AMAZING BOYFRIENDS Who Are Relationship Goals !

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AMAZING BOYFRIENDS Who Are Relationship Goals !
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to AMAZING BOYFRIENDS Who Are Relationship Goals !



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14. Svi 2019.




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Komentari 3 791
Mariah Garcia
Mariah Garcia Prije 5 sati
Hey!! My Dad made me a rose from beauty and the beast to!
Julia Glahn
Julia Glahn Prije 6 sati
10:27 Warning you have created cringe!
Evelynn Eubank
Evelynn Eubank Prije 11 sati
Me and my dad have one of those fire extinguishers and it use to be a lamp!
Layla Waters
Layla Waters Prije 17 sati
Omg soo nice of them 😂😍
cherry claxton
cherry claxton Prije 19 sati
I do not like it
Brianna Ekas
Brianna Ekas Prije dan
You can just get a lot of robot puppies
9:01 That Pillow Is So Cute! I Wish I Had One Like That!
the day she uploaded this is my birthday.
My life Is a lie
I was building a pillow fort and my cat just decided to join em whilst o was making it and here I was gonna sit 😂
Tigers Code
Tigers Code Prije 2 dana
Anyone else come here to get ideas for girlfriends/boyfriends?
Tammy Novak
Tammy Novak Prije 2 dana
i'll take bacon roses any day am i right
Ora's Oak
Ora's Oak Prije 2 dana
4:49 IM DEAD XD "Please don't clog the toilet again Xo Xo" OML XD IM DEAD
Amie Devine
Amie Devine Prije 2 dana
you should make more of these. reminds me how i need to get myself a mans
KoolKawaii Ami
KoolKawaii Ami Prije 2 dana
Luna Wolx :3
Luna Wolx :3 Prije 2 dana
7:26 am I the only one who actually get hurt when I hit my funny bone instead of it tingling? Just me? Ok time to waltz my way to the doctor
Angelie Love
Angelie Love Prije 2 dana
Azzy are you saying daughter have the other humans Indians but dogs are not humans so it doesn't make sense it's because they light up moving around it's just normal. It was single creatures like that because they don't have the same brains a Ordinary People
Calista Prije 2 dana
My grandfather had that exact clock 5:40
Arin Almahmood
Arin Almahmood Prije 2 dana
I feel so loveless
Parker Sullivan
Parker Sullivan Prije 3 dana
It’s 10 at night for me and I am going to sleep with azzy on 😄😄( I mean like I choose her out of all the HRvidrs not hating!😣)
Jenna The Person
Jenna The Person Prije 3 dana
congrats 💍👫💑💍
Adi Lansky
Adi Lansky Prije 3 dana
I’m going to cry
Gacha Skylar
Gacha Skylar Prije 3 dana
The girl that got the sword was Little Kelly
Skylar Hileman
Skylar Hileman Prije 5 dana
They are m&m’s on the cake
PizzaPenguin 07
PizzaPenguin 07 Prije 5 dana
Yes Azzy smarties is still a thing
Krystal Webster
Krystal Webster Prije 5 dana
a z I have a very strong connection to that my bed is like all made and then as soon as I get into it pillows or on top of me and everywhere
Lizzie Blue
Lizzie Blue Prije 5 dana
i want her earings!!!
Helen Steininger
Helen Steininger Prije 5 dana
azzy! im a kid and im pretty sure I can make a sushi pillow with a little help
BarfingUnicorn Productions
6:45 i own that one uwu
Barbara Johnson
Barbara Johnson Prije 5 dana
uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh im a kid...
The Man In a NAPPY
The Man In a NAPPY Prije 5 dana
Who is a single Pringle like me like if you are
Evy Jablonski
Evy Jablonski Prije 6 dana
smartys are still real
Lil_Sky Prije 6 dana
Smarties are still a thing!
Mira Chan
Mira Chan Prije 6 dana
I had that exact cake for my birthday yesterday. Sorry to the gf but he a LIAR!
Maribel Prije 7 dana
Awww..... If you think that the guys stepped up there romantic side put a like ⬇
Arthi .M.P
Arthi .M.P Prije 7 dana
Diys , antiques
SillyLilly Gacha
SillyLilly Gacha Prije 8 dana
So I made a cardboardrose fore my dads girlfriend but then they split... a few years later I came to her house and she still has them!
Shadow Kittie gacha
Shadow Kittie gacha Prije 8 dana
Azzy:hits arm on desk me:the classic youtuber ingury
Ducky yellow
Ducky yellow Prije 8 dana
My Name is Emily!!!😝
Carlee Nye
Carlee Nye Prije 9 dana
Nice speach azzy
Abderrahim Zoumar
Abderrahim Zoumar Prije 10 dana
{\_/} (> - < (> < Always lonely Btw using my dad's account ima girl
waterChing Poon
waterChing Poon Prije 10 dana
$365-730 of nail polish
GucciChim Shook
GucciChim Shook Prije 11 dana
i just realised how cool would it be if there was a mini rollercoaster with cupcakes as passengers and at the end the cupcakes would go in my mouth lol
sarina Salek Moghaddam
Did anyone realise that there was a ring in the Cinderella glass slipper?
Dsean Poindexter
Dsean Poindexter Prije 11 dana
Yes, azzy said that there was a ring in it
Mariam Ellian
Mariam Ellian Prije 12 dana
Me hears DNA at the back of my head bts DNA💜
Scilynn Gros
Scilynn Gros Prije 13 dana
Azzy:Kids, adults,dogs, cats. If you don't love pillow forts are you even human. Me: What!?
Laila Ali
Laila Ali Prije 13 dana
the only thing everyone has that u can give but still have more off it is love :)
ITz_Lia Prije 13 dana
My gma has pink eye Wich is contagious 1 like = 1 prayer ⬇
Vanille Schoko
Vanille Schoko Prije 13 dana
And im still Single 🤭🤗😶😐
G_ Zizi
G_ Zizi Prije 14 dana
Do you fave peirsings
Annara Zacarias
Annara Zacarias Prije 14 dana
Build Your Own Tank Battle!!
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