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22. Vel 2020.



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Komentari 78
LORD PEÑA NIETO Prije 17 dana
An excellent song approved by the former president of Mexico
Andrea beauty09
Andrea beauty09 Prije 23 dana
Fabsfabs Prije mjesec
Better in 0,75 speed
Montahue Prije mjesec
Her arms seems strange.
Christian Thomasson
Christian Thomasson Prije mjesec
Denna fantastiska kvinna har Sveriges mäktigaste röst
NoMoo Prije mjesec
Sweden but in English xd
SIMON GÅRDH Prije 2 mjeseci
Kingdom come ending in 3rd place is about as ridiculous as if Euphoria had ended in 3rd place in 2012. Ridiculous.
Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat Prije 2 mjeseci
Unreleased Elsa's song from Disney's "Frozen" ! 😁 Brilliant! ❤
nilgor70 Prije 2 mjeseci
I wanted this to win so much but now I'm happy it didn't since ESC 2020 is cancelled.
James Ye
James Ye Prije 2 mjeseci
This gives me 2010 Sweden vibes This is so eurovision Sweden between 2000-2011
MIGUEL GIL GRACIA Prije 2 mjeseci
Eventually, neither this masterpiece nor Dotter's won Prije 2 mjeseci
My winner was Dotter!!! I am so dissapointed by her losing to The Mamas (But I love them too)! If she had lost to Anna, I would have been happier because ANNA HAS TO TAKE A REVENGE!!! After her not qualifying in 2010 (and this was not deserved), She has to come back and win it all! I hope in 2021 we will see Anna being at ESC and win everything!
Dani L
Dani L Prije 2 mjeseci
The REAL WINNER. She was robbed
Pony Sopranos
Pony Sopranos Prije 2 mjeseci
What happend?
Cindy Ha
Cindy Ha Prije 2 mjeseci
This song is the winner in my mind anyway. Love you Anna.
Alessandro Pandolfi
Alessandro Pandolfi Prije 2 mjeseci
12 points.....from italy
karvoonaki Prije 2 mjeseci
she is even better live
Sotiris Christou
Sotiris Christou Prije 3 mjeseci
Pure masterpiece. I'm in love!!! Yeah, bulletproof is also a very strong song with meaning, but this one just finds its way directly into my heart!!
Kalle K
Kalle K Prije 2 mjeseci
I don’t think a masterpiece should contain a whole verse that is almost identical to a verse in another song: Bruce Springsteen’s ”My Hometown” from 1984 😉.
CUTEFRENCH1 Prije 3 mjeseci
The perfect Eurovision song. The live performance is even better than the studio version! That day, the soul of her perfect voice, the staging + choregraphy and the audience 's reaction was magic. After her 3 minutes on stage, she knew she finally obtained redemption from her country. Be smart, Sweden, send Anna to Rotterdam, she really deserves it. Love from France.
Kalle K
Kalle K Prije 2 mjeseci
Maybe not so perfect since the whole verse is almost identical with Bruce Springsteen’s verse from the song ”My Hometown” (1984). 😉.
Texaslawhorn Prije 2 mjeseci
It really was an epic performance! I love Anna's voice.
Alice Persson
Alice Persson Prije 3 mjeseci
anna or dotter will win
Gabriel Soto
Gabriel Soto Prije 3 mjeseci
She is our Queen because her kingdom come.
nullen buffeh
nullen buffeh Prije 3 mjeseci
Wow annaaaa😍💖
Piper Piper
Piper Piper Prije 3 mjeseci
I love Anna ♥
Simon M
Simon M Prije 3 mjeseci
wow this would be a stormer in the contest- hope she wins the ticket!
Nathalie Carly
Nathalie Carly Prije 3 mjeseci
Dee Dee
Dee Dee Prije 3 mjeseci
Nah, Sweden is not going to send someone to ESC that failed to qualify for finale once before.
