A Message To Gabrielle Moses

Jack Brinkman
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28. Lip 2020.



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Komentari 100
Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez Prije 15 sati
idk why you two broke up yall grew up together
Cindy M.
Cindy M. Prije 17 sati
So we get it...Gabriella is a wonderful, amazing person. We agree! But neither you nor Gab have told us why you broke up!
Ian Nicholas
Ian Nicholas Prije 20 sati
Savage BoiZZ
Savage BoiZZ Prije dan
Love birds
Savage BoiZZ
Savage BoiZZ Prije dan
I do
Skyler and Kyle
Skyler and Kyle Prije dan
I just came across his page a few weeks ago and I’m crying... every single day I go back and re watch all these videos.. I still have yet to watch so much but this is heartbreaking for sure!! I’m glad he’s happy now and I wish them both the best of luck! Definitely my new fav page! What an inspiring person❤️
Dhhr Fguy
Dhhr Fguy Prije dan
Who miss jack and gab....🤲🏼
Hannah Fraley
Hannah Fraley Prije dan
Does anyone else feel that maybe social media had a part to play in the breakup?
Jlbarnette37 Prije dan
I watched them like a year ago and forgot about them and I just randomly remembered them and got excited to see if they were engaged or even married by now and now I see this 😢
Genny Huang
Genny Huang Prije dan
Plss get back with her plssss
Evette Gardino
Evette Gardino Prije 2 dana
Watching this makes me cry but his new relationship is hard to take in but I hope he is happy
Eri Prije 2 dana
They're gonna find their way back to eachother. Someday. Somehow.
padma g
padma g Prije 3 dana
the two most heart breaking, and undramatic, unartificial and totally unfake breakups are David Dobrik/Liza Koshy and Jack/Gab. Them breaking up destroyed me as much as if it were mine. they were so honest about it, and still so appreciative of eachother. i-
Alora Smth
Alora Smth Prije 3 dana
This is so sad 😞
Olivia Prije 3 dana
why did they break up?! are we ever gonna find out??
Kacie Shaw
Kacie Shaw Prije 4 dana
I love how he smiles when he talks about her
Desmyn Stephens
Desmyn Stephens Prije 5 dana
He takes to long to say what happend did one of them cheat?????????????
θανασης ταξιαρχοπουλος
U broke up 😭😭😭😭😭😭 whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy😭😭😭😭😭😭😭u two are true dumbasses bro u were so good 👫👫 if u cheated on her or something then we boyss are really stupid with our lives
fang per
fang per Prije 6 dana
you too young to marry now.. u need to try other girls before u marry... but one day you will want her back after you tried out other people.. but than it's gonna be too late... she will move on. you had her... everything was fine. she was loyal and loved you with pure heart. bro u will get know what kinda girls out there.. but yea u need experience good luck
Joseph mannix
Joseph mannix Prije 6 dana
I don't even know who this is or who ever he's talking about
Stefana Marando
Stefana Marando Prije 6 dana
If u know u were meant to be together and I feel like you are you will find you way back together
Stefana Marando
Stefana Marando Prije 6 dana
I really thought they were going to get married and have kids 😢
Anna111 Rusyan
Anna111 Rusyan Prije 6 dana
holy shit i miss that couple >> we know and u know that no one gonna replace Gab (( healing your broken heart ,u can make a lot of pain to someone else (( u know who i'm talking about
zoie Prije 7 dana
but why ☹️
Angelina Montess
Angelina Montess Prije 8 dana
Love isn’t real...
Maria elena Salazar
Maria elena Salazar Prije 8 dana
Yea so I replaced her 2 months after 👎
Amber Moore
Amber Moore Prije 8 dana
Anyone else thought she’s died... no just me
Austin Clark
Austin Clark Prije 8 dana
yall was the best couples, i loved yalls relationship but 2020 is the worst year ever yall
Emily Arce - Cardenas
Can someone explain why they acually broke up?
The Faglie Fam
The Faglie Fam Prije 8 dana
I’m so sad that Gabby and Jack split up
Louis Prije 8 dana
2020 is one shit year
Mayer Jocks
Mayer Jocks Prije 8 dana
Jack I really hope for you the best. You're an incredible person,and I really hope you found all the love you so much deserved 🥺🥺❤️❤️
Mia Torres
Mia Torres Prije 9 dana
Why did u guys broke up
Mia Torres
Mia Torres Prije 9 dana
Please watch her video
Mia Torres
Mia Torres Prije 9 dana
2020 = worst year ever
Amber Wales
Amber Wales Prije 10 dana
😭😭I was 😭😭crying 😭😭with😭😭 gab😭😭 part😭😭 of the😭 story now I am😭 sad agian😭
Stickan Prije 10 dana
Came back to see what happened with these two lovebirds like wtf.
