A$AP Ferg - Floor Seats (Official Video)

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A$AP Ferg - 'Floor Seats' out now!:
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18. Srp 2019.



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Komentari 5 276
only 5 million views??? this shit is too good wth
Тони Кросс
Тони Кросс Prije 4 sati
Охуенно! Приезжай в Москву!!!
this is the most ny trap song i’ve ever heard.
Hamid Jackson Hamid Jackson
100% music 300% dog sound 😂
Ale Montyy
Ale Montyy Prije 5 sati
This is the sound of God
Neuell Prije 5 sati
A$AP Ferg - Floor Seats (Official Video)
Len Raab
Len Raab Prije 6 sati
Wer ist auch wegen justin hier?😂😂
Mandingo Grande
Mandingo Grande Prije 6 sati
I've been playing this song non-stop for the past 72 hrs🔥🔥🔥
J A K 3
J A K 3 Prije 7 sati
You know why I'm here
Chen Johnny
Chen Johnny Prije 7 sati
Am I the only one that think some of the background beats, sound a little bit the as the 'Smack My B*tch Up' from The Prodigy/
Matt Delovino
Matt Delovino Prije 8 sati
This vid is amazing. Statement to tha culture!!
Future Cuts
Future Cuts Prije 8 sati
Hardest song out with Max B & French Montana - Super Bad 🔥🔥🔥
Aneesh Cherukuri
Aneesh Cherukuri Prije 4 sati
Bruh who pays you for this shit
Buhle Mthokozisi
Buhle Mthokozisi Prije 10 sati
Danm Dope
Ben Industries
Ben Industries Prije 10 sati
FloridaMoney Prije 10 sati
That’s that Prodigy Sample on that beat “prodigy - Smack my bitch up 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Aarnout Vandenende
Aarnout Vandenende Prije 11 sati
Intro sounds like a song from the prodigy.. tribute ?
Franck Prije 12 sati
Prodigy "fire starter"
Franck Prije 12 sati
JJ L Prije 12 sati
katphisH Prije 13 sati
What kind of bikes are those?
Jared Waller
Jared Waller Prije 13 sati
This sounds like that one JID song
Валерий Фещенко
Smack my bitch up!
Datura Metal
Datura Metal Prije 16 sati
AWGE has the best muhfuckin editors on earth I swear
Safira Aden
Safira Aden Prije 16 sati
Ferg is the type of person that playing paintball with real gun...
Andi Batara
Andi Batara Prije 17 sati
Getting harder
YtQuentin Sloan
YtQuentin Sloan Prije 18 sati
Asraff Hassan
Asraff Hassan Prije 19 sati
X Prije 19 sati
damn this shit go hard
Ismael Cabrera
Ismael Cabrera Prije 21 sat
NYC in a nutshell
roberto coronado
roberto coronado Prije 23 sati
Asap freg going hard this year 🔥🔥
DunkZz® Prije dan
Floor seats for the Knicks Couple models gon' kiss (huh) They don't even want a pic Wanna lick up on the (yeah, yeah) I done lit a couple hits Goin' hammer with the bic (huh) God handed me the gift Nothin' slammin' for a brick (yeah, yeah, right) Rollie ain't gotta tick (tick, tick, tick) I attract a lotta ticks (huh) Gettin' caught up in the mix (hoo) Hollywood, same chicks (right) They don't know that I be doing this (yeah) Went to school for paintin' pics (huh) Now I paint the bigger pic (woo, woo) See, I'm really with the shits (yeah) Tiffany store on fifth I'm performing with the gliss (huh) All the gliss up on the wrist Waterfall, not the drip (yeah, yeah) Montage with a bitch Massage wit' her tits (huh) Hit the 'Gram with a pic Whole computer catch a glitch (yeah, right) They say I remind 'em of Rich (come on) Richard Porter with the chips (huh) Lookin' like I caught a lick (coo) You a hater, just admit (right) You niggas be on one like Rick (yeah) I put you on to the shit (huh) I was born in the shit, I'm the don of the shit Source : LyricFind
Marty Mar 215
Marty Mar 215 Prije dan
A$ap Mob wouldn't be the same without Ferg...
Adhe Rodrigues
Adhe Rodrigues Prije dan
moe al
moe al Prije dan
I like this beat different but classic in a way
jxnxs bxexzx
jxnxs bxexzx Prije dan
Real drip
Dota Ozzy
Dota Ozzy Prije dan
The editor of this video 10/10
Matt Walton
Matt Walton Prije dan
Can someone post this song WITHOUT the hook? This is one of the best beats/songs/videos released in years and then they ruined it with the chorus. WTF were they going with there? "Hey instead of making the chorus hard AF like the rest of the song, lets make it sound like a small child yelling into one of those echo mics from the 90s!" (go ahead and google it, i'll wait)
Bdeye Bdeye
Bdeye Bdeye Prije dan
What's with all this name biting bitches you no leader just a frucking groupie
Walker Katana
Walker Katana Prije dan
Edit 1000%
Mamadou Fall
Mamadou Fall Prije dan
Damn!!! That vibez!!
