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24. Tra 2019.




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Komentari 19 166
Watermelon Man
Watermelon Man Prije 3 sati
Let’s BeRandom
Let’s BeRandom Prije 9 sati
Me; subtle sponsorship, love it! My Bro; that wasn’t subt- Me; I will pull your Tongue out! My mom; what’s that racket in there! Me; nothing mom! My bro; zack threatened to rip my tong- Me; *punch in the stomach* Sorry for the Violence guys!
XxMichaelxPRxX YT
XxMichaelxPRxX YT Prije 9 sati
When you die in a easy level in Mario maker 2 1:22
Banano_MX Prije 9 sati
Hey, I don't eat things twicr even tho my name is Alex
Phan Este
Phan Este Prije 11 sati
sự tức giận...vietnamese :))))
Mariana Marques da Silva
Hi! Don't know if you are going to read this or not but, I have been watching your work on HRvid for as long as I can remember. Thank you for all your insights ahahahah Instead of Smash, come MHW haha!!!
martins ramkad
martins ramkad Prije 23 sati
Awesome animation
Melanie B
Melanie B Prije dan
Chris Volka
Chris Volka Prije dan
3:44 Is it bad that I'd make that my ringtone? 👀
Cade Pierce
Cade Pierce Prije dan
The picture of domics throwing the remote is me at pacman
ShadowBR0414 Prije dan
He turned into Mickey Mouse for a second.
y e o s a n g e l
oh my motherducking god i had a so called "friend" named *elin* throughout my final years of primary school and she was just the biggest sh!thead ever the fact that im being reminded of her in this video makes me skskksksk
Adi Kurbegović
Adi Kurbegović Prije dan
I can tell you a story when I was absolutely pissed! So I have a PS4 and I play FIFA on it. My dad's friend came here once with his wife and when he saw that I have a PS4 and FIFA he said that he has a joystick in his car. So he went to bring it so we can play. I was happy because I don't have anyone to play FIFA with. All of my friends didn't give a single care about football and one friend did but he doesen't know how to play and also he hasn't got a controller. So I played with the man and he only won against me once while I trashed him a lot. We played long but I was having fun and his wife said that they have to go an it was kinda late like 00:00. Next time he came alone with a controller and we played,I trashed him lot of times and he beat me once and he was raging and I had a feeling he was gonna kill me. So he went to the bathroom and I got bored and my dad was also there sitting and waiting for him to leave so hr could go sleep because he had work early. It was like 00:00 and he finally beat me that game and I said that I got bored and the guy was convincing me to play more with him but I was bored and I said no. And now here comes the fun part. He actually STAYED on the PS and played alone and did training. I was also planning to stay long because I was sleeping in the living room and I like when Im alone. So I was there sitting and waiting for him to leave and he was there for TWO hours and I was raging inside and I went to the bathroom because I lost my shit and literally kicked the air and almodt started crying. I went to grab the martress to make him see that Im sleeping and my dad was saying:"Come sleep here" and I said that it was uncomfortable on the couch. He literaly just ignored our conversation and I actually felt bad for my dad more than me because imagine having to stay until 2 AM to wake up at 6 AM in the morning for work. So we repested the same thing, I went to grab the matress and my dad repeated that I should sleep on the couch and again the guy ignored it. I was raging inside me and started crying. I can't just tell him to stop playing because that would be rude. Then he asked what time is it and we said 2 and he got up and left. My dad after was really angry and said:"Is he ok?" I also agreed with him and we made a deal that if he comes again we will say that the PS is broken
modesola Edebor
modesola Edebor Prije dan
It's somehow boring
Pug&anime Lover
Pug&anime Lover Prije 2 dana
Si hate people like Alex I just get soooo triggered!!
davon powell
davon powell Prije 2 dana
When you talk about anime too much your life becomes an anime 2:47
Zachary Frausto
Zachary Frausto Prije 2 dana
7:46 Ng Ng
burst takeyami explosion
Persona 4 is fire
Ghostyweirdo Prije 2 dana
Dom needs to make a shirt with this 2:38 face on it and caption it "That douche bag, Alex".
Bridget_ blue
Bridget_ blue Prije 2 dana
If someone did what ellen did, i would just drive away and if she asked me why i did that, i would tell her: Sorry, i cant deal with spoiled children when im hungry.
