1979 Trabant 601 S | TEST DRIVE and TOP SPEED | POV

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1979 Trabant 601 S | TEST DRIVE and TOP SPEED | POV
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Trabant 601 S
19 kW / 26 HP
0.6-Liter 2-Cylinder 2 Stroke Petrol Engine
4-Speed Manual
Hello and welcome to my channel!
This channel is all about the fascination and passion for automobiles.
I record everything important to show you High-Speed-Runs, Acceleration tests, Fuel Consumption Test and Test Drives on German Autobahn or Roads.
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4. Kol 2020.



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Komentari 100
M_A_X_I_M_U_S_S_ C_A_T
Máfia Paranaense
KJB65 Prije dan
smantana la bidon
smantana la bidon Prije 2 dana
FURiA ALBA cu 280 la ora
rad roz
rad roz Prije 2 dana
you are brave
Nelu Ops
Nelu Ops Prije 3 dana
Car sounds better even if it aint tuned.How can mercedes learn that power?
Naitrio Prije 3 dana
I love the sounds it makes
Krystian x Kiki
Krystian x Kiki Prije 3 dana
Chłop co trabantem jedzie.
F M Prije 4 dana
pls Dacia 1300 test
Vanilla Bumblebee
Vanilla Bumblebee Prije 4 dana
Vote up for this car to be featured in Forza Horizon 5! I grew up in the GDR (in german DDR), surrounded by Trabants every single day.
Brick Life
Brick Life Prije 4 dana
trabant is good car
sabahattin dinçşahin
2012 opel insignia 2.0 130 hp come
Adrian B
Adrian B Prije 4 dana
back when you paid for the whole speedometer
AK Brahma
AK Brahma Prije 4 dana
Same country, same people, one side was leading the automobile sector, the other a laughing stock. Communism is great.
William Woodruff
William Woodruff Prije 5 dana
The trabant's gear stick reminds me of the Citroen Ami 8
Its a scooter on 4 wheels
Ossi Loijas
Ossi Loijas Prije 6 dana
Russian Lada 😉
JC Denton
JC Denton Prije 6 dana
I paid for whole speedometer so I am gonna use whole speedometer
St1cky GreeN
St1cky GreeN Prije 6 dana
my grandpa from hungary used to have on of these in blue i remember playing in his car i pretended to be an adult driving around and stuff... man good old times :) i still have this "old car" smell of the inside of a trabant in my head rip grandpa
Magyar Harcos🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺
Ez magyar videó vagy legalább itt vették fel ezt Körmend környékén
Luka Luka
Luka Luka Prije 7 dana
0:34 cold start
Jens Bergmann
Jens Bergmann Prije 7 dana
GEKAUFT!!!!! 112 sind machbar :-) Mit Wartburgvergaser sind da etwas mehr drinne... aber dann geht der Kult verloren :-)
MorfSs Prije 8 dana
Marc Alin
Marc Alin Prije 8 dana
Even the cops will laugh if you go over the "speed limit" :))) Awesome video !!
The Black TownMate MotovlogChannel
i have a Mazda 1200 pick up (1979) i have maked a video
NeverTalkToCops1 Prije 8 dana
Look at that damn thing! Look at it go!
KAAN YT 2003
KAAN YT 2003 Prije 8 dana
How many hp?
nOtAnG2eL Prije 8 dana
Trabant is bulgarian car
Holden McGroin
Holden McGroin Prije 9 dana
When he says he drives a German import:
Just A Guy
Just A Guy Prije 9 dana
I’m Hungarian and I am surprised how good our roads are
nsxfan16 Prije 9 dana
wondering if you can mod this car to get more power and hit 50hp maybe ^^
radu0990 Prije 9 dana
nice 0-100 at intro and i think that display torque indicator its expensive then the car:}}}}}}}
KCAS 1000W
KCAS 1000W Prije 9 dana
Flashback from The long drive after the video
Walter Verbeeck
Walter Verbeeck Prije 9 dana
1979, a lot of cars had a topspeed of 130/140 km/h in those days.
