💪🏼RONALDO HAT-TRICK HERO!💪🏼(Juventus vs Atletico Madrid 3-0 Parody Song Goals Highlights)

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Cristiano Ronaldo scores three to beat Atleti in the Champions League Last 16 2019! Two headers and a penalty!
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Luke Renwick
Luke Renwick Prije 7 sati
Cholele2004 295
Cholele2004 295 Prije 2 dana
2019: Hat trick to Atletico 2020: He will win the Champions League and the Eurocup 2021: He will win the Confederations Cup 2022: He will retire with a World Cup 2023: He will be the bew manager of Sporting Portugal
Khair Rafiq
Khair Rafiq Prije 3 dana
0:11 It says Ronny J
Free Stylers
Free Stylers Prije 3 dana
I play soccer and this song inspired me
Frane GRANČIĆ Prije 4 dana
Simeone is such a respectfull coach, even though ron has destroyed his dreams he still calls him best ever
Iman Kardaš
Iman Kardaš Prije 5 dana
1000 video 442oons
Cristiano Arrogantaldo
I'd must forgotten to take that pill on Ajax game... Also VAR can't help me like in Madrid
Rayan Shirazi
Rayan Shirazi Prije 10 dana
F*** atletico madrid
Daire Farrell
Daire Farrell Prije 11 dana
tulip store
tulip store Prije 12 dana
The video made by " Just Cartoons" channel on this match has got more views than 442oons...
Djamila Djami
Djamila Djami Prije 22 sati
Niall Mcgowan
Niall Mcgowan Prije 13 dana
Suuuuuuu suuuuuu scream suuuuuuuuu suuuuuuuuuuuuu
ItsJim Pliak
ItsJim Pliak Prije 15 dana
Once more he humiliate atletico with the baddest way in ucl
Anonymous_ Gamer11
Anonymous_ Gamer11 Prije 15 dana
AYGENT_HK7 GAMING Prije 16 dana
"He scores easily as he drinks water" : Paul Pogba said about cr7
Rayan Shirazi
Rayan Shirazi Prije 16 dana
So good
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh Prije 16 dana
ummmmm.... diego was right. ronaldo wont be playing in the champs league this season because of ajax
GIANNIS GAMER13 Prije 17 dana
Ronaldo balls are too small to even not Hurt him
Liam FC
Liam FC Prije 18 dana
I like real Madrid
Doctorul HD
Doctorul HD Prije 19 dana
0:36 :))
Cholele2004 295
Cholele2004 295 Prije 21 dan
Hahaha classic of football Ronaldo beating Simeone and his bullshit team
super slime
super slime Prije 27 dana
Diego: I've got vengeance... you won't play champions league again! 'coz thats the sound... OF AJAX
Saksan Free
Saksan Free Prije 27 dana
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos Prije mjesec
1:15 coz that the sound of.... AJAX
kids fun
kids fun Prije mjesec
Who is here after juventus vs ajax
Abdelrahman Zaid
Abdelrahman Zaid Prije mjesec
Igqrin Hi
Igqrin Hi Prije mjesec
Bye Ronny 1-2
frikandel broodje
frikandel broodje Prije mjesec
He can score a hattick vs athletico but cant vs ajax LOL😂😂
Acidic Ash
Acidic Ash Prije mjesec
Lol they lost to Ajax
Puppet vs golden freddy
Su si de thue
R L 9 Le5and9wski
R L 9 Le5and9wski Prije mjesec
Where is ronaldo now? Messi is in Champions League. And ronaldo? Watermelons? 😆😆😆😂😂😂
Zey Lexus
Zey Lexus Prije 10 dana
+Tiago Costa Well you were right,messi couldn't advance
Tiago Costa
Tiago Costa Prije 26 dana
R L 9 Le5and9wski Where is ronaldo‘s teammates now? Messi wont be any longer in Champions League. And ronaldo‘s teammates? Scared of ajax so they played shit
R L 9 Le5and9wski
R L 9 Le5and9wski Prije mjesec
+Gewoondaan Yeah. I was supporting Ajax. When they played against real madrid I knew they will beat them in second match. With Juve it was the same. Barca-Ajax in final. You are from Nederlands don't you?
Gewoondaan Prije mjesec
R L 9 Le5and9wski you watching after juve Ajax too huh?
