2018 FIFA World Cup | The Official Film

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The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ thrilled from beginning to end. The 21st edition of the world finals also produced countless moments that will endure in the collective memory of those who love the beautiful game.
Relive them all with the 2018 World Cup Official Film!
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Komentari 80
FIFATV Prije 10 dana
What is your favourite memory of Russia 2018?
Olivia Turner
Olivia Turner Prije 3 dana
England winning first ever penalty shoot out vs colombia & Kane getting golden boot
Eoin McGrath
Eoin McGrath Prije 7 dana
Croatia beating England in semis
Christian Protten Uldrich
Belgium 🇧🇪 vs Japan 🇯🇵
Nash Almeida
Nash Almeida Prije 7 dana
Croatia defeating England
Mikael Low
Mikael Low Prije 7 dana
Germany out of the world cup Prije 6 sati
Just to let you guys know. Peru did go to this World Cup. Not even one mention, pretty ridiculous.
fahim Prije 6 sati
they shdve just called david attenborough at this point
Leonardo Hernandez
Leonardo Hernandez Prije 7 sati
Modric: "Pero como va a saltar? Sin manos?" Exactly. That penalty was harsh for Croatia.
Rashid Chembayil
Rashid Chembayil Prije 7 sati
Ronaldo vs spain
Angel Rodha
Angel Rodha Prije 7 sati
Nice film, but not one small scene of the peruvian fans, considered the best on this world cup! what a shame...
LeBeautiful Prije 7 sati
Most boring World Cup ever. 2010 was the best World Cup to have ever been played!
Атай Доолоталиев
Russia is the best country which play on mundial 2018
CEGR 99 Prije 8 sati
what a fantastic World Cup in a fantastic country
Jose muñoz
Jose muñoz Prije 8 sati
ni siquiera mencionaron a Costa Rica porque somos unas perras. Regresa Pinto, porfis . Puedes gritarnos todo lo que quieras , porta mí
Rajesh bhede
Rajesh bhede Prije 9 sati
I wish i could cheer for my country nepal in world cup somedays like that..
Fleekest Prije 10 sati
The footage of the games gave me goosebumps... absolutely incredible
RK Prije 10 sati
David Villa
David Villa Prije 11 sati
France were so amazing congrats, I don’t think they will flop in 2022 cuz their players will still be in their 20s
Angel Chavez
Angel Chavez Prije 11 sati
1. Brazil 2014 2. South Africa 2010 3. Germany 2006 4. Korea Japan 2002 5. Russia 2018 I was born in 93. Russia 2018 was the worst I've seen.
totsuga kusanagi
totsuga kusanagi Prije 9 sati
Sorry but South Africa 2010 was bored edition.
Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan Prije 11 sati
I liked Ronaldo
The Z
The Z Prije 12 sati
Chuky Lozanos goal vs Germany!
Julio Chavez
Julio Chavez Prije 12 sati
My favorite moment... easy MEXICO VS GERMANY 1-0 thanks to el chucky Lozano
IRL Moments
IRL Moments Prije 12 sati
This was genuinely so well put together. It may have taken 2 years but it’s worth it.
Nicolas Greaves
Nicolas Greaves Prije 13 sati
Who else is watching this instead of doing online homework?
Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos Prije 13 sati
Congratulation Africa for winning the world cup! Upsss , France!
Omba Osodu
Omba Osodu Prije 13 sati
yooo dude had a chelsea jersey watching messi play
Armando Rodriguez
Armando Rodriguez Prije 14 sati
22:28 Mexico vs Germany
ErikBA Prije 14 sati
Any love for Denmark? I dont see any clips of them :(
Artur Ahmeti
Artur Ahmeti Prije 15 sati
There were more south American fans there than European. Scared by the media. 🤣
Niko Bilj
Niko Bilj Prije 16 sati
amazing world cup with a great host and what an incredible run from Croatia!!!!
Amz Gunnerz4life
Amz Gunnerz4life Prije 16 sati
Best moment seen a young Mbape doing what Pele done all them decades ago! Les blues!
Sajjad Kabir
Sajjad Kabir Prije 16 sati
Who have watched it fully as it is quarantine time?
Teed Epefanio
Teed Epefanio Prije 17 sati
Big thanks to Russia. Great tournament. 💜
muhammad ridhwan
muhammad ridhwan Prije 17 sati
make a film for 2010
Gautam Ramesh
Gautam Ramesh Prije 17 sati
Loved it! Do you have the soundtrack?
Teccles25 Prije 17 sati
This makes any englishmen go through ptsd
Ouddane Mohamed El-Amine
The World Cup was amazing. I wished the Algerian⁦🇩🇿⁩⁦🇩🇿⁩⁦🇩🇿⁩ national team was present
Vanja Kereković
Vanja Kereković Prije 18 sati
predivno ljeto
Gerardo Prije 21 sat
And Spanish?
Gerardo Prije 21 sat
Y en español???
