10 Things Kardashian Kids Are Forced To Do

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Strict rules the Kardashian Kids are forced to follow.
Do you think it’s easy to live as a Kardashian? Many people would give an arm and a leg just to wake up as a child of any of the Kardashians. But living the glamorous life of a Kardashian is no walk in the park, even if you’re a kid! There are many things that these kids are forced to do, despite their fame and fortune. Would you give up going to a regular school so that you can be on your mom’s TV show? Have you tried picturing a life devoid of sweets and candy because your mom is a total health nut? These are just some of the things the Kardashian kids have to put up with for being born a Kardashian, a West, or a Jenner! Not even having the famed Kardashian last name can’t spare these kids from getting hand-me-downs. Let us know in the comments what you think, and follow TheTalko for more videos.
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Komentari 80
Sokmeng Rozaniem
Sokmeng Rozaniem Prije 12 sati
I don’t wanna be a kardashian kid I want my mom
loLip0p123 Prije 5 dana
I like how they say what the Kardashian kids are forced to do but they are talking about korntey..
Million Subs No videos
imagine North finding out why her mom is actually famous
ozzy B
ozzy B Prije 7 dana
I love how she said FORCED
Sahyra's World
Sahyra's World Prije 14 dana
Juliet Harms
Juliet Harms Prije 18 dana
With all that plastic surgery how is there a rule of no plastic???
April's Outlet
April's Outlet Prije 21 dan
#kim k Best Mom
Finlay McNair
Finlay McNair Prije 23 dana
Booo to cornete
Mohammad Tawab
Mohammad Tawab Prije 23 dana
Yes I want to see a kardashin
•lønely Potato•
•lønely Potato• Prije 26 dana
I know someone who has a relative who is lactose intolerant and gluten free not on a diet really diagnosed I’m pretty sure
Jennifer Dale
Jennifer Dale Prije mjesec
My little brother has 5/5 celiac desise so we had to go fully gluten free to. Love You Talko.
readweny Ahmed
readweny Ahmed Prije mjesec
No WiFi lol 😝
Kerry Menzies
Kerry Menzies Prije mjesec
James Bear
James Bear Prije mjesec
So their kids will never taste pizza ever only when they grow up
the video: they always eat healthy! me: currently eating cheetos
Natalia Hernandez Buggs
What do you actually say force though if they like it
Emma Lemon
Emma Lemon Prije mjesec
NO WiFi?? I’ll just stick to living with my parents.
EMMALYNA CABA Prije 2 mjeseci
Sksk looks like Kourtney is try to save the cows 1 like=1 cow saved
Brooklyn Thomas
Brooklyn Thomas Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey I agree with kortney I have to wear my brothers clothes all the time
Q O Prije 2 mjeseci
They keep their kids away from screens to prevent them finding out how they became rich 🤣
Judith Bonofiglio
Judith Bonofiglio Prije 2 mjeseci
None of the Kartrashians take care of their kids Kim has 4 and acts like it is so hard when is she ever home 24/7 to take care of them?? All they do is pose half naked and have a photographer with them 24/7.
Kevyn Morgan
Kevyn Morgan Prije 2 mjeseci
Forced huh
p00derp Prije 3 mjeseci
Let them be kids
Microwave Edits
Microwave Edits Prije 3 mjeseci
Why I feel like she’s rapping while reading this lol 😂
Allison Salazar
Allison Salazar Prije 3 mjeseci
I wouldn't mind being a Kardashian kid as I accumulate millions of dollars to support my lavish life doing whatever I want . For example filling a room with ice cream and eat it
Mamamia Prije 4 mjeseci
The music is HORRIBLE
Mamamia Prije 4 mjeseci
They should ask : Mami ?with what do you make so much money?
Mamamia Prije 4 mjeseci
Why is mami famous? Because she started her career with showing herself nude copulating with cheap men
Brooklynn Kotara
Brooklynn Kotara Prije 4 mjeseci
Kourtney doesn’t let plastic in her house 😶
Alexa Davidson
Alexa Davidson Prije 4 mjeseci
Love how their is all the hottest people and then their is rob 3.07
Ralph Justine
Ralph Justine Prije 4 mjeseci
07:5 no plastic? *so kylie and the rest cant enter kourtney's house?*
Brandon Prije 4 mjeseci
Kourt reminds me of my mom in a lot of ways.
Mary Helen Padilla Martinez
Kortney is the Prettiest Naturalized Sister 🌹Kim is the Ugliest Sister 🥀
Faze_boomer Horton
Faze_boomer Horton Prije 4 mjeseci
I’m keeping my parents
BlueCxtten Prije 4 mjeseci
Eat healthy: Me eating chocolate while watching
_ •Anteric• _
_ •Anteric• _ Prije 4 mjeseci
Not to be rude but her voice is making me have anxiety
Mg18 Glukh
Mg18 Glukh Prije 4 mjeseci
I wouldn’t mind being a Kardashian’s kid though I wouldn’t be eating sweets right now
Bts Army
Bts Army Prije 5 mjeseci
a r i n a
a r i n a Prije 5 mjeseci
Omg,the kardashian kids are forced to carry some Cups
Born in Providence
Born in Providence Prije 5 mjeseci
Have we learned nothing from Brittany’s story?
