16 Funny College Pranks and Life Hacks

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Got bored in the classroom? Then you will definitely enjoy this video! Indeed, in it we have prepared for you 16 cool pranks and life hacks for college!
Supplies and tools:
• Pencil
• Utility knife
• Clear silicone tube
• Wireless headphones
• School supplies
• Cutting pliers
• Printed cheat sheet
• Ring blank
• Decorative stone
• Double sided tape
• Blackboard magnets
• Bubble wrap
• Notebook
• Candle
• Chalk
• Clear nail polish
• White chocolate
• Marshmallows
• Shredded coconut
• Garlic
• Raffaello wrapper
• Wooden coffee stirrer
• Edible glue
• Cereal
• Binder clip
• Hot glue gun
• Milk
• Bird water feeder
• Clear plastic
• White glue
• Colored pencils in a cardboard box
• Cardboard
• Printed picture of pencils
• Round cheese
• Fruitella
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Komentari 80
John Francis Amistoso
This are cool but I would never cgeat😅
John Francis Amistoso
I mean "cheat" sorry
Sarah Umairah
Sarah Umairah Prije 2 sati
tanu sohal
tanu sohal Prije 2 sati
Nice hacks👍👍
Andrea Liddie
Andrea Liddie Prije 6 sati
Timmothy Ratliff
Timmothy Ratliff Prije 8 sati
Xuan Cheng Liong
Xuan Cheng Liong Prije 9 sati
Cool 😍😍👍👍
Yoniyah Robinson
Yoniyah Robinson Prije 9 sati
Girl with the brown hair she's a very very rude you can't mess with people's excitement that's not nice Cindy wanted to write she wanted to write now she's going to go to detention and now she is going to be expelled from that school you can't mess with people's great that girl with the brown hair she's in big big trouble😤😓😣😪😯😥😔😒😰
Chassidy Woods
Chassidy Woods Prije 9 sati
You good but mean
Chassidy Woods
Chassidy Woods Prije 9 sati
** 4:53
Myrna Garcia
Myrna Garcia Prije 14 sati
Pretty good for me know.I'm
Yesenia Chacon
Yesenia Chacon Prije 15 sati
9:35 Or you could say "No." It's *magic* really.
Chris Nolan
Chris Nolan Prije 18 sati
Love you so so so so so so much xxxxxxxxxxxx💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Chris Nolan
Chris Nolan Prije 18 sati
Mardi Dyring
Mardi Dyring Prije 18 sati
Bro who only has a box of stuff in total of all the stuff in their life
Rudrani Mukherjee
Rudrani Mukherjee Prije 18 sati
dislike if u don't know me😂 No..seriously dislike
FANTASTIC VIOLET!!! Prije 19 sati
When I Chet I need to do a septet sheet to prove I’m smart 🙎🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Nina Lopez
Nina Lopez Prije 20 sati
No it’s not! I’m famous and I live in a mansion
Keyfarah Permandha
Keyfarah Permandha Prije 21 sat
Can i have magnet cheter 😂
Meilene Velazquez
Meilene Velazquez Prije 22 sati
Ryan Er cal Fqofqemofflfke Xx be Ryan
Subhabrata Ghosh
Subhabrata Ghosh Prije 23 sati
I love your pranks
sungil na
sungil na Prije dan
Not sure
Prakash Maharjan
Ankita Runwal
Ankita Runwal Prije dan
Where is a boring teacher missmit
Ольга Зубакова
Гол дн
Pang Wan Yong
Pang Wan Yong Prije dan
hayley butler
hayley butler Prije dan
When they said bubble rap I was like 👀wha
regina simpson
regina simpson Prije 9 sati
I know right
Luce Goose
Luce Goose Prije 9 sati
Violet Payne
Violet Payne Prije dan
10:04 RUDE
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh Prije dan
Room tour plls
Fernando-pro05gost 42
** 5:02
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith Prije dan
123 go and Troom Troom using the same people from both channels 😑
zuni anayah
zuni anayah Prije dan
Gidi Lakshmi
Gidi Lakshmi Prije dan
Neal Extreme
Neal Extreme Prije dan
Best best day ever
Nick Legare
Nick Legare Prije dan
That’s a mean friend that Put nail polish on the chalk and candle Wax on the note book
Keiko Ochon
Keiko Ochon Prije dan
Jessica C
Jessica C Prije dan
I'm sorry now but...WHO gets kicked out of their house for getting 1 question wrong in an exam???? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️ Edit 1. OMG THANKS FOR 4 LIKES!! I'VE NEVER GOTTEN MORE THAN 0 LIKES. lol
Emily Ruse
Emily Ruse Prije dan
Mariam Ahmed Alsayyad
But how he can play at all the time, his phone didn't die
U L Prije 2 dana
Tilly n Paige Delaney
Hi I’m Tilly
Tilly n Paige Delaney
Hi I’m Tia
Tilly n Paige Delaney
Hi I’m paige
Tilly n Paige Delaney
Hi I’m paige
Tilly n Paige Delaney
Hi I’m Tia
Tilly n Paige Delaney
Hi I’m Tilly
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Prije 2 dana
At the cable ties scenes I was like just pulled the pens down and u got ur pens
Sk Market
Sk Market Prije 2 dana
No 5
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Prije 2 dana
i hate ashley he making PEPEOL MAD AND THE TEACHER SO I HATE HER
Sk Market
Sk Market Prije 2 dana
I see yuo tube button 4
MrMedica2010 Prije 2 dana
What ...... i think the phone app eraser is 1. Amazing . 2. Incredeble.
