16 Funny Summer Pranks And Hacks

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Summer pranks are back!
Supplies and tools:
• Empty Fanta bottle
• Soap bubble liquid
• Food coloring
• Hot glue gun
• Mushrooms
• Carrot
• Green peas
• Ice cream molds
• Noodles
• Chicken stock
• Gelatin
• Ice molds
• Shortbread cookies
• Blender
• Shredded coconut
• White chocolate chips
• Condensed milk
• Foil tray
• Sand molds
• Waffle cone
• Gummy stars
• Colorful glazed candies
• Wafer
• Toothpick
• Brown sugar
• Colored chocolate
• Cherry
• Straw
• Strawberry
• Parsley
• Dill
• Napkin
• Spray bottle
• Lettuce
• Plastic wrap
• Ice cream
• Marshmallow
• EOS container
• Sanitizer
• Painter’s brush handle
• Ziploc bags
• Gummy candies
• Decorative tape
• Sausages
• Mashed potatoes
• Ice cream scoop
• Colorful sesame seeds
• Empty package of chips
• Dried fruits
• Double sided tape
• Cucumber
• Tomato
• Black sesame
• Frozen grapes
• Cherry
• Snow peas
• Earring blanks
• Felt
• Rosemary
• Butter
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Troom Troom
Troom Troom Prije 10 dana
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I love youre video do more pls and i do youre hacks and pranks
Pari Malaika
Pari Malaika Prije 2 dana
Totally Leah
Totally Leah Prije 2 dana
@Latoya Grant .....sure, I'll go with that..
Latoya Grant
Latoya Grant Prije 2 dana
@Totally Leah Gangster
Latoya Grant
Latoya Grant Prije 2 dana
@girly girl hla .gif
Aubreygurls Awesomeness
Try not to eat too much chips, or you’ll get fat, and ugly!
Swatpanda 2
Swatpanda 2 Prije 2 sati
i killed my sellf on the chips part
Swatpanda 2
Swatpanda 2 Prije 2 sati
worst chanel on youtube
Raghavan Vijay
Raghavan Vijay Prije 6 sati
Can I get some likes it is my birthday..🎀🎀🦄🦄😄
Mukesh Sharma
Mukesh Sharma Prije 7 sati
Plzzzzzz plzzzz make more and more school supplies because l like only and only school supplies It's amazing
Cellica Florencia
Cellica Florencia Prije 9 sati
Nyema Omg
Nyema Omg Prije 12 sati
can yall brush yall teeth
DecorousJunior 2132
DecorousJunior 2132 Prije 14 sati
This is how many people hate Troom Troom and don’t even do the hacks
fernandezrachel4 Prije 14 sati
Jessica Mogauro
Jessica Mogauro Prije 17 sati
Soooo9ooooooooooo chezzey
Cs V
Cs V Prije dan
5:33 cant you just actually use the mould?
lyan kaylee estepa
lyan kaylee estepa
I thought that is ice cream
P Nichols
P Nichols Prije dan
Hey good
Miracle X
Miracle X Prije dan
I'm mireille Bautista
3:17 !!!!!
Gacha Zooro
Gacha Zooro Prije dan
you call this smart???
Zahida Parveen
Zahida Parveen Prije dan
عبد آلله عمر
حلوة مرة👍😘😍
Maghe dhaka chad Babul
123 go is the best. Troom troom is👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Marissa DeVaul
Marissa DeVaul Prije dan
Hao Bak
Hao Bak Prije dan
Oh my good pepet
Isabella Liu
Isabella Liu Prije dan
Amazing videos!
Danika Robinson
Danika Robinson Prije 2 dana
im not subscribing to troom troom because yall eat off each other yall are friends not sisters dont be nasty
Ornicha Thanomsak
Ornicha Thanomsak Prije 2 dana
briana Victoria
briana Victoria Prije 2 dana
I swear I just lost my last brain cell did she just say "cut a cucumber into circles" I mean what are you supposed to cut them Into? squares?
عون البصراوي
Katie W
Katie W Prije 2 dana
Are you at Canada
fairy 's world
fairy 's world Prije 2 dana
Uncecerys video time wasting
Sunflower sunset Plays
6:29 mashed potatoes are already white. WHY IS IT SO YELLOW EWWWW
Mango Gacha
Mango Gacha Prije dan
Exactly what my friend and I were saying!!
Fernando Salustiano
Fernando Salustiano Prije 2 dana
Kathy Osorio
Kathy Osorio Prije 2 dana
No I did not like it
Dragons race to the edge
Why do all these videos have the same voice?
234 Dũng
234 Dũng Prije 2 dana
I love Tro om Tro om
cicy Almazan
cicy Almazan Prije 2 dana
cicy Almazan
cicy Almazan Prije 2 dana
Fuvdbikgnkmthusvjjrs hyb sgygsfjudwcjlcscdqfkhhth Dgniksdqchng MoMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMO OMOMOMOKM j
# me
# me Prije 2 dana
Jeremy Hans
Jeremy Hans Prije 3 dana
What is this?? Haha i respect who made this, but i request made something that is more entertaining and really realistic hehe, because its not easy, it already cost a lot already hehe
Mayra Robles
Mayra Robles Prije 3 dana
7:58 me: why!! the cherries, why did they have to be sacrificed :(
Omg ReD hEaD iS bAcK
Artophobia 7o2
Artophobia 7o2 Prije 3 dana
Why you gotta put the ice cream in an eos when you could just eat it out of the tub?
aquacrush101 Prije 3 dana
Wow, you made earrings...that can rot.
panda Bunnyꨄ
panda Bunnyꨄ Prije 3 dana
Nursel Tuncer
Nursel Tuncer Prije 3 dana
Türk alonlar+1
Karthi Keyan
Karthi Keyan Prije 3 dana
Stupid. Totally.
tejaswi whankatte
tejaswi whankatte Prije 3 dana
Ghost pranks
Sandip Yadav
Sandip Yadav Prije 3 dana
You are just a quick question about the possibility for you guys can get it is very easy for your kind consideration
AnimeGirlSam A.G.S.
AnimeGirlSam A.G.S. Prije 3 dana
The guy looks like DanTDM. Is it him?
apka doost
apka doost Prije 3 dana
Such a Waste of fools
Shobha Jain
Shobha Jain Prije 3 dana
Lovely. So nice
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