$10 VS $500 TREE HOUSE FORT! *Budget Challenge*

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We each had different budgets to build the best Tree House!
Survival Raft Budget Challenge! ►
We each dropped a ball in the plinko board to get our budget for building a home made Tree House Fort. The plinko board had budgets ranging from $10 to $500 and whatever your ball lands on, that's the budget you have to buy snacks, building supplies and anything else you might want to build the best and biggest Tree House. A $500 Tree House compared to a $10 Tree House is shocking! Which fort was your favorite?
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Komentari 100
Nub_ Nick
Nub_ Nick Prije 49 minuta
I bet Andrew was sooo jealous of Justin
trxshpanda Prije sat
Look 6:50
king_sunde Prije 2 sati
the part when Caleb fell of the zip line I was dying That was hilarious
Gavin dominic
Gavin dominic Prije 3 sati
Do A 24 hour challenge ontheir
Tooth The NightFury
Tooth The NightFury Prije 3 sati
OMG I love your video 😇😇😇😇😇
Cody Minnich
Cody Minnich Prije 4 sati
Hey Justin and Andrew I’m one of your subscribers I like the videos keep up the good work.
Eclpz Prije 4 sati
you guys are the best you guys made me laghe so hard I could not breath LAMO
Connor Games
Connor Games Prije 4 sati
I’m still laughing at the face Andrew makesWhen he’s jealous of their treehouse
Ashley Gargiulo
Ashley Gargiulo Prije 5 sati
12:08 lol
Galx Prije 5 sati
Anytime that you make another treehouse for you or anything like that please don't nail nails or screws into the trees or even bolts it the trees really bad but I'm not saying that trees have feelings just please don't do it love the vids though
Average Guy
Average Guy Prije 5 sati
This entire channel is just stuff I wish I could do
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose Prije 6 sati
Add a roof
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose Prije 6 sati
That is cool that you do this
Oliver Cubbin
Oliver Cubbin Prije 7 sati
Love your vid’s
kristy d
kristy d Prije 8 sati
It drunk, It WORKS!!! *Titanic music* *loudnes*
Nicole Chavez
Nicole Chavez Prije 8 sati
You should do a fishing budget Challenge
crystal olsen
crystal olsen Prije 8 sati
I would be so cool if you guys combined all the tree houses with a zip line in all connect to do with wood
Della Moore
Della Moore Prije 10 sati
I do you go to your house go to the pet store and get a pet
Bob Bobby
Bob Bobby Prije 11 sati
rip #teamtrees
Caleb S
Caleb S Prije 11 sati
The_Killer Prije 11 sati
Me and my friends used 25$ to make are tree house and we got logs by are self and we are building a underground bunker quarter of the way done!
Letie Galan
Letie Galan Prije 11 sati
I literally have the same TV is he do lol and laughing so hard over the food fight
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Prije 13 sati
What scared him to jump of his tree house was a little piece of the tree it fell on his tree house 😂 6:44
xxredxx -_-
xxredxx -_- Prije 13 sati
We already know who gets the most and who gets the least in the thumbnail tho.
Jacob Bednarz
Jacob Bednarz Prije 13 sati
“Netflix are you still there” someone’s daughter 13:51
LJ Gaming
LJ Gaming Prije 16 sati
Justin is mean
JIAN KING Prije 18 sati
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Prije 12 sati
12:08 welcome to Jurassic Park
Essential planes and Trains
It would be amazing if you connected the tree houses with bridges
Mary Bernadette Abella
What about the roof
Careeree Prije 21 sat
Yall should have done a budget for the base and then a budget for the decorations and food
Kephton Roughsedge
Kephton Roughsedge Prije 22 sati
Opposite day
Kephton Roughsedge
Kephton Roughsedge Prije 22 sati
I like seeing the ball 🤤
LittleTator 100
LittleTator 100 Prije 23 sati
Ian Hunt
Ian Hunt Prije dan
Grace Tampus
Grace Tampus Prije dan
OcTaPengu Girl6
OcTaPengu Girl6 Prije dan
Andrew's face went 😁 to 😲
Heidi Braud
Heidi Braud Prije dan
This is so cool omg
Patrick Jimenez
Patrick Jimenez Prije dan
What scared him to jump of his tree house was a little piece of the tree it fell on his tree house 😂 6:44
Chantel Knight
Chantel Knight Prije dan
*says all the yummy snacks* and then chick fela Me: and then BLEACH
King Oromo yusuf
Caeden Cb
Caeden Cb Prije dan
12:08 welcome to Jurassic Park
The Xero Clan
The Xero Clan Prije dan
I need a beverage *you shall get air*
Breece Wolfe
Breece Wolfe Prije dan
Ok why aren’t you wearing you masks correctly like COVID were them properly please :)
cynthia lydon
cynthia lydon Prije dan
Why did they do this if there just in his
Maison Hall
Maison Hall Prije dan
Can you do a last to leav the tree house wins 1,000 dollars or 100 dollars
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Prije dan
Aww I love this new intro!