Paul André Sommerfeldt
Paul André Sommerfeldt Prije 3 mjeseci
That was 10 years ago, and she came 11th in her semi-final. She's back stronger and better, so why hold that against her? I think she can win
Susanne M N
Susanne M N Prije 3 mjeseci
Tiago Melo
Tiago Melo Prije 3 mjeseci
Tobias Euphoria
Tobias Euphoria Prije 3 mjeseci
I wish we could send both Dotter & Anna to Eurovision seriously....
cmbyn Prije 3 mjeseci
Konstantin Derevosokroshchsky Volksgeist Federation
Sweden pleasssssee give her one more chance!!!!!!🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪 This song is very powerful and it has potential to finish top 5 result in Rotterdam! If she didn't win Melfest I will lost all my hope to Sweden and will decide to completely withdraw from the Eurovision community forever! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Kalle K
Kalle K Prije 2 mjeseci
That must be a hard decision to make 🤔
Adélésia Prije 3 mjeseci
Waouhhh that's sooo catchy !!!! I love it !!!
Lina Home
Lina Home Prije 3 mjeseci
Pitched High
Pitched High Prije 3 mjeseci
So epic! If Dotter doesn't win, The mamas or Anna should no doubt! Feel free to check out the Chipmunk version I made of her song! :)
SergeyChV Prije 3 mjeseci
This is my personal winner❤👏🏻 I hope Sweden will make the best choice😭🙏🤞
James Webb
James Webb Prije 3 mjeseci
That voice, so unique ❤
Delta Rae
Delta Rae Prije 3 mjeseci
Oh 👏🏻my 👏🏻god👏🏻 the studio version slaps just as much as the live ❤️
Evelina Moberg
Evelina Moberg Prije 3 mjeseci
Eurovison winner 2020☝🏼 Am never wrong when it comes to the winners! Every year am right!
James Webb
James Webb Prije 2 mjeseci
You were wrong
Evelina Moberg
Evelina Moberg Prije 2 mjeseci
James Walker 70% of the people are angry about this. All the comments in social media is bad because the wrong song won! Sweden will not win eurovision this year for sure
James Walker
James Walker Prije 2 mjeseci
Kalle K
Kalle K Prije 2 mjeseci
Not this time though
Evelina Moberg
Evelina Moberg Prije 2 mjeseci
James Walker how much are we talking about here?😆👍🏼
TheStone Prije 3 mjeseci
This song is trash. She would fail to qualify again in Eurovision.
James Webb
James Webb Prije 2 mjeseci
It's not trash! It's good. You try writing a song!!
Kalle K
Kalle K Prije 2 mjeseci
... it’s also Bruce Springsteen art since the whole verse is almost identical with his verse from the song ”My Hometown” (1984). 😉
Paul André Sommerfeldt
Paul André Sommerfeldt Prije 3 mjeseci
@Mie R I agree. This is EUROVISION-ART
Mie R
Mie R Prije 3 mjeseci
Lol, this would easily qualify at Eurovision. This is an ANTHEM. Can't be compared at all to her other snooze-fest entry.
Konstantin Derevosokroshchsky Volksgeist Federation
But still 100% better than Hanna's entry!
Ricardo Garza
Ricardo Garza Prije 3 mjeseci
I get goosebumps every time she says "and this time maybe I'll be winning". Go girl, this is your year!
Patricia Ekeroth
Patricia Ekeroth Prije 3 mjeseci
Vinnaren !
Czarna ameba
Czarna ameba Prije 3 mjeseci
samu10esc Prije 3 mjeseci
I think this is the very first time I'm really feeling a Swedish entry
Rene Prije 3 mjeseci
Same here!!
brammetje84 Prije 3 mjeseci
This has that typical Swedish sound that i love so much. This is my winner. It's an anthem. Go for it Anna. You have my 12p from the Netherlands!
brammetje84 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Kalle K I meant the backingtrack especially, A very Swedish production and i love it! I would be a such a proud Swede. Poor Anna though. I feel sad about her not winning Melfest, but at least she gave us this masterpiece :P
Kalle K
Kalle K Prije 2 mjeseci
Not so typical Swedish since the whole verse is almost identical with Bruce Springsteen’s verse from the song ”My Hometown” (1984). 😉
Ece Welleman
Ece Welleman Prije 3 mjeseci
Hon MÅSTE vinna!!!! Det finns inget alternativ. Vinner inte hon slutar jag titta på Melodifestivalen!
