‘Ukraine All Over Again’ Sen. Murphy on Trump’s Uneven Federal Response To COVID-19 | All In | MSNBC

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Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT): “Instead of using foreign aid, the President is using emergency relief in order to try to get people to do his political bidding.” Aired on 3/30/20.
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‘Ukraine All Over Again’ Sen. Murphy on Trump’s Uneven Federal Response To COVID-19 | All In | MSNBC



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Komentari 80
MrR _N
MrR _N Prije 20 dana
I can do without the press briefings--. They aren't really test briefings. He's not getting those ratings anymore.
jayes12 Prije mjesec
Mike Lindell, the my pillow guy, has retooled his factory to provide 1000's of masks for medical workers who need them for this pandemic. This is something that Chris Murphy, Chris Hayes and MSNBC will NOT bother to tell you. So, it is a good thing that there is a comment section to enlighten everyone. Unfortunately, Hayes, Murphy and MSNBC will never see the light, much less help those on the front lines who are fighting this pandemic. They will only falsely criticize those in the fight.
Outsider Prije mjesec
Listening to Trump on the virus Is certain to mentally tire us He doesn't make sense And nor does Mike Pence In the end he will doubtless just fire us Show less
Ron Mayb
Ron Mayb Prije mjesec
Yea a mistake or on purpose, blood is on his hands for sure. What a guy, what a guy.
Ron Mayb
Ron Mayb Prije mjesec
Propaganda for sure because he's not taking to us.
bru beck
bru beck Prije mjesec
Our Lair-in-Chief is an embarrassment. The people of all the developed nations of the world must think we're as stupid as he is.
Sixes - C
Sixes - C Prije mjesec
They've always done that with the reporters microphones, just people find it okay to cut off the president nowadays especially with this virus going around. There is always someone controlling the levels of the mics at every conference ever. That's how mics work.
Michael King
Michael King Prije mjesec
What a total shitshow. Look at ANY other western democracy to see how to manage this crisis. In particular, look at NZ. $ Jacinda Ardern...and NO partisanship in play at all.
Joe Paleface
Joe Paleface Prije mjesec
Schiff and Pelosi Schumer are losers that divided the country brainwashing for personal power.4 years 24-7 attacks wasting so much time and money hurting the country with the phoney investigations, has proving Trump a winner
cutnicely Prije mjesec
Boston Global is not exaggerating stating "Trump has blood on his hand" 😰
Paul Picard
Paul Picard Prije mjesec
Trump is unduly influenced by the christian right, evangelists. These people believe, as they are laying their hands on trump, that the world is headed inexorably towards Armageddon. They believe it's inevitable, and they believe the Bible is a higher authority than the Constitution. This puts us all at risk. These people should be shunned, silenced, secluded in their own private Idaho or anywhere they are accepted. Since they have such a stringent belief system like that of the Taliban, maybe they should go be with their own type in someplace like South Waziristan. Extremists of every stripe can go to Hölle. Bring on the comments, my brothers and sisters. Let me hear another AMEN!
Strangeman MTD
Strangeman MTD Prije mjesec
Forrest Trump always liked brown nosers but i think when the my pillow clown spoke even Trumpty Dumpty thought come on that is to far.
Doug Vigliano
Doug Vigliano Prije mjesec
The only propaganda session is your show
Joe Mc
Joe Mc Prije mjesec
American medical supply companies ARE SELLING THE SUPPLIES TO EUROPE !!! Trump is WAR CRIMINAL
Robert 420
Robert 420 Prije mjesec
People are going to get sick and tired of listening to all this fake news and then maybe going to come for your head moron
Empire Jackson
Empire Jackson Prije mjesec
100,000 people dead is not a good job in any sense of the imagination. Who thinks like this?
The Big Toe
The Big Toe Prije mjesec
Puke news...
mic Smith
mic Smith Prije mjesec
This isn't mother Russia or China or Nazi Germany or israel trump.
lfaldrummer12 Prije mjesec
Well when the leader spends more time golfing then actually working whos surprised nothings getting done.
John Cook
John Cook Prije mjesec
JohnCook Australia 🇦🇺. Grifter in charge . How did you let this happen ? You are a bunch of weaklings afraid to stand up for yourselves . Gutless !
PlayBoy KGballin
PlayBoy KGballin Prije mjesec
342 trump sheep disliked this video
Henry Field
Henry Field Prije mjesec
History will record this as a total breakdown in government, do to the Presidents incompetents. The high death rate will be on the President, and only him. This could have been handled differently.
Jus’ Gibs
Jus’ Gibs Prije mjesec
Jim Belushi?
Scott Koenig
Scott Koenig Prije mjesec
I will vote for President Trump again. Was I "crazy" or "racist" when I voted for Senator/President Obama twice? Was I insane when I said the ACA was pretty good, but the Iran Deal was a bust? We live in a Republic. If you are against me, that is OK. You might consider voting for Joseph Robinette Biden or writing-in Bernie Sanders. Thank you!
Troubled Sole
Troubled Sole Prije mjesec
Incompetence and arrogance are a dangerous combination.
