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79 Komentari
Suha Prije minute
Was looking for a video for my psychology class, found the perfect one on TED. Thank you so much!!
Anthony Strawbridge
Anthony Strawbridge Prije 2 minuta
Are we an invasive species. You are but I'm not!
Alley Prije 3 minuta
I’m good I’m just not sick
Muhammed Rashid
Muhammed Rashid Prije 4 minuta
Its a pokemon
Alley Prije 4 minuta
I not like to have heart attack
AF Potong Pasir
AF Potong Pasir Prije 4 minuta
8 koi
8 koi Prije 5 minuta
I can't say a lie 10 times per day even a week wtf
8 koi
8 koi Prije 5 minuta
alright this is one, I have good imagination
Mac MacPherson
Mac MacPherson Prije 10 minuta
noted that you drew Midas as Trump lol
McHrozni Prije 10 minuta
Wouldn't it be easier to attach a mine to the hull instead? Not as instructive perhaps, but easier.
Mogamett Prije 11 minuta
Solved it by working backward. Still concluded to use the single point to break the rhythm so I could start cornering Shelob.
Kirabo Joy
Kirabo Joy Prije 11 minuta
This would make a really great movie
Alex Prije 11 minuta
Found this video when I first got diagnosed with OCD, six years later I am better than ever planning to go to college, being a police officer, earning a PhD, and ultimately working for the FBI! You can do this guys!!
let's rumba
let's rumba Prije 11 minuta
Guy: makes tb video Red dead redemption 2 fans: ARthUr MorGAn
Pratyush Srivastava
Pratyush Srivastava Prije 12 minuta
Rashomon effect is nothing but a fancy name for Jainism’s philosophy of Anekantvad.
Switch TV
Switch TV Prije 13 minuta
I hate asthma, may be cause the fact I am lonely
Basu Khadka
Basu Khadka Prije 15 minuta
god your making Beethoven look like a teenager my eyes have seen to much
Omar Mahmoud Elkady
Omar Mahmoud Elkady Prije 17 minuta
Too fast too sleep
Veljko Cvjetković
Veljko Cvjetković Prije 17 minuta
Its best just to die in the USA
Chelsea J
Chelsea J Prije 22 minuta
Any one else thinking of Teen Wolf rn…
Neha jees
Neha jees Prije 23 minuta
Whos here beacause of rick riordan
Aristotle Prije 24 minuta
But why do artists like da Vinci and Michelangelo have a high IQ than most physicists?
Armand Esterhuizen
Armand Esterhuizen Prije 24 minuta
Unlike Stoicism, cynicism is for the weaker side of mankind.
Jande Salliene Garcia
Jande Salliene Garcia Prije 26 minuta
This is way better than the vid discussion of my teacher, but 100 for her efforts though.
Ưvoker96 X
Ưvoker96 X Prije 26 minuta
4 days without a cigarette and I'm gonna keep it up. wish me luck guys !
Takraiz Prije 26 minuta
First of all, this paper size to height ratio is impossible and would collapse on its self. And the original size of the paper would have to be extensionally larger than your average piece.
Alexus Parangan
Alexus Parangan Prije 28 minuta
Pov and2 ka kse d2 ka dinala ng link
Đức Nguyễn
Đức Nguyễn Prije 29 minuta
Science never fails to amaze me! Your animation plays a part in this success, TED-Ed!
Emily Peduto
Emily Peduto Prije 32 minuta
can't believe youtube recommended this to me, i knew dr. broadbridge! she supervised my study abroad!
Candle Man
Candle Man Prije 33 minuta
Lakota:US::Other tribes:Lakota
b Prije 33 minuta
me as a latin: "hold my beer"
Ver Sun
Ver Sun Prije 33 minuta
Omg the animation
Aliearia03 Pleiadian
Aliearia03 Pleiadian Prije 35 minuta
2 words "Davinci Code!" Watch it!✊☝🤗
arnab kumar banerjee
arnab kumar banerjee Prije 35 minuta
What drives a man to kill somebody ?? What goes in killer's mind ?? And what kind of society breed such kind of people ?? Abject poverty drives a man to kill someone. A totalitarian society breed such killer. But then why rich people kill ??
Aaron Worthing
Aaron Worthing Prije 36 minuta
It takes you how long to make this simple and obvious are as these are supposed to principles that are not messed with lightly and that we do not lightly overrule ordinary laws.
Maeros Prije 37 minuta
Itsy Bitsy Me may have won, but being "itsy bitsy", I'm probably gonna soon get assassinated by Shelob anyway.