Alban Zhiti
Alban Zhiti Prije mjesec
Who came after Juventus 1-2 Ajax 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Alban Zhiti
Alban Zhiti Prije mjesec
+Fran Dan57 ah ok
Fran Dan57
Fran Dan57 Prije mjesec
Is a italian word which means if you are enjoying for something
Alban Zhiti
Alban Zhiti Prije mjesec
+Fran Dan57 ?
Fran Dan57
Fran Dan57 Prije mjesec
gubben200 Prije mjesec
What NAME is the real song in the start
Feisal Silva
Feisal Silva Prije mjesec
Best 40 seconds
m3sid Prije mjesec
Subscribe to smugpredator
Stijn vlogs en gaming
Did anyone notice when he was flying he threw 3 watermelons at diego when he said: heres ronny
Celsozin Prije mjesec
See I told you it was going to happen that means messi is never going to win more ballondors and ronaldo will win all them in the quarter finals juventus is going to draw 1-1 with ajax in johan cruiff arena in the first leg ronaldo and david neres are going to score , liverpool is going to get porto liverpoll win 2-0 in the 1 leg bobby firmino and keita will score , tottenham will face man city and tottenham will win 1-0 son is going to score , and barca is going to face united suarez is going to score and var will try to anulate barca's goal , but the goal is not going to be anulate and that's my predictions for the first leg suuuiiiiii
Fran Dan57
Fran Dan57 Prije mjesec
He lost 2-1
TES Prije mjesec
Congrats *ironic laugh*
rahaf rahaf hh71
rahaf rahaf hh71 Prije mjesec
Martin Asenov
Martin Asenov Prije mjesec
I wait for a hattrick in 2020
Malius Akang
Malius Akang Prije mjesec
wow ron ball got hit by watermelon and it bounce on simeone head.this is genius
Marry Marry
Marry Marry Prije mjesec
You are i isn’t i our time are you ui us the best you could best in your best friend you best best ever you are better off your best best friends best in your life and your family 😜🤓😜😜😜😜😜😜😝🥺🤪🤪🥺🥳🥳🥳🥳🤩😄😄🤪😔🥺😝😝
Emilinator Prije mjesec
He Said they were shite i don't know who he meant. Real or atleti they are both trash anyway
InTehZoen 2
InTehZoen 2 Prije mjesec
Happy 1000th video, 442oons!
Djamila Djami
Djamila Djami Prije mjesec
Surprisingly He didn't do his celebration once in this vid
danny floss
danny floss Prije mjesec
Whos better Messi like Ronaldo comment
John epic gamer
John epic gamer Prije mjesec
I dunno why every other year ronaldo has more and more ego
Bilco Kujovic
Bilco Kujovic Prije mjesec
Jennifer Santos
Jennifer Santos Prije mjesec
Melhor canal
New justin Y. step brother
Kinda funny how ronaldo can win the champions league title except the world cup but messi is the same
Diogo Gomes
Diogo Gomes Prije mjesec
2 - 0 for atlético Madrid 3 - 0 for Juventus
Grace Gomonda
Grace Gomonda Prije mjesec
Here's Tony
Pranav Bijou
Pranav Bijou Prije mjesec
Nobody can stop CR7 🔥🔥👍
Masoud Abdinoor
Masoud Abdinoor Prije mjesec
Kitten Crazy
Kitten Crazy Prije mjesec
Simeone should go to Real Madrid as soon as they cant beat ajax
Vikstar. МВ
Vikstar. МВ Prije mjesec
Barcelona-Atletoco Madrid 2-0 pls
Mariachi Myers
Mariachi Myers Prije mjesec
Baller Joeell
Baller Joeell Prije mjesec
I was a hatrick hero in my schools football team 2 corners 1 free kick
Roody Faroyk
Roody Faroyk Prije mjesec
Ronaldo is the master of hatricks vs atletico
azozi 170
azozi 170 Prije mjesec
Ronaldo and pogba are my only favorite players that I hope one of them win
Radwa Mahmoud
Radwa Mahmoud Prije mjesec
Cristiano is very eager to shoot! He thinks he is the best player on land,but he is not.Messi is the best.