Manan Agrawal
Manan Agrawal Prije 2 dana
7:23 you look like l from death note
Lapo Prije 2 dana
Raymond Phan
Raymond Phan Prije 3 dana
I made a lot of people cry in year 3 mostly because *cough cough fuck you Saxson, Ford* but in year 4 I just walked away because I knew I would make them cry, again
ARandom VideoMaker
ARandom VideoMaker Prije 3 dana
How to get back at people without being mad Give them a *yo its rewind time* and tell them exactly what they have done
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Prije 3 dana
If thats my freind I would leave her
AG CookieStudios
AG CookieStudios Prije 3 dana
F in the chats for Dom's Takoyaki
Nick Grifoni
Nick Grifoni Prije 3 dana
Splattyx _
Splattyx _ Prije 3 dana
Raga ma i sottotitoli italiani?❤️🇮🇹 Guys but the italian subtitles?❤️🇮🇹
Ale YT
Ale YT Prije 3 dana
Ok non so se mi potrai capire ma come mai hai usato un titolo italiano? ? Title italy!!!
Ghostly Ninja Ninja
Ghostly Ninja Ninja Prije 3 dana
Seven deadly sins
Kyanberu// Prije 4 dana
That takoyaki fight animation tho.
Brandon Ray
Brandon Ray Prije 4 dana
Im sensitive and i tend to get angry alot..
Cat Wolf ATA
Cat Wolf ATA Prije 4 dana
Adam I didn't know you were doing Akka lab with something outs yt
animelover 606
animelover 606 Prije 4 dana
i want to watch anime to!!!
Beonrik Pascual
Beonrik Pascual Prije 4 dana
Peyton Bishir
Peyton Bishir Prije 4 dana
A great anime is shogugeki no soma
Vybe Music
Vybe Music Prije 4 dana
Did Alex Take ur takoyaki?? Nooo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😃😃
yesnt Prije 4 dana
i know THE BEST ANIMATOR its called domics
chiazx1 Prije 4 dana
oof rewatching this i just notice the jmom(jaiden mom) from jaidenanimation LOL
XØ Music
XØ Music Prije 4 dana
Dude 1: “Sorry isn’t gonna dry my pants” Dude 2: Neither is being angry. So calm the f*** down. You ,my friend, get a sub for that
BTS Ziztaz
BTS Ziztaz Prije 4 dana
He’s like me I never get angry but I remember my best friend I love her to death but basically I HAVEEE to sleep on the wall side cause I will have a nightmare when I sleep in the age I wake up so freakin scared it’s not even funny so I got tired early I fell asleep there first like 2 hours before her all I wake up to is her trying to literally PUSH me off the wall so I can be on the edge so I asked her what are u doing 😂 she’s like EVERYONE HAS NIGHTMARES ITS NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL ITS JUST ONW NIGHT and I’m like okay u could have said it nicer or just let me sleep PEACEFULLY I was tired I wasn’t in the mood to fight so I nicely with no emotion told her take my spot go ahead take it..just know that I don’t get mad easily and when I do it’s not that good so imma let u off with a warning goodnight and she actually let me sleep where I wanted witch she never does that she would just be like screw u I’m sleeping here so that was a big accomplishment for me 😂💀love ur vids 💜
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia Prije 5 dana
1:47 😂
Wilson Chen
Wilson Chen Prije 5 dana
Wilson Chen
Wilson Chen Prije 5 dana
Nyah Threlfall
Nyah Threlfall Prije 5 dana
im not gay guys
im not gay guys Prije 5 dana
3:46 Oʜ ᴍʏ ɢᴏᴅ
Jennifer Waggoner
Jennifer Waggoner Prije 5 dana
Ellen will be one really f*cked up entitled parent if she ever has kids
Gd-Geomicle but comical
But 7 deadly sins is only on Netflix
connor jackson
connor jackson Prije 5 dana
RIP Takoyaki
;-; Mars Kun ;-;
;-; Mars Kun ;-; Prije 5 dana
im know for being nice at my school so when i get angry people usually back friend took myphone because it wasnt working and said he knew how to fix it...he slammed in against my wall...and it spider webbed...the next day his ps4 controller stoped working and i told him i would fix it for him...i threw it down on the ground and smashed it in with my foot...his mom paid for my phone and his controller
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