All Fortnite Cinematic Season Trailers (Season 1 - Season 17)

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All Fortnite Season Trailers until Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. The Season Trailers give you a sneak peak of all the new content we're getting in the update and you get to follow the story as if it's a Fortnite Movie!

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►There's no official season trailer available for Chapter 1 Season 1, 2 & 3.

00:00 Season 4
00:46 Season 5
01:48 Season 6
02:37 Season 7
03:51 Season 8
04:43 Season 9
06:04 Season 10
07:03 Season 1
08:11 Season 2
09:17 Season 3
10:34 Season 4
11:33 Season 5
12:55 Season 6
15:59 Season 7

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8. Lip 2021.



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Komentari 1 447
Zylaz Prije 5 mjeseci
Which is Your favourite season? Also, there's no official season trailer available for Chapter 1 Season 1, 2 & 3. Don't forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE & use code "Zylaz" in the item shop :)
mk_vqz Prije dan
Youp NL
Youp NL Prije dan
Chapter 2 season 5
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire Prije 5 dana
Chapter 2 season 4 or 5
Luthando Zwane
Luthando Zwane Prije 9 dana
Season 4 Chapter 2 the best one
lery Torres
lery Torres Prije 17 dana
@DudeOut30 0
Spidey909 Prije 19 sati
Why does the title say seasons 1 through 17 if it’s actually 4 through 17
Zeema22 gaming
Zeema22 gaming Prije dan
Season 7
PMS Prije 2 dana
Season 12 was so good, the mythics gave the game a much better experience for spots and everything
Sean Kane
Sean Kane Prije 3 dana
Chapter 2 season 1 was a standby introducing the new plot and characters, chapter 2 season 2 was fresh and was unique, it introduces good ideas and weapons. It was a amazing starting point for the season other than the like 4 week delay before the next season. Chapter 2 season 3 was a fun and cool continuation slash resolution to that storyline. From than on the seasons magic left. It felt desperate and not fun.
Adler des Todes
Adler des Todes Prije 3 dana
Season 7 hit different
Corey Sturgeon
Corey Sturgeon Prije 5 dana
Chapter 2 was only good for map changes in season 2, 3, and 5. But all of the changes got reverted after the season. In chapter 1 all of the changes remained. Season 5 brought the sand which stayed, season 7 brought the snow which stayed, season 8 brought the jungle which stayed. Chapter 1 kept the memories and the cool stuff people enjoyed. Chapter 2 didn’t.
Unmemeable 17
Unmemeable 17 Prije 6 dana
7:04 The start of my favorite chapter
Hayden Hatch
Hayden Hatch Prije 8 dana
My tier ranking from season 1-season 18 1. Ch2 s2 3. Ch2 S3 3. Ch1 s8 4. Ch2 s4 5.Ch1 s7 They all hit different now
DerpLoser09 Prije 9 dana
"The world will never be the same"
Emil Dedenroth
Emil Dedenroth Prije 9 dana
plzzzzz get the old battel pass back an the old challenges back plzzz epic games
May Khamis
May Khamis Prije 12 dana
My favorite season was season3 but I hate season 7
Tom Dom
Tom Dom Prije 12 dana
I miss the old seasons from chapter 2
Doflamingo Prije 12 dana
0:20 he was so damn Right with that
darui123 Prije 13 dana
Fish stick survived so long
Khalid21 Prije 15 dana
Uncommon Prije 16 dana
Chapter 1 season 5 is still My fav
Chalesito ♪
Chalesito ♪ Prije 16 dana
David Lara
David Lara Prije 18 dana
I remember 2017 brings back so meny memories
pierre hawkins
pierre hawkins Prije 19 dana
Here cause of syperk
Jordan Hall
Jordan Hall Prije 19 dana
Have most of you guys figure out the thing that is in chapter 3 yet!
KrypticKnight Prije 19 dana
Who else is here trying to figure out what sypher said in the flip side video?
Zylaz Prije 19 dana
Jordan Hall
Jordan Hall Prije 19 dana
Portal gun never got added
SleepzFN Prije 19 dana
Pov you are here bc of sypherpk
Jordan Hall
Jordan Hall Prije 19 dana
It's the portal gun that never got added
Jordan Hall
Jordan Hall Prije 19 dana
Ik what it is
Jordan Hall
Jordan Hall Prije 19 dana
Did you find something
Suageboi kid
Suageboi kid Prije 19 dana
Shookie Shakers
Shookie Shakers Prije 19 dana
Hey quinendence the visitor kanded where dusty depot should be 🥵🥶
SKV Show
SKV Show Prije 19 dana
Zylaz Prije 19 dana
Carol Lynch
Carol Lynch Prije 19 dana
Season 7 was my favorite
Miss Mel
Miss Mel Prije 20 dana
