How These Hollywood Women Are Changing The World

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What These Legendary Women Achieved and How They Are Changing The World Outside Of Hollywood.
It's easy to get caught up in the lives of Hollywood celebs and assume that all they do is look pretty, act in films, eat cheese and drink wine, and then go home to sit in glamorous robes by the fire and talk about the stars. Or maybe that’s just us? Either way, it can often be surprising to find out that a lot of these stars have accomplished a lot more than we even know about, and a lot of these accomplishments are completely outside the realm of Hollywood. Lots of celebrities will start small businesses or work creatively with bigger companies, but that’s not what we're talking about. These legendary women of Hollywood from the golden age of classic black and white films to modern-day movies, are so much more than a talented and pretty face. Some of these women have achieved great things! We’re talking about women starting their own foundations that serve to help others in a time when no one would, women who successfully completed college and wrote scientific research papers that were published in scientific journals, even women who traveled all over the globe to help save people from disaster. And they still managed to make it big in Hollywood too. We can’t even balance our jobs and a regular workout schedule. If you need a few role models, look no further, because these women are actually superheroes. Take a look with us at all of these iconic women who graced the silver screen, and also changed the world.
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17. Lis 2019.



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Komentari 33
Ava Anderson
Ava Anderson Prije 7 mjeseci
Awesome women💯♥️
LING LING GRANGER Prije 4 mjeseci
Omnic Punk
Omnic Punk Prije 7 mjeseci
over 150 =
PureSparkles22 Prije 7 mjeseci
Angelina Jolie Is my fave
Carly Charlesworth
Carly Charlesworth Prije 7 mjeseci
There's nothing women can't do. There's absolutely nothing we can't do. We're far stronger in a lot of ways than men. Way, way stronger than men. And that's my message to any woman I meet - that includes you - there's nothing you can't do, and you know that. Betty Williams
rolf sinkgraven
rolf sinkgraven Prije 7 mjeseci
Great women
fatimah anwaar
fatimah anwaar Prije 7 mjeseci
Emma Watson: My parents couldn't love me less because I was born a daughter Me: but you are British! Not a Chinese robot girl!
fatimah anwaar
fatimah anwaar Prije 7 mjeseci
yet so many men play the victim card and believe they are superior to women just because men are biologically stronger than women it doesn't give the excuse that they should be misogynists who believe that women don't exist unless it's time to have a child I give all my respect to all these female celebrities who are my role models especially Emma Watson Oprah Winfrey and Natalie Portman and idiots still bring up men's issues just to piggyback onto women's issues when it comes to feminism
Marlon Moncrieffe
Marlon Moncrieffe Prije 7 mjeseci
@fatimah anwaar I would like to know how to do so. I would just ignore them. They are an insignificant minority anyway.
fatimah anwaar
fatimah anwaar Prije 7 mjeseci
@Marlon Moncrieffe well some of them do and it has to stop
Marlon Moncrieffe
Marlon Moncrieffe Prije 7 mjeseci
...Most men absolutely do not think that.
Frollein Amigeisha
Frollein Amigeisha Prije 7 mjeseci
Incredibly refreshing in a talentless Kardashians & Housewives of wherever world. These are good examples!
Jacki Moon
Jacki Moon Prije 7 mjeseci
Fabulous video 🌈
Yamee Sharma
Yamee Sharma Prije 7 mjeseci
Huge respect for all these women 👑
Nnn A
Nnn A Prije 7 mjeseci
Kind of makes me feel bad about myself, being a girl who's just average lol
Roxie Rocks
Roxie Rocks Prije 7 mjeseci
Nnn A you’re not average. Everyone has their own personalities and qualities that make them unique
frida frutal
frida frutal Prije 7 mjeseci
Mai Destiny
Mai Destiny Prije 7 mjeseci
Love them all esp. Angie and Natalie
Su Yee Sia
Su Yee Sia Prije 7 mjeseci
Over 150 wrong sign
Carnival 34
Carnival 34 Prije 7 mjeseci
At least there are some people in Hollywood that do good. 💖
Natalyy Prije 7 mjeseci
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Samantha Guthrie
Samantha Guthrie Prije 7 mjeseci
Women power
Deedric Kee
Deedric Kee Prije 7 mjeseci
🎃I enjoy a nice educational tour of really intelligent wonderful women. Very good,thank you 👻*Talko💖👏
Kathy Cannady
Kathy Cannady Prije 7 mjeseci
Do not care for Angie the way she lied on Brad Pitt... She's very trashy, nothing like the classy Jenifer!!!!!!
PureSparkles22 Prije 7 mjeseci
Angelina has been working with the U.N for over 18 years. She is admirable
Yamee Sharma
Yamee Sharma Prije 7 mjeseci
Whatever she did w Brad was wrong but nobody blames Brad as much as everyone blames Angelina like she was the one who promised Jennifer something... Brad is trash but you gotta stop hating on Angelina... she's a humanitarian and she's helping 1000s of ppl rather than talking about something for 15yrs or making Instagram records. I hate neither of them but atleast Angelina is putting a smile on 1000s of faces
Tee Jay
Tee Jay Prije 7 mjeseci
Jennifer 👉 not Jenifer ...what if any organization is she linked to?? If she is I'll stand corrected..🤷🏽‍♀️
Su Yee Sia
Su Yee Sia Prije 7 mjeseci
What was the lie
Romual Theodore
Romual Theodore Prije 7 mjeseci
Wow im realy early
Adrene Wiltshire
Adrene Wiltshire Prije 7 mjeseci
Jp Burkeen
Jp Burkeen Prije 7 mjeseci
Literally NO ON THINK THAT!!! Nobody think that women in Hollywood are only know how to act.
slime42 24
slime42 24 Prije 7 mjeseci
Please pronounce Iraq correctly.
Queen_ Jazzy
Queen_ Jazzy Prije 7 mjeseci
What idiot disliked this
Evelin Nogradi
Evelin Nogradi Prije 7 mjeseci
LOVE alllll the selebretes❤️
Demi felicia
Demi felicia Prije 7 mjeseci
Early spuad
Gabriela Gwen Nakanduungileh
Ariel B
Ariel B Prije 7 mjeseci
yay i love being able to be like Warren Buffet
Servant Of Allah
Servant Of Allah Prije 7 mjeseci
Kindness wrapped up with beauty is the best gift 🎁 you’ll ever have.
Servant Of Allah
Servant Of Allah Prije 7 mjeseci
Kindness wrapped up with beauty is the best gift 🎁 you’ll ever have.
Aries Rainbow child
Aries Rainbow child Prije 7 mjeseci
Thank you
Aaliyah Prije 7 mjeseci
Early squad!!!
Aaliyah Prije 7 mjeseci
@Gabriela Gwen Nakanduungileh hii !
Gabriela Gwen Nakanduungileh
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