10 Ugliest Wedding Dresses Ever

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Check out the worst wedding gowns ever made!
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When it comes to picking out a wedding dress, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. But we all can probably agree on what makes a beautiful wedding gown and what makes an ugly one. From too much tulle to busy designs that take the attention away from the bride on her special day, it makes us wonder what compelled many of these women to say “yes” to their dress.
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9. Vel 2017.



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Komentari 1 184
Donald trump Singing n dancing
Who r u to judge their life Sorry I’m so over
wee yt
wee yt Prije 2 mjeseci
This HRvid content.. Full of shit, they are beautiful
Annabella Winsteald
Annabella Winsteald Prije 3 mjeseci
In my opinion, the "Get on the train", "Rose petals", "Butt ruffle", "Stand back" and "Too much tulle" ones are very original and beautiful (yes, I love puffy princess dresses :-)
Sjekke Masldjejd
Sjekke Masldjejd Prije 3 mjeseci
The huge dress was amazing!
Robert Livenmore
Robert Livenmore Prije 3 mjeseci
The Psycho Bullies of the media are not content to ruin the country (USA, UK, France, .....) with their far-left fake-news biases. They have to pick on brides, too.
꧁LovelyLee꧂ Prije 3 mjeseci
We just gonna forget that these brides chose the dresses because they liked them and made them feel happy. Who cares what you, who don’t know these girls, think about how “bad” happily dressed girls look
Provalone Prije 3 mjeseci
They are not ugly 😤
dance Prije 3 mjeseci
I hate the video these people look like they are made wearing these ugly wedding dress
bella henson
bella henson Prije 3 mjeseci
2019? AnYoNe?
Alyssa Coleman
Alyssa Coleman Prije 3 mjeseci
I like the huge puffy one
Alina Abbas
Alina Abbas Prije 3 mjeseci
Alyssa is stupid because roses r not white 😏
Dora The Explorer
Dora The Explorer Prije 3 mjeseci
2:42 only stranger things fans *will* understand why I brought attention to this 😂
R J Prije 3 mjeseci
the bikini girl was wrong for that
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn Prije 4 mjeseci
That is one big dress
Idk tbh
Idk tbh Prije 4 mjeseci
Tbh none of these are that ugly.
lynnDIY Prije 4 mjeseci
The rose dress was actually pretty . Maybe it should have been white roses .
ChannitheDLlover Prije 4 mjeseci
Yassss tamaki was in the vid!!!!!!
Susie Nelson
Susie Nelson Prije 4 mjeseci
I think the roses were qt
Bobo Prije 4 mjeseci
Hey! Who said the wedding dress had to cover almost her whole body?
Nancy Soliscardona
Nancy Soliscardona Prije 4 mjeseci
The large dress looks like a quincenera dress
Parkerthe Odd girl
Parkerthe Odd girl Prije 5 mjeseci
Ok this is just messed up
l o n e l y h u m a n
l o n e l y h u m a n Prije 5 mjeseci
2:42 Winona Ryder is such a MOOD✌🏻
MeowMeow UwU
MeowMeow UwU Prije 7 mjeseci
Listen here, there is nothing wrong with these dresses! They wanted to be creative! It’s unfair for u to pick on them! There beautiful!
Katie MB
Katie MB Prije 8 mjeseci
They weren't that bad, honestly. And I'm sure that the brides were thrilled to be wearing those dresses for their weddings! Although I will say that the really low one and the bikini were a bit far-off for a wedding...
alondra Gonzalez
alondra Gonzalez Prije 8 mjeseci
Excuse me are these pretty dresses or ugly dresses😸😸😸😸😸
Matt Rose
Matt Rose Prije 8 mjeseci
The rose dress was actually really nice.
Lily Phillips
Lily Phillips Prije 8 mjeseci
I liked the really puffy one.
Catriona Rose
Catriona Rose Prije 9 mjeseci
some of those dresses were actually quite lovely so i don't understand how you could criticize them.
