10 Famous Kids Who Are Out Of Control

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Controlling your kids can be an impossible task, but when your kids are famous it becomes even more difficult. Add some money and notoriety to that mix, and you can have a potentially dangerous situation. Ethan Cutkosky learned that the hard way when he was facing jail time as a consequence of his actions. You might know “Woah Vicky” from social media, but did you know that she was arrested for assaulting a police officer? And of course she used it as a platform for more of her craziness. Then we have everyone’s favorite out of control teen Danielle Bregoli, who has even been banned from an airline because of her actions. NBA Youngboy has had a rough life, but that’s no excuse for the shocking and horrible reason that he was recently arrested. Sophia Abraham and Mason Disick are still very young, but given who their parents are, it’s safe to say that the decks are stacked against them.
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12. Ožu 2018.



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Komentari 2 270
Donaia Roberts
Donaia Roberts Prije 16 sati
Wait you also forgot that Lil Tay is out of control and she's spoiled.
Kelly Ferguson
Kelly Ferguson Prije 3 dana
Danielle is a good person this is just showing her bad past shes famous now
Karedo 6ix5ive
Karedo 6ix5ive Prije 6 dana
6ix9ine is out now watch video
kylee _reynølds
kylee _reynølds Prije 7 dana
The talko : wrong The Smiths : not bad Sophia: the devil Hotel : trivago
Aqua Flow
Aqua Flow Prije 7 dana
Yes I think there is hope for these so called "out of controlled kids to start making the right and wise decisions but well don't know that yet or at least I don't know that yet!
Jason De Silva
Jason De Silva Prije 8 dana
Abnormal kids!!!
Keshavrao Shinde
Keshavrao Shinde Prije 11 dana
There should be Justin Bieber's name also.
Jughead Jones
Jughead Jones Prije 11 dana
i thought Danielle Cohn gonna be on this video
Bbyxmc_ Prije 13 dana
So much shade 😗
Mustang Sally
Mustang Sally Prije 14 dana
Am I surprised Danielle bregoli was on this list ............ME
bonnie brown
bonnie brown Prije 17 dana
Itsuki Prije 26 dana
Roses are red The earth is flat Cash me outside how bout that
Hell Hound
Hell Hound Prije 27 dana
I asked my mother if I was a child star what would she do if I became out of control while my Tourette’s syndrome and anxiety was also in play. She said she would take me to visit my aunt and her ranch and stay there for a while for my health. Even if it meant losing a role.
Hamster Haven
Hamster Haven Prije 29 dana
I didn’t know what the ranch was...
Jaynie Prije mjesec
8:48 Wait why would bullies tease her for her father dying????
Jaynie Prije mjesec
1:53 Where my equestrians at?! Who noticed the CWD bag!! Equestrian on board!
Jaynie Prije mjesec
Ugh I hate Peta so much and I consider myself an animal activist🙄🤦‍♀️ also no offense but Noah looked better before the knife (plastic surgery)
ItsYourGurlSaada Sapph
She won’t grow up instead of will grow up
Chasheen Ishaq Khan
Chasheen Ishaq Khan Prije mjesec
All thee famous people are actually so ugly . Even that little sophia in the end
Christina Murray
Christina Murray Prije mjesec
honestly dude... Noah Cyrus looks a bit like Saw from the Saw movies and Jigsaw.
cyotie42 Prije mjesec
wtf thats stupid to name a girl noah
Molly Pospisil
Molly Pospisil Prije mjesec
Who cares ...
Isaiah Adams
Isaiah Adams Prije mjesec
Jaden Smith is not out of control. He maybe weird and do weird things but at least he has a heart of gold
lo life
lo life Prije mjesec
Ugh when people act like weed impaires your driving 🙄 cant eyeroll hard enough.
