11 Funny Ways to Sneak Food into the Movies! Useful Hacks and Crazy Tricks by RATATA!

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You can’t imagine how to go to the cinema without snacks, but they don’t let them go there with food? Watch this video and learn 11 interesting and useful ways to do it!
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11. Lip 2020.



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Arun Sharma
Arun Sharma Prije 7 sati
Triggered insaan should roast this
Beatrice si experimentlele sale
The heck the bakrownd
like g Kavya video
It is carasy way to eat juink food
Inaobi Sagolsem
Inaobi Sagolsem Prije dan
Wow so very nice
Everroy Eve
Everroy Eve Prije dan
Angie Warfield
Angie Warfield Prije dan
Uh o he got her cough
Dimple Kay Manhic
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alex muscat Prije 3 dana
Bumm jddjjeriifosoeodoe
Lucienna Pabifio
Lucienna Pabifio Prije 3 dana
it is very good
Andirudi Hartono
Andirudi Hartono Prije 3 dana
Dania Mariam
Dania Mariam Prije 3 dana
I hate Mark his is the baddest I hate hate hate and seriously hate him so rude of him
Shreef .c Sinu
Shreef .c Sinu Prije 4 dana
Hiramani Kumari
Hiramani Kumari Prije 4 dana
I love ratata so much❤❤❤❤❤
Shamim Khan
Shamim Khan Prije 4 dana
Okay 👍
Gamer George
Gamer George Prije 4 dana
Those look delicious, my mouth is watery!
Chikram Lalitha
Chikram Lalitha Prije 5 dana
Nice story
Riyanshi Yadav
Riyanshi Yadav Prije 5 dana
Brenden Carp
Brenden Carp Prije 5 dana
Shi. T
Omar Faruque
Omar Faruque Prije 6 dana
So amazing the best in the world's so funny besties so amazing
nongthombam heramani
i want this next video
Sanha mol
Sanha mol Prije 6 dana
I miss you movie
Komal Agarwal
Komal Agarwal Prije 6 dana
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Rimpa Das Prije 6 dana
Mohitul Haque
Mohitul Haque Prije 6 dana
jefferson Cabunot
jefferson Cabunot Prije 6 dana
divyanshi tanwar
divyanshi tanwar Prije 7 dana
I like the girls bum
Vitthal Salunke
Vitthal Salunke Prije 8 dana
Noor Shaikh
Noor Shaikh Prije 8 dana
RAziya 😍
Bích Vân Nguyễn Thị
I like chocobar
mehmet yazar
mehmet yazar Prije 8 dana
Bisnu Bisnu
Bisnu Bisnu Prije 9 dana
ইটস ভেরি ফানি
Julian Yanga
Julian Yanga Prije 9 dana
Good thing in our country we can bring food and drinks in the movies we even bought donuts and water ( and more snacks )
Daniela Paun
Daniela Paun Prije 8 dana
@Julian Yanga iîiiiiio
Julian Yanga
Julian Yanga Prije 8 dana
@Iam Cate glad we lucky
Iam Cate
Iam Cate Prije 8 dana
I no right
Vinzcent John
Vinzcent John Prije 9 dana
Sabita Regmi
Sabita Regmi Prije 9 dana
fatima ayesha
fatima ayesha Prije 9 dana
so funny
jitendra Nath kar
jitendra Nath kar Prije 9 dana
Adrian Colesnik
Adrian Colesnik Prije 10 dana
Sunteţi şmecheri
Mike Udon
Mike Udon Prije 10 dana
I love tow see you guys because you are Funny😂😂
Gabriela and Emily Channel
What? محمود ابرهيم
محمود ابرهيم
@Lee Hester Guillermo ذ
Lee Hester Guillermo
Calista's World
Calista's World Prije 10 dana
Wow but I don't want to sneak food in the movie theater
Srilakshmi Panigrahi
Srilakshmi Panigrahi Prije 11 dana
But its very funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍
Srilakshmi Panigrahi
Srilakshmi Panigrahi Prije 11 dana
That boys pitted in the girl I am getting very angry respected in the boy and the girl Run and his eating her food I am getting very angry 😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬👿👿
Mariyam Nazmath
Mariyam Nazmath Prije 11 dana
The best
اطفال الجنة
اطفال الجنة Prije 11 dana
Aline Romero
Aline Romero Prije 12 dana
Lo voy a intentar 🏅
Baby Mussi
Baby Mussi Prije 13 dana
Baby Mussi
Baby Mussi Prije 13 dana
Marina Yuanita
Marina Yuanita Prije 13 dana
yeah me too
Marina Yuanita
Marina Yuanita Prije 13 dana
Soujanya karumanchi
Soujanya karumanchi Prije 14 dana
Rojean Atkinson
Rojean Atkinson Prije 14 dana
It's 2020 why the heck are you going places
Lakshmi Ramesh
Lakshmi Ramesh Prije 14 dana
Very v
Lakshmi Ramesh
Lakshmi Ramesh Prije 14 dana
Very very very bad
Anahi Guzman
Anahi Guzman Prije 14 dana
A am a big fan of your video
razi khan
razi khan Prije 15 dana
The pranks so amazing 😆😆😂😂😄😄
Rita seng
Rita seng Prije 15 dana
Grey Kate
Grey Kate Prije 16 dana
Did you know you’re not allowed to steal one’s candy?