독일맛맥주 Prije 9 dana
Car: Hey i'm just old man This guy:
Gergő Uhrik
Gergő Uhrik Prije 9 dana
*I aM sPOoD*
bog fos
bog fos Prije 9 dana
this thing is even more under powered than its counter part. > the van I have that was a 4 cylinder could beat this thing, and it fires on only 3 cylinders.
Andrzej Szkotnicki
Andrzej Szkotnicki Prije 9 dana
Very nice car.
Pedro Mourão
Pedro Mourão Prije 9 dana
0-100: Yes
Carmine Martino
Carmine Martino Prije 9 dana
Pybu Prije 9 dana
the sound doe
BoZo tv
BoZo tv Prije 9 dana
TheSamanTK Prije 10 dana
If you are not hitting gas pedal in high revs, then is NECESSARY to use neutral, because in high revs isn't enough lubrication of cylinders without enough of mixture fuel and oil. So, stupid "tester".
Michał Krogul
Michał Krogul Prije 10 dana
Polish car, Polish roads
Travisbickle75 Prije 10 dana
Why not in Autobahn?
Xhemajl Rrecaj
Xhemajl Rrecaj Prije 10 dana
Wie viel kostet das
Andreas Poschke
Andreas Poschke Prije 10 dana
I was born in the DDR, we had a blue Combi with extrme long back Windows. Looks taday very strong....never forget the feeling😍 And 120 Kmh is very good for a Trabi! After 1989 this Car was cheaper than 1€ ...nobody wanne have it. And now? I LOVE IT😍😍😍
fusion. Prije 10 dana
holy shit i started to thing he was about to start heeltoeing the thing
lukas_w 04
lukas_w 04 Prije 10 dana
Sachsenring sei dank...Lieber ne Pappe als neumodischer scheiß
Christian Bahlinger
Christian Bahlinger Prije 10 dana
Da fühlen sich 60 kmh a wie 400
Antenaina Prije 10 dana
that 0 - 40km/h was fast huh
Alexey Baal
Alexey Baal Prije 10 dana
you actually feel the speed in this car.
TheMuffin BG
TheMuffin BG Prije 11 dana
Trabant sound is like an scooter :D
P Sh
P Sh Prije 11 dana
Not sure how many people know all the things the Trabant doesn't have like water pump, water radiator (imagine what kind of heating solution it has :), fuel pump, any kind of pump, then valves (yes the engine does not have valves), also you DON'T change engine oil, you just add a bit in the fuel. I think the only electric motor it has is for the windshield wipers and it's massively underpowered.
balázs bordás
balázs bordás Prije 11 dana
Is this in hungary?
agovics1 Prije 11 dana
It served the purpose in its day :D The engine sounds in good condition too praise to the caretaker. For a 600ccm engine it appears to handle better than an early 2000s Fiat Punto 1.2 :D
Mustafa Sarıkaya
Mustafa Sarıkaya Prije 11 dana
0-100: :-)
Mister Phresh Onyo
Mister Phresh Onyo Prije 11 dana
It's funny how the arrow on the speedometer is trembling and it kinda find difficulties to move to the right
deady420 Prije 11 dana
You know it's original East-Germany when you find the toilet paper roll in the back :D Cheers dude, thanks for the video!
Yaroslav Shportko
Yaroslav Shportko Prije 11 dana
Wir brauchen einen Wartburg-Test
Yaroslav Shportko
Yaroslav Shportko Prije 11 dana
Wir brauchen einen Wartburg-Test
Yaroslav Shportko
Yaroslav Shportko Prije 11 dana
Wir brauchen einen Wartburg-Test
deepfried Prije 11 dana
It sounds like a moped
Архив Prije 11 dana
how that gearbox actually works? Looks absolutely weird
Tibor Reszegi
Tibor Reszegi Prije 11 dana
We had trabant when I was teenager. Altrough, It was made of cartoon paper, the engine had potential. . it was great to hear to sound of it again. . We sat down with it within a roundabout. In the middle of the roundabout, couldnt go out of it, because the left rear wheel fell out, broke off. . It was the same type. I tought about having a trabant once - could not achieve that (yet).
lior rechter
lior rechter Prije 11 dana
0-100 :)
Dženan ツ
Dženan ツ Prije 11 dana
This thing looks so cute. Also, can you test drive a Golf Mk2?
