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Do you know to fake an assessment on a test paper? 🙂 How to teach a child to hold a pen or pencil correctly? How not to lose the cap from the marker? How to make a compass using Binder? How to make a mini whiteboard from a sheet and file? How to fasten sheets without a clip or stapler? How to write a phrase in a beautiful font? How to make an unusual gift to the student - a cake from stationery?
The following tips will be useful to parents of young children, caregivers and teachers. How to teach a child to add numbers? How to teach a child squaring numbers ending in 5? How to teach a child to subtract numbers from 1000? How to teach a child to multiply large numbers? How to teach a child to find the percentage of numbers? How to teach a child to multiply even numbers by 5? How to teach a child to multiply odd numbers by 5? How to teach a child to find a fraction of the number? How to teach a child to add large numbers?
How to teach a child to distinguish the word there from theirs and the word piece from the word peace? How to learn with the child the color spectrum? How to remember the number of pi? How to make the child remember where the right hand and where the left hand? How to learn roman numbers? How to remember the sequence of the planets of the solar system? How to teach a child to write simple words using pictures?
3:58 A stationery cake
6:52 Addition trick
8:33 Finding percentage
11:19 How to remember the color spectrum
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Komentari 100
ibillisticsheep Prije 8 dana
If y’all didn’t already know how to hold a dang pencil, then please exit immediately.
Coco_Midnight Wolfy
Coco_Midnight Wolfy Prije 11 dana
Ummmmm....... By drilling a hole in it would be a waste of time...... I mean everyone knows how to do it before you but everyone except you knows it's a waste
TsgX Moneygang
TsgX Moneygang Prije 12 dana
First of all none of my teachers write in color pencils they right in pen or maker
Heaven Angellica
Heaven Angellica Prije 13 dana
So bad 👎 hand writing 📝📝📝
Ramani Wickramasinghe
Ramani Wickramasinghe Prije 15 dana
Any girls?
Veteran of the mrbeast Army
Who does that with a pencil That is not a hack as well your supposed to write like that
Unicorn Phases
Unicorn Phases Prije 16 dana
They say this is for men but they have a women doing the crafts ...
Unicorn Phases
Unicorn Phases Prije 16 dana
Why do her hands look old?
Fuck off cunt
Fuck off cunt Prije 17 dana
13:26 how is that small neck supporting that big ass head🤔🤔🤔
Fuck off cunt
Fuck off cunt Prije 17 dana
This bitch got some busted ass handwriting it doesn’t look that different from the before😂😂😂
Fuck off cunt
Fuck off cunt Prije 17 dana
Why is this for men when it’s a bitch doing all the “crafting”
Ima Donut Animal
Ima Donut Animal Prije 19 dana
These are genuis 😲😲
Гуля Шепиева
Очень полезное видео...раньше я не знала как правильно держать карандаш
mashimaro bunni
mashimaro bunni Prije 22 dana
5:12 my teacher throws them away.
Ann Sada
Ann Sada Prije 22 dana
why is this for MEN!!!!???? How to hold a pencil, math strategies, color changing markers, I mean what kind of MAN needs that!!??
Tianjiao Wang
Tianjiao Wang Prije 23 dana
Kid: Mom, I’m going to school! I need the wax paper and the hot glue gun! Mom: Umm...... NO. Why do you even need the 2:44 hack anyway?
Warisha Rahmani
Warisha Rahmani Prije 23 dana
3:45 do it yourself - DIY
Josh Caladia
Josh Caladia Prije 25 dana
do you know what odd and even are????
Igox Prije 25 dana
#2:12 it this for real😂😂
THE ___BULDI___ Prije 25 dana
Why this is so stupid?
Leonardo Maligec
Leonardo Maligec Prije 25 dana
0.27 what is that, pls help?
Yuzakin Sakinah
Yuzakin Sakinah Prije 25 dana
You lie
Sam Arena
Sam Arena Prije 25 dana
I guess people are just so dumb they can't even hold a pencil correctly.
