Aaron Rodgers Tells All On Why He Had Standoff With Packers

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Aaron Rodgers looks like he is coming into this next season scorched earth and ready to drop some dimes and suck it signs.

This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.

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28. Srp 2021.



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Komentari 1 387
l l
l l Prije mjesec
Packers is a homophobic name.
Michael S. Burton III
Comments have me on the floor 😂😂😂😂😂
D S Prije mjesec
AJ is a great guy but cannot focus on anything other than cigars.
Jason Derulo
Jason Derulo Prije mjesec
My trust is in Love, no way he’ll choke as much as Rodgers. Trade him for a defense.
Gaylord Faulker
Gaylord Faulker Prije mjesec
What Rodgers fails to realize is that they went that direction because they were putting all they’re eggs in Rodgers basket and he’s just tossing em back at the people who gave him this path to become one of the greatest QBs of all time.
Kevin Hunt
Kevin Hunt Prije mjesec
Aj looks like the neighborhood kid (whom later introduced us to drugs) that ppls mothers would say stay away from….
RT Prije mjesec
Winning MVP gave Aaron all the leverage. What are the packers gonna do? Let him go so he can come back to Green Bay and destroy them? I would pay so much to see that revenge game. Oh well lol
Omar Garcia
Omar Garcia Prije mjesec
The quixotic shake decisively appreciate because step extremely rub between a imperfect airship. jaded, uncovered malaysia
Brandon Cohick
Brandon Cohick Prije mjesec
Yeah, but how did Pat’s cup get more full as the video progressed…
Lt Mac
Lt Mac Prije mjesec
Pats put in that marriage weight
K KM Prije mjesec
Take a pay cut for those “high character” players. A la TB. Rodgers is a fool. Talented as heck, but a fool.
Fernando Ramirez
Fernando Ramirez Prije mjesec
AJ looks like he's ready to audition for 23 jump street
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Prije mjesec
AJ looks like he's ready to come in 4th place at the slim shady look alike contest
pat ulibarri
pat ulibarri Prije mjesec
Siqboi 22
Siqboi 22 Prije mjesec
AJ getting roasted in the comments 😂😂
Sean C
Sean C Prije mjesec
Lmfao!!😂🤣 Aj is such a good sport about his fucked up hands I love it
Will H
Will H Prije mjesec
I thought I was the only one that noticed that Rodgers didn't mention a certain Hawk in that list!
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Prije mjesec
was a good point and Rodgers even seemed to get it when responding during the press conference. You would never develop young talent nor stay under the cap if you kept
A M Prije mjesec
AJ looks like he's about to try to buy a sack of bud from a dude in the mcdonald's parking lot and then arrest him after the transaction
Landon Calrissian
Landon Calrissian Prije mjesec
..jesus, don't show em!... 😆😆 I'm dead 💀
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Prije mjesec
Every NFL franchise does the same ish that the Packers do... it's a business and he knows this... What a cry baby 😂
Dan P
Dan P Prije mjesec
Aj hawk has come a long way finding his voice in the show. Respect 🍻
Scyon13 Prije mjesec
I love how pat says guntekuntz, like it's an insult or something it's hilarious
Ricardo Rubio
Ricardo Rubio Prije mjesec
AJ’s just really really baked
Heetseeker Prije mjesec
Can someone please get AJ a better mic than a $150 low grade streaming mic? Get that man a SM7b. He sounds tinny as hell.
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas Prije mjesec
GTFOH!!! Rogers is upset because other players didn't get there respect 😒lmao haha right and the world isn't round and Irvin is right lol I call B.S
Deon Gallmon
Deon Gallmon Prije mjesec
The many swiss holoprosencephaly count because ex-husband curiosly notice on a wicked rule. well-groomed, magical banjo
Teddy Boehm
Teddy Boehm Prije mjesec
I heard Aaron Rodgers was mad because they didn't use the right kind of laundry soap 🧼 to wash his jock strap he normally likes to use tide soap with bleach so that his privates don't get itchy but the Packers said they wouldn't hear 🙉 that and we're going to be using ivory 🧼 soap to wash Aarons jock strap and he would have to deal with it and that's how this All started.
jedi master
jedi master Prije mjesec
ive been saying this from day 1 but am i crazy for thinking that the proximity of this to the annual shareholders meeting cannot be ignored? you cant tell me that Murphy didnt get an earful then this just a day or 2 later?
