73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue

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Kim Kardashian West invites Vogue into her sprawling home in Hidden Hills, California, and answers 73 intriguing questions. While surrounded by her husband, Kanye West, and their three children (Saint, North and Chicago), Kim talks about motherhood, studying law, and their upcoming addition to the family.
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73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue
Directed by Joe Sabia
Producer: Marina Cukeric
DP: Jess Dunlap
PM: Josh Young
Edit and Color: Ryan Powell
Post Sound: Bang World
Styling: Taylor Angino


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11. Tra 2019.



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Komentari 57 170
Daveedd Prije sat
can we talk about how fake that facetime call was 😂
Jane Dow
Jane Dow Prije 2 sati
Interviewer asking kanye benign questions kanye having trouble cooperating with these non quintessential questions
Theary Meach
Theary Meach Prije 2 sati
Why the house looks so empty
Alyson Blair
Alyson Blair Prije 2 sati
These sound so staged 🤣
Tessa berg
Tessa berg Prije 2 sati
Can you do this with shawn mendes?
Forcing Google+ Makes Me Feel Better About the Spying
Ye looks so uncomfortable. No wonder, these things are awkward and aggressive.
Natakai Opato
Natakai Opato Prije 2 sati
Ale Granillo
Ale Granillo Prije 2 sati
5:05 for sure jajajajj
Izaack j
Izaack j Prije 3 sati
Is that flashing lights by Kanye in the background
james nday
james nday Prije 3 sati
Now our legend became babysitter . I wish he would make another music
Harman Kaur
Harman Kaur Prije 3 sati
Her house is such a peaceful with white totle white color wow
Gurvir Sandhu
Gurvir Sandhu Prije 3 sati
Interviewer: what’s do you like most about yeezys Ye: The shoe
LilCroqodil Prije 3 sati
Can you do 73 Qs with NBA players
Books&Toners Prije 3 sati
Where is the furniture?
Fede Aiello
Fede Aiello Prije 3 sati
I want 73 questions with Kanye and I want it now.
Shaisha’s Life
Shaisha’s Life Prije 3 sati
DEVASTED CITY Prije 3 sati
Interviewer: What's the best part about ending your day? Kanye: BED
1 million subs without Vids
Kids be like to Kanye’s kids Gimme money Rich. Boy in the Skool Reeee we want money Balalaiajsjsisks
12 Inches
12 Inches Prije 4 sati
No color in that house
Maddy Mace
Maddy Mace Prije 4 sati
Do they always walk backwards the whole time like this????
Dolans Stan
Dolans Stan Prije 4 sati
Interviewer: what’s your favourite part about the comments? Kanye: they’re all like this
althea marie
althea marie Prije 5 sati
Kanye, what's the best part about your career Kanye: the career?...
althea marie
althea marie Prije 5 sati
Nobody: Literally nobody: North: i like squishies
Carla Jones
Carla Jones Prije 5 sati
Gorgeous kids!!!!! I would be scared to put a spot in that spotless house!!!!!! NICE!!!!!!!
