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​Genius makeup hacks you should do at least once
For the brave girls who would like to take their makeup skills to the next level, we created these video makeup tutorial compilation for you.
- If you have a lot of fly-aways, you can pin your hair back using some chapstick.
- To make your eyelashes look flawless, cut them in section and then apply them on your lashline with the one overlapping the other.
- We show you how to make temporary natural looking freckles using henna.
- When color matching your foundation, make sure you are swatching it on your neck rather on your arms.
0:07 - Easy makeup tricks you have to try
2:06 - Genius makeup hacks
5:06 - Henna freckles
6:43 - Make up using only one product
8:25 - How to make your own mascara
10:29 - Amazing travel hacks
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10. Lip 2019.

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Habiba Ahmed
Habiba Ahmed Prije 13 sati
عيونها لون و لون
Habiba Ahmed
Habiba Ahmed Prije 13 sati
اخضر و ازرق
Hafsa321 hasan
Hafsa321 hasan Prije 13 sati
A.rajjak Pathan
A.rajjak Pathan Prije 14 sati
Shailesh Rana
Shailesh Rana Prije 15 sati
So butiful make up
Shashi Chamling
Shashi Chamling Prije 20 sati
👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎yak so discasti
S.M. Shahanuzzaman
abhishek kumar
abhishek kumar Prije 2 dana
Why it can only for brave girls
Irfan Mohd
Irfan Mohd Prije 2 dana
Vasantha lakshmi
Vasantha lakshmi Prije 2 dana
Its blur
Riya Tamboli
Riya Tamboli Prije 3 dana
It is really nice but the same thing is uploaded again and again. ..... so plz try something new
Sajid Hussain
Sajid Hussain Prije 2 dana
Chit Chat
Chit Chat Prije 3 dana
What so brave in these makeup hacks?🙄
Megha Yadav
Megha Yadav Prije 3 dana
its boring
The Vagabond Lawyer Shivangi Sharma
This is Awesome 😎
Nisha Bhati
Nisha Bhati Prije 3 dana
panday S . K
panday S . K Prije 3 dana
awesome 🌹🌹🌹
مصطفى موسى
مصطفى موسى Prije 4 dana
حلوة حلوة وحلوة
حيدر رحيم
حيدر رحيم Prije 12 sati
حيدر رحيم
حيدر رحيم Prije 12 sati
حيدر رحيم
حيدر رحيم Prije 12 sati
Zoya noor Zoya noor
Zoya noor Zoya noor Prije 4 dana
Sesa Dl
Sesa Dl Prije 4 dana
What is this
Talia Ellie
Talia Ellie Prije 4 dana
my likes
my likes Prije 4 dana
Upload videos once in a week but plz dont repeat the hacks
Prije 4 dana
Very nice
اياد دواقا
اياد دواقا Prije 4 dana
afkar jayda 😍😍😍😍😍😍 afkar saiaa 😨😨😨😨😨😨
Hasnat Jatoi
Hasnat Jatoi Prije 5 dana
I hate your channel because you again post these same plz no next time plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
F.M.Moniru Zaman
F.M.Moniru Zaman Prije 5 dana
Nice thanks
Suresh Sahani
Suresh Sahani Prije 5 dana
Please don't repeat the hacks, after 2 months I am watching the channel for thumbnail but hacks are repeated😔😔☹
NEELAM DEVI Prije 5 dana
Nice hacks
its zaynab
its zaynab Prije 5 dana
My hair will damage if I use ChapStick on it s Don't u think
Fazle Haque
Fazle Haque Prije 5 dana
لب اا
لب اا Prije 5 dana
Atik Khan
Atik Khan Prije 5 dana
AKM Life Hacks
AKM Life Hacks Prije 5 dana
Fantastic life hacks!
ESRA ECE Öztürk Prije 6 dana
I love😘😘❤❤👍👍💋👄💘💕💞💟
Pavitr Sarkar
Pavitr Sarkar Prije 6 dana
TS NAGAR Prije 7 dana
Diii from where u got these fabulous ideas.....amazing hacks
Kariella Thrasher
Kariella Thrasher Prije 7 dana
Video: unruly hair? Also video: don’t worry just use some CHAPSTICK THAT IS GONNA GO BACK ON YOUR LIPS LATER!
Tejaswini V
Tejaswini V Prije 7 dana
Why does anyone need freckles
Nadia Kotim
Nadia Kotim Prije 7 dana
Bagus baget
Meerab Ghumman
Meerab Ghumman Prije 7 dana
Again same hacks cause of this one day every one will unsubscribe and i am unsubscribing now
Hanif Yulita
Hanif Yulita Prije 7 dana
Havananyabagus banget omgggggg😍🤗😘🤩udah keren lagiuuuuuuu oh my good
sukhama mohan
sukhama mohan Prije 7 dana
Jyoti Bajpai
Jyoti Bajpai Prije 8 dana
Why you repeat the same hack Everytime . Are you mad?
poonam batra
poonam batra Prije 8 dana
You are right guys they always do same
Ali Hussain
Ali Hussain Prije 8 dana
Utkarsh Chauhan
Utkarsh Chauhan Prije 8 dana
Don't waste other material
Mido Mido
Mido Mido Prije 9 dana
واااااااوجميل جداااا
Raju Shirivastav
Raju Shirivastav Prije 9 dana
Very beautiful
Ashmia Baser
Ashmia Baser Prije 9 dana
2:09 that wasn't a makeup hack, that was a talent. I'd mess up if i try that.