Ehku Baw
Ehku Baw Prije 26 dana
Wow. I didn’t know Pluto was still a planet 🌝
Tajinder singh
Tajinder singh Prije 26 dana
Principal spotted here
Numrah Sarah
Numrah Sarah Prije 26 dana
See in 1:20 you can just teach or tell the child how tp hold the pencil kids are smart and adapt the things but that rubber band or cloth piece of paper everything makes it more complicated
Jo Prije 26 dana
0:32 that's just not gonna work
Max Gautusa
Max Gautusa Prije 27 dana
You spelt febuary wrong or did i
Cameron Patterson
Cameron Patterson Prije 27 dana
What year do you think this is.. pluto is no longer a planet...
Cameron Patterson
Cameron Patterson Prije 27 dana
The so called “helpful ways” in doing the math reminds me a lot of how they want you to do it in Common Core..
Cameron Patterson
Cameron Patterson Prije 27 dana
I’m reading the comments before I get to the part in the video.. all I can do is watch and wonder what’s being talked about
Jr Co
Jr Co Prije 27 dana
Click bait to get more men to look at these stupid videos.
erick caisachana
erick caisachana Prije 28 dana
me ise un trage de baño con lana grasias ideas de 5 minutos xd no duro ni una mierda
Kevin Johan Jimenez Parra
Hey! There aren't 9 planets, Pluto isn't a planet
Justin Time
Justin Time Prije 28 dana
Changing an F to an A? Dont forget to bribe your kids into college.
Devin Rogers
Devin Rogers Prije 28 dana
For all the people that are mad at the channel's name grow up who cares if it says men you are still watching it so what
ELLIE YAN Prije 28 dana
They are technically saying that women are smarter than men becasue why would they post this on five minute crafts men :/
Vood02 _
Vood02 _ Prije 29 dana
Everybody now’s how hold a pen
Vood02 _
Vood02 _ Prije 29 dana
Who don’t now how hold a pen
Marc O
Marc O Prije 29 dana
Sind Männer etwa zu dämlich zum schreiben oder was will man damit sagen? Bislang keinen Mann gesehen der einen Stift in die Faust nimmt...
pepe XD
pepe XD Prije 29 dana
Thes3 are school tricks for kindergarten students
Nerf Spy
Nerf Spy Prije 29 dana
Nerf Spy
Nerf Spy Prije 29 dana
So manly man. Deez hacks
Ömer Ünal
Ömer Ünal Prije 29 dana
Not even one could have helped me out in school lol
isabell aneke
isabell aneke Prije mjesec
There's something called a GRADEBOOK so whether you change your grade on a piece of paper it won't do shit 😂 (referring to the thumbnail)
nodo taco
nodo taco Prije mjesec
Why is this on the Men channel
EdZio Prije mjesec
Gacha Firefox
Gacha Firefox Prije mjesec
Vivian Haley
Vivian Haley Prije mjesec
This Chanel is ass. First off, why is this just for men, as a woman I can formally tell you that I am extremely able to do all of these “hacks”. Second, I’ll just point out that a woman did all of them.
Firebourn94 Prije mjesec
If your getting F's you don't give yourself an A + You give a reasonable grade like a C -
Enrique Sanchez
Enrique Sanchez Prije mjesec
The f one is so fake
eden andales
eden andales Prije mjesec
0:52 when the finger bend im shookt
owls4 life
owls4 life Prije mjesec
1:25 I have the exact same hair tie on my wrist lol
Dwight Sao-an
Dwight Sao-an Prije mjesec
Am i the only one who noticed the odd and even number part?
Sameer Khan
Sameer Khan Prije mjesec
Word k design is so best
Nikita Singh
Nikita Singh Prije mjesec
Useless video.
RedRebel2017 Prije mjesec
Apocalypse 10s
Apocalypse 10s Prije mjesec
Women can do this stuff too
KinteiPlayz YT
KinteiPlayz YT Prije mjesec
Top left 5:32 XDDDDDDDD Comment If U Notice I'm Not A Beggar For Likes
可愛い Kawaii girl
1:58 welp! Now I can’t write properly cuz of all the weight on the end of my pencil! Helped a lot!
I wonder which man needs to learn how to hold a pencil properly.