Leona Love
Leona Love Prije mjesec
This should make him ineligible to run for president again - that’s how bad he is doing with this virus! He has proven himself to be worthless.
Mikr Kunes
Mikr Kunes Prije mjesec
In 2016 I, and hundreds of pundits predicted 25% unemployment, mile long food lines, and people scared to leave their homes. No, we didn't know anything about Covid 19, but we knew trump.
Chris Bading
Chris Bading Prije mjesec
Trump has turned these daily briefings into campaign rallies
john abbot
john abbot Prije mjesec
Am i not mistaken he hasent yet still have a replacement health pkg to replace Obama's healthcare?
Chris Bading
Chris Bading Prije mjesec
It has already been proven that trump can do anything he pleases without fear of any accountability to any one any where
Trisha Yamada
Trisha Yamada Prije mjesec
It’s ok if your family and friends die as long as the Dictator wannabe gets high tv ratings. His priorities are warped.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith Prije mjesec
I would believe the presedent of China before the presedent (TRUMP)and the white house. Just to many lies. Hes worried about ratings. My pillow guy I would never buy one from him.
James Christianson
James Christianson Prije mjesec
The Plandemic is failing.
Chris Hickey
Chris Hickey Prije mjesec
Too bad you can’t sue the aholes
Abbe Thompson
Abbe Thompson Prije mjesec
Trump's okay with genocide of 100k people (because he wants to play games with life-saving equipment) as long as his ratings and popularity are "great"... Quite an extreme sacrifice and desperate measure for a few votes...
Pierre Van Dick
Pierre Van Dick Prije mjesec
What else when almost half of population is fooled all the time
rein de groot
rein de groot Prije mjesec
The whole world thinks that Trump is a complete fool he is doing a lot off damaged to America. Why is Trump still in office ??
Karen J
Karen J Prije mjesec
25th Amendment, Section 4 Now!!!
M. Guest
M. Guest Prije mjesec
I think if you ask one of those 100,000 dead that they would disagree.
Charles Mason
Charles Mason Prije mjesec
Msnbc nothing positive just Trump ,Trump ,Trump only bad for you .
Mike Johnston
Mike Johnston Prije mjesec
Democrats are nothing more than arm chair quarterbacks. Thank God we have the President we do people. This is a worldwide problem the likes of which we have never seen or dealt with.. It is easy to criticize, so go back to your home state and try to focus your hate on the virus and helping those you serve.
joseph bodden
joseph bodden Prije mjesec
It is somehow comforting to know that I can continue to believe Trumps propaganda and I can die happy...
125min Prije mjesec
A more appropriate name for this virus is.... COVID-45
Dawn Olynyk
Dawn Olynyk Prije mjesec
Why don't the people remove him???? Where is the humanity? This president is a danger to the world. He is a mad dog, what needs to be done here????
vegadog30 Prije mjesec
ratings? he's talking about ratings? wtf whys mypillow guy even talking at this?
joseph bodden
joseph bodden Prije mjesec
Trump is correct, his viewership is increasing, like the viewership increases at a 35 car high speed pile up with flaming wreckage and burning bodies... people can't stop watching...
Tribble Booth
Tribble Booth Prije mjesec
I predict that in November 2020 Trump and the Republican party will be completely wiped out. Voters may have short memories when it comes to some of the indiscretions attributed to this president. But the distressing images of American citizens who have succumbed to the Covid-19 virus, being laid out in body bags awaiting collection, is something that will never be erased from anyone's memory. Trump's mishandling of this crisis should be a stark warning to those who are considering casting their votes in his favour, come November 2020.
joseph bodden
joseph bodden Prije mjesec
Instead of electing Vermin Supreme, we got Supreme Vermin
David Herbek
David Herbek Prije mjesec
America would prefer to watch cartoons vs Chris Hayes.
Walti W.
Walti W. Prije mjesec
Again, occult agenda. Do the math: CORONA = 6 letters + numbers in the alphabet...(666) C 3 O15 R18 O15 N14 A 1 6 66
rahxephon76 Prije mjesec
Make America Great Again, congratulations you are now NUMBER 1.
Buddy Ratcliff
Buddy Ratcliff Prije mjesec
Self responsibility People. You know the thing
Thrs Hwll
Thrs Hwll Prije mjesec
There is no way we shouldn't be able to FIRE trump for failing to do his job effectively. Just disgusted
Joseph Hill
Joseph Hill Prije mjesec
U are a loser reporter an a liar
Ginger Nightmare
Ginger Nightmare Prije mjesec
700,000 Kicked off Food Stamps today.
Carl Millholland
Carl Millholland Prije mjesec
3:55 And yet you didn't run to call you stock broker to sell your stocks. What kind of a Senator are you?
