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Trick shots from all your favorite sports!
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Comment: I remember the OG Boom Stick!
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7. Lis 2019.



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Komentari 24 187
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect Prije 4 mjeseci
throwin’ it back to our old school trick shot days 🏸 🏀 🏈 ⚽️ ⚾️ 🎾 🥏🏐🥍 thanks for watching guys. we seriously appreciate you a ton
WindyNexus Prije 2 dana
Ashley Sadewasser
Ashley Sadewasser Prije 10 dana
Dude Perfect x CBC brbcbxbf
Derrick Small
Derrick Small Prije 13 dana
He forgot the bowling ball
Dark Beast
Dark Beast Prije dan
Troll 411
Troll 411 Prije dan
3:22 pause than look at it
Stetson Pacheco Studios
2:23That golf shot must of been hard!
Ayuj Tiwari
Ayuj Tiwari Prije 2 dana
All sports ? I don't see F1 anywhere
BE PHENOMENAL Prije 2 dana
This is amazing!!! If you like videos like this check my channel BE PHENOMENAL
Aubrey Almonte
Aubrey Almonte Prije 2 dana
I got 5 and up saying "Skeet Blitz Blaster"
H4runH !
H4runH ! Prije 2 dana
lol Wuhan on twinnis
Thomas Clarke
Thomas Clarke Prije 2 dana
I live in Canada and Tyler has a better slap shot than me
Thibeau Aneca
Thibeau Aneca Prije 2 dana
3:59 fake
Abhishek Gopal Ramshanker
bowling on is fake
Teguh Kulon Kali
Teguh Kulon Kali Prije 3 dana
Indonesia🇮🇩 come here...😎😎
Бекжан Толкимбай
Какже жалко что я не знаю английский язык
Swastik Ratha
Swastik Ratha Prije 3 dana
If dude perfect started playing this games at international level USA will be unbeatable :)
MrBaapFace Prije 3 dana
sOcCeR iSn'T a sPoRt
Theslim kee
Theslim kee Prije 3 dana
3:13 Ty's cap was in the reverse direction and in 3:50 his cap comes he doesnt really hit the pins from far away
GewoonTim Prije dan
I already thought, that's so easy to fake, thx for the prove.
poppy and millie
poppy and millie Prije 3 dana
Is Garry laft hand
Kirsty Burrows
Kirsty Burrows Prije 4 dana
Love u guys I'm your number one fan
Kristen Caron
Kristen Caron Prije 4 dana
Srsly cody
Luke Miller-hall
Luke Miller-hall Prije 5 dana
How did the football hit the bell thing at 4:10
Naman Gaming
Naman Gaming Prije 5 dana
Why there is no trick shot of cricket - the world's second popular sports
Prajwal More
Prajwal More Prije 5 dana
Do a video of volleyball game and trick shot
MD SHADID Prije 5 dana
Hello I'm from Bangladesh Iove your all trick shots
Abraham Rivera
Abraham Rivera Prije 5 dana
6:04 Cody: "First ever volleyball trick shot" They literally have a video called volleyball trick shots
David Rivera
David Rivera Prije 6 dana
I ended up saying skeet bitz basterd
Recep Aksüt
Recep Aksüt Prije 6 dana
Aferin lan size
Jasper Vermeer
Jasper Vermeer Prije 6 dana
5:56 Me, a table tennis player: weeps in the corner
Jasper Vermeer
Jasper Vermeer Prije 6 dana
Tyler talking to a bowling ball in a silly voice is so sweet
M2L Brown
M2L Brown Prije 6 dana
This is how many people have 3 strikes and then out 🔽
Christian Ford
Christian Ford Prije 7 dana
Alex_ 13
Alex_ 13 Prije 7 dana
6:00 I haven’t served underhand in 2 years ahahah I only serve overhand 😂
Arav 8 ball pool
Arav 8 ball pool Prije 7 dana
5:45 this is probably the first time they ever picked up a badminton racket on video.
Arav 8 ball pool
Arav 8 ball pool Prije 4 dana
Mr.mouthful don't be. Not a big mistake you made.
Mr.mouthful Prije 4 dana
@Arav 8 ball pool oof im sorry
Arav 8 ball pool
Arav 8 ball pool Prije 4 dana
Mr.mouthful im talking about dude perfect
Mr.mouthful Prije 4 dana
watch swift badminton, shuttle flash, or even just the Olympics youtube channel basically your wrong.
Jaasau Kwok
Jaasau Kwok Prije 7 dana
3:23 wuhan
Kanchan Tiwari
Kanchan Tiwari Prije 7 dana
if some child broke your car you will forgive him or you will take the money from him that show name should be due perfect answer please
Nidal Hassen
Nidal Hassen Prije 7 dana
It says wuhan on the gong
Vincent Vo
Vincent Vo Prije 8 dana
All sports baseball TRICK SHOTS NOT BATTLE
lala apd rapid fast
lala apd rapid fast Prije 8 dana
U forgot cricket
Allison Larson
Allison Larson Prije 8 dana
They forgot softball
Olivia Stalker
Olivia Stalker Prije 8 dana
Have they ever NOT made one of their trick shots?
jenny newman
jenny newman Prije 8 dana
please explain why Cody said this is our first volleyball trick-shot but they made a whole video of volleyball trick shots before
Landonator Playz
Landonator Playz Prije 8 dana
This is how many people are 10 and older ⤵️
Andréia Mendez
Andréia Mendez Prije 8 dana
Oi eu me escrevi no seu canal
Mar mar and Jer Jer playz
johnny W
johnny W Prije 9 dana
You should do a vid we’re the song is SoCal man
Brain Rescue
Brain Rescue Prije 9 dana
Wait.... On gongs stands wuhan Diagnose corona
DUOGAMINGNL Prije 9 dana
Where is soccer
Nicholas Poon
Nicholas Poon Prije 9 dana
3:21 Wuhan virus
Nethul OMG
Nethul OMG Prije 9 dana
Where's the badminton trick shot??
Amy Richmond
Amy Richmond Prije 9 dana
I said skeet blitz blaster 3 times.
Julie Babb
Julie Babb Prije 10 dana
Hi! I really like you guys a lot! I am a Christian as well and I hope to someday meet you!
R0bin Killers
R0bin Killers Prije 10 dana
This one was uploaded on birthday
Kevin Ramsar
Kevin Ramsar Prije 10 dana
These trick shots should set a Guinness World Record.
Elwin Tan
Elwin Tan Prije 10 dana
The gong is from wuhan
madboi Prije 10 dana
05:27 they predicted it
Anita Lawate
Anita Lawate Prije 10 dana
Ty : WHAT A START TO THE DAY BABYY!!!!!! WHOOOOOOO!!!! Me : Was that your first trickshot when you were shooting
🔥🔥 0:37 🔥💃🔥💯 👇 👇 👇 👇🔥💃
🔥 0:47 🖤🔥🔥 👇👇💞
GameBoyKarl Prije 11 dana
In all sports trick shots 2 pls keep cricket
Georgia's Fun
Georgia's Fun Prije 11 dana