Cornee Cobo
Cornee Cobo Prije 5 mjeseci
My parents are kinda the same they do some of the same things
Payne *
Payne * Prije 6 mjeseci
They are all nasty and have nasty attitudes! No wonder all these marriages!! DO NOT WATCH THIS HOW TF DID I GET HERE
Gacha Star
Gacha Star Prije 6 mjeseci
Why does she sound mad
mars world
mars world Prije 6 mjeseci
Stop saying forced
Krew Fan
Krew Fan Prije 6 mjeseci
I watch like for 5 hours everyday OMG😑😮
yoloduran duran
yoloduran duran Prije 6 mjeseci
I can totally understand that they want their kids in the same room. Especially for safety reasons.
Thurka Gunaraj
Thurka Gunaraj Prije 6 mjeseci
I know like a million people have said this but Kourtney your and inspiration to moms
Thurka Gunaraj
Thurka Gunaraj Prije 6 mjeseci
Anyone else wondering what’s up I think the talko and the Kardashians
Rebekah Panda
Rebekah Panda Prije 6 mjeseci
What toys do they use if they can't have plastic?
Natalia Slezak
Natalia Slezak Prije 6 mjeseci
Forced? Ha this isn’t a bad thing
DL Queen
DL Queen Prije 6 mjeseci
Yes I would totally want to be a k kid. I agree with the smoothies idea.
staff #gachaforever
staff #gachaforever Prije 7 mjeseci
They are very reasonable but 1-hour on technology I mean come on that's just ridiculous
izzah Prije 7 mjeseci
kourtney sounds like an antivax mom who isnt antivax
Supersarah 143
Supersarah 143 Prije 7 mjeseci
My mom is careful about that to but come on
Sara Saddington
Sara Saddington Prije 7 mjeseci
They are not forded
Brittany Perez
Brittany Perez Prije 7 mjeseci
I’m glad I’m not a Kardashian
Blakeytakey •
Blakeytakey • Prije 7 mjeseci
Kourtney is frickin CRAZY WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Homeschool, gluten, plastic, dairy, MICROWAVES?! Wtf poor Kids poor poor kids
Cra-zy Vi-bez
Cra-zy Vi-bez Prije 7 mjeseci
Are hand me downs a bad thing?
Rumeen Makrani
Rumeen Makrani Prije 7 mjeseci
The only real person in the Kardashian family is Kourtney 😍
Alexandra Rendon
Alexandra Rendon Prije 7 mjeseci
7:05 ha do they know there made out of plastic lol jk but like still....
Safiyyah Abdullah
Safiyyah Abdullah Prije 7 mjeseci
what 30mine like it takes a few mines for u to get on a game or watch a movie all your able to do is youtube
Sandivel Huerta
Sandivel Huerta Prije 7 mjeseci
Wow they little boy was carrying a Nintendo switch
Faara Afran
Faara Afran Prije 7 mjeseci
6:01 hahahhaa
Blanca Ramirez
Blanca Ramirez Prije 7 mjeseci
That’s funny coming from a family that stay on there phone more than half the day posting pictures on Snapchat and Instagram.
Sa'Mya Hotchkins
Sa'Mya Hotchkins Prije 7 mjeseci
Video:Parents should limit the amount off screen time Me:I'm done 3:10
S M Prije 7 mjeseci
I’m on board with Kourtneys ways. Except the home schooling. She is, by far the most aware mother. Kylie keeping her baby away from everything will only make her more prone to getting sick
Anxii shootah
Anxii shootah Prije 8 mjeseci
So like..if the Kardashians werent rich and lived a regular life..would it still matter??🤨 jus a question cause like a lot of the rules they have...regular people have to😂
Bluepapermonster Prije 8 mjeseci
She sure does say 'forced' a lot in this video
Lazy Games
Lazy Games Prije 8 mjeseci
Do I want to be a kardashian? No thanks, because having a strict diet and having no sugary soda for years is a nightmare and having 30 minutes of screen time and the kardashian kids are lucky they get to be homeschooled while use have to go to school everyday to wake up to early .
Maddison Besau
Maddison Besau Prije 8 mjeseci
You sound like a robot 😂
Eden Messenberg
Eden Messenberg Prije 8 mjeseci
1:41 who noticed she is wearing her shirt wrong
Babygirl Lauren’s World
It’s alright imma spend a good year not looking at this channel good luck making your money 😂
Cindy Ramirez
Cindy Ramirez Prije 8 mjeseci
The music on this video is too loud , you can’t hardly hear the person talking.
Cindy Ramirez
Cindy Ramirez Prije 8 mjeseci
I don’t see anything wrong with letting your children sleep with you, unless they are like teens lol
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K Prije 8 mjeseci
I rather live in North Alaska than to be part of the Kardashian Family.
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K Prije 8 mjeseci
Hay stop tell my Family how to live unless you are apart of my Family ,and the the last time I checked this HRvid channel is not apart of my Family.
evie r
evie r Prije 8 mjeseci
7:04 🤔
xXComplexityXx MSP
xXComplexityXx MSP Prije 8 mjeseci
This video should’ve just been called “rules kourtney Kardashian’s kids have to follow”
JazzyGirl 2012
JazzyGirl 2012 Prije 8 mjeseci
Why do they keep saying ‘forced’? Like it’s s bad thing to wear hand me downs, eat organic, and spend time with your parents? They sound like they are being good parents and really caring about their kids’ health. What a stupid episode.
alexandra o’brien
alexandra o’brien Prije 8 mjeseci
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