7 Explosive ‘Catfish’ Reveals That Didn’t Go Well | MTV Ranked

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A look back at some of the angriest, scream-filled reveals in ‘Catfish’ history.
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10. Ožu 2019.



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Komentari 13 228
MTV Prije mjesec
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ceezraugustolara Prije 13 dana
Fake and faker than fake and scripted and upsetting because it feels like being duped wasting my time wanting to see something real not something scripted..
Freaky Stories
Freaky Stories Prije 15 dana
total I am so glad that I am not them, it would suck big time for me if I did.
Zorian Prije 17 dana
Can you explain # 2 because I didn't quite understand the conflict. Did she think she was texting with a guy the whole time or what?
Michael Tramontana
Michael Tramontana Prije 22 dana
Hey my main vlog channel @ brovervlogs can you all go watch are vid n sub pls we just wanna entertain n help are community and are youtube community n help us all again sub to BROVERVLOGS
reality_lost Prije 18 minuta
Number #3 that justin guy loved his idea, people should have the balls to walk away and not shit on the people they are already with. Be a man/women not a fucking mouse.
Psychos Locos
Psychos Locos Prije 34 minuta
Mental illness will always be entertaining!
wilsob15 Prije 51 minute
#7 Bitches from Milwaukee always want to talk about working for the state like they doing something. Bitch you one check away from being broke sit your weak ass down....
Kabrino Fonzarelli
I can understand #5 and why he did what he did. The internet has ruined the ability to have a decent relationship.
minna evoloko
minna evoloko Prije sat
Justin is fuc up hahaha 😂
Lola-Marie Hooleyy
I mean that crazy guy has a point, he was using that profile to expose cheats, maybe when he was younger his parents cheated on another or he got cheated on and that's why he's so mad, I get where he's coming from though
minna evoloko
minna evoloko Prije sat
Yo waygran😂
Will P
Will P Prije sat
Wait why would Machine Gun Kelly be on this show? Yo MGK hold this L bro
Les Diquens
Les Diquens Prije sat
19:30 Fuckin Levittown lesbos, man.
jazzyslimify Prije 2 sati
you're gonna love to love it too...NON STOP LMAO
CataclysmicStar Prije 2 sati
Justin, what the hell are you, homeslice?! This guy is .. Jacked up. What the hell.
S Type
S Type Prije 2 sati
They should sue you guys.
Mephisto Murdoch
Mephisto Murdoch Prije 3 sati
horrible acting, I hope no one think's this is real.
chescarino Prije 3 sati
woooh,, they were intense. i need some fiji water
Angel Angela
Angel Angela Prije 3 sati
I’m aware and awake now.CATFISH is telling y’all stay away from online strangers. U don’t know your own family. The internet is a PLAY HOUSE FOR PREDATORS
Kyla Monique
Kyla Monique Prije 3 sati
Girl: “stay open-minded” Same girl: “ WTF”
H20Deliriou s
H20Deliriou s Prije 3 sati
Lol is that machine gun Kelly
Leah Maeder
Leah Maeder Prije 5 sati
...unpopular opinion - #5 is psychotic. But also kinda awesome. Oh you wanna step out on your girl? KARMA BITCH!
Zyaa Prije 5 sati
Lmaoooo that’s what that guy trying to cheat on his lady gets . Ended up talking to a whole ass man 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️ sad .
Daniel Keller
Daniel Keller Prije 5 sati
[Enter slow clap] #5 funny as hell, guy looked super familiar! does anybody recognize him? kinda reminds me of Kyle Newacheck from Workaholics .
superjunior833 Prije 5 sati
Why the f”ck people keep saying “AKSING” instead of “asking” 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Silver Oasis
Silver Oasis Prije 6 sati
if i was dejay or malik i would of fucked that ugly ass man up lmaoo
Lost Forever
Lost Forever Prije 6 sati
See what happens when individuality is toxic due to the lack of knowledge and understanding for self.
#trollingtrolls Prije 6 sati
I’m pretty sure nev stopped a serial killer on #5. Sociopath 100%
Alexandru Baghdisar
Alexandru Baghdisar Prije 6 sati
I THOUGHT No. 4 Was MGK that got catfished :)))))
Lost Forever
Lost Forever Prije 6 sati
As a woman I will never share same airwaves with women who want to liberate other women. I rather converse, a million times over, with flies dancing on a pile of shit.