its zaynab
its zaynab Prije 5 dana
naomi nongrum
naomi nongrum Prije 9 dana
not nice
جعفر محمد
جعفر محمد Prije 9 dana
منو عربي يحط لايك
jannat Chowdhury
jannat Chowdhury Prije 9 dana
FAIZ AHMAD Prije 10 dana
Very bad hacks
Rubeena Khan
Rubeena Khan Prije 10 dana
ilma Khan
Vijay Gaur
Vijay Gaur Prije 10 dana
Eva G
Eva G Prije 10 dana
One of them hacks with the lipstick was off tik tok x
Pikachu Style
Pikachu Style Prije 11 dana
Boys can also Have makeup! It might be offensive to say girls beauty problems 😑😓
kritika roy
kritika roy Prije 11 dana
vo ldki hi Kya ho lipstick ns lga ske
Эмилия Морозова
2 лайфхак Тупоу, потому,что после гигиенической помады волосы будут - ЖИРНЫЕ. И голова будет грязной!!!😖😖😖
Bharati Bhusal
Bharati Bhusal Prije 11 dana
You are beautiful you don't need to makeup I am 12 year old but I love your video.☺👧💓💕❤💜💘
Bharati Bhusal
Bharati Bhusal Prije 11 dana
You are beautiful you don't need to makeup I am 12 year old but I love your video.☺👧💓💕❤💜💘
Gusfi Anugerah
Gusfi Anugerah Prije 11 dana
Tuyet Truong
Tuyet Truong Prije 11 dana
Xao wa
Hello Goodbye
Hello Goodbye Prije 11 dana
3:24 is gorgeous
Rose Jackson
Rose Jackson Prije 12 dana
Lol CR7: I'm here!!! Funny 😂😂😂 6:19
Basanta Swain
Basanta Swain Prije 12 dana
I can't stop my laugh.. at 4.17... 😃🤣🤣🤣😂
Сасай Кудасай
1:43 , вот проблема, хвост завижи и все? Не блять нужно хуйней страдать
Sarika Verma
Sarika Verma Prije 12 dana
Wow , lovely hacks
sachin Gupta
sachin Gupta Prije 12 dana
Leilani McConnell
Leilani McConnell Prije 12 dana
11:52 I thought that was the chick fil a logo😂
Natalie Polhemus
Natalie Polhemus Prije 12 dana
4:36 why would you want tape on your eyelid
faisal zafar
faisal zafar Prije 12 dana
Hurts me i broke my favourite lipstick and cant fix it again!!😭😭😭 if you want to see so 😕7:35
Itzel Reyes
Itzel Reyes Prije 12 dana
Sara Sadi
Sara Sadi Prije 12 dana
اكو وحده لون عيونها ازرق واخضر 😍😍😍😍😍😲😲😲😲
beast Mode
beast Mode Prije 13 dana
Half of this literally no one has problems with
Fhytt Ghuyt
Fhytt Ghuyt Prije 13 dana
اي ه شي حلو
inner smile
inner smile Prije 13 dana
Good and essential Great video
Milenca Flores
Milenca Flores Prije 13 dana
Son bien ridículos dan ascos sus videos
divya shrees
divya shrees Prije 13 dana
Raja Vishwakrma
Raja Vishwakrma Prije 13 dana
Raja Vishwakarma
Akhilesh Kumar
Akhilesh Kumar Prije 13 dana
It was gone on trending bcoz title said that " brave girls' so every girl saw it😁
Parveen Aslam
Parveen Aslam Prije 13 dana
Boring hacks
No Draw
No Draw Prije 13 dana
Danah Al Dhufairi
Danah Al Dhufairi Prije 13 dana
Copy caters😠😡😤
Danah Al Dhufairi
Danah Al Dhufairi Prije 13 dana
5 minute crafts are just copying 123GO😱😱😱😱😱😠😡
Vidhi Maharishi
Vidhi Maharishi Prije 13 dana
I don't believe this shit
Jaya Bhardwaj
Jaya Bhardwaj Prije 13 dana
10:45... what an awesome music and the video has just this thing new
Динара Исаева
1:43 для этого созданы резинки! 😭😡🤬
Ajay Kumar Malik
Ajay Kumar Malik Prije 8 dana
Umesh Acharya
Umesh Acharya Prije 13 dana
Try something new
Angelica Pradhan
Angelica Pradhan Prije 13 dana
Y u ll b keep on putting d same old tricks got really bored bad ever you tube channel
unicorn Rainbow
unicorn Rainbow Prije 13 dana
at the part 7:48 they copied crafty panda
عاشقة الجنون
عاشقة الجنون
اكو عرب بالتعليقات😇😇😇
Krupa Sindhu Sahu
Krupa Sindhu Sahu Prije 13 dana
It is nice but unfortunely it is shown in other videos
MILKEY Prije 13 dana
First you wear sweater then makeup to solve that problem ✌
Chandni Singh
Chandni Singh Prije 13 dana
Please dont repeat the hacks again and again😣
Varsha Totala
Varsha Totala Prije 13 dana
You just do not upload this vedio today because of this colour linear i was near to lose my eye
Aakarshita jaiswal
Aakarshita jaiswal Prije 13 dana
Mariela Clark
Mariela Clark Prije 13 dana
No saben que no me gusta el intro
abhishek mishra
abhishek mishra Prije 13 dana
Gorgeous Women Who Were Born Male
Joselo Cano
Joselo Cano Prije 13 dana
Kapila Thakur Thakur
Kapila Thakur Thakur Prije 13 dana
their is no such thing as brave girls as all are brave
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