Anfield erupts! Amazing scenes as Liverpool reach the Champions League final with stunning comeback!

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Just listen to the atmosphere as the referee blew the final whistle to confirm Liverpool's 4-0 second-leg comeback over Barcelona to reach the Champions League final.
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7. Svi 2019.

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BT Sport
BT Sport Prije 2 mjeseci
This is OFFICIALLY the most viewed video on our HRvid channel... It took less than a day 😂🤯 Football ❤️
Zumba Zumba
Zumba Zumba Prije 10 sati
17M 😮
Adam Hart
Adam Hart Prije dan
Kakaidol Prije 13 dana
@Shiroyasha - At anfield we believe
Deadeye1967 Prije 17 dana
BT > Sky
Alex Despotppoulos
Alex Despotppoulos Prije 19 dana
Let's get 100 million!!
Gabriel Clarke
Gabriel Clarke Prije sat
Seeing the emotion on Milner's face gets me every time. 👀🙏
Zumba Zumba
Zumba Zumba Prije 10 sati
im still watching this ! 😀
loglady Prije dan
3:48 5:18 7:04 8:04
Madina Ente
Madina Ente Prije dan
Barcelona went to Anfield 4 nothing
Pro Baller
Pro Baller Prije 2 dana
This comeback and Barcelona vs PSG 6-1 are the two best Champions League comebacks ever!
1L2O3H4I5T6H7 Prije 2 dana
This never gets *_old_* 😍😍😍
Siddhant Kadam
Siddhant Kadam Prije 2 dana
I hope Liverpool gets relegated next year
Javier Zanetti
Javier Zanetti Prije 3 dana
Liverpool has the best full-backs. Robbo and TAA
William Hagan
William Hagan Prije 3 dana
Its mid july and im still here loving every second of it
Joe Care
Joe Care Prije 3 dana
These are the three best exports which ever came from Black Forest (Germany): 1. Cuckoo clock, 2. Black Forest Cake and of course: 3. JÜRGEN KLOPP, darling of THE KOP :-) Congrats from Pforzheim, Black Forest, Germany
심기영 Prije 3 dana
소름돋고싶어서 찾아왔습니다
Andrew Yuzgin
Andrew Yuzgin Prije 3 dana
Ngl, Henderson almost commenting over the YNWA adds a special something yeno
daniel wild
daniel wild Prije 4 dana
This gives me hope Prije 4 dana
One of the most incredible moments of my lifetime. This will go to the grave with me.
Fiona Dublin
Fiona Dublin Prije 4 dana
Keep coming back most days to watch this again 😩❤️ 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
mohammed aadil
mohammed aadil Prije 5 dana
Messi mashed on Merseyside ❤️🔥💯
Rishil Mehta
Rishil Mehta Prije 6 dana
Welcome to Anfield
Shafiq Ishaq
Shafiq Ishaq Prije 6 dana
LFCs ground Anfield needs an expansion, around the 80,000 seater capacity. Especially the Kop end double its capacity. Now that would give sleepless nights to all European opposition. Respect ✊🏽 from Pakistan 🇵🇰
SomEdit Media
SomEdit Media Prije 6 dana
Who is watching before preseason games ?
Darkfloyd Prije 6 dana
Robbos answer at 6:58 reminds me of dalglish answering journalist questions in his managerial days😂😂😂
Rxm_ Aj
Rxm_ Aj Prije 6 dana
Did anyone notice the ref got left hanging by klopp
Simon Mombrun
Simon Mombrun Prije 7 dana
6 Times 🏆🏆🏆 🏆🏆🏆🥇
محمد  غزالية
Oh my God 💗💗💗💗 I am from IRAQ 🤗YNWA 😘
Asap Chukkz
Asap Chukkz Prije 8 dana
Lfc is life
Football Reacts
Football Reacts Prije 8 dana
2:38 the guy on the right on the phone I think he’s cancelling his tickets to Madrid
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake Prije 8 dana
The biggest flop in world cup history
Yolanda Nunez
Yolanda Nunez Prije 8 dana
Qué hermosa canción Liverpool
Richard Boyes
Richard Boyes Prije 8 dana
What player would love to play for this club YNWA
Jow Fayerz
Jow Fayerz Prije 8 dana
Proper club from the boro
Sushant Chipte
Sushant Chipte Prije 9 dana
6:19 Remove that "?" And put "19"
Lally Ray
Lally Ray Prije 9 dana
I don't know how many times hv watched dis but when ever I watch it's like anther new game never did I believe dis ...when I was watching live something in my mind was saying messi is scoring until da final min ...2019 July 13 still watching
Aditya Garud
Aditya Garud Prije 9 dana
Best video on btsport to till date Who is the interviewer tho ?
Shajid Ahmed
Shajid Ahmed Prije 10 dana
Don't mind me watching for the 12736th time
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler Prije 10 dana
1:18 Lovren can’t help but give bezzie Mo Salah a hug 😂😂
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor Prije 10 dana
God help Norwich city! First match of the Premier league season under the lights of Anfield 🤣👍
Anson Chan
Anson Chan Prije 11 dana
I still come back every once in a while!
Abaadir Mohamed
Abaadir Mohamed Prije 12 dana
The most viewed video on the HRvid channel, And the most be loved club in the world. From Somalia
Von Splatterblast
Von Splatterblast Prije 12 dana
Congratulations on the new contract Origi 👍👍👍😎😎
Callum Rodgers
Callum Rodgers Prije 12 dana
1:07 ref got swerved
عبدالله RMA
عبدالله RMA Prije 12 dana
Name the song in 6:39?
Hamzah Ali
Hamzah Ali Prije 13 dana
ahmed Soliman
ahmed Soliman Prije 13 dana
ليله القبض علي البرسا
Slappe Slang
Slappe Slang Prije 13 dana
Next year Liverpool is gonna win the premier League trophy i know it 🙏🏼YNWA
derek dextremist
derek dextremist Prije 6 dana
Dempsey Oldham
Dempsey Oldham Prije 13 dana
EVERTON FC IS DA BEST haha no it not
Nasilemakbungkus Nasilemakbungkus
Suarez mengotakan janji tidak akan celebrate kt anfield
Conrad Mixelson
Conrad Mixelson Prije 14 dana
I am so happy that Liverpool again has a manager who can make people happy! YNWA!
Godswill Osagie
Godswill Osagie Prije 14 dana
Revenge for 2009
Abuzer Dag
Abuzer Dag Prije 15 dana
Who is the guy with the glasses at 4.43 next to Chamberlain ? Does anyone know him ?
fire55star fire
fire55star fire Prije 16 dana
Meepstar 10 like???