Lost Forever
Lost Forever Prije 6 sati
His intention honourable terrible at executing it. Lesson if you are on a relationship don't fish around for small fish a new psychotic shark on steroids might be waiting for you....beat lesson!
Lost Forever
Lost Forever Prije 6 sati
Lol black dude scared of entering a fellow Blackman's house. Ahhhhhhhh!
Make up finatic Chic
This was the hands down best catfish ever. With Artis!!!
Pure Bliss
Pure Bliss Prije 7 sati
#3 damn!
Pure Bliss
Pure Bliss Prije 7 sati
#5 🤣good for his ass! He was in a relationship 😤
Mike G
Mike G Prije 7 sati
MGK needs to host and go off on guests more often
Bloody Tyrant
Bloody Tyrant Prije 7 sati
#5 is my favorite.
Kalahari Jung
Kalahari Jung Prije 8 sati
No.5 awh hell nah 😕
Mary E
Mary E Prije 8 sati
If you get catfished in 2019 you're beyond stupid. Video chat and Starbucks. Geesh!!
Justa Clapper
Justa Clapper Prije 8 sati
24:13 He actually prevented himself from saying MUCH MUCH MORE
Wilbert Leyva
Wilbert Leyva Prije 9 sati
I finally get see where the meme came from #5😂 shit was funny
kuminyanga gomani
kuminyanga gomani Prije 9 sati
jess tho kkkkkkk omgeeeee! let me faint in peace
Mario A'Keen
Mario A'Keen Prije 9 sati
Does #6 count as a catfish???
lyricist/destroyer queensboro
Lol he takes care of my other kids that's not his. How many kids do she have?
mario untaru
mario untaru Prije 10 sati
Don't waste your time with this bs
liliana wong
liliana wong Prije 10 sati
"Is that a fish net? " had me weakk HAHAHA
Kenny Years
Kenny Years Prije 11 sati
Pia Prije 12 sati
#5 just feels so.. Scripted? Idk.
john tosney
john tosney Prije 12 sati
Wanna see some shit? 13:23
Infinite Succor
Infinite Succor Prije 13 sati
Goodness, Californians are just vain and sickening as hell.
Infinite Succor
Infinite Succor Prije 13 sati
Alright, never trust a person...especially a woman.......especially a black woman.
Chunklet74 Prije 13 sati
So fake....! Bad actors...!!!
curtburp Prije 14 sati
corny you are corny 💀🌽🌽
Jarely •
Jarely • Prije 16 sati
That slap was so crisp
Karen Carney
Karen Carney Prije 16 sati
Plus what's Kanye West doin in that khaki colored getup?
Karen Carney
Karen Carney Prije 16 sati
Fake. They sign a non disclosure before taping. They fluff thr guests n offer them incentives as well as their 'chance' to 'tell their side of the story'etc plus free travel n hotel n incentives. All D-listing reality tv actors
Peter Donato
Peter Donato Prije 16 sati
Why all these gay ass nigg*rs all the time... Sickening!
Powergirl 76
Powergirl 76 Prije 16 sati
Nieve on crutches!! Much respect!!I love him!!That guy was crazy.💜
Adan Cabrera
Adan Cabrera Prije 16 sati
20:40 machine gun Kelly on the show
CowBoy15 Prije 17 sati
White boy at #5 is straight outta a movie LMFAOOO... Dude talking like a whole villain.
testing123 okay
testing123 okay Prije 3 sati
Thats fking great man😂😂😂😂
Informed Choice
Informed Choice Prije 17 sati
I became more and more disillusioned as I watched. Some people are broken.
Asija P.
Asija P. Prije 17 sati
What nev was gon do on them crutches!? 🤪😩
Trina Davis
Trina Davis Prije 17 sati
Lmao jess on some bs
Taylor Wilmot
Taylor Wilmot Prije 17 sati
that skirt that woman is wearing looks like it is meant to be shape wear.
1963mpd Prije 18 sati
So really this show is now called Gay Fish???