Angelica Avalos
Angelica Avalos Prije dan
Angelica Avalos
Angelica Avalos Prije dan
Itz Mayhem Lyxg
Itz Mayhem Lyxg Prije dan
You guys should make a massive treehouse across 10 trees
Berenice Escobedo
Does anybody really like anyone that all the times they always get 500 500 every single video what
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Prije dan
This is so cool 😎
Jas Snow
Jas Snow Prije dan
This may be one of the most dangerous ones you have done so far 😅
Sharla Tabonda
Sharla Tabonda Prije dan
morejstu vs dangie bros tree house
Jessica Jordan
Jessica Jordan Prije dan
Jeremy Forbes
Jeremy Forbes Prije dan
Just get life insurance
Chris Purzycki
Chris Purzycki Prije dan
Who is watching this durning Covid
Donovan Cordova
Donovan Cordova Prije dan
Pls do more budget challenges there my favorite
scott lachmuth
scott lachmuth Prije dan
Just watch it at 6:55
The icon looks awesome I love it
MadSchaad 19
MadSchaad 19 Prije dan
MadSchaad 19
MadSchaad 19 Prije dan
MadSchaad 19
MadSchaad 19 Prije dan
MadSchaad 19
MadSchaad 19 Prije dan
Skull Master
Skull Master Prije dan
I don’t think you can call it a tree house if it’s less then 5 ft off the ground
iWillTakeTheL Prije dan
This is so cool 😎
I got your Merchandise 😍👍✌️😁
john benedict magcanta
Amari Lockett
Amari Lockett Prije dan
Which is the odd one out 🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌏🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎
That cost 500? Is america expensive?
Fishy Prije dan
Here sence the beginning btw
YES SIR Prije dan
Mr beast do be watching this vid
Northwest Riders
At 12:27 from then I started dying of laughter for some reason
Yassin Herradi
Yassin Herradi Prije dan
Tucker J
Tucker J Prije dan
Notice as someone always gets the high baller
Roses Roblox
Roses Roblox Prije dan
1. I woke up 2.I met them 3.I found out he is my real dad 4. I cried 5. We made a Treehouse Now read it: 2, 3, 5, 1, 4 :(
Alison Rogers
Alison Rogers Prije dan
U suk
Shelby Raga
Shelby Raga Prije dan
You should do a survival video with only up to $50 as the high Baller
Neil Lyons
Neil Lyons Prije 2 dana
12:07 tho
Misty FN
Misty FN Prije 2 dana
These guys are like 25-40 and I’m 10, and I’m more mature then them 😂
Max William
Max William Prije 2 dana
is there sirenhead in the night because you live in a forest
TY Fogle
TY Fogle Prije 2 dana
The first time I watched this and didnt reallize that on his snack wall he had oxygen 😃😃😃
Charlie Castellanos
Charlie Castellanos Prije 2 dana
budget water park or slide
Fake pewdiepie
Fake pewdiepie Prije 2 dana
Remember when they stayed 24 hours in a toys r us
MadSchaad 19
MadSchaad 19 Prije 2 dana
MadSchaad 19
MadSchaad 19 Prije 2 dana
MadSchaad 19
MadSchaad 19 Prije 2 dana
Parr Kids
Parr Kids Prije 2 dana
Ryan Nguyen
Ryan Nguyen Prije 2 dana
Your videos make be happy
kdhawthorne1 Prije 2 dana
StanleyHammer24 Prije 2 dana
My dying laughing because caleb was choking on the cookie
Julianna Darling
Julianna Darling Prije 2 dana
Vinny Alfeld
Vinny Alfeld Prije 2 dana
2:28 kid says wait a minute
Aimee Esbjug
Aimee Esbjug Prije 2 dana
You copy dangie bror
Riley Deneau
Riley Deneau Prije 2 dana
HRvid: shut up Netflix you just want more people to use your app
beautiful berries
beautiful berries Prije 2 dana
You are so funny can I have a shout out
Kerry Pruett
Kerry Pruett Prije 2 dana
adelaida montoya
adelaida montoya Prije 2 dana
Julio Cervantes
Julio Cervantes Prije 2 dana
Alex L
Alex L Prije 2 dana
Dangie bro’s did this first
Alex L
Alex L Prije 2 dana
Did you give dangie bro’s credit?
Deni Venancio
Deni Venancio Prije 2 dana
11:50 yeet
Whatever You Build, I'll Pay For!