Tea Šekarić
Tea Šekarić Prije 10 dana
I just saw a video with your new gf and i was so confused and then i saw this...when i tell you i broke
Paris Everet
Paris Everet Prije 11 dana
Why you to we’re the cutest couple now go get her back right know jack
God Prije 11 dana
I just I still don’t believe this is real
Sofia Silvestrini
Sofia Silvestrini Prije 11 dana
why did they break up? who broke up with who?
Abigail Corson
Abigail Corson Prije 11 dana
I started crying when he said gab was the greatest thing ever to me.
Galena Ice
Galena Ice Prije 11 dana
This broke my heart so much. I used to watch your videos with my sister when your channel was only at 100k and just hearing you talk about all the good times you had with Gabrielle...😭😫 I really hope you and Gabrielle are okay. The last thing I expected was a breakup from you two, but life happens and it can be shitty; I'm glad you two knew each other and gave so many fans something to look forward to. I wish you the best!💙🌼
Maylin Landeros
Maylin Landeros Prije 12 dana
But why what happened
Crazygirl2002 Prije 12 dana
oh wow i can’t believe I never thought about it I had seen the HRvid name being changed to his name but I didn’t think about what could’ve been the reason but wow I’m in shock
Hunter Prije 12 dana
In my opinion no one will last , even when u meet new girlfriend , you will break up again i just don’t believe in love or the people who stays together for ever , everything is a big fat lie .
James Conner
James Conner Prije 12 dana
Both her video and yours shows true love just be together jack and gab
Gkh Gii
Gkh Gii Prije 12 dana
I just left the channel for 3 months and when I came back I find that Jake broke up with gab what the fuck are we dreaming
Hannah Seay
Hannah Seay Prije 12 dana
You really did break her heart. Jack, I got a new gf That’s just wrong.
Autumn Thornton
Autumn Thornton Prije 12 dana
PJ Everything
PJ Everything Prije 12 dana
Man, I left HRvid for a while and this is what happened? Sorry to hear that Jack
Alyssa Prije 13 dana
Anyone else bawling their eyes just me ..ok (also jack wanted to bawl to and we all know it)
Alyssa Prije 13 dana
They both said that they would have thought that they were gonna get married😣 it did.😖
Kaitlyn Johnson
Kaitlyn Johnson Prije 13 dana
as upsetting as this is going to sound, he isn’t the same. he was this guy who was constantly hyper and excited. and now he is settled. which may be good, but it’s sad :/
Marissa Torres (945MarTorr)
I just... looks it up to see how you were doing bc I haven’t watched your content in a while... and I just found out...
King Aryan
King Aryan Prije 13 dana
U rly stole the account smh
King Aryan
King Aryan Prije 13 dana
@Jack Brinkman what happened then?...
Jack Brinkman
Jack Brinkman Prije 13 dana
Lily Rose
Lily Rose Prije 13 dana
i dont even know the story
Olejr14 Games
Olejr14 Games Prije 14 dana
Wait no this is illegal *:(*
pinkalicous panda
pinkalicous panda Prije 14 dana
and now hes perfectly fine with that other girl
Barbara Bailey
Barbara Bailey Prije 14 dana
I miss jake and gabe like my brother was watching them and i would sit there and watch with and now i miss them like crazy they have been best friends sence forever like they are a great couple i miss that but ig its time to let them do what they do but we all know they are going to get back together don't get me wrong i like his new gf but its gabe thats how i met them like i remember once i met them i cried because i met the people i look up to
Taylor longfellow
Taylor longfellow Prije 14 dana
Omg I’m so confused I watched so many different videos of what happen. I just want to know the reason why they broke up. It’s driving me nuts!! So if the cheating text wasn’t from him. What really happen! Why did y’all even go on a break. I need information!
Fangirl.Animations Prije 14 dana
I was really hoping you two would get married someday and have a whole family. I am so sorry 😭
Taekook Bts
Taekook Bts Prije 14 dana
Idk why im crying...its just unexpected N ive watched them seens last year😭
Ariane Pittman
Ariane Pittman Prije 15 dana
Noooo I love jack and gab 😭
Cynthia Zlotorzynski
Cynthia Zlotorzynski Prije 15 dana
I hate you.
John Phillips
John Phillips Prije 15 dana
You both talk about each other with happiness and remember things like it was yesterday. You both need to sort it out your both ment to be
Mimi V
Mimi V Prije 15 dana
Mimi V
Mimi V Prije 15 dana
Eva Stitt
Eva Stitt Prije 16 dana
Crying inside still i remember how cute they were as a couple whyy did this have to happen it broke my heart when i watched jaties video and they said r u still friends with gab and jack after there breakup plsss support them ik i will forever i love them so much i hope thye get back together that would put my heart back in place but they r the CUTEST couple ever but they left each😟 this took forever to type btw
Lexie Lee
Lexie Lee Prije 16 dana
IDC I'm pissed at you jack, I'm sorry but I'm pissed.
