🏆MAN CITY CHAMPIONS!🏆 Who Won the League? City! City! 2018-2019

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Manchester City are Premier League Champions, 2019!
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13. Svi 2019.

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Komentari 4 961
Emiliano Contreras
Emiliano Contreras Prije 12 sati
When pep ask Raheem who won pep is speaking instead f raheem
Rhyland 16
Rhyland 16 Prije dan
I don’t get it he said spurs won’t win the champions league but then he said Liverpool will lose to spurs
Jakeplayz foitball
hahahahahah Liverpool red devils the reds are crap
James Murray
James Murray Prije dan
I miss old sterling 😭
Erkan özdemir
Erkan özdemir Prije 2 dana
Manchester city : 98 Liverpool : 97 What
ii k
ii k Prije 2 dana
Imdad Hussain
Imdad Hussain Prije 2 dana
Manchester is blue 💙💙💙
liam Slater
liam Slater Prije 3 dana
Let's hope we win it nex year
Riley D
Riley D Prije 5 dana
I find it genius that arsenal aren’t even mentioned
Sreeram Suresh
Sreeram Suresh Prije 6 dana
I just relized Man U get like 200million finishing 6th but arsenal get 40million for finishing 5th and Making Europa final I know we had an average to bad season but Man U were terrible compared to us
Mikese Kemise
Mikese Kemise Prije 6 dana
Who bought the league. city city city city
ZLATAN kleopas
ZLATAN kleopas Prije 6 dana
Cameron Heaton
Cameron Heaton Prije 8 dana
More like who bought the league
Viktor_ Gaming
Viktor_ Gaming Prije 8 dana
3:15 Well this is awkward
messyourself BIG FAN
Egg head and his shitty little team didn't deserve to win the league.
game ok
game ok Prije 9 dana
united united
game ok
game ok Prije 9 dana
city city
Andy Feenstra
Andy Feenstra Prije 9 dana
Who won the champions league? Lfc,.
NightcoreLife Prije 9 dana
Who won the league I think Liverpool 👇
Daniel eke
Daniel eke Prije 9 dana
where is arsenal?????????????
MillCzE Prije 9 dana
Original with chelsea is better.
Lucas won’t play any Moura
2:22 Pep asked Raheem who won the league He didn’t talk His mouth was closed
MiniXero Prije 10 dana
im a liverpool fan so f*** off.
Sam Evans
Sam Evans Prije 11 dana
1:38 ouch
Sam Evans
Sam Evans Prije 11 dana
Who agrees stop that BRAGGING
NRL gamers
NRL gamers Prije 12 dana
no lierpool wants
Creeperman 2397
Creeperman 2397 Prije 13 dana
Why is there blood on the road? 3:44
Хитрий Єнот
Хитрий Єнот Prije 13 dana
Where oleksandr zinchenko
Htin Myint
Htin Myint Prije 15 dana
Who the champion league
Hisham Alfuqaha
Hisham Alfuqaha Prije 15 dana
mason da boss
mason da boss Prije 16 dana
You should do one for Liverpool because they won the Champions League
Nathan Chiang
Nathan Chiang Prije 17 dana
What is the original song?
Brother SI
Brother SI Prije 17 dana
Guardiola is best manager in world
Antonio Joaquim Rodrigues
Weres Arsenal and Unai Emery
Mikey Mcteigue
Mikey Mcteigue Prije 18 dana
Shiny won the league
Francisco José Isás Frau
Where is Mendy ?
The next year MUFC champion 2020
Isaiah Marmon
Isaiah Marmon Prije 21 dan
Next year 1.liverpool 100 pts 2. Man city. 99 pts 3. Chelsea 88 pts 4. Arsenal 78 pts
Isaiah Marmon
Isaiah Marmon Prije 21 dan
This is bullsh*t it should have been liverpool I'm still p*ssed but they won the champions league
Kathleen Murphy
Kathleen Murphy Prije 21 dan
I hate man city because I'm liverpool
RaZe high
RaZe high Prije 22 dana
AndrégamesBR e futebol
Ayrton Senna Tri-Campeão do mundial de F1 e comia o Mansel
Orla Condon
Orla Condon Prije 23 dana
Thomas Moran
Thomas Moran Prije 23 dana
Were was arsenal
Lara Eveleigh
Lara Eveleigh Prije 23 dana
Hey Pep you won't win the league next year. Because we won't screw up again. You'll never walk alone!
William Grytten
William Grytten Prije 24 dana
Fuck off Man United is the greatest team the premier league has ever seen you know
Man City Sucks
Man City Sucks Prije 25 dana
Well pep was wrong about tottenham winning
Ionel Chirila
Ionel Chirila Prije 25 dana
Toteham is getter
Team Nitro
Team Nitro Prije 26 dana
Who bought the league? 0:16
Judy Chen
Judy Chen Prije 26 dana
This makes Manchester city have 5 titles