Am I Introverted or Extroverted?!

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we try and find who the introvert vs extrovert is
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Komentari 80
Twitch_StarLord_ Prije 3 minuta
Been streak watching Pewds since Bitch Lasagna (2018... Sept? idrk but somewhere there) But couldnt watch last month so Catching up now. 15 More to go. Anyone else? ~Random Discord ★Starry☆♕
another soulforsale
another soulforsale Prije 30 minuta
I hate the quiet voice they all started talking with at first. Come on people, be a little more alive! You say you struggle with stereotypes and you confirm them at the same time. Also, I laughed when the most shy guy in the history said that he is less shy than other people in the group. Look at his body language, he is trying to make himself disappear😅
G- Man
G- Man Prije sat
It’s not introversion more rather being asocial where you can go out and have fun with people and can talk to a lot of people but you need your alone time to “recharge” I feel like most people I know/or on this site are asocial people.
Fesho Prije 2 sati
Bonnie Cherine
Bonnie Cherine Prije 2 sati
I am such an introvert but online and in front of people I trust, I’m the loudest bitch.
Trenton Newkirk
Trenton Newkirk Prije 2 sati
GFuel gay cups
Loggie1p random whale
Introvert plus extrovert equals ampavert you dumb phuc Probably spelled ampavert rong
Shobie Prije 3 sati
Fun fact: Introverts can't have fun.
Jason DiMarco
Jason DiMarco Prije 4 sati
Amni- WHAAT!?!?
Croissant Green
Croissant Green Prije 4 sati
ehh i was right
Croissant Green
Croissant Green Prije 5 sati
i agree completly,im on round three,the ripped jeans look like my friend,but also looks completly fake like somebody dressed somebody like an introvert and kinda tried too far,and the flower skirt is just ye extroverty
WyMenTM Prije 6 sati
Хеллол май френд
Gracey Shaw
Gracey Shaw Prije 8 sati
Little kids are great cuz even the American ones dont pick up on awkward silences
Pothos Prije 8 sati
"maybe i'm just european"
Sophie Ruiz
Sophie Ruiz Prije 8 sati
Pewds: “I’d rather just be silent than force a conversation” Also Pewds: *talks through the whole silent round*
Ana Paula Oliveira
Ana Paula Oliveira Prije 8 sati
o video tava epic
Mia Nenadic
Mia Nenadic Prije 9 sati
their are people out there who take this stuff so seriously and its scary
Jonathan Prije 9 sati
I have social anxiety disorder. Which causes me to be an introvert. Not sure if I would be one if I didn't have this disorder. Its like a chicken and the egg scenario.
Joseph Keller
Joseph Keller Prije 9 sati
If you’re both it’s considered being an outgoing introvert. I am one of these lol.
Merpledurp _
Merpledurp _ Prije 9 sati
There is actually a term for people who are both introverted and social... I forgot what it's called and I'm too lazy to google what it is... BUT I KNOW ITS A THING.
Kate Brandish
Kate Brandish Prije 9 sati
Who remembers the old pewdiepie?
Thalfin Octopus
Thalfin Octopus Prije 9 sati
I hear you breathing
Collin atkinson
Collin atkinson Prije 10 sati
LE timtomtumgum
LE timtomtumgum Prije 10 sati
So he just admitted that he has dementia u have always been very "special" pewds
Даша Курочкина
ツWeebsterMax Prije 11 sati
4:03 How he pronounces the name XDDD
ancilla Prije 11 sati
It was so easy to guess that chick lmaooo
Lucas _Sk
Lucas _Sk Prije 11 sati
Speak School
Bob Perzsi
Bob Perzsi Prije 12 sati
I didn't go outside in 8 weeks
Racke B
Racke B Prije 12 sati
I love people and I love talking a little to much, but I'm always exhausted after being social and I need to go to my home where I feel completely safe to recharge. So yes I think we are somewhere on the line/spectrum of extrovert and introvert, leaning towards one of them; We are not just one or the other.
Tobias Berling
Tobias Berling Prije 12 sati
This is how many times Maya said Like ↓
Bertram Schønberg
Bertram Schønberg Prije 12 sati
im pretty sure its not "owls in the moss" but "owls in the bog/swamp" if u tranlate it directly
Nick VV
Nick VV Prije 13 sati
why they all talk so low. apparently they cant not do that
Ella muilenburg
Ella muilenburg Prije 13 sati
ok just saying that as you can tell introverts are nervous at the start but once you start to talk to them and they feel comfortable they get gitty and talk fast to get it over with for example... 7:48 10:58 14:14
Saturian Khazard
Saturian Khazard Prije 13 sati
I think I might be a not-give-a-shit-vert...
Yo Prije 13 sati
Maya is not an introvert. Idc what she says
Mattia_98 Prije 13 sati
They are all extroverts. An introvert would never agree to this.
Satarnoch Prije 13 sati
Are they introverts or just social "rejects"?
Teo Prije 14 sati
did you not notest the one with the ripped jeans that she sed she had a GIRLFRIEND
NeToKu Chan
NeToKu Chan Prije 14 sati
please original content
Daniel Azzapardi
Daniel Azzapardi Prije 14 sati
Introverts energy is directed into their internal world, extroverts into the external. That is the distinguishing factor.
Sarfnic Productions
Sarfnic Productions Prije 15 sati
TikTok is not for introverts! It's for extrovert SCUM!
Crazystar Prije 16 sati
People: making good points Pewdiepie: LIaR!
josiah O'Neill
josiah O'Neill Prije 17 sati
I went to a party one time and ended up just sitting and talking to my GF and Friends most of the time then played Chess with one of my friends I went with. So all you saying introvert can’t have fun at party’s are wrong. Gosh.
