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00:04 Good people are always around us
03:35 Self-defense techniques
05:10 Simple safety hacks
09:30 Survival lifehacks
10:54 How to survival in a fire
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7. Srp 2019.

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Komentari 3 047
Blue Wolf
Blue Wolf Prije 10 minuta
1:50 karnında top tuttuğu belli
Sirajreber Sirajreber
Sirajreber Sirajreber Prije 18 minuta
Multi verser
Multi verser Prije sat
Music at end?
Samira Hbz
Samira Hbz Prije sat
😂 ich habe mich nicht mehr in den USA 🇺🇸 ist es ja 👍 aber auch in die Hand 🤚 ist es
Samira Hbz
Samira Hbz Prije sat
Diego Diaz
Diego Diaz Prije sat
Who else felt bad for the homeless like if u agree 👇
Hannah Prije 2 sati
Girl just casually pees on own shirt and walks away with it on her face
TachandE Watts
TachandE Watts Prije 3 sati
10:46 When she put duct tape on her knee That’s gotta hurt to take off 😬
Pinkxmochi Prije 3 sati
Mm mm using a plastic bag to pick up trash...seems fishy
innxrwinter x
innxrwinter x Prije 4 sati
I like how you help people realize that helping others can lead to misunderstandings, and that’s okay, at least you helped.
Laura Santiago
Laura Santiago Prije 4 sati
Always you have to be a good person
Lil Isa
Lil Isa Prije 5 sati
How are these life hacks?
Jorge Porras
Jorge Porras Prije 5 sati
Si una mujer me pega le puedo responder con los dándole a los puntos sensibles de la piel :v
Jorge Porras
Jorge Porras Prije 5 sati
Yo no veo trucos de adolecentes sólo veo pinches pendejadas de hacer el trabajo de los demás >:v
*-*Gacha_Girl _Love*-*
Everybody knows a guys groin hurts when it’s hit or kicked or punched you don’t have to tell us.
J RØDRIGUEZ Prije 5 sati
7:41 yall are welcome😜
Isaias Rivas
Isaias Rivas Prije 6 sati
No entiendo por que no legusto a mucha jente si te muestra vuenas acxianes para la jente que conose español
David Gaunt
David Gaunt Prije 6 sati
Mom:what are YOU DOING Me:kissing my baby brother Mom:why Me:cause I wove him
Marli Flores
Marli Flores Prije 6 sati
Desculpa dizer... Mais ninguém faz isso, e quando faz é pq teve algum problema
imo albania
imo albania Prije 6 sati
The door look one just showed us how to brake in to some ones house
Efrain Mojica
Efrain Mojica Prije 6 sati
Jayden Wong
Jayden Wong Prije 7 sati
Blah blah blah
*7:07** Don't promote a thief😂😂😂😂😂😂😂*
Horses_Ponies Puppy
Horses_Ponies Puppy Prije 7 sati
Kk but all these hacks were just being a good person
Amanda Amanda machdo gomes
Isso fica repetido porisso que fica chato
Juan Ordoñez
Juan Ordoñez Prije 8 sati
Is it only me or does it look like the pregnant woman has a ball in her stomach lol🤣
Maria Júlia Lima
Maria Júlia Lima Prije 8 sati
LINDO ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Angy Montes
Angy Montes Prije 8 sati
Tae se be permiso😇
BTS Army
BTS Army Prije 9 sati
42 acts of kindness
Leslie Mejia
Leslie Mejia Prije 10 sati
All that worried me is that the guy in 4:20 went to the dentist after or brush yellow ass teeth
Hannah Abbott
Hannah Abbott Prije 10 sati
Is she just showing the man the money,going away without giving him and then giving him food like:Hey,its just a prank?! What should we learn? Be an Asshole? Maybe he need tue money for some other stuff hat ja not hungry!Sorry,I dont want to say to be mean,but she was really acting like an asshole...
Sandwich Power
Sandwich Power Prije 10 sati
How did they let that guy get hurt
Antonella Migliazzo
Antonella Migliazzo Prije 11 sati
WTF! 10:20
Jumper Monkey
Jumper Monkey Prije 11 sati
I hate you are gay
Crazy Gamer Guy
Crazy Gamer Guy Prije 11 sati
And presser points
Crazy Gamer Guy
Crazy Gamer Guy Prije 11 sati
This vid is not about life hacks just nice and mean teenagers
Jesus Rojas
Jesus Rojas Prije 12 sati
Como voy a saber si estaa En inglés
Seeyam Shahabuddin
Seeyam Shahabuddin Prije 12 sati
Plese help people and save your country
Hihi Hih
Hihi Hih Prije 13 sati
1:50 that look like a basketball 😂
Finkss Prije 13 sati
To są dobrzy ludzie
boruto Uchiha
boruto Uchiha Prije 14 sati
I love those who help
Rural Science & Art
Rural Science & Art Prije 14 sati
nice video
Please reconnect your Xbox controller
So when your giving to homeless or poor people first you have to kick their sign come back and show them your money, walk away and then you can buy them Mcdonalds
Riley Bateson
Riley Bateson Prije 16 sati
No one gonna talk about how her jeans change colour at 3:16
CosmicZ Prije 17 sati
7:01 Or you could just shut your windows!
Asad khan
Asad khan Prije 17 sati
Same to same Chinese copy
Noemia Costa
Noemia Costa Prije 17 sati
Sól sua fan
تميم التومة
تميم التومة Prije 17 sati
الكلمات خلوه عربيه
Leandro Mendes
Leandro Mendes Prije 18 sati
eu no falo inglês
The GeNeRaTor
The GeNeRaTor Prije 18 sati
2.00 child nit real
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