Ashirbad Behera
Ashirbad Behera Prije mjesec
Girls call it creativity, We call this a shit.. Waste of time and energy
witheredrosee Prije mjesec
1:23, I hold a pencil differently :(
Fuze Main
Fuze Main Prije mjesec
The fact people actually like this shit completely fucking boggles my mind
Firdaus Abraham
Firdaus Abraham Prije mjesec
Stupid is the new sexy
White Wolf
White Wolf Prije mjesec
Cheater Teacher put correctly in the paper but you make A+ Thats not correct Sorry from my wrong grammar i dont like to speaking English...
Arty Krishnananda
Arty Krishnananda Prije mjesec
Is holding a pencil even a life hack...??
masterd 7574
masterd 7574 Prije mjesec
Roses are red Violets are blue I came for the first hack And so did you
pewdiepie cupid
pewdiepie cupid Prije mjesec
For ur kind information PLUTO is not a planet...
Uzumaki Naruto
Uzumaki Naruto Prije mjesec
6:57 from this part u blow my head😂😂😂........I still can't understand it even I watched it multiple times😓😭😭😂😂😂😂
Sachin Dagur
Sachin Dagur Prije 2 dana
It's very simple what are u finding difficult in that
Vihanga Gunasekara
Vihanga Gunasekara Prije mjesec
Since when do men go to school
Mia stamoulis
Mia stamoulis Prije mjesec
I just lost the last of my brain cells at 7:07
prince khan
prince khan Prije mjesec
I hate math. I skipped here math also 😄😜
nonik zeta
nonik zeta Prije mjesec
is there is anyone who write with that awkward position
Dante Lodato Haag
Dante Lodato Haag Prije mjesec
Most of the stuff in the video you probably don't do in school
Dante Lodato Haag
Dante Lodato Haag Prije mjesec
Do they not know that men can write normally too or are they just stupid.
Ridwan Ariq
Ridwan Ariq Prije mjesec
Payton Adasi
Payton Adasi Prije mjesec
It is April
riley annd
riley annd Prije mjesec
Why is this on men?
Kayla VS Madi
Kayla VS Madi Prije mjesec
These life hacks are for men and women
coco meza
coco meza Prije mjesec
Wooooaw pero cuantos "life hacks" completamente inútiles :O
Le Dat Le Boi
Le Dat Le Boi Prije mjesec
Oh no I got an F Hmm let’s cheat and edit it to an A+
Song Covers
Song Covers Prije mjesec
Women can change their school grade and play with markers as well. Why wasn’t it on the normal channel? Also a woman is doing the hacks
Jay Tales
Jay Tales Prije mjesec
Abhishek Bhardwaj
Abhishek Bhardwaj Prije mjesec
Backchodi ki bhi koi hadd hoti hai ....bc
Tensecret btw
Tensecret btw Prije mjesec
Me:Why are u doing these vids still.. Her: cause u guys need to no how to hold a pencil right.. Me: ya u don’t need string just some fingers👌
Floridaball Prije mjesec
Jerry Sagabaen III
Jerry Sagabaen III Prije mjesec
No its 0:47
Jerry Sagabaen III
Jerry Sagabaen III Prije mjesec
Sorry its 0:57
Jerry Sagabaen III
Jerry Sagabaen III Prije mjesec
In 0:49 its a pencil not a pen😂
Jerry Sagabaen III
Jerry Sagabaen III Prije mjesec
Leannah Gasparillo
Leannah Gasparillo Prije mjesec
4:21 Being an kid want to be an artist you will melt if someone gives that to you uhhhu .
Coffee Bagel
Coffee Bagel Prije mjesec
You’d probably get bullied doing any of these
No Name
No Name Prije mjesec
All these years I was holding pencils wrong
محمد الجنابي
RK PRATAMA M Prije mjesec
Ayesha Risveth
Ayesha Risveth Prije mjesec
My friends think I hold the pen wrong........I dont know it's very hard to hold a pen correctly I just use it my way
Ella Bostain
Ella Bostain Prije mjesec
0:42 if you write like that please don't ever talk to me
Dorky Emma
Dorky Emma Prije mjesec
This isnt just for men ya know.
DarmaZ Prije mjesec
A+ But You Answers All Wrong LOL
Potato Gabby
Potato Gabby Prije mjesec
it doesn’t matter if you change the f to an a it will always stay the same in the grade book
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