Mia James
Mia James Prije 16 dana
I hate 2020
Mateo Flores
Mateo Flores Prije 17 dana
I have been recovering from my relationship and I can say she was and always will be my back bone and it just is so hard to see her with someone else especially since it’s from my doing and I have never related to something this much jack thank you and stay strong Ik it’s hard but you aren’t alone
Saskia Meyer
Saskia Meyer Prije 17 dana
Guys why did you have to break up😭 you guys are such amazing people and a cute couple.
Jessi Cherry
Jessi Cherry Prije 18 dana
I still cant believe you guys broke up the most happiest relationship I loved you guys my favourite people 🥺
crazy mountain biker
crazy mountain biker Prije 18 dana
dude you two belong together man like dude we can all see it . we can all see you wanna tear up talking about your memories together
Isabella Brooks
Isabella Brooks Prije 18 dana
I am very sorry that you and Gabrielle are not together anymore! I love you both and you guys are amazing! But no matter what you both need to stay positive!
Zaniyah Jackson
Zaniyah Jackson Prije 18 dana
me to but i know that jack and gab will be back my heart knows it
kamrul amin
kamrul amin Prije 18 dana
2 years she posted a prom get ready with me and my future husband And not
kamrul amin
kamrul amin Prije 18 dana
Do you still like her
Hector Zavala portillo
this is the worst year of my life first the corona virus then the forest fires i am in the middle of it all then i come to see my favorite youtubers and i find out there broken up i got super sad this is the worst year of my life :'(
Sarah Jimenex
Sarah Jimenex Prije 19 dana
Is it just me or did you get depressed when then you found out they broke i really thought he was gonna propose. And they were gonna have kids like the intro of there vid goofing of made me sad when i found out
Arianna Mapunda
Arianna Mapunda Prije 19 dana
Why did you guys break up
Kennedy Katallah
Kennedy Katallah Prije 19 dana
Who broke up with who???:((( just walking in late on this couple sorry guys !!!
sOphie Prije 16 dana
gabrielle broke up with him
Kithalie Prije 19 dana
For everyone asking what happened, he still hasn't said anything, neither has gab. Wait for his free ebook for answers.
Kithalie Prije 19 dana
I watched this video when it first came out but I always come back to it because it's so hard to accept the reality.
Seiry Vasquez
Seiry Vasquez Prije 19 dana
then talk to her and work things out and then you can get merry to her and have kids love you and her very much and wish you the best in the fucher good luck
Alžběta Križovenská
Gosh im cryingg😭
Gabriela Reynoso
Gabriela Reynoso Prije 20 dana
This is so sad I’m sry jack
Gracie King
Gracie King Prije 20 dana
did he ever say why they broke up cuz im sads😭
Stefany Rosales
Stefany Rosales Prije 20 dana
I’m still confused what happened??
Brookeee Prije 20 dana
Y'all needa get back together
Emmalyn MacKenzie
Emmalyn MacKenzie Prije 20 dana
Both of them really dont seem like they want to break up.
Kristen Joy
Kristen Joy Prije 20 dana
wow i wish someone would talk about me the way you talk ab Gabriella 😍
Kristen Joy
Kristen Joy Prije 20 dana
you and Gabriella seem like you’re meant for each other however things happen and God has a plan for you. Who knows who you’re gonna marry but it could just be right person wrong time. I think you should take time to yourself and gabi should too. I feel like you guys will get back together cause y’all just clicked differently. The way you talked about her was insane. You’re madly in love. Honestly you only live once and i think you should send it and go explain every little feeling you have for her. You are both one of a kind and so loving. I truly think you’ll get back together one day or another. Stay strong. You got this and i know she only wants the best for you.
Kristen Joy
Kristen Joy Prije 20 dana
don’t feel like you have to post stuff like this if you don’t want to put it on social media. We love youuu and want the best for you! I hope you stayyy strong and know God wouldn’t of put you thru this if he didn’t think you couldn’t handle it.
gianna margiotta
gianna margiotta Prije 21 dan
how did he move on so fast tho? :(
Sal Partida
Sal Partida Prije 21 dan
this hurts..
MartinA01 Prije 21 dan
Please we want “Jack and Gab” back 🥺😫
skyelee pelage
skyelee pelage Prije 21 dan
Jang Hyunmin
Jang Hyunmin Prije 21 dan
I’m Sorry
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we broke up
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My Ex Sent Us These..
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We Broke up
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