godssake, this is its own level of insanity. The standard you walk past is the standard you accept. Applies to this situation and the thing that roosts in the Oval Office. Rise.
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SuperSonic68 Prije 7 sati
I want to believe that the 2.3K dislikes on this video are people saying "I dislike that this is true and wish that it were not" But, as has been established, what we *want* to believe isn't really relevant.
Nik G
Nik G Prije 7 sati
i've never seen so much fear-mongering misinformation in my life.
Chuck Peck
Chuck Peck Prije 7 sati
Mother Nature frowns upon a lack of cooperation. The worst four countries that are fairing in terms of infection rates are all ultra nationalist countries (USA; Russia; Brazil & UK). That is about the clearest statement She can make!
Richard Mincey
Richard Mincey Prije 7 sati
I hope his family member sue the police dept and the X-officer ?
Gary Witherspoon
Gary Witherspoon Prije 7 sati
Do the US Marines hold allegiance to a right wing authoritarian fascist leaning government of the GOP Trump Admin under the American flag or do they hold allegiance to justice, legality and brotherhood in America? WHICH IS IT!
Globe Twig
Globe Twig Prije 7 sati
There should obviously be a life sentence for this crime.
4seasons .exotic rentals
Why hasn’t the New York Times published the names of people who die from heart disease and cancer? This is all political in an effort to win the 2016 election for the Democrats. The mortality rate of this virus is less than 0%.
Demsareliars Everyday
Dems are killing each other just to say Trump did it🤷
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon Prije 7 sati
He did.
Jeff Green
Jeff Green Prije 7 sati
Horrible and disgusting!!!!! At a minimum, i hope those evil men spend the rest of their lives in jail. If the death penalty exists in that state, that should be reviewed as an option for justice. Wearing a police uniform violating the most sacred trust of the public should pay the steepest of penalties the law allows.
Davis Tran
Davis Tran Prije 7 sati
For those Americans who have lost a loved one, I send my thoughts, prayers and love to you.
Paul Koehn
Paul Koehn Prije 7 sati
Why would any half-way educated person go on a social media platform and expect facts.??. It's like going to KFC and expecting to be served pizza.. You want facts?. Try using a reference book or an Encyclopedia.. Social media is all about opinions. Period
Mr E
Mr E Prije 7 sati
Hoping the FEAR is Pumping through those 4 MURDERING PIGS as They Sit at Home Watching What They Caused.
Desperado5501 Prije 7 sati
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas Prije 7 sati
Desperadodumdum5501 = PAID TROLL
MrFRO4484 Prije 7 sati
Your body language shows you are lying, Joe. Plus, you were laughing about this with Don Imus, so don't spew out your BS about letting her rest in peace.
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Ray Martin
Ray Martin Prije 7 sati
Cops and DA won't do anything. They protect their own even when their own are the criminals.
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera Prije 7 sati
Are you serious, this is disgusting, how is the officer gonna tell him to get up when he HAD HIS KNEE ON HIS NECK😤😡🤦🏽‍♂️, this was murder and an example of racism, this is so sad. R.I.P.😔
Kimberleyn_ Cruz
Kimberleyn_ Cruz Prije 7 sati
12askerr Prije 7 sati
I’ve trained in jujitsu for years, you can feel a body go limp when they are chocked out. There is no way they didn’t know he was unconscious while on his neck. Charge the officer with murder
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas Prije 7 sati
Trump worst President in history .