Closet HomoSexual
Closet HomoSexual Prije 17 sati
They should have 6 black people and they all have to guess which one is the fake black person
BradKozy Prije 17 sati
i want one of those gay cups.
i have no clue
i have no clue Prije 18 sati
they should have a bunch of deaf people speaking through sign language and one person that learned sign language (e.g n sna) but isn’t deaf
Loki Starzz [Boba Alligator]
I'm an ambivert idk why we aren't remembered but ig thats fine.
ilike kitkatmint
ilike kitkatmint Prije 19 sati
I’m very introverted but when it comes to talking to other introverts I become extroverted
Pebsi Man
Pebsi Man Prije 20 sati
Alright kids, this is how you don't socially awkward. Negate. Basically don't. Or act like they're a close friend but you've taken over the body of the host and you're getting as much information as possible to try to successfully pass as them
Sarah Curtis
Sarah Curtis Prije 21 sat
Pewds I’m pretty sure you’re an ambivert. It’s like a middleground :)
xll isaiah
xll isaiah Prije 21 sat
Real introverts like human interaction it's just that they like to be alone so they can recharge their brain.
Austin Peirson
Austin Peirson Prije 23 sati
Felix after the first round: "Wow, racists" Felix before the woman on the right even speaks: "DoN't tRuSt hEr!"
Just call me Lane
Just call me Lane Prije 23 sati
:29 it’s called being ambiverted
Joy Cee
Joy Cee Prije dan
Extroverts are suffering because of the lockdown Introverts- LoL
JustSomeRando Prije dan
Introverts say “like” 5 million times per sentence
mariah Prije dan
Hamm Hamm
Hamm Hamm Prije dan
What about me, who literally talks to everyone, but I am definitely introverted. I need my time at home and away from people and dead silent in my room. Just silence
Alexander Jacob
Alexander Jacob Prije dan
The people introverted can talk so is dificult begin a conversation :')
Marsi the alien
Marsi the alien Prije dan
dont come to Brazil then, they will talk to you the whole fricking time- supermarket lines, at the bus, while you walking on the street, in the middle of the traffic....literally EVERYWHERE and ALL THE TIME
Shane Wilson
Shane Wilson Prije dan
what the fuck are owls in the moss
Lizeth Galvez
Lizeth Galvez Prije dan
ah more videos like these😌
arthillidan mc
arthillidan mc Prije dan
Personally this episode (not pewdiepie 's) really pissed me off be cause it paints introverts like we are antisocial which has a difrence between introverted. I am introverted and I have an extroverted bro, and the most important difference is that after social situations or if during I just want to lay in bed, watch HRvid videos we don't all are antisocial and have anxiety. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk
Katey Henderson
Katey Henderson Prije dan
What a TERRIBLE interpretation of introverts lol. This was just awful. This was just an example of very awkward people. (Which is fine, but come on). There’s a difference between introverted and uncomfortableness and shyness and anxiousness. Lol. I’m definitely introverted. But i still can talk to people with confidence sometimes. I can also be very anxious where i don’t want to leave the house. This experiment is a vague idea of introverted-ness Edit: made this comment before watching the whole video.
Maya Kinney
Maya Kinney Prije dan
I have panic attacks oof
Maya Kinney
Maya Kinney Prije dan
I have severe type of anxiety that stats with r
Maya Kinney
Maya Kinney Prije dan
It’s confirmed that girl maya is trying to be me because I prefer texting and I’m more introverted
Maya Kinney
Maya Kinney Prije dan
I’m both but mostly introvert I would say
Maya Kinney
Maya Kinney Prije dan
I’m on this video? Hmm 🤔 who took my name it’s maya
Iver hmu
Iver hmu Prije dan
Who else had to google what introvert and extrovert is before this video..? ok just me
Isaac Karstad
Isaac Karstad Prije dan
"We also now have the new G-fuel gay cups - Uh - Shaker cups" what a smooth save
Jack Playz
Jack Playz Prije dan
When you realize that the best comment on this post has 69 comments and it’s about coronavirus. 😒 🦠 🏳️‍🌈
D P Prije dan
The middle one literally quoted the text book definition of what an introvert was god dammit! Someone who gains their energy from being a lone and recharges that way, loses energy with people
bilias hour
bilias hour Prije dan
BrianTheRippe Prije dan
Pewds you are very right American conversions suck ass
bilias hour
bilias hour Prije dan
seems to be good
Terkina Novak
Terkina Novak Prije dan
Felix: i am not boring Also Felix: *nervous laugh*
Salma Caballero
Salma Caballero Prije dan
I go to speak school.
Clay Crews
Clay Crews Prije dan
11:39 Pewds: you talk to someone in America and they’re like *has a stroke*
Lazy Noran
Lazy Noran Prije dan
i would say that the mbti test isn't very accurate, the 16 personality types focus more on the fonctions, for example i'm an INFJ, where my main fonctions are Ni hero,Fe parent,Ti child,Se inferior. Ni hero: introverted intuition, where it's focused on what i want most, and it's very strong because it's a hero function, Fe parent : extroverted feeling, where it's focused on what people feel around me, this function develops with time and experiences because it's a parent function. Ti child : introverted thinking, where it's more focused on my thoughts, and this function is very strong and irrational because of the child function, Se inferior : extroverted sensor, where it's more focused on the experience i give for others and my physical appearence, this is very sensitive because it's an inferior function (also known as insecurity) INFJs can be seen as extroverts sometimes because of their Fe parent, Ti child and most importantly Se inferior, caring for others' feelings, outgoing with their thoughts and careful with giving people good experience.
Dunya Shehta
Dunya Shehta Prije dan
none of them were doing 👉👈 so they are all extrovert
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