Richard Conner
Richard Conner Prije mjesec
Raven Hawks
Raven Hawks Prije mjesec
Murphy sees Trump as managing a public relations campaign. America sees MSNBC as only looking for a way to make Trump look bad.
tomcoryell Prije mjesec
Harry Truman : The buck stops here. Donald Trump: I’m not responsible.
awendery Prije mjesec
I've thought USA will be a role model fighting the virus with so many sharp scientists, experts around. Then blunt Trump came forward and destroyed USA. He alone created several dozen 9/11
john alley
john alley Prije mjesec
Trump is again taking advantage of the crisis any way he can only for election purposes otherwise he is completely unconcerned for the welfare of citizens .
brave heart valiente
Evil disgraceful disgusting administration... Worry about his reelection at this time not for 🇺🇸 people .... MAGA hat you're think his worried about you 😬😬💩💩💩?
Jean Bergeron
Jean Bergeron Prije mjesec
How can republicans sleep at night? I hope gives them the lesson of their life very soon. If there is a god and I do believe so, he will make them pay for all the unnecessary deaths they have caused by their negligence. They find a way to do dirty politics during a crisis like this...shame on them.
Maria Brown
Maria Brown Prije mjesec
The people supporting trump are very sick people like him
Carolina Cruzer
Carolina Cruzer Prije mjesec
China had 3,000 deaths we are projected to have 100,000-2.3 million deaths .. why? Who failed us? Not the mayor's and governors they have been begging for help! God help us all!
TG R. Prije mjesec
Susan Collins said that he learned his lesson
G!anni Guerrero
G!anni Guerrero Prije mjesec
Immune System. Research what it is, what it does, how to boost it. Ready? Go :)
Rajagopalan Palanisamy
I really prey for USA to escape the corona virus onslaught by proper necessary actions by the highest administration leave alone their President Trump who is of no help to the citizens.
James K. Boyle
James K. Boyle Prije mjesec
Zero proof of any of this. What a joke our media is. Where is your facts based info regarding shipments, deliveries, phone calls, and other related info. You have none of this!
john hopkins
john hopkins Prije mjesec
"...fatal mistake..."; perhaps a rather indelicate choice of words...
中華傲訣 Prije mjesec
Ai.... even up to such a crisis, these Yankees still point their fingers here and ...can’t believe this. Is this the most powerful country in the world?
Johnny Tampocao
Johnny Tampocao Prije mjesec
Lots of Americans are buying his lies that's why his ratings still high despite of his failure in handling the COVID-19. I don't really understand it what's in the mind of most Americans as if his press con of lies is working in his advantage.
Efrain Avelar
Efrain Avelar Prije mjesec
When will trump learn his lesson anyone.
Eimhear Ó Dálaigh
Eimhear Ó Dálaigh Prije mjesec
There is a special bond between the Irish and the USA as we have so many relations there and you have so many ancestors here, but we are looking on in horror at how Trump is dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak and how he is hijacking the daily briefings as a surrogate for his missed rallies. In contrast, the Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, has made 2 public speeches. One on St Patrick's Day to outline the restrictions and the other, an update 11 days later when restrictions were tightened. We have had health experts and the minister for health giving us information and guidance other than that as the Taoiseach has been too busy working, it also helps that he is a Medical Doctor. Here is the speech from Paddy's Day if you want to see it.
Samuel DiVincenzo
Samuel DiVincenzo Prije mjesec
Yes, I can't stand the President, but please STOP looking to find things that went wrong. You are just making things worse by piling on. At this point it doesn't make sense to the human psyche to watch the same dumb questions being asked. Look in front of you, not what's behind and adapt and overcome! STOP the nonsense. Vote the guy out, but until then, the sensationalized questions have to stop.
Rolf Leseratz
Rolf Leseratz Prije mjesec
Supporters of Donny Trumpy are extremely stupid. .
Chris Mee
Chris Mee Prije mjesec
will you lot man up and pull the trigger ???
Yves Delage
Yves Delage Prije mjesec
Was the Trump administration job a good job? Well evaluation should be in the results. China has a population of 1 billion 500 million people with a density of 366 persons per square mile. That density really helps propagation. The US has a population of 330 million people with a density of 87 persons per square mile. As of 2020-03-29, China is starting to get back to normal with 81,439 cases as the US is not even at it’s peak with 131,366 cases. As a number: China has limited it’s infected to 1 person in 18,419 whereas in the US, the infected are at 1 person in 2,512. That’s 7 times worse than China. Look at the numbers people. The US are doing a very poor job.
Yves Delage
Yves Delage Prije mjesec
Was the Trump administration job a good job? Well evaluation should be in the results. China has a population of 1 billion 500 million people with a density of 366 persons per square mile. That density really helps propagation. The US has a population of 330 million people with a density of 87 persons per square mile. As of 2020-03-29, China is starting to get back to normal with 81,439 cases as the US is not even at it’s peak with 131,366 cases. As a number: China has limited it’s infected to 1 person in 18,419 whereas in the US, the infected are at 1 person in 2,512. That’s 7 times worse than China. Look at the numbers people. The US are doing a very poor job.
George s Pogacich
George s Pogacich Prije mjesec
They never posted the date of that tweet they presented up above.. I looked all over the net and never seen that tweet. Did they photoshop that tweet to make him look like he said it?
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