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This video is full of crazy makeup ideas that will totally surprise you! You can use these ideas to prepare for themed parties or even prank your friends. Moreover, you will find everyday makeup tips to speed up your daily routine.
Here are incredible makeup ideas you should try today:
- Let’s start from makeup that will help you to look like an elderly. You will need school glue. Apply it on your skin and let dry. After that, cover your face with fixing powder. It gives an effect of the wrinkled face. And finally, cover the face with baby powder.
- Joker makeup is so easy but looks crazy! First, create Joker’s smile using school glue, apply 3 layers. Next, using scissors carefully cut the layers of glue. Apply liquid lipstick to finish the smile. Then apply a black line from either side of the mouth to create a smile. Finish the makeup as we show in our tutorial
- Watch the video till end and find how to create fake cuts, scars, and even pimples. To create pimples, you will need a red eye shadow, eyelash glue, yellow eye shadow. Watch step by step tutorial
- It’s very easy to make fake cuts. Apply a layer of glue stick on your skin, make shades using eye shadow. In a bowl, mix honey, blue and red food coloring. Stir and apply to imitate blood
- You can make a cheap body glow at home. It’s a perfect solution to look great in summer. Use golden eyeshadows and add it to the baby oi. Mix it properly
- If your mascara is dry, add few drops of olive oil into it
- Use a white pencil to make your eyes look bigger. Watch the tutorial!
00:09 Old lady makeup
00:41 Joker makeup
02:04 Fake pimples
05:14 Quick hairstyle
08:34 DIY Body Glow

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Komentari 2 671
Jose Ryan Kiara
Jose Ryan Kiara Prije 10 sati
1st of all! What is wrong with you! What are you trying to do scare your crush away! 2nd of all! Isn't the glue thing dangerous?!? Other ways your ok😁👍
Joyshri Gogoi
Joyshri Gogoi Prije dan
বহুত ভাল লাগিলে
IM stupid
IM stupid Prije dan
Why does someone want to look old?
Arcade Crusade
Arcade Crusade Prije dan
ya-know... theres a thing called liquid latex
Leighton S
Leighton S Prije dan
This got
Alyssia Leigh
Alyssia Leigh Prije dan
7:23 it's makeup fakers all of this is fake maybe not all of it but mostly is
C McAfee
C McAfee Prije dan
So there's a boy waiting for her outside, but then she has to put all her makeup on he's been one minute, then 2 minutes and in 10 minutes, and we find out she has a boy in her house.!?
minty kgirl
minty kgirl Prije dan
You can use the second one for.... [] \/ Jeff the killer makeup!
Patatoe Fans!!!!!!!!!
Me: sees picture of Vid Grandma : walks in me : haha Grandma: WHY ur laughing? me : uhhh... pewdiepie? grandma : u still look my little pony? Me : YASSS Im so proud of myself. :3
Angel Barraza
Angel Barraza Prije 2 dana
Que suave
• Ë ç ł i p ś ė •
Do I want to have wrinkly skin No, no I don’t and I don’t know who would smh🤦🏻‍♀️
Grant Larson
Grant Larson Prije 2 dana
At 9:14 I'm just like Gurl you don't needa wear that stuff it makes you look like plastic
Juliette Charvetto
Juliette Charvetto Prije 2 dana
7:40 why would she still have makeup on after the shower
Seemajaiswal Seema
Seemajaiswal Seema Prije 3 dana
How vedio
Seemajaiswal Seema
Seemajaiswal Seema Prije 3 dana
How is 2nd vedio
Krafmen Стефанов
mnogo strashni grimove za heluin
Yeni Suryaningsih
Yeni Suryaningsih Prije 4 dana
Bahaya ga tuh
XxxPotato_JoeXxx :3
XxxPotato_JoeXxx :3 Prije 4 dana
Thier fake blood is edible
Sarah Doyle
Sarah Doyle Prije 4 dana
You will get skin poison if you use marker on your skin. !!😨🤯
•Little Miss Infinity•
I put glue on me before for halloween!! You do not wanna know how painful it was taking it off
IIMaddieUwu U
IIMaddieUwu U Prije 4 dana
7:28 why did he have two tea bags???
Micanneblog MOMENTS
Micanneblog MOMENTS Prije 5 dana
This is the Old's woman age | | | | | ♢
Meghna Singh
Meghna Singh Prije 5 dana
0:58 was creepy
EliteBunnyRabbit ASMR-GLMMs-Lifestyle
Yeah I’ll never add superglue on my face. Or shall I? Yeah this is disgusting so no glue on me 👇🏼to get saved from superglue on your face
Sunny wolf 27
Sunny wolf 27 Prije 6 dana
9:07 buttery cheese stick woman
Try to get 100 subscribers without vids
This title should have been crazy locks for Halloween
Александра Яковченко
Я тут что, одна русская?)
Zümra Kalkan
Zümra Kalkan Prije 7 dana
Ja erstmal Lippenstift schütteln 😂 vielleicht kommt ja was raus
Antonio Sanchez
Antonio Sanchez Prije 8 dana
Is it me or is that girl always smileing
Katherine Kaza
Katherine Kaza Prije 8 dana
GUYS DONT DO THEESE SCHOOL GLUE CAN GET RED AND IMFLAMED trust me pleaseeeee I don’t want anybody hurt 😢
Emory Gunn
Emory Gunn Prije 9 dana
what is this.. im offended as a cosplay..
Gamer Bunny
Gamer Bunny Prije 9 dana
*fake scar on face* She laughs Me:911! XD
Adam Swan
Adam Swan Prije 9 dana
White Screen
White Screen Prije 9 dana
Itsmeimen Jouini
Itsmeimen Jouini Prije 9 dana
Or skin
Itsmeimen Jouini
Itsmeimen Jouini Prije 9 dana
I don't think that's good for your face...
Mahnoor Iram Malik
Mahnoor Iram Malik Prije 9 dana
*َRepeated Ideas Fr0m Ur Previ0us Vide0s...* 😡😡😡👊👊👊👊
George Avelino
George Avelino Prije 9 dana
Naila Saja
Naila Saja Prije 10 dana
rosa mateus
rosa mateus Prije 11 dana
Eu adoro esse canal 🙄😍😍
Kawaii Girl
Kawaii Girl Prije 11 dana
5:52 - i have the same palette 😀
цветелина иванова
Do not put school glue on your face, and dont cut it! This is so dangeous for your skin!🌍
Its_Neo Prije 12 dana
Recorder: Glue? 5 minute crafts: Y.E.S.
Bu Ester
Bu Ester Prije 13 dana
Mika Bella
Mika Bella Prije 13 dana
2:14 how did you get braces🤔🤔
Cupcake Gamer
Cupcake Gamer Prije 13 dana
0:38 Maybe that's actually how you'll look when you're old 😂
My Creative Thoughts
My Creative Thoughts Prije 13 dana
Please don't you think that your skin will be damaged due to the school glue and all those makeup
Hanif Adrian
Hanif Adrian Prije 13 dana
Kk Verma
Kk Verma Prije 14 dana
Never use these hake
Kk Verma
Kk Verma Prije 14 dana
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