I miss Season 5,Season 7,Chapter 2 Season 2,Chapter 2 season 6 and Chapter 2 season 7. Those seasons were pog
Melissa Wilson
Melissa Wilson Prije 20 dana
I started on either very late season 7 or season 8
Gabriel letrado
Gabriel letrado Prije 20 dana
No son alas verdaderas
egigib Prije 23 dana
I Don't never Forget The golf Cars😭
zoubida afi
zoubida afi Prije 23 dana
Hi my name is Ziyad
Zylaz Prije 23 dana
hello Ziyad
DRADUTZ Prije 23 dana
I like how Clark Kent was plaiyng fortnite as batman
Bananas Prije 23 dana
Vem er du
ANDYBOY Prije 26 dana
Kiribachi Prije 26 dana
I started playing fortnite in season 3, I stopped at season 9. I’m about to log on again to see what has changed… I hope not much. Do they still have bolt-action snipers?
Jaden Bou
Jaden Bou Prije 27 dana
Im going to cry
mind your business mAn
can't believe I missed the great pirate era of fornite
Michel Matos
Michel Matos Prije 28 dana
Jake Prije 28 dana
1:43 🗿
BabyFaziYT Prije 28 dana
Jonesy then: No one is escaping the loop Jonesy now: We must escape the loop
Zylaz Prije 28 dana
Bailey O'Donnell
Bailey O'Donnell Prije 29 dana
S2 chap2 ugh yes, we all remember it🥺 tilted needs to come back if anything tho
JustNormAl Prije mjesec
16:34 I like that it shows Superman editing his avatar to full Batman on the computer xd
Donald Mayberry
Donald Mayberry Prije mjesec
Fortnite is fun game
my dad went to get the milk
why cant we just have stayed in season 5. those vibes when you won tilted, or landing paradise palms and fighting through the hotel room, and just overall vibes when you won a game, that adrenalin when you're in a top 10 and first win of the season you'd have the slow motion and freak out about it, playing with the boys and landing lazy links to drive the golf carts man i miss fortnite they really messed up that game
SPRINGTRAP Prije mjesec
Man C1S8 is the actual bomb
Ghostin Prije mjesec
Chapter 1 season 7 🥺🥺🥺🥺 fortnite gave us 2 free skins :)
joosh Prije mjesec
when you woke up the day season 4 dropped to find out dusty was gone
Deadpol Gatpy moreador
Ha ha
EVERY THINGS Prije mjesec
Queen Jana
Queen Jana Prije mjesec
😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😠😠😠😠😠😠😠🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 777777777777666
OrEz-SyLas Prije mjesec
The most fun, memorable, nostalgic, and hyped seasons to me and prob most people to, is seasons chapter 1 season 7, chapter 1 season 8, chapter 1 season 9, and chapter 2 season 2
Complex Slayer
Complex Slayer Prije mjesec
Chapter 1 season 9 it brang amazing memories i Loved the cyber city Untill season X came ): Maybe one day it will come back
Metal_Kid Prije mjesec
Season 5 was the best one in my opinion. I also feel like Fortnite is missing something with the rifts. Before every game they would be a rift and then you get sent to One of the different maps for all the seasons.
zsa zsa padilla
zsa zsa padilla Prije mjesec
I like how rick burped
Josh FF
Josh FF Prije mjesec
I just miss peely very much
nob Prije mjesec
Here is my list 18: Probably C1 season 7 it just didnt hit like the others 17: here we have Chapter 2 Season 3 ... Boring af 16: We got Chapter 2 S6 Didnt really get much in this season i liked the animals tho 15: Oh boy here we got C2 S1 Kinda boring not that bad tho 14: Here is C1 S6 i liked it but there was alot going on 13: C1 S1 this gives nostalgia like alot 12: We got C1 S9 I loved this season neo tilted and mega mall everything but now that i think of it its not that good anymore 11: C2 S7 Look i liked it and all but the Ufos and the abductors was a bit annoying 10: we got this current season We havent gotten much yet but im exited for slone going to the redacted bunker 9: now we got S10 Aka Season X hear me out Across from the Mechs i really liked this one not bad 8: Here we have C2 S4 i absolutely loved this season the mythics and everything 7: We have C1 S4 this was the one i really really played on im still mad i never got the last style for omega and carbide :( 6: C1 S8 i loved this season i think it was pretty underated 5: We got C1 S5 man i remember landing lazy links with my friend saying this is sick 4: C1 S2 i didnt play this season so i dont know much but we got tilted and much more :D 3: Here we got C1 S3 This one was awsome and super fun i started in this one 2: Here we have C2 S2 oh boy Just everything man the story the agents the ghost and shadow i loved it :D 1: For the final we got C2 S5 i absolutely loved this one everything was awsome the hunters too Thats all