Qu33n B
Qu33n B Prije dan
Man please make this hit a instrumental I can listen to this beat shyt song in general on repeat 🔥🔥🔥💋💋💋 FYI to y’all who didn’t know real niggas ain’t always gotta flex expensive cars he showing you his real self
Sentient Android
Fire beat but i fuckin hate the high pitch bit lmao
Lebanese Pranks
Lebanese Pranks Prije dan
I can only say LIT 🔥🔥🔥
波nxise Prije dan
*Damnnn* *Dope edition*
Pulpy Boy
Pulpy Boy Prije dan
that's different🔥 🔥Check my Ferg type beat ! ✌🏽
Devaughn Moore
Devaughn Moore Prije dan
Wurstfinger Prije dan
This is one of the songs that sounds way better with the added audio effects
MYM Prije dan
smack my bitch up 🔥🔥🔥
StammaMusic Prije dan
Smack my bitch up, the prodigy influence, I fucking love it
Seven Prije dan
I don't see the similarities. What is it?
Graf Aramaic
Graf Aramaic Prije dan
If you know the "Smack my Bitch Up" video you'll get the visual cues & effects (aside from the obv sample)
Graf Aramaic
Graf Aramaic Prije dan
@Seven Not every visual device verbatim no, but the scene rotating 180 (360?) into the next scene elements are straight out of the Prodigy video. The likelihood that nod to The Prodigy was used coincidentally - given the overt use of the s.m.b.u. sample- is slim to none imo.
Seven Prije dan
I don't see anything similar
Nursaiful Aizad
Nursaiful Aizad Prije dan
Can I Have 3-5 minute version,,
Dabs Please
Dabs Please Prije dan
One tab 🤯
Dennis Mich
Dennis Mich Prije dan
It deserves 1b watches... Masterpiece! Beat, VIDEO (it reminds “ASAP FOREVER”), lyrics, voice... That man is goat!
Александр Мурлоков
damn colorgrading of this sofa tho 2:16 IT IS LOOKING FUCKING GORGEOUS
notcaleb Prije dan
That one verse killed it for me :/
Simon van den Boer
Yoo 🔥🔥 shoutout to the prodigy for the sample !! I Iike it
Jonathan Saravia
I got robbed in Harlem by niggas in bikes !! Karma got me trust me cuz I did dirty
alex Prije dan
Prodigy Smack my bitch up sample is genius!!!!
FreestyleUrbanWear Prije 2 dana
Dope video !!! ...Love that sample from The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up
Krzysiek Tannenberg
Krzysiek Tannenberg Prije 2 dana
HeY CJ !
Zozo PNFRKA Prije 2 dana
Bravo for the Prodigy "smack my bitch up"
Monami Ou
Monami Ou Prije 2 dana
Чувак, это охуительно
сасамбус мамамбус
Whot the clothes?
DMV_ST Prije 2 dana
Kill, who ever produced this, and sampled there kid yelling in the backround..... You a fuckin Genius, Holllyyy.
Christopher Hughes
Christopher Hughes Prije 2 dana
Looks just like the Plain Jane video
Mr MarkeZG
Mr MarkeZG Prije 2 dana
Celeste Grace Faith
Celeste Grace Faith Prije 2 dana
Haha I keep replaying this x)
마리아 Prije 2 dana
You done do it yet again Ferg
kriss chris
kriss chris Prije 2 dana
Brendan Hunter
Brendan Hunter Prije 2 dana
Floor seats for the Knicks isn't something to brag about chief
Anthony  Fisher
Anthony Fisher Prije 2 dana
They're still mad expensive
Nworlans Prije 2 dana
Igor M.
Igor M. Prije 2 dana
BOOST. IT Prije 2 dana
I'm just imagining how many times Ferg fell of his bike before he did a whelee
Harry Smart
Harry Smart Prije 2 dana
This is hard
Mr Ford Shelby
Mr Ford Shelby Prije 2 dana
Corey Edison
Corey Edison Prije 2 dana
Wow ok
Ryan Perkins
Ryan Perkins Prije 2 dana
That beat is fucking heavy
Bennett Nowak
Bennett Nowak Prije 2 dana
Can we just acknowledge how aggressive 0:18 was 😂
Dudeyeet yeetye
Dudeyeet yeetye Prije 2 dana
@Bennett Nowak ?
Bennett Nowak
Bennett Nowak Prije 2 dana
Dudeyeet yeetye silence boomer.
Dudeyeet yeetye
Dudeyeet yeetye Prije 2 dana
Gods_Offspring77 Prije 2 dana
What's the bike's build? I want one💯😎👍
ASAP Ferg - Floor Seats
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