Jo Prije 22 sati
This is not made around football, but around an event, hate this documentary
ziindio Prije 22 sati
what this music the start the video??? beautiful
Chad Thompson
Chad Thompson Prije 22 sati
Croatia the biggest fluke of FIFA World Cup 2018 don’t deserve it
Amol Kadam
Amol Kadam Prije 23 sati
Please upload Brazil vs Colombia 2014
Ted Tates
Ted Tates Prije 23 sati
anyone else notice how the commentator said 33 at 32:59 1 second off.. fifanati 😃
sahasrik ragani
sahasrik ragani Prije dan
I miss football so much, this is making me cry
Yehuda Ryde
Yehuda Ryde Prije dan
Who else is watching bc your quarantined?
Arshad Syed
Arshad Syed Prije dan
Eagerly waiting for next world cup ....
Andrew Koehler
Andrew Koehler Prije dan
20:05 they definitely smashed
Liam Frank
Liam Frank Prije dan
Skipped most of the teams. This film is garbage.
VilifyExile Prije dan
My country didn't even qualify. 🙄 I feel so left out.
Anderson Edilser Elias Guarcas
Like si este es uno de los pocos comentarios en ESPAÑOL que has visto en este video
Dilshod Abdulatipov
я один ждал матча Россия - Испания?
ridwan muuse
ridwan muuse Prije dan
dont dislike this vid, btw love from denmark
Budi Susila
Budi Susila Prije dan
As an official film, this is disappointing. Too much behind the scenes footages, too few actual matches. Why not showing the actual group matches, who are eliminated, who advanced? And more importantly where are the goals with decent angles like the ones in the tv back then? I guess this is related to the copyright thingy, but come on, you could do much better, FIFA!!
Arthur Lee
Arthur Lee Prije dan
I love how action off the pitch is so well-involved in this documentary. Moments that portray the human aspects of this World Cup. Moments that show that we are one human race. I'm from Singapore, a nation that has never qualified for the World Cup. Despite this, I can still feel the emotions here.
blanco a
blanco a Prije dan
All About Football
1:08 :50 that dirty dive by Griezmann... so SHAMEFUL !!
matheus adriano
matheus adriano Prije dan
Here, in my Nation, Brazil 🇧🇷 , we looking this amazing movie.
Yurii Grishin
Yurii Grishin Prije dan
Корявый видос...
Do Sporco
Do Sporco Prije dan
welcom to russia gaus!)
rodri arma
rodri arma Prije dan
No hay pio luego en español vairo
Danecoff Prije dan
Русские ?
Ridzki Samsulhadi
"Dreams, as we all know, are very curious things. Dreams seem to be induced not by reason but by desire, not by the head but by the heart." Fyodor Dostoevsky, Notes from Underground
Sergiu Damoc
Sergiu Damoc Prije dan
Messi s goal against Nigeria was the best moment of this tournament for me.The emotions man...
Junior Cota
Junior Cota Prije dan
Esse filme não consegue expressar de forma nenhuma a emoção do futebol, muito mal feito.
alejandro ramirez borboa
Deberían poner subtítulos en español
Léo Jeu
Léo Jeu Prije dan
35:05 ahah Giroud
Jonathan Ortiz
Jonathan Ortiz Prije dan
Adenike Roseline
Hundreds, even thousands of years later, they all will be known as legends.
Math Prije dan
David Lunde
David Lunde Prije dan
Make one from 2014
Karim mohammed
Karim mohammed Prije dan
wheres the match where portugal and egypt play 2-1
gallo_mtz Prije dan
Mexico vs Germany, Mexican fans celebrate so hard they cause artificial earthquake in Mexico City 😌
Javan Andre
Javan Andre Prije dan
No mention of Peru...
Warren Dupuy photos & videos
34:22 Pavard
Derek Tuvibe Kenya
19:59 that admiration to Harry Kane is so real.
adam Jostsons
adam Jostsons Prije dan
i honestly dont know what id do without the beutiful game
ceheil Kurdi
ceheil Kurdi Prije dan
And not a single word showing that Russain Team got banned after this for a doping, 5 players of the top distance covered, were from Russia , and guess what, the forth player was on his 38 year at that time .
28:41 gives me Money heist vibes the Netflix show if ya know the show
linkincoil Prije dan
Considering this pandemic will last much longer than we think, cant fifa just replay the entire 2018 World Cup? Here or on your website? Maybe you guys should have your own streaming service also. Just so we can watch old games. It’s not like we ever can.
Robi Pindric
Robi Pindric Prije dan
I can't remember last time i seen such a bad documentary. You've just put the replays of matches together. Unbelievable...
ItzTheReal Tito
ItzTheReal Tito Prije dan
That’s unlucky for Croatia the conceded to Griezman’s dive which led to a free kick and then into a goal. 1:08 :50
Tavo Man
Tavo Man Prije dan
solamente se vé al pecho frio de Messi llorar otra vez por no pasar ni la 1era ronda
Matchday Live - 2006 Italy vs. France
Types of People in Quarantine
Johan CRUYFF | FIFA Classic Player
TRKA NA SNEGU !!! *opasno*