Mew Mew
Mew Mew Prije mjesec
I thought it was jaden smith
Hermon Daniel
Hermon Daniel Prije mjesec
this is really dumb
ChArLiZe Prije mjesec
Danielle Cohn should be added
Rae Prije mjesec
those team 10 """kids""" look like such assholes
AVA DA_GAMER Prije mjesec
iiAngeles _YT
iiAngeles _YT Prije mjesec
Danielle cohn little tay
midnightwof Yt
midnightwof Yt Prije mjesec
You I follow woah vicky on tiki tok I had no idea about this girl.
Jasper Great
Jasper Great Prije mjesec
8:41 yeah!
D Prije 2 mjeseci
Danielle is the worst on the list.
Lochlan Productions
Lochlan Productions Prije 2 mjeseci
Danielle brigoli sounds like "dice" aka burns aka Bernie aka... aka.......
harmony momentofbeing
harmony momentofbeing Prije 2 mjeseci
Eeew Miley sister
Emily Gregoire
Emily Gregoire Prije 2 mjeseci
Who else agrees that ethan cutkosky isnt out of control💛💙💛
Nikita Karmakar
Nikita Karmakar Prije 2 mjeseci
Who's the girl on thumbnail
Regina Ramirez
Regina Ramirez Prije 2 mjeseci
Who are you to tell kids they are out of control
Leigh Bee
Leigh Bee Prije 2 mjeseci
When I saw Jayden in the batman costume 😂😂
Jennifer Jenny
Jennifer Jenny Prije 2 mjeseci
What about sam from icarly :)))))?!
Farhana Tofail
Farhana Tofail Prije 2 mjeseci
Jojo is the best famous kid
Isabella Davis
Isabella Davis Prije 2 mjeseci
I wouldn't do botox or plastic surgery even if I am ugly and famous!!!
EMMALYNA CABA Prije 2 mjeseci
Woah vickey INSANE!!!!! -_-
Ashleigh Long
Ashleigh Long Prije 2 mjeseci
“I’m a mouse, Duh 🙄”
shaymegacat- games
shaymegacat- games Prije 2 mjeseci
That Kiss are brats
shaymegacat- games
shaymegacat- games Prije 2 mjeseci
Kids sorry
Mikey G
Mikey G Prije 2 mjeseci
Fillers suck people! You dont look good at all!!
kim namjoon
kim namjoon Prije 2 mjeseci
This nigga showed up at a wedding as batman 😄 😄 Bruh!
kim namjoon
kim namjoon Prije 2 mjeseci
Miley had a sister 😮
Pocono !
Pocono ! Prije 2 mjeseci
They didn’t say Jania name right so get it right and she and he said they was playing so y’all need to stop it 🛑 ✋🏽 it was no absuse
Lil Peep Førever
Lil Peep Førever Prije 2 mjeseci
Yea um don't disrespect Willow Smith again
Marchela Brooks
Marchela Brooks Prije 2 mjeseci
I did
Favour Ashanut
Favour Ashanut Prije 2 mjeseci
hey hey hey the smith kids aint out of control they are just FREE MINDED. ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jaspreet Dhillon
Jaspreet Dhillon Prije 2 mjeseci
How was Tessa brooks here wtf
Ryan Dukharan
Ryan Dukharan Prije 2 mjeseci
Honestly idk not even a quarter of these kids and now I dont wana .....
C L O U D Y T E A RS Prije 2 mjeseci
I don't get why people are putting hate on these teen or elders. Instead of putting hate on them you should be reading your bible knowing that God died for our sins and he wants us to all love each other no matter what. Let God take care of these "naughty" people.
Simonkelly Cheung
Simonkelly Cheung Prije 2 mjeseci
Noah cyrus looks like a boy
strazz •.•
strazz •.• Prije 2 mjeseci
Who lets this channel talk about ppl's children like that it's their self-expression, the kids who are actually out of control are not being taken seriously and the one's who act their own way are just being exploited by ppl like her
Yaya All day
Yaya All day Prije 2 mjeseci
Woah Vicky on cracks she fight air
iisunsetblissx Prije 3 mjeseci
Willow has grown last time I saw her was in the vid “whip my hair”
Peyton St.Tripp
Peyton St.Tripp Prije 3 mjeseci
were r u lil tay?
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