5 Cars That Won’t Last 100,000 Miles

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5 Cars That Won’t Last 100,000 Miles, DIY and car review with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. The least reliable cars and trucks that won't make it to 100,000 miles or more. The worst cars to buy that won't make it to 100,000 miles without major repairs. The least reliable used cars. The least reliable used trucks. New cars not worth buying. Low mileage cars that won't last. Cars that don't last. Cars that break all the time. Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.
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Komentari 80
Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer Prije godine
👉 I Just Launched the First Video on My New Channel ► ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools: 1. Bluetooth Scan Tool: 2. Cheap Scan Tool: 3. Basic Mechanic Tool Set: 4. Professional Socket Set: 5. Ratcheting Wrench Set: 6. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter: 7. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter: ⬇️ Things used in this video: 1. Common Sense 2. 4k Camera: 3. Camera Microphone: 4. Camera Tripod: 5. My computer for editing / uploading: 🛠Check out the tools I use and highly recommend ► 🔥Scotty Shirts and Merch ► Subscribe and hit the notification bell! ► Scotty on Social: Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ►
M7up 2you
M7up 2you Prije mjesec
My 06 vw jetta 2.5l wont last 100k because of the valve body
Sindhuja S
Sindhuja S Prije mjesec
Hi..what about skoda Octavia, the late 90's model..
Marc Solorzan9
Marc Solorzan9 Prije mjesec
Scotty, you forgot to.mention the VW Jetta, they suck also. As far as the Altima I dont know,I have a maxima 07 3.5 with the CVT that i use for a commuter car. It's at 130,000 and still like new original trans. Will the belt and drum hold up u think?
JOSH VLOGS Prije mjesec
Scotty Kilmer u say that about the Land Rover I have a discovery 3 it’s got 121,000 miles and the only thing that has gone wrong with it is my radiator broke that’s it
Steve Paul
Steve Paul Prije mjesec
Scotty Kilmer this is why I bought a silverado it’ll last me forever good ol American pickup
Tsajjirra Prije 26 minuta
They must drive their Cruze's pretty hard. Parents have one, just reached 100k miles a month ago, only major repair done was replacing the water pump.
fracturedkoi1 Prije 3 sati
I’d love to see you do a series talking about products made alongside each other at factories (like Honda’s Odyssey, Pilot, and Ridgeline from Alabama).
YTchris95gsr Prije 18 sati
Love the celica in the background
Max Yotta
Max Yotta Prije dan
Scotty, I your being kidnapped wave your arms.
RossVassev Prije dan
my 2005 Dodge Magnum only lasted 70,000.
420 Scene
420 Scene Prije dan
I had two Corollas, both made it past 275K miles, Acura Integra hit 175K miles, mom had a RAV4 and traded it after 195K miles, and then I had a Chevy Equinox. Took a crap at 90K miles. 🙄
Samuel Valdez
Samuel Valdez Prije dan
I’ve got a mini, and he sorta has a point, and sorta doesnt. The newer ones, 2007-now, aren’t that bad. If you know how to work on cars, get one, if not, I hope you have deep pockets
Mkiv_Bangbros Prije dan
Why are you replacing parts on a vehicle that’s still under warranty? 3 year old brake caliper is covered by Mini. 40k on a fiat engine is still under power train. You’re a shady mechanic from the sounds of it.
M & M Gaming
M & M Gaming Prije dan
Surprisingly my e60 bmw 5 series isn’t on there 😂😂😂😂
M & M Gaming
M & M Gaming Prije dan
I already know there’s no way my car isn’t on the list😂😂😂😂😂
ChrisCo Prije dan
I like this dude!!
naplesdaygo21 Prije dan
Boosted Wrenches
Boosted Wrenches Prije 2 dana
I'm surprised the 6.0 powerstroke didn't make the list, and I'm really super surprised the 6.4 powerstroke didn't make the list..
Orange Mimmie
Orange Mimmie Prije 2 dana
What about 2009 Passats?
I like FRiEd Rice G
I like FRiEd Rice G Prije 2 dana
Cruze owner here, 80k on it. No issues so far. Taken it to the sand dunes, road trips, rain/ snow/ etc. im going to see what happens in 20k miles
DON-_- IRAQ Prije 2 dana
My brother had an e36 325i with 240k miles runs amazing with no problems
elijah fox
elijah fox Prije 2 dana
I have a Mini Cooper s, r53 to be exact. Over 200k miles. Barely any issues. And I push it more than any other car that I’ve owned
Mario Guerra
Mario Guerra Prije 3 dana
Ive had a 2011 Cruze. Made it to 186,000 miles. But that was the WORST CAR IVE EVER HAD! It was a miracle Ive made it that far. It was both a project car and a daily driver. Do not recommend
christopher mcpherson
U might need rehab my dude
TheDacman88 Prije 3 dana
93-97 rx7 unfortunately :(
Vasiliy K
Vasiliy K Prije 3 dana
My ex has a mini, I couldn't be more happier
Oliver Cabrera
Oliver Cabrera Prije 4 dana
Love this guy!