Sanjay Appanah
Sanjay Appanah Prije 18 sati
Hiw tf is Charlemagne caught up in this shit 😂😂
taylor sharay
taylor sharay Prije 18 sati
#1 he's nasty asf
awe Ruby
awe Ruby Prije 19 sati
catfish come try to expose me i live on private land 100 acres and I own several different models of rifle Remington 700 AR-15 12 gauge lets rumble mothafuccas stand your ground law in texas means if you feel threatened you are allowed to fire upon someone trespassing on your land
Fish Sauce
Fish Sauce Prije 4 sati
awe Ruby you sound so lame
Rene Figueroa
Rene Figueroa Prije 19 sati
#5 is a fucking PSYCHOTIC ASS BITCH. Dude he’s fucking scary.
taylor sharay
taylor sharay Prije 19 sati
#5 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the black dudes face when he got in the car. He said wtf..... this shit is crazy
Spiral TV
Spiral TV Prije 20 sati
Son I would of just started beating his ass #6
Cecilia Meza
Cecilia Meza Prije 20 sati
"Which kid" 😂😂😂
Reign Prije 20 sati
@22:45 Nobody gives two shits if you're gay you dumb bish
Tyler Parsons
Tyler Parsons Prije 20 sati
Is 4 mgk
Matthew Flach
Matthew Flach Prije 21 sat
is that fucking charlamagne
Shawntearia Kirven
Shawntearia Kirven Prije 21 sat
That Damn Man Bun #4🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Carlos Fernandes
Carlos Fernandes Prije 21 sat
26:04 , thx me later
Shawntearia Kirven
Shawntearia Kirven Prije 21 sat
Woooooooow wtf was goin on in #7 😲😲😲😲
00000000 00000000
00000000 00000000 Prije 21 sat
Wait wtf is this?? Lol Y'all falling in love with Texts and pictures??? Lmao A real G meets people face to face
David Torres
David Torres Prije 21 sat
Lmfaooo the 5th one had me dying
LadyNikita911 Prije 22 sati
I would have taken ALL of those medications, found the bathroom, dumped them in the toilet, and FLUSHED THEM ALL. I know she has lupis, but she would have been in pain, and out a shit ton of money and had to be in and out of the doc's office for weeks to fix that shit. LMAO Basic bitch? LMAO
Atira Goldberg
Atira Goldberg Prije 22 sati
4# what world does she live on . Nev well said, this is the worse way to come out
Treviana Smalls
Treviana Smalls Prije 22 sati
#6 that dude is so ugly
hbnar Prije 22 sati
#7 is a good demonstration of how females can be devious and calculating. Husband is a sad beta cuck. #6 Just scratch it out ladies #5 Plain hilarious #4 I'm sure Juicy Smalltoilet was also involved #3 Baby catfish drama #2 OMFG that latina is packing some heat #1 Circular train
Connie Pearson
Connie Pearson Prije dan
I cringed hardest at mgk..lanky az geek...
SAINT ari Prije dan
i feel like #7 was actually the dude and he jus didn't want to take the full blame lmaoo
Julie D'Amanda
Julie D'Amanda Prije dan
I wanna know if these are all paid actors
kay lee chynn
kay lee chynn Prije dan
I love machine gun Kelly 😍💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙😍😍😍💙💙😍💙💙😍💙💙
Ash Kathleen
Ash Kathleen Prije dan
#2 That slap 👋🏽 tho had me dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ash Kathleen
Ash Kathleen Prije dan
I’m tryna figure out how those girls in #3 are best friends YET the girl who got catfished has never met her friends baby father until max and nev got involved?? 🤔🤔🤔 she’s your BFF and you’ve never met her baby father!!!??? 🙄
Prod. By A.I.R.
Prod. By A.I.R. Prije dan
“Do you see that outfit? Is that a fish net?” 😂😂😂😂
Elizabeth Maas
Elizabeth Maas Prije dan
#7 them 2 are sick in the mind, con artists. Because she's got Lupus, supposedly, it gives her the right to con ppl. Unbelievable!
Bianca Johnson
Bianca Johnson Prije dan
#5 who's is this mass shooter
Bianca Johnson
Bianca Johnson Prije dan
#6 dude was a clingy nut job in a hoodie
Ramona Middleton
#7 crazzzzy B!
Ashelyn Rodriguez
lmao melanie looked SO DUMB comin over and snappin on that girl when everyone knew that the truth was out. so funny I love when people do that.
The Future Of Farming
i can promise you all of these people are libtards
Nina Ross216
Nina Ross216 Prije dan
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 This funny AF
Nina Ross216
Nina Ross216 Prije dan
😂😂😂😂 that gay girl 😂😂😂 that hoe said I want the world to know I’m Gay 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nina Ross216
Nina Ross216 Prije dan
Aye wassup
SIN THE BIN Prije dan
The thumbnail guy was dramatic af
Ashelyn Rodriguez
Nikki B
Nikki B Prije dan
#5 came out clapping like someone from west side story
Meet my giant pair of scissors
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