ibtisam yasmin
ibtisam yasmin Prije 15 dana
AB Prije 16 dana
omg i thought turkish youtube channels are crap..this is by far the worst channel ive seen..grats
Bengali Challenge Video or study videos
This pranks are so funny I also try to my friends
Francisco alexander Ramos Sánchez
Yo soy salvadoreña no puedo entender ingles
Tameer Mohamed
Tameer Mohamed Prije 14 dana
@Danyel Swisher ppl
Anup Rai
Anup Rai Prije 15 dana
@Danyel Swisher 0
Danyel Swisher
Danyel Swisher Prije 16 dana
List is Carnival movie Applebee Apple bear Aerie AR we can go to the movie theater with no candy or popcorn are you going to take your hat off and stuff and show them your candy cuz I have one baby for so I love you self make sure you go to the movie theater at no candy
Kate Horne
Kate Horne Prije 17 dana
This makes me hungry
Death_kitty Prije 17 dana
I did those :D
Treb Al
Treb Al Prije 17 dana
types of people in the movie
Sarah Khan
Sarah Khan Prije 17 dana
Suleiman Khan s
Noushad Manu
Noushad Manu Prije 17 dana
Adele Palts
Adele Palts Prije 17 dana
Thgnb. Veg:
arjun Rawat
arjun Rawat Prije 17 dana
Eunece Nicolas
Eunece Nicolas Prije 17 dana
Jass Pranti
Jass Pranti Prije 18 dana
Gowri Selvaraj
Gowri Selvaraj Prije 18 dana
Amy so cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😚😚😚😚😚😚
Bindhu Prakash
Bindhu Prakash Prije 18 dana
Eranda Janis
Eranda Janis Prije 17 dana
, 💕
Eranda Janis
Eranda Janis Prije 17 dana
Ty 1fy6
Vitthal Salunke
Vitthal Salunke Prije 18 dana
Nice "😂😘😍👰👫👠💍💏🍒🚘🏠
Sofiaalexa vitalicio
Sofiaalexa vitalicio Prije 18 dana
anyoung sayo
k koushik
k koushik Prije 18 dana
mahamed aliraqi
mahamed aliraqi Prije 18 dana
زهبغبهف به يقع ذعغ تبال تات. د. او تل تاز
Tibor Fodor
Tibor Fodor Prije 19 dana
KLEW 1 Prije 19 dana
big booty o.o boys is going look
Simone Williams
Simone Williams Prije 19 dana
Hi jully
MBO BITOLI Prije 19 dana
I don't like Chris
Vitthal Salunke
Vitthal Salunke Prije 19 dana
Soul Karki
Soul Karki Prije 19 dana
Wow what a wonderful style
shrisabi kc
shrisabi kc Prije 17 dana
Michael Hernández
Michael Hernández Prije 19 dana
Lwkwi3 Craigslist
Michael Hernández
Michael Hernández Prije 19 dana
Schleich Horse Lover 500
If he opens the leg cast in the end of the movie the guard is going to catch just trying to make us go to prison thing before you make
Michael Hernández
Michael Hernández Prije 20 dana
Rajkhan Tv
Rajkhan Tv Prije 20 dana
Average darbar boom boom
Salwa Hassan
Salwa Hassan Prije 18 dana
You can see how much
Moses Mitchels
Moses Mitchels Prije 20 dana
Love it
Mahima arti craft singh
Ayshu A
Ayshu A Prije 20 dana
Simone Williams
Simone Williams Prije 18 dana
@Ayshu A how are you
Ayshu A
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@Simone Williams hi simone
Simone Williams
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Hi ayshu
Simone Williams
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Ayshu A
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Manoj Kumar Prije 20 dana
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Cod pro
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Wtf 98 mil vid
harsh saxena
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Harsh Saxena
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Mustafa Suljevic
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I like the on