Oliwier edits games
Oliwier edits games Prije mjesec
banana eled
banana eled Prije mjesec
Back in my days kids we only had the shopping cart and the golf cart as vehicles and the middle building in tilted Towers always got destroyed
Beata Adams
Beata Adams Prije mjesec
And i love 5season i miss5seasonn with 4season!😃
Beata Adams
Beata Adams Prije mjesec
I love 4season
CasCake Prije mjesec
Season 7 (Chapter 1) Had to have been the most fun, chill season of them all man. Camping in planes all game...Going to the ice rink and dancing until you were forced out by the storm...Snowmen :)
Michael Fallen
Michael Fallen Prije mjesec
Idk why but chapter 1 season 7,8,9 hit me soo hard I miss it :(
GATITO😎🧉 Prije mjesec
Necesito una temporada de navidad otra ves dale epic
jade Pearce
jade Pearce Prije mjesec
liar, where is season one two three. and not the chapter two
Aloushi Kassem
Aloushi Kassem Prije mjesec
Aloushi Kassem
Aloushi Kassem Prije mjesec
Hmm i dont no hmmm sashin x
NonHotcake Prije mjesec
Fun fact: You can see galactus in the season x trailer with the triceratops
Senior takis
Senior takis Prije mjesec
To be honest I only liked chapter one except for season 10 because it was the season Fortnite started chapter 2 and it was also one of the reasons I quit Fortnite when chapter 2 season 4 came out
Lightdark Prije mjesec
2:37 that is literally me coughing
Zai Prije mjesec
season 6 season 7 and season 8 were probably my favorite seasons... it was peak fortnite back then
mbobbyf __
mbobbyf __ Prije mjesec
Hug Byg
Hug Byg Prije mjesec
I played this game through chapter 1 season 4 - chapter 2 season 4 and im crying because of how much has changed
William Ferrandez
William Ferrandez Prije mjesec
seasons 3 and 4 were so good. i loved the map changes and the introduction of customisable skins
Oscar van der wegen
Oscar van der wegen Prije mjesec
chapter 2 season 4
Ahden Rollings
Ahden Rollings Prije mjesec
C1S9 Is Amazing Because Of Bunker Jones
Abel Moreno
Abel Moreno Prije mjesec
Easy day and season 7 art like that season 7 is Rick Morty and all the other stuff in season 7 is venom we are Venom
GaudyBo2475 Prije mjesec
Did anyone spot deadpool in the top secret trailer?
Real dababy
Real dababy Prije mjesec
I know I sound like a really big bitch when I say this but I really miss chapter 1 season one I would do anything to get it back at least the music on people not sweating on your ass
Ultimate veer
Ultimate veer Prije mjesec
You just gave us a flashback . Thanks
Ultimate veer
Ultimate veer Prije mjesec
@Zylaz bro I really enjoyed it cause I am also an OG player. Thankyou very much
Zylaz Prije mjesec
Hope you enjoyed it!
Liam Harwood
Liam Harwood Prije 2 mjeseci
Did anyone see dead pool in peely's bookshelf?
krieg 7032
krieg 7032 Prije 2 mjeseci
I miss the old fortnite
Upcomimg Titans
Upcomimg Titans Prije 2 mjeseci
Chapter one season 7 just hit different
ProTNoLife04 Prije 2 mjeseci
I remember when every single trailer came out
Curly Prije 2 mjeseci
I still get chills with season 5 Such a Great season
abroodie001 Prije 2 mjeseci
I loved season 14 iv watched this video soooo many times
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi Prije 2 mjeseci
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi Prije 2 mjeseci
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi Prije 2 mjeseci
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi Prije 2 mjeseci
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi Prije 2 mjeseci
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi Prije 2 mjeseci
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi Prije 2 mjeseci
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi Prije 2 mjeseci
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi Prije 2 mjeseci
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi Prije 2 mjeseci
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi Prije 2 mjeseci
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi Prije 2 mjeseci
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi Prije 2 mjeseci
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi Prije 2 mjeseci
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi
JacilaneLUDIEL FOrtyi Prije 2 mjeseci
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