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This video is full of crazy makeup ideas that will totally surprise you! You can use these ideas to prepare for themed parties or even prank your friends. Moreover, you will find everyday makeup tips to speed up your daily routine.
Here are incredible makeup ideas you should try today:
- Let’s start from makeup that will help you to look like an elderly. You will need school glue. Apply it on your skin and let dry. After that, cover your face with fixing powder. It gives an effect of the wrinkled face. And finally, cover the face with baby powder.
- Joker makeup is so easy but looks crazy! First, create Joker’s smile using school glue, apply 3 layers. Next, using scissors carefully cut the layers of glue. Apply liquid lipstick to finish the smile. Then apply a black line from either side of the mouth to create a smile. Finish the makeup as we show in our tutorial
- Watch the video till end and find how to create fake cuts, scars, and even pimples. To create pimples, you will need a red eye shadow, eyelash glue, yellow eye shadow. Watch step by step tutorial
- It’s very easy to make fake cuts. Apply a layer of glue stick on your skin, make shades using eye shadow. In a bowl, mix honey, blue and red food coloring. Stir and apply to imitate blood
- You can make a cheap body glow at home. It’s a perfect solution to look great in summer. Use golden eyeshadows and add it to the baby oi. Mix it properly
- If your mascara is dry, add few drops of olive oil into it
- Use a white pencil to make your eyes look bigger. Watch the tutorial!
00:09 Old lady makeup
00:41 Joker makeup
02:04 Fake pimples
05:14 Quick hairstyle
08:34 DIY Body Glow

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Komentari 3 254
Ferdinand Acoba
Ferdinand Acoba Prije 2 dana
Its like not 5 minutes its 3 minutes
Chandrika AM
Chandrika AM Prije 8 dana
I see 1:40 and my mind will say "go do it, it's best way to skip school" then I try to find my makup stuff but I get none Now I can say, Roses are red Violets are blue I'm running out of 2 things I don't know what to do
Depressed potato_011
Depressed potato_011 Prije 10 dana
Fernando Roca
Fernando Roca Prije 18 dana
Los videos son feos y avuridos😈😈😈😈😈
Askorbinka Tyan
Askorbinka Tyan Prije 20 dana
Отберите у этой девушки грим🤣
jen mariel supan_14
jen mariel supan_14 Prije mjesec
9:28 her teeth is very yellow
Kaylee Smith
Kaylee Smith Prije mjesec
ahhh!!!so scary!!!:)
Adela Cozma
Adela Cozma Prije mjesec
Super tare
Nur laila Djafar
Nur laila Djafar Prije mjesec
Ini menakutkan
Shiloh Chandler
Shiloh Chandler Prije mjesec
Oh my gosh I literally love EVERY SINGLE VID YALL MAKE
Adaly Gamboa
Adaly Gamboa Prije mjesec
I love the music
Seema Badola
Seema Badola Prije mjesec
Don't Repeated the hacks
Flutterdahs MLP
Flutterdahs MLP Prije mjesec
Eu:esse e o canal mais BOSTA do mundo. humm quantos inscritos sera q tem ? Eu dps de ver : :p
Esilia _playz
Esilia _playz Prije mjesec
My sister make a fake blood: 1. Nescafé 2. Water 3. Food coloring If you not believe it, you can try...but if you fail it, you must be adding more water Done my sister fake blood
Vedwati Mishra
Vedwati Mishra Prije mjesec
Its a dangorous
Lakshmi Magesh
Lakshmi Magesh Prije mjesec
Very very nice this 5minute crafts
Lakshmi Magesh
Lakshmi Magesh Prije mjesec
Mah E Kamil
Mah E Kamil Prije mjesec
I kinda freaked out when she cut that glue of her lips
Mrs Hassi
Mrs Hassi Prije mjesec
Alejandro Rocha
Alejandro Rocha Prije mjesec
Porque no me echo ninguno me voy a ir a ver ñalot jtbjmo favor el bf de la ii wvuvdt buen
Alejandro Rocha
Alejandro Rocha Prije mjesec
Alejandro Rocha
Alejandro Rocha Prije mjesec
Porque te mando un abrazo grande y tú peque y doblez te queda listo para la entrega e de que calibre de
pubg gameplay
pubg gameplay Prije mjesec
Uh oh are great
مسفر FRBKK
مسفر FRBKK Prije mjesec
esperanza rami
esperanza rami Prije mjesec
La de la mujer mefia atianita no mu gusto
Anaia Alcantara
Anaia Alcantara Prije mjesec
you think your eyes aren't big enough? You can't see my eyes in general
Sharanya Kandadi
Sharanya Kandadi Prije mjesec
фанат вилки в глаз
7:50 Господи как палевно. кстати нечегобы не случилось еслиб она вытерла макияж маслом. я имею виду лично с ней.
Alain Feliciane
Alain Feliciane Prije mjesec
When my sister watch the second one when the girl was cutting the glue she says OMG why do that
Carmen Dascalu
Carmen Dascalu Prije mjesec
manju tagare
manju tagare Prije mjesec
Banana for eat not for apply
Tan lady with poofy hair: I totally didn't mean to knock over that powder Me: what the heck
Fannynamino Tang
Fannynamino Tang Prije mjesec
Maribel Miller
Maribel Miller Prije mjesec
5-minute crafts: ( the crafts are only 5min. ) Me: the video was 11:17 😂
Claudia yamile Rodriguez Rodriguez
Te cortaste la piel😲😲😲😰
Danna Valeria Vazquez Rodriguez
Estas bien fea china no me gusto cuando te lo enrollas te queda peor
Kadey Lowery
Kadey Lowery Prije mjesec
That banana and chapstick cost more then just going to buy eyebrow gel/filler
3 CreamyCats
3 CreamyCats Prije mjesec
Her eye is freaking red rip girl 4:22
William Manzano
William Manzano Prije mjesec
I hate makeup
Any Suryanti
Any Suryanti Prije mjesec
good waw emezing
البي عامر
البي عامر Prije mjesec
هذا هو رأي مذهل جدا في هوليود
D& D
D& D Prije mjesec
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande Prije mjesec
Who want to put glue on your face ? It is not good for you skin. - Me, NO!
Isabela Maria
Isabela Maria Prije mjesec
Isabela Maria
Isabela Maria Prije mjesec
Isabela Maria
Isabela Maria Prije mjesec
Joilson Dos santos souza
Emilia Calderon Pachay
salman ali
salman ali Prije mjesec
Hadi Jee
Hadi Jee Prije mjesec
Fazool ha 5. minute craft
куча инав малтв
Вы поритити свою кожу испортили нашу кожу
Aminah Aminah
Aminah Aminah Prije mjesec
Kok bisa
Natalia Llousas
Natalia Llousas Prije mjesec
Gåchä_Męøw Prije mjesec
Seham Mas
Seham Mas Prije mjesec
احلا اشي ام العيون الزرق
Seham Mas
Seham Mas Prije mjesec
Herry up
mengo mengoys
mengo mengoys Prije mjesec
Татьяна Купченко
ого очень круто
Kiran Hampannavar
Kiran Hampannavar Prije mjesec
4:28 l am scared
Sarah Thomson
Sarah Thomson Prije mjesec
Why is there hair hacks if it’s a makeup 💄 video?
Lavender Art
Lavender Art Prije mjesec
The nombor two like Kuchisaje Onna...the ghost from japan
Danijela Zivkovic
Danijela Zivkovic Prije mjesec
Sara i jana
ngân ngân
ngân ngân Prije mjesec
Oh.very good