Irene Reg
Irene Reg Prije 9 mjeseci
They all look beautiful as long as they feel comfortable walking and dancing in it, or even wearing it.
ツAmina Prije 9 mjeseci
Wow...if you guys thought that the train was long, you should've seen Priyanka Chopra's dress. (She's Nick Jones's wifey)
Phantøm_ CxC
Phantøm_ CxC Prije 10 mjeseci
This is not the ugliest dresses These are the most creative and special gowns I've seen This is just only my opinion
Nevaeh Lingo
Nevaeh Lingo Prije 10 mjeseci
That is. So pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashley Berry
Ashley Berry Prije 10 mjeseci
The girl with the really puffy dress, she's on my big fat american gypsy wedding. She actually had her dress done by shandra chelli or however you spell it in boston mass. But if you watch the episode she was able to get married next to her groom with no problem lol
TeamRainbow Prije 10 mjeseci
Do you ever tried one og that dresses
Crack Head
Crack Head Prije 11 mjeseci
Am I wrong to think that the rose dress was astoundingly beautiful
Jaiden Ley
Jaiden Ley Prije 11 mjeseci
I think the bride in the bikini took “less is more” too seriously
Christianity Answered
i wish you could show us the pictures as much as you talk !!
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson Prije godine
The girl with the really big dress and her husband with the tall hair. I know them I was really close with her husband in high school I went to that wedding
Pickled JellyBean
Pickled JellyBean Prije godine
.... I think for the rose dress, the bride would ask for alergies Also, I'm sure you have heard the quote "if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all"
Kashis Kumar
Kashis Kumar Prije godine
Why am I watching this I’m only 14
Dorenda Fortney
Dorenda Fortney Prije godine
TheZMaesarShow Prije godine
Those dresses are not ugly they are pretty
Cristian is a cutie Edits
Roseanna Maloney
Roseanna Maloney Prije godine
I loved the really poofy one 😍
t a e i s t h i c
t a e i s t h i c Prije godine
Get On The Train: What the? Rose Petals: Would've been better if it was white.... Very Busty: Too revealing! Bikini Dress: So, is this a Beach Wedding now? Matching Cake: It would've been nicer if the prints were the same color as the wedding dress. Butt Ruffle: **shudders** Stand Back: SHE LOOKS LIKE A CAKE. Peacock Frenzy: Eh.... IM TOO TIRED TO DO THE REST-
Reindeer Kelly
Reindeer Kelly Prije godine
There is a thing called Gypsy Weddings...
Reindeer Kelly
Reindeer Kelly Prije godine
I’ve seen bigger dresses.
Nicole Tshikunda
Nicole Tshikunda Prije godine
That ri
Nicole Tshikunda
Nicole Tshikunda Prije godine
That long dress is ugly
softwlw Prije godine
god I hate videos like this! They are so disrespectful
kpop clips
kpop clips Prije godine
here comes the bride 5 meters wide gotta break down the just to get inside
Liam Connolly
Liam Connolly Prije godine
I kinda like the rose dress. Lol. 😂 🌹
Karen Hamel
Karen Hamel Prije godine
I love the peacock frenzy
Noora oof
Noora oof Prije godine
The rose wasn't bad only if it was white roses it would be purrfect
Nassir Nekzad
Nassir Nekzad Prije godine
I am 8 years old I need a lot of years to be marring
i am NOT your oppa
i am NOT your oppa Prije godine
The rose dress was so big and so pretty
silly llama
silly llama Prije godine
I loveee the rose petal one
Jodie Diane
Jodie Diane Prije godine
If I were to be getting married I would have a simple puffy princess like dress with a sweet-heart neckline a long veil that covers my face and a train that isn't too long. Also I might have a small pattern on tiny roses along the waist line. I don't like extremely designed dresses.
Mylie Maxey
Mylie Maxey Prije godine
I personally like the bikini dress
Suzette Gillera
Suzette Gillera Prije godine
*This is very interesting....😕🤨*
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