Michelle Pelletier
Michelle Pelletier Prije 5 sati
Kanye with Chi tho!🥰
James Kennedy
James Kennedy Prije 6 sati
what will you be remembered for? My many talents, so please tell us what those are kim
Reeka Lively
Reeka Lively Prije 6 sati
Interviewer: what’s the best thing about your life? Kanye: being alive
megha choudhary
megha choudhary Prije 6 sati
i can smell how fake it is
isadora keren batista falcão
I love kim kardashian
biblegirl666 Prije 7 sati
interviewer: what can u do with ur toes kim: kanye
E. Anonymous
E. Anonymous Prije 7 sati
Dying at all those Kanye comments😂😂😂
N Meitei
N Meitei Prije 7 sati
Babe This is for me The kids are in the room Haha❤👏👏👍👍
GLIMMER TWINS Prije 7 sati
imGriizZly Prije 7 sati
This house has the WORST and I really mean the WORST interior design ever. You guys tried very hard to destroy such a house ahaha Imagine spending millions just to have a house with less interior design than a hobo house made of pallets 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Lys Sweet
Lys Sweet Prije 7 sati
I prefer to have medium house but with furniture rather than big house but nothing in there
Chelleah Single
Chelleah Single Prije 8 sati
Her house doesn’t even look real
Ricardo Lucas
Ricardo Lucas Prije 8 sati
We always keep it real 90% of her body plastic seems legit
Mads Lynn
Mads Lynn Prije 8 sati
I think a dog could answer 73 questions better than her
COMPILATV Official Prije 8 sati
Interviewer: Kenye. What's the best part of being a singer? Kenye: SiNg
Malak Alguliyeva
Malak Alguliyeva Prije 8 sati
the creepiest video ever, except the kids
Khoa Nguyen Ngoc
Khoa Nguyen Ngoc Prije 9 sati
This house is so white, it made them pop
Chloé Magee
Chloé Magee Prije 9 sati
stock in major companies wow that is so romantic
Jeffrey Ranas
Jeffrey Ranas Prije 9 sati
World's one of best rewards I'm not trying to be mean but world's biggest a**?
Chloe Ri
Chloe Ri Prije 9 sati
Im literally cracking up in the comments 😂
TONIA WHITE Prije 9 sati
Woow her family are so cute 😍😍😍 never knew she could do stuff with her toes😭😭😭 Kim I was the one that said u should adopt me
Jessica Beee
Jessica Beee Prije 9 sati
*OMGGGGGG LMAOOOOO. This 💩 is FKKN HILARIOUS. The way she was fixing her hair in the 1st 20 seconds. Can yall imagine them becoming the 1st family of the U.S.? Yall know they're planning, right? Kim becoming an attorney, Kanye with his "church." Yep, it's happening.*
Alexia Bloom
Alexia Bloom Prije 10 sati
Man why they did Kanye the dirty
Patricia V
Patricia V Prije 10 sati
: *what is the best thing in the house?* kanye: *the sink **2:13*
Aiseruchan Prije 10 sati
"Sometimes your shallowness is so thorough, it's almost like depth."
J G Prije 10 sati
I wish these dumb fucks with the intellect of monkeys would soon drop dead. Culturally vapid whores. Talentless and repulsive.
Libbie Davies
Libbie Davies Prije 10 sati
please do jack fowler
괴상한귀여운 Prije 10 sati
I love how all of the comments are about Kanye. Please interview Kanye! 😂
Chrissy Bryant
Chrissy Bryant Prije 10 sati
just jump in the convo why don’t you
Say D’or
Say D’or Prije 11 sati
Kim Is So Beautiful * How shorty looks at the camera @11:00 😩
Aquarius JazzTM
Aquarius JazzTM Prije 11 sati
Kanye may the farther be with u in that big house u IN oh gosh #Get out 😂😂
B Ramos
B Ramos Prije 11 sati
Idk why but everything just felt so forced and stiff
Adventures with Lulu
Adventures with Lulu Prije 11 sati
Kanye looks genuinely happy, especially when he's interacting with the kids. So nice to see.
Name Prije 11 sati
She should name another kid “weest”
Name Prije 11 sati
Honestly my first question to Kim would be “how much money can you give me cuz I need to pay student loans”
B Ramos
B Ramos Prije 11 sati
Shazia Zaidi
Shazia Zaidi Prije 11 sati
Do a video with saygin yalcin?
Shazia Zaidi
Shazia Zaidi Prije 11 sati
He deserves this!???
caesar brighton
caesar brighton Prije 11 sati
Interviewer: What do you think of Naomi Campbell? Kim: ok this is over.
Yash Bhatt
Yash Bhatt Prije 12 sati
Besides all funny comments, Kanye seems happy.. Haven't seen him smiling in long time!