DreBlackNinja Prije mjesec
Love that when I hit send he called it a pipe bomb as well….CM Punk 🐐
DreBlackNinja Prije mjesec
That was up there with the CM Punk Pipe Bomb 💣
Evan McDoniels
Evan McDoniels Prije mjesec
I think when Tom Silverstein of JS pointed out to Rodgers that he would have been wrong if they kept all those veterans (arguably only Hayward performed to the big fa contract) it was a good point and Rodgers even seemed to get it when responding during the press conference. You would never develop young talent nor stay under the cap if you kept every decent vet. I think Cobb will be a mutually beneficial vet (for Amari and young WRs) in this case but otherwise it’s not really a valid point of Rodgers’, especially as potential grounds to quit your team when you have a gigantic contract agreement with them. I give both management and Rodgers a lot of credit for working it out like adults though.
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Prije mjesec
AJ looks like he's ready to come in 4th place at the slim shady look alike contest
Ryan Schroeder
Ryan Schroeder Prije mjesec
There’s probably a better phrase than “pipe bomb press conference” out there to use, no?
J T Prije mjesec
Could Pat be further up Rodgers ass
Thomas Rolo
Thomas Rolo Prije mjesec
Every NFL franchise does the same ish that the Packers do... it's a business and he knows this... What a cry baby 😂
Sam Artalona
Sam Artalona Prije mjesec
Stop he’s not a ownerless just a cry bb fux him
Mike In Indy
Mike In Indy Prije mjesec
If Jordan Love didn’t suck, you would’ve been treated the same way
Mike In Indy
Mike In Indy Prije mjesec
If you’re not at home doing yard work or you have 3% body fat and are ripped don’t wear a tank top in public. EVER!!!
Fred Rebz
Fred Rebz Prije mjesec
What’s that stuff that keeps popping onto the screen
MrCurry1018 Prije mjesec
Why won’t you let the US Marines stationed in IN come see the show ?
MrHITMAN7676 Prije mjesec
hahaha the way they clown AJ and his hands is the best AJ's handling of it is even better... much love bois
Danov Prije mjesec
This IS Aaron Rodgers. Why can't Aaron sign 1 year contracts, to feel out where the front office is leading? 1 Year contracts keep the front office on their hind step 24/7!!!
CK Soundscapes
CK Soundscapes Prije mjesec
People that talk trash about Rodgers huff glue and prefer White Claw to Whiskey.
Moho Salous
Moho Salous Prije mjesec
AJ looks like he’s about to rob my ass
miko foin
miko foin Prije mjesec
He's still a drama queen
Brian Kite
Brian Kite Prije mjesec
AJ be looking like “face 4” on Madden
Kyle Spencer
Kyle Spencer Prije mjesec
That tank top makes pat look like he lost 300lbs
Douglas E. Johnson
Douglas E. Johnson Prije mjesec
Every time I'm starting to feel down about things, the Pat McAfee show effin' picks me up. Thanks guys.
Ryan Olzysky
Ryan Olzysky Prije mjesec
I guess Aaron doenst understand there is a salary cap in the NFL... Maybe he should take a pay cut so they could keep all these players he speaks of? Get real.
Hank Channel
Hank Channel Prije mjesec
80% of the players he mentioned SUCKED after they left GB. Also, Cobb is OLD and is ALWAYS injured. He won’t have much of an impact. Watch GB have a .500 record this year. Watch.
Owdeez Strauz
Owdeez Strauz Prije mjesec
CM punks pipebomb was a work.
Rodger Maneric
Rodger Maneric Prije mjesec
Packers front office played this charade absolutely perfect. One more year to get Love ready. Gutey has done some great work. No wonder why the shareholders gave him a standing o. Great job Packers front office calling AR bluff.
Spencer G
Spencer G Prije mjesec
Branden Lowe
Branden Lowe Prije mjesec
They straight shaded AJ on camera and he just took it 😂😂😂
The Static Grizzly Show
HAHHAHAA he says "ahhh don't show em" lol
I'm still wondering why random sports scores are going on in the background behind pat McAfee lol
Sam burrell
Sam burrell Prije mjesec
Yankee w no brim!
mike bennett
mike bennett Prije mjesec
He's still a drama queen
Cute As Fluff
Cute As Fluff Prije mjesec
😂🤣😂🤣😂 5:51 Pat got AJ all aggravated and over that knuckles and fingers rant they were on.
M. Jackson
M. Jackson Prije mjesec
Im on his side. How many seasons have the Packers wasted now?
Wun Wub
Wun Wub Prije mjesec
AJ looks like the steroid plug at the gym
Andrew Hayhoe
Andrew Hayhoe Prije mjesec
Rodgers sounds whiney and you guys have painted yourself in a corner. Karen Rodgers.