Paolo Prije 11 dana
Shame on you and your car! AHAHAAHHAHAHAHA kidding it was a lot of fun
Balázs Fazekas
Balázs Fazekas Prije 12 dana
Sound of speed
Vakhtang Melikidze
Vakhtang Melikidze Prije 12 dana
Engine sound is perfect :D
Marcos Roberto
Marcos Roberto Prije 12 dana
É bem rápido para um motor de 0,6L
Adam Powell
Adam Powell Prije 12 dana
I had the opportunity to travel in one of those in Dresden but gave it a miss.
Mink Uk
Mink Uk Prije 12 dana
The car is about to fall apart
DAnk bo0ui
DAnk bo0ui Prije 12 dana
That thing sounds actually kinda good. Smooth and satisfying.
ツVegaS Prije 12 dana
This is the longest car in the world 2m the car and 27 the smoke 😅😅😅❤
Ádám Boros
Ádám Boros Prije 12 dana
Nombre Apellidos
Nombre Apellidos Prije 13 dana
Almost 120kmh not that bad for such a can of anchovies
Mario Powerranger
Mario Powerranger Prije 13 dana
My dad used to have one of these when I was little
Mathias Rapp
Mathias Rapp Prije 13 dana
Der wundebum der muss natürlich
Louis Cletus
Louis Cletus Prije 13 dana
I drove one of these in Berlin. I did this with Traby safari. We first had to learn to shift on a dummy gearbox. A must do when you visit Berlin and you like older cars.
Greg Eremeev
Greg Eremeev Prije 13 dana
Operation Flashpoint in real life
Stojke Prije 13 dana
Damn Harry Potters car can go fast now fly xd
Mircea Dragan
Mircea Dragan Prije 13 dana
At least is not easy to get a speed ticket...
VB Prije 13 dana
One of my best memories was when I was playing soccer as a kid in Romania and my friend kicked the ball really hard but missed the goal, hit a Trabant in the driver side door and the soccer ball stuck in the door.
KiGAMINGaN Prije 13 dana
Why don't they build 2 stroke hyper cars would be legendary fuck the efficiency and emissions xD
modelllichtsysteme Prije 13 dana
Speedometer shows 120 km/h max, car drives 118 km/h. The naked truth, likes the car :D
elvine214 Prije 13 dana
Legendary vehicle, the chassis is in wood, the body in strange material, a recycled strange foam, a small 2 stroke engine. That's an ecologist car x), more ecological than the electric shitbox
[Тaz] 14K.
[Тaz] 14K. Prije 13 dana
Wow this car accelerates faster than my 100hp toyota auris
Michael Koutras
Michael Koutras Prije 13 dana
Seems you don't need an autobahn for a top speed run in a Trabant
Savaş Can Akdeniz
Savaş Can Akdeniz Prije 13 dana
Whealers dealers best cars
WankelGT Prije 13 dana
Thar she pulls captain
Nux HD
Nux HD Prije 13 dana
was ein schönes und süßes Auto ^^
Thimop_is_back #5479
Thimop_is_back #5479 Prije 14 dana
hmm Trabant cardboard car nice
Hiza Prije 14 dana
This car has a top speed????
Nimrod Balogh
Nimrod Balogh Prije 14 dana
107 KM/H
László Bagi
László Bagi Prije 14 dana
I have no idea what that futuristic alien-technology black box thingie is behind the wheel, but it obscures the speedo & spoils the TEST DRIVE Ultimate VR experience! Go Trabi Go ;)
Andsallyux Prije 14 dana
Sounds like a Piaggio Ape ahahahah, amazing car
Tomi Nagy
Tomi Nagy Prije 14 dana
it would leave the 1000hp supra in the smokes
PARS ARAS Prije 14 dana
0-100: 35 second
Super Trini Gamer
Super Trini Gamer Prije 15 dana
omg it's the same guy who did the opel corsa run!!
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