Zizzy Monroe
Zizzy Monroe Prije 12 sati
The house look like the asylum...the hospital...creepy AF...
Bambi J
Bambi J Prije 12 sati
Mmm I wonder how much Chris paid for this interview
Kev Tq
Kev Tq Prije 12 sati
The first second when Kanye open the door it felt like he was himitised not again get out Kanye
Yasmin Holley
Yasmin Holley Prije 12 sati
I love this Love you guys Kim Kardashian
Queen Bee
Queen Bee Prije 12 sati
Zooey Prije 13 sati
Do shawn mendes pleasee
BadGirl Celeste
BadGirl Celeste Prije 13 sati
So cute 🥰
Jessi Baet
Jessi Baet Prije 13 sati
This house resembles my school lab!
Kate McQueen
Kate McQueen Prije 13 sati
I realized that I really hate children but this was cute in a weird way LOL
Matias blanco
Matias blanco Prije 13 sati
Lucky mthrfkr
Muhammad F. An.
Muhammad F. An. Prije 13 sati
Thanks, the Family.
Rindi Ibarra
Rindi Ibarra Prije 13 sati
Omg she’s so boring. Do this w khloe please!
HI MICHAEL Prije 13 sati
“ignore it”
xZrai Gaming
xZrai Gaming Prije 14 sati
did north cut kanyes hair??😂😭
Ambatron Davis
Ambatron Davis Prije 14 sati
He got the shoes...
Gail Becker
Gail Becker Prije 14 sati
She says she is going to law school, but everyone else says she is not enrolled in any law school. She doesn't even have a college degree, nor did she take the LSAT. She is apprenticing at a law firm. If this is all it takes to become an attorney, then everyone who wants to be a lawyer should be allowed to do the same. What's next, will she run for president too? Hmmmmm! I might even vote for her! 🤔
Jennipuuur Prije 14 sati
Kanye is as plain and boring as his house
Pavol Polony
Pavol Polony Prije 14 sati
Their house is stunning 🖤
Its.jen_ny Koisiah
Its.jen_ny Koisiah Prije 14 sati
Kim looked like Beyoncé when she went in the kitchen
Aamani Thompson
Aamani Thompson Prije 14 sati
This video was sooo scripted omg I'm disappointed
Googy Boogy
Googy Boogy Prije 15 sati
Interviewer: What's The best part about living in California Kanye: *the Sun*
L C Prije 15 sati
Not going to lie this made me cringe more than any other 73 Q interview .....the fake FaceTime call 😒 & why do they act so rude!!
PrincesssCaramelo Prije 15 sati
The more I stare at Kim the more she looks like a robot
Cavin Lance
Cavin Lance Prije 15 sati
Grt kids
Cavin Lance
Cavin Lance Prije 15 sati
Kim n kanye
Cavin Lance
Cavin Lance Prije 15 sati
Cavin Lance
Cavin Lance Prije 15 sati
7 for man, 74.9 for wm
Alex Gaffney
Alex Gaffney Prije 16 sati
Why have a big kitchen if you never cook
Alex Gaffney
Alex Gaffney Prije 16 sati
The house is so empty
K It
K It Prije 16 sati
andrea stera
andrea stera Prije 16 sati
Ika Strawberi
Ika Strawberi Prije 16 sati
Why everyone comments the 73 questions? 😂
joan waters
joan waters Prije 16 sati
I love Kanye
Racquel Sutherland
Racquel Sutherland Prije 16 sati
This is so staged
Itay Shahar
Itay Shahar Prije 16 sati
Interviewer: what's the best part of being Kanye? Kanye: the West
Zafirah Ali
Zafirah Ali Prije 17 sati
When my wifi wasn't working properly the vid paused at the thumbnail
Pxstella Gacha
Pxstella Gacha Prije 17 sati
Oh you like squishies do you kid? Squishies can give you cancer! 😁
cayayofm Prije 17 sati
Anna has really lost her edge. Pity.
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