Burnsey Boy
Burnsey Boy Prije mjesec
Haha 😂
Martina Krstičević
Ronaldo hat rick
Rolan Chetty
Rolan Chetty Prije mjesec
billo patata
billo patata Prije mjesec
Kgadi Mathabathe
Kgadi Mathabathe Prije mjesec
Ronaldo vs Messi
nathan brooker
nathan brooker Prije mjesec
Why does his legs get shorter when he wears a kit 😂
Javeria Nazim
Javeria Nazim Prije mjesec
Ronaldo hates athletico madrid
Luís Miguel
Luís Miguel Prije mjesec
Never understand atlético cartoons. They are a rubbish club. Not even in top 10 in europe. But ok Funny like always.
Lucas Moura
Lucas Moura Prije mjesec
Drunk Sausage
Drunk Sausage Prije mjesec
What club does Ronaldo love most??? Athletico, because it was his crush since Real Madrid
Nawroz Mohammed
Nawroz Mohammed Prije mjesec
When he’s the hat trick hero he always plays on Tuesday
Pawel King
Pawel King Prije mjesec
Congrats on 1k vids dean
Faded B - Saucy
Faded B - Saucy Prije mjesec
Faded B - Saucy
Faded B - Saucy Prije mjesec
Sonia Machado
Sonia Machado Prije mjesec
look up pictures of math.
Julian Barca
Julian Barca Prije mjesec
Juve the best
ENVYUS SIMOH Prije mjesec
Devon Chen
Devon Chen Prije mjesec
l will be the hero!I'll be the hat trick hero on this Tuesday night! I'll crush a Madrid(Atlètico madrid),like l always did,when I wore the real white(Real Madrid soccer suit)that s**** ! Hat trick hero(SU SU SCREM SU)
Devon Chen
Devon Chen Prije mjesec
l will be the hero!I'll be the hat trick hero on this Tuesday night! I'll crush a Madrid(Atlètico madrid),like l always did,when I wore the real white(Real Madrid soccer suit)that s**** ! Hat trick hero(SU SU SCREM SU)
Addison Chan
Addison Chan Prije mjesec
What is the Hat Trick Hero song based on? (Original song?)
Meaza Worke
Meaza Worke Prije mjesec
Nobody likes Ronaldo everyone likes Messi
Urban madness Comedy
If grizeman is like Ronaldo this would happened '2 Grizeman '3 Grizeman '4 Grizeman
best Games
best Games Prije mjesec
Atletico Madrid are very miserable VS CR7 AND RONALDO'S HAT_TRICK THIS IS REALLY shit
Francesco rrupa
Francesco rrupa Prije mjesec
SUUU SUUUU ****** you 😂😂😂😂😂
Kgadi Mathabathe
Kgadi Mathabathe Prije mjesec
Juventus vs barcalona
Kgadi Mathabathe
Kgadi Mathabathe Prije mjesec
Ronaldo vs Messi
King of Memes gaming
Do you realise the there is blood coming out of griezmann when he gets crushed
Thomas Kutrolli
Thomas Kutrolli Prije mjesec
Corinthiano Ygor
Corinthiano Ygor Prije mjesec
0x3 CR7 3 2X3 CR7 1 X 4 UCL FINAL 2014 CR7 3
Ban nhạc Nhịp Điệu
I am Ronny and ron said ronny
Cronaldo Soccer
Cronaldo Soccer Prije mjesec
25: yay
SteadFastPhantom RBLX
What is this song
DarthVidar-spiller Prije mjesec
No thanks, we don't want your aftershave.
Mr. Yeet’d
Mr. Yeet’d Prije mjesec
Ibarbo is god
Maria Loukili
Maria Loukili Prije mjesec
Its notre thusday Its wendsday i am morrocan
Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas Prije mjesec
Ronaldo Just Loves Scoring hat tricks against Atletico doesn't he? 😂😂😂
A L Prije mjesec
liam gallacher
liam gallacher Prije mjesec
Why watermelon
Gedas Baskis
Gedas Baskis Prije mjesec
Ronaldo just loves scoring hattricks against atletico doesnb t he😂😂😂
валера tv
валера tv Prije mjesec
Euro Kazakhstan vibio
Lupul Neinfricat
Lupul Neinfricat Prije mjesec
The only way Simeone can stop Ronaldo from scoring a hat-trick is to buy him. But that will not work because Ronaldo would score 3 own goals😂😂
Claudia Estefania M. de Medeiros Rodrigues
Rondugal 1x1 slevia
Claudia Estefania M. de Medeiros Rodrigues
Agranotaldo indury
Cinematic: "Safe Haven"
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