Robert Krakaur
Robert Krakaur Prije mjesec
That’s fine, but it’s a different gm than the one who let those guys go. I think. Same team president though
Gino Benatti
Gino Benatti Prije mjesec
Is AJ filming at a public library? Dude is a 100 page book monster eh?
sjwilson1079 Prije mjesec
Aaron just put the entire packers organization on blast
scott fontenot
scott fontenot Prije mjesec
arod is a G
Chris Cothron
Chris Cothron Prije mjesec
They turned CM Punk’s mic off bc RAW was about to go off the air. Pipebomb ended the show.
CCMC GAMING Prije mjesec
So he was mad because people become free agents lol they can't afford to keep everybody
Jojo Materese
Jojo Materese Prije mjesec
If somebody tells me to shut up and play football or I'm not gonna play for them anymore either
JohnGrit Prije mjesec
Why does he look and sound like Nicholas Cage??🤣😂
Sarah Poisel
Sarah Poisel Prije mjesec
🤪 come on pat that’s Rodgers Did he once restructure his contract too keep any any of those core guys. Nope 👎 always demanded to be the top payed guy. Rodgers is a over hyped joke.
Carlos Lozada
Carlos Lozada Prije mjesec
Rodgers is a drama queen
Kirk Chapman
Kirk Chapman Prije mjesec
Don't know why everyone is gassin AJ, BUT he looks like just started emptying his trust fund for that ice ice baby
monday and friday
monday and friday Prije mjesec
People ain't never got enough Cash or "SHAME". Coming back for the League and Brady can make him look like a fool again, "Retire Rodgers", your career was a disappointment, atleast Salvage your Lasting Legacy and not go out as Bradys Chew Toy. I'm a Disappointed and Angry Rodgers Fan. Screw the League, Screw Brady, Screw McCarthy and Screw the Packers.
Private Name
Private Name Prije mjesec
didn't catch this one, but please there's no way Pat and the boys went through this whole segment with AJ without blasting that hat.
Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton Prije mjesec
Anyone I have ever known who wears a low cut tank top always has BO. That’s you bud.
El Qasim Talib
El Qasim Talib Prije mjesec
Aj hawk looks like a narc 😂
Mr. X
Mr. X Prije mjesec
Aj looks like white Tyrese.
Doak 48
Doak 48 Prije mjesec
You don’t take their money and bad mouth them in public. Do one or the other. Take their money and shut up or leave and speak your mind.
Bat Conker
Bat Conker Prije mjesec
AJ getting blasted in the comments lmao
Kenneth Dias
Kenneth Dias Prije mjesec
We don’t care . He can pound sand
Evan Fleury
Evan Fleury Prije mjesec
AJ looking like my character on Def Jam: Fight for NY
geoice23 Prije mjesec
Rodgers just went 2pac Hit Em Up style🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥No Vaseline by Aaron Cube
Duane Gansberg
Duane Gansberg Prije mjesec
Come on he's just covering for himself cuz he's stuck
Mildly Entertaining
Mildly Entertaining Prije mjesec
Is it just me or does McAfee sound almost identical to Alex Jones
Scrum67 Prije mjesec
Mr. Rogers...What a baby...
Greg Henson
Greg Henson Prije mjesec
Pat seems to be stoned in this one. Have fun Pat!
Jeffrey Mika
Jeffrey Mika Prije mjesec
Rodgers is the NFL's #1 narcissist.
Matt Blackburn
Matt Blackburn Prije mjesec
Best show around!
David Kincade
David Kincade Prije mjesec
Guys, get with it... "FINGER TIP PUSHUPS"... LOL
Van Hove
Van Hove Prije mjesec
Call me crazy but didn't most of those vets fall off a cliff a year or two after GB let them walk? Not a Pac fan at all but kinda seems like they were ahead of the game with those decisions most of the time.
sebasbf barajas
sebasbf barajas Prije mjesec
Why does AJ look like both Jay & Silent Bob at the same time…
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller Prije mjesec
AJ looks like Axle Rose with short hair.
Mors Susurri
Mors Susurri Prije mjesec
This is trending and that’s pretty damn awesome
Laura weinsberg
Laura weinsberg Prije mjesec
I’m starting to think AJ got a bad haircut
Nathaniel Bolden
Nathaniel Bolden Prije mjesec
Rodgers went full metal stud muffin!...and I'm a LIFELONG BEARS MAN!!!...
sensei kraken
sensei kraken Prije mjesec
Why does AJ look like both Jay & Silent Bob at the same time…
Moises Colon
Moises Colon Prije mjesec
matt noah
matt noah Prije mjesec
AJ looking like the lead bully of a 80s movie about high school years.
Mychael Jones
Mychael Jones Prije mjesec
Burn it down.
Nahimal Markaj
Nahimal Markaj Prije mjesec
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Inappropriate Content
#23 on trending right now, congrats pat!!
8 flips in the air 😳😦| #shorts