Dylan Cary
Dylan Cary Prije 5 dana
I have a 2010 Chevrolet Suburban LT and it has not had anything wrong the check engine light has never been on once
Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson Prije 5 dana
Don’t trust this guy, he’s a scammer
Martin Davila
Martin Davila Prije 5 dana
I have a nissan altima. Has 150000 miles.... I respectfully disagree scotty
gogglez61 Prije 5 dana
Gotta disagree on the mini. Mine is a 14 year old supercharged 6 speed car with 131k miles, and the only issues it has are a bad control arm bushing and a tie rod end. Other than that, the wiring is fine, the headgasket is fine, etc.. However I will agree that the CVT cars are junk.
Lenny D
Lenny D Prije 5 dana
I'm confused... You say don't get an Automatic Cruze, get a standard one. But the Auto trans is standard equipment. I'd suggest getting the optional manual transmission.
john smith
john smith Prije 5 dana
Range Rover, BMW, Mini, Ferrari, Lamborghini change all their engines to Honda or Toyota it will reach more than 100k.
Ghosttraining101 Prije 6 dana
I cannot stress this enough! Do nooooot buy a 2007 ford escape! Unless you hate yourself and life in general, dont do it! Do your friend or neighbor a favor. Tell them to fully cover it, and randomly light it on fire one night for them. Do the right thing.
MrKfq269 Prije 6 dana
Dennis Hopper.
jay czyzyk
jay czyzyk Prije 6 dana
Get a,stimulus check and stop doing videos
Avery Dosal
Avery Dosal Prije 6 dana
Avery Dosal
Avery Dosal Prije 6 dana
Zachary Carroll
Zachary Carroll Prije 7 dana
I had a 3000gt it made it to 95000 guy I bought it from said he changed the water pump timing belt and all that nope lol I drove it 10000 miles and the belt broke and well you know what happened lol
Leonardo Elizalde
Leonardo Elizalde Prije 7 dana
I have a cruze 150,000 ive had it for 80,000 miles its a pain in coolent leaks but ive never had a transmission problem. But i do take extremely good care everyone thats had one they destroyed the engines.
Ken Goldberg
Ken Goldberg Prije 7 dana
Owned two Range Rovers both made it past 100k. All issues were resolved before the warranty ran out. Only people that complain about the maintenance are the people who can't afford one. Dont punch above your weight and you won't get knocked out😉
Harvardseye Prije 7 dana
He must be Italian cause he’s talks with his hands
Trevor Topcik
Trevor Topcik Prije 7 dana
Also the Ford Fiesta. Don’t buy one. Funny how he doesn’t talk about the transmission problems on fords. Should’ve been included in this video.
Joshua Colt
Joshua Colt Prije 5 dana
My friend had a Ford fiesta. O to 100 in 30 seconds.
Robert Hale
Robert Hale Prije 7 dana
I've got a 2014 Altima with 120K miles. I guess I'd better sell it before it blows a head gasket
King Storm718
King Storm718 Prije 7 dana
I would never buy a mini or a fiat
Julio Nunez
Julio Nunez Prije 7 dana
4:34 my man showed a lawnmower for a Honda 🤦‍♂️
Jermaine Jones
Jermaine Jones Prije 7 dana
Lol...yo...My mans hands got a mind of their own...😂😂
808kahulaa Prije 8 dana
He’s like a puppet, arms flailing around telling bad jokes and little validity. Toyota had a great product, had. It’s too bad they rely on customer loyalty instead of making better cars. Charisma from toyota is long gone, sometime in the 90’s it evaporated into what is now. a reliable but boring line of overpriced junk. The latest 4runner is the worst example; low power, bad fuel eff, no innovation, paltry off road performance, worse safety, ugh... used to my brand but never toyota, not what they put out now
Wleckelt Leckelt
Wleckelt Leckelt Prije 8 dana
This dude is so full of it he doesn’t even know what he’s Talkin abt...I have I good sum of experience and I’d know a lot of things he says sounds like a joke or something the dealership would try to talk you into doing
Victor Paramo
Victor Paramo Prije 8 dana
Yeah my 2013 Subaru Forester it only has 76k miles and the engine siezed due to low oil due to oil consumption. A problem Subaru knows and even settled a lawsuit and replaced thousands of engines but won't replace mine. Never buy a Subaru. Btw the vehicle had an extended warranty to 100k miles.