Is anyone wondering how cereal and glue edible????: l
kyle chhuor
kyle chhuor Prije dan
Omg yea
Katelyn Brodhead
Katelyn Brodhead Prije 2 dana
When you made the garlic Ruffalo It Made me mad that was kind of mean
Angelica Millan
Angelica Millan Prije 2 dana
Super cool 😎 guys so funny
Shelby Fletcher
Shelby Fletcher Prije 2 dana
y'all are awsome
Linnet Hawthorn
Linnet Hawthorn Prije 2 dana
Infesting cheeting
hen ko
hen ko Prije 2 dana
This is howMany people love Troomtroom.
** 5:48
tania soto
tania soto Prije 2 dana
Nice video
hen ko
hen ko Prije 2 dana
Lena Marta BIWAN
Lena Marta BIWAN Prije 2 dana
Nusaiba Arisha
Nusaiba Arisha Prije 2 dana
Lalalalalal i like troom troom.
xyril balbuena
xyril balbuena Prije 2 dana
i hate ashley he making PEPEOL MAD AND THE TEACHER SO I HATE HER
Huawei Y5
Huawei Y5 Prije 2 dana
At the cable ties scenes I was like just pulled the pens down and u got ur pens
Beata Nacewicz
Beata Nacewicz Prije 3 dana
Alfredo Diaz
Alfredo Diaz Prije 3 dana
More ideas.
Nicole Fowler
Nicole Fowler Prije 3 dana
Take away the teacher stuff when you get
Gabbie Thoeny
Gabbie Thoeny Prije 3 dana
Y dose troom troom have so ride teachers
** 2:43
Raghu Raghu
Raghu Raghu Prije 3 dana
Stupid Ashley
Charming nowhere to hide
That's rude to get a freind a f
Veronica Flores
Veronica Flores Prije 3 dana
Charming nowhere to hide
when the guy was in the office there was youtube buttons that where gold.
Quick Tech
Quick Tech Prije 3 dana
What the hell?
Andrew Reilly
Andrew Reilly Prije 3 dana
Phone cleaner?
lauren bhayat
lauren bhayat Prije 4 dana
After you wrote the formulas on the magnet you should have wiped what if the teacher sees it
Ryu삼총사 Prije 4 dana
i am 1 grade
Telo Paja
Telo Paja Prije 4 dana
Charming nowhere to hide
4:54 8 actually cried bc of the music and stuff..
Lovellgirlpuppy Prije 4 dana
I would slap Ashley for ruining my life
Charming nowhere to hide
Hihi I got the chi chi at my school I used the ring one
janet arellano
janet arellano Prije 4 dana
Hahaha okay i'm okay haha
Abigail Kadell
Abigail Kadell Prije 4 dana
This is howMany people love Troomtroom.
Lalmalsawma Khawlhring
Very good idea
Marianne Underwood
Marianne Underwood Prije 4 dana
5:50 Umm, seems quite dangerous........
Marianne Underwood
Marianne Underwood Prije 4 dana
4:33 The story took a *really* dark turn...
Marianne Underwood
Marianne Underwood Prije 4 dana
*Cough* Yes, Miss Burpool, we are literally just getting engaged in this 3 - person, maths - only, Completely - different - than - college place.
Violeta Fomen
Violeta Fomen Prije 2 dana
❤️ 💛 💚 18+ ❤️ 💛 💚 18+ ❤️ 💛 💚 18+
Charming nowhere to hide
I’m going to first grade school 🏫 I love ❤️ this app but I don’t love 💔 cheating
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