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00:04 Good people are always around us
03:35 Self-defense techniques
05:10 Simple safety hacks
09:30 Survival lifehacks
10:54 How to survival in a fire
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7. Srp 2019.



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Komentari 4 511
Mado Josephine
Mado Josephine Prije dan
This is cool life kidnees video I like it it's so nice by helping
Holly Imboden
Holly Imboden Prije dan
1:04 Girl:*grabs out bag* Vsco:AHHHHHHHHHHHH SAVE THE TURTLES🐢🐢🐢🐢
ريان عثمان
The future beast Brock Lesnar Dhruv Sawhney
Ghatiya hacks Triggu bhai zindabad Warning : In the next video its your turn 5 minutes craft
Wendy Witt
Wendy Witt Prije 2 dana
7:54 but what if they put duct tape on your mouth
lmking38506 Prije 3 dana
I’m pretty sure the pregnant lady at 1:52 had a ball in her shirt 👇🏻 L I K E
Seven Buckner
Seven Buckner Prije 4 dana
@ 7:46 don’t tell em you just smelled your sweaty bra Weirdo🤢🤮
KillSwitch Prije 4 dana
These are life hacks how??
Teo Zisi
Teo Zisi Prije 4 dana
7:15 Thief : yes finally a good one Me : writing comment You : like it
Varsha Pawar
Varsha Pawar Prije 5 dana
Truly life hacks 😊😊👌👌
Kitty Kitty Meow Meow
3:26 accidental kiss in gacha life
Bxmblebee Qween
Bxmblebee Qween Prije 6 dana
3:25 best love story ever. (This is how single I am.)
Shabnam Abbasi
Shabnam Abbasi Prije 6 dana
How can we do urine in our cloth
Josi Mäder
Josi Mäder Prije 6 dana
Watte sollte man nicht nehmen., Weil:es sich dann entzünden kann,wenn ein Stück von der Watte abgeht. Ich würde die Watte vom Tampon nicht nehmen... Ist nur ein gut gemeinter Rat. 🙂👍🏼
BeastMode Prije 8 dana
Groin off
Ome Tyo
Ome Tyo Prije 8 dana
Feel bad for that dude in the self defence part
keira Harri's
keira Harri's Prije 8 dana
I have sharp nails so on the kidnapping one i would dig my nails into there skin 😎
Christel Issa
Christel Issa Prije 8 dana
7:13 so now i know how to break into a house or somethin thank u
Ramchandra Dushe
Ramchandra Dushe Prije 9 dana
Did anyone notice that in the last self defence point it looked like they were dancing
Julian King
Julian King Prije 10 dana
Alot of them aren't even life hacks
The hi guy
The hi guy Prije 10 dana
10:20 wtf
Liberty Dela Pena
Liberty Dela Pena Prije 11 dana
Carlos B
Carlos B Prije 11 dana
How the Fuck are these life hacks these people are fucking retarded
Carlos B
Carlos B Prije 11 dana
Saranya Ravi
Saranya Ravi Prije 11 dana
humanity has become a lifecraft 😔
Ivy Universe
Ivy Universe Prije 11 dana
Dude, I'm not putting piss next to my mouth
Raj Gupta
Raj Gupta Prije 12 dana
At 10:20 really urine 🤢😧😬😡😲😵😔 are you made or you are drunken I will do vomit if I put urine near my mouth it's better for me to die there
Raj Gupta
Raj Gupta Prije 12 dana
Thumbnail kuch or or video kuch or anyway it's fine
Raj Gupta
Raj Gupta Prije 12 dana
Thanks for these hacks
Erik Bukaj
Erik Bukaj Prije 14 dana
Kev Random
Kev Random Prije 14 dana
ッ[vG]vRoyalty Prije 15 dana
ONE QUESTION... At 11:00 WHAT if the smoke below u? U be like Spider-Man??
Emma Daly
Emma Daly Prije 15 dana
Every life hack people must know *throws waterbotel at man Me: woooooooowwwwwwwww
Vishakha Gupta
Vishakha Gupta Prije 15 dana
Was i the only one who kept smiling till 3:34 for every kind action? oh... okay.
reagan L
reagan L Prije 16 dana
can we just talk about how the self defense lady is running in heels 😂
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer Prije 18 dana
3:39 5 minute crafts karate lessons😂😂😂
Magicfighter Prije 18 dana
This is the Worst like when you see someone get robbed on Train you. Just stomp but you can just say oh he robbing your phone
H7_ HD
H7_ HD Prije 18 dana
That self defence XD ... Wtf im doing dim mal for 7 years now
Nelisa Williams
Nelisa Williams Prije 18 dana
So helpful and kind
SJKTLH KLANG Prije 18 dana
The people is very helpful 😄
Rock Lee
Rock Lee Prije 18 dana
This video made my head hurt because of all the stupidity.
Raj Gupta
Raj Gupta Prije 12 dana
What stupidity such a nice vedio
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer Prije 18 dana
How are these life hacks 🤔🤔🤔
Fernanda Guimaraes
Fernanda Guimaraes Prije 19 dana
Eu amei o vídeo foi muito legal
Jeff Kenny
Jeff Kenny Prije 19 dana
fait h
fait h Prije 20 dana
3:37 wouldn’t it hurt to be that guy? i mean 🤷‍♀️
Raj Gupta
Raj Gupta Prije 12 dana
Elena Sonjani
Elena Sonjani Prije 20 dana
These are clever hacks
Elena Sonjani
Elena Sonjani Prije 20 dana
Yes YOU right
Kaylee Daly-Coffin
Kaylee Daly-Coffin Prije 21 dan
Some of this is from kindness is so simple
Obsessed with American Girls
At 7:11 they taught thieves how to break a padlock Make the button blue if you’re against getting robbed. 👇🏾
Emmanuel Martin
Emmanuel Martin Prije 21 dan
very lol
Zeenath Ashtaf
Zeenath Ashtaf Prije 21 dan
And that's why I give food instead of Money
Panera Lakuty
Panera Lakuty Prije 22 dana
You can just say stop when some one is trying to steal something you don’t have to assault them lol
Veronice Batista Andres
I loved it
Leo Phan
Leo Phan Prije 23 dana
Tính mạn là chính
PoluX Prije 23 dana
how are these life hacks
Aguinaldo santos
Aguinaldo santos Prije 23 dana
I love the video
Kitsune spirit
Kitsune spirit Prije 23 dana
I wanna know the music at the beginning
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