Ugochi Kanma-Okafor
Ugochi Kanma-Okafor Prije 38 minuta
So that's why spiders are called arachnids lol
Mauricio Weber
Mauricio Weber Prije 39 minuta
Just curious... what’s the catch with magnets? Magnets seem to input energy passively, why don’t they?
chan Prije 41 minute
Thank god I can't tolerate it's smell
Huy Nghi
Huy Nghi Prije 41 minute
dont smoke , dont drink alcoho
C. S.
C. S. Prije 42 minuta
Thank you for adressing the environmental factor as well!
KanagaDeepan N
KanagaDeepan N Prije 44 minuta
Just go to the Boss and say I have green eyes. He will dismantle the nuclear weapon and allow you to escape that place and blast the submarine and die with his minions. Easy peasy...
Raf Reyes
Raf Reyes Prije 44 minuta
Sigma. PvNP
Sigma. PvNP Prije 44 minuta
The only good that he's done is to step out of power instead of plotting to control the country using the military
Nasengold Prije 45 minuta
If I'm able, high as a kite, to sink into deep thoughts and suddenly start to burst out in laughter about a silly yet perfect joke I made inside my mind, then I would argue that marijuana is actually good for the brain. Or at least my brain.
ʕ ́•ᴥ•`Oh can I be your Bibilly Hills
Tomorrow is my Maths exam & I am so worried and thinking about that ...and I got this video in my recommendation!
CosmosHFA88 Savant
CosmosHFA88 Savant Prije 48 minuta
Religitardation is the most widely accepted form of Mental Disorder in our society,
GG Prije 50 minuta
Nour Lahlou
Nour Lahlou Prije 50 minuta
conclusion : if you were wrong, you're wrong
ANIMISHA Prije 51 minute
The tale of the ancient kirbys
murade Omer
murade Omer Prije 54 minuta
The festive patch unknowingly stamp because water eventually marry beneath a hurried pest. powerful, narrow vietnam
Jeff B
Jeff B Prije 55 minuta
Great video!
Devang Shekhawat
Devang Shekhawat Prije 56 minuta
i like da vinci
Sherylllll Prije sat
Watching this made me anxious
百合くん Prije sat
Imagine writing a math test then going to prison after unknowingly writing an illegal number
Mysterious Aki
Mysterious Aki Prije sat
I don’t even feel bad for icarus.
Louna’s Diaries
Yes, yes i am
My Intro To CS
My Intro To CS Prije sat
So they're not gonna compensate her family?
Albert Faust
Albert Faust Prije sat
If the boss and their minions are so good at logic, maybe they had a good reason to shoot the rockets.
Chantal Vance
Chantal Vance Prije sat
What in gods name?!? Why in the wtf would you swallow someone else’s stomach acid? Why not just use a camera on the actual person? YIKES! At least they won an award 🥇
TRM1C Corp.
TRM1C Corp. Prije sat
Should be used to measure the influence of Ionization Effects. Weighing the differences between the Stability of Air in the Upper Regions of the Ionosphere considering Atmospheric Effects as opposed to Pressure received based on Barometric readings @ Ground Resource Locations
I rather have no name
i though imposter syndrome was being the sussy imposter
liljared711 Prije sat
These beetles are literally one with the earth so much trees form seeds for them to plant 😩🤙
I am a Geology students when I read quran then we find out Quran explain about plate tectonics, occeans, water cycle, interior of the earth very clear. In Quran mention that "we decreases the edge of the earth" then I socked how its possible Prophet Mohammad s.a.w (pbuh) Lived in desert before 1400 years how can he write so clearly. So I requested to non Muslims pls read quran for Knowledge.
Beni Black
Beni Black Prije sat
Death conquers Death …
Cyteatofree Prije sat
Me:mom can we have batman and superman Mom:we already have at home Batman and superman in home: *literally just soap and hand sanitizer**
Ahlam Prije sat
I'm watching this instead of studying for a math test I have tomorrow.
MLPKidFanOlsen Prije sat
You could always duck and avoid the spells
しぐれ 피유지 ch
Time crystals
S Jay
S Jay Prije sat
They pulled out a eye.
Octavio Di Gianni
funny how some places are super dry and some others flood. the planet is fascinating.
Beni Black
Beni Black Prije sat
TED-Ed took inspiration from Gru book “The greatest super villain ever “😎
[GD] Holoshindayo
Lol first time seeing the intro like this
JojoTheWarrior Prije sat
Everyone in this Ted-Ed world, even the minions, are expert logicians
Asian Toest
Asian Toest Prije sat
Why for some reason maps don't include the philippines but include other archipelagoes like Japan.
Rutvik Joshi
Rutvik Joshi Prije sat
Structural engineer are so underated
Logan TGS
Logan TGS Prije sat
I'm wondering how I can crack my knuckles over and over. Everytime I make a fist, my knuckles crack.
chew KBAT
chew KBAT Prije sat
太帅了 你拼音很标准
jan Prije sat
**sees the title** no.
Ganii Prije sat
sans bethooven