Alex Mendez
Alex Mendez Prije 8 dana
I am infatuated with the background of affordable reliable cars 😆
Zart Prije 8 dana
get a ford or a honda. amirite?
Twisted 125
Twisted 125 Prije 8 dana
Anything that’s a Chevy Lol
XeProxxyHD Prije 9 dana
Soo glad Ford Mustang didn’t make the cut 😅 (don’t bash me, I’m a new driver and never got into cars 🤣)
fish` sticks
fish` sticks Prije 9 dana
Scotty respect to the old school. 100 percent. But it's different now, u gotta work at a dealer to understand those issues arising in these new units. Has to do with programming, ecu communication. I will agree tho some of it is just so poorly made.
Voke Is cute
Voke Is cute Prije 9 dana
i like how you get straight to the point
Benjamin Jimenez
Benjamin Jimenez Prije 9 dana
What you think of the Mitsubishi mirage SE ? Thinking of getting one. I drive a Honda element 06.
ITZTOQUIC Slide bruh
Bro u are such a crackhead
Victor Aguilar
Victor Aguilar Prije 9 dana
Hey scorry i have a 09 jetta thats driving me crazy i rebuilt engine replace turbo hoses and still giving me a vaccum leak how can i bring it over to you i live in houston also
Joshua Waldrop
Joshua Waldrop Prije 9 dana
I limped my Cruz to 200,000 and I swear to car Jesus I’ll never buy another Chevy.
The Penny Collectors
You got lucky
Graham Wellington III
I bought a new corolla in 2014 and it’s never given me one problem, not even a minor one. Very happy with my decision.
Thx I was looking to get a used about BMW, Subaru?
Hey body...plz do one review on BMW 3 Series
Justin Hall
Justin Hall Prije 9 dana
I had a Cruze, was a POS
Mr Snelky
Mr Snelky Prije 9 dana
I think he forgot mid-2000s jeep liberty's...
Rubbersidedown2 Prije 9 dana
All these people saying my car did. Hes saying again, just changing the oil and maybe a battery most wont make it. If you want a reliable car. Toyota or honda. The rest...well get your wallet out unless you have a unicorn Edit: anyone saying I have a such and such car/truck that's 30+ years old and runs great!! Well if I tossed thousands of dollars at repairs over years yea it will last 🙄 that's not reliability that's "I'm keeping it alive" truth from mechanics on some. "STOP" WE WANT THEM TO DIE. Let them go. Pleeeease!
herlangaona Prije 9 dana
This chajoke
herlangaona Prije 9 dana
This channels a joke
IronMax418 Prije 10 dana
Fuuuuuuuu I have a 2016 Altima lol
Will Cee
Will Cee Prije 10 dana
All the dislikes are from people with these cars 😂
Aidan DiDomenico
Aidan DiDomenico Prije 10 dana
NebraskaSeemsNice Prije 10 dana
Just happy my Subaru Legacy ain’t on here
SamTheCar Prije 10 dana
I hate Scotty Kilmer.
Braxton Pendarvis
Braxton Pendarvis Prije 10 dana
I feel like he’s a little bit crazy
Bigg Havoc The Slaughter Expert
Does this guy has erectile disfunctionality
Conor Figgs
Conor Figgs Prije 10 dana
1: Any Chevy. 2: Any Chevy. 3: Any Chevy. 4: Any Chevy. 5: Any Chevy.
Отписан Prije 10 dana
Not that I'm defending Fiat 500, but living in the Balkans, pretty much all Fiat 500's you can buy are at least 100k miles (160k km), it's hard to find any that aren't, and it's common in Balkans for people to return the mileage clock, especially when importing cars from Germany, Italy, Austria,etc. , so in reality it's probably even more than that that, and if anyone doesn't have money to keep fixing expensive problems, it's people from the Balkans that earn 7 times less money per month than Americans...and yet the Fiats keep on driving, not just the 500, but also Punto, Chroma and so on.
Cuudli Prije 11 dana
Thank god my car ain’t on this list
DB311 Prije 11 dana
Sounds like a used car salesman.
Uhhh Chan
Uhhh Chan Prije 12 dana
Just started the video and I'm prayin to god Ford Fiesta isn't on this list cause mine just hit 70,000
Jack Dandy
Jack Dandy Prije 12 dana
How does this whack-a-doodle have 3mil+ subscribers?
SamTheCar Prije 10 dana
Idk how he has 3mil
itsJJoosshhuuaa Prije 12 dana
this man is on something yo.
genjigaming Prije 13 dana
2004 f250 6.0 you won't make it even 30000 miles with out doing major work and spending a lot of money
tx.javi_ Prije 13 dana
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