Kalle K
Kalle K Prije 2 mjeseci
Vad ska du göra istället?
LingLingRocket Prije 3 mjeseci
Ece Welleman dotter e dock också riktigt bra
GalicianBanshee Prije 3 mjeseci
Sweden! Let her win! Let her kingdom come! Great artist, nice voice and strong personality!
Iveri -Tamila-
Iveri -Tamila- Prije 3 mjeseci
Edwardo Rojas
Edwardo Rojas Prije 3 mjeseci
Personally I think Ashes to Ashes is better but I hope she enter in the top 5 this time.
UgolinoV Prije 3 mjeseci
Music video please!!!
Esc Monet
Esc Monet Prije 3 mjeseci
2 year in a row she is my winner of melodifestivalen
Netta Fanzilai
Netta Fanzilai Prije mjesec
Me too
Maximilian Schütte
Maximilian Schütte Prije 3 mjeseci
Great song Love it hope this represent Sweden greetings from Germany
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez Prije 3 mjeseci
Patryk K
Patryk K Prije 3 mjeseci
Anna needs a revenge!
Marianna Guagnozzi
Marianna Guagnozzi Prije 3 mjeseci
Been building on a theory What if Anna wins Melodifestivalen 2020?
- Orion -
- Orion - Prije 2 mjeseci
It would've been heartbreaking to see her win and then see eurovision get cancelled.
Marianna Guagnozzi
Marianna Guagnozzi Prije 3 mjeseci
@ESC Nils I hope you're right.
ESC Nils
ESC Nils Prije 3 mjeseci
@Marianna Guagnozzi No, this time she'll win it all!
Marianna Guagnozzi
Marianna Guagnozzi Prije 3 mjeseci
@TheStone Just because she's Anna Bergendahl, and she didn't qualify the first time, she won't qualify again?
Konstantin Derevosokroshchsky Volksgeist Federation
@TheStone 🇸🇮 Omar Naber: *Smirks in Slovenian*
아에두 Prije 3 mjeseci
Striden kommer att vara hård... men vårt rike (och våra hjärtan) kommer alltid att vara hennes 💙💙💙 RÖSTA FÖR ANNA!
nicoline nielsen
nicoline nielsen Prije 3 mjeseci
This is the winner Sweden!❤️❤️
ESC Florian
ESC Florian Prije 3 mjeseci
Melodifestivalen DTF 1. Kingdom Come 2. Move 3. Bulletproof 4. Brave 5. Trouble Waters 6. Winners 7. Shout it out 8. Take A Chance
Mal Prije 2 mjeseci
@Konstantin Derevosokroshchsky Volksgeist Federation what?
Konstantin Derevosokroshchsky Volksgeist Federation
If Anna lost Melfest, Sweden is cancelled for me, and I'd declared "Glory to Hong Kong" (願榮光歸香港) by DGX as the winner of Melodifestivalen and Eurovision 2020.
Tom _
Tom _ Prije 3 mjeseci
Hoo hoo
Grey Guerilla: The New Cronus600Gaia
Reminds me a lot of Carrie Underwood. Love it! 💖💖💖
jb meatball
jb meatball Prije 3 mjeseci
Anna: "And this time maybe I'll be winning" Yes girl, you absolutely will!
jb meatball
jb meatball Prije 2 mjeseci
@ESC Nils Honestly, true... that would be much more devastating
- Orion -
- Orion - Prije 2 mjeseci
@ESC Nils yes, Exactly
ESC Nils
ESC Nils Prije 2 mjeseci
Fortunately she didn't win, imagine her winning and then Eurovision gets cancelled... 😭
MIGUEL GIL GRACIA Prije 2 mjeseci
Eventually, neither Anna nor Dotter
Antonio Luis Salvaterra
Antonio Luis Salvaterra Prije 2 mjeseci
@Úlfar Viktor agree with u Wish u a lovely day Greetings frm Portugal
Lysander Lon'shadow
Lysander Lon'shadow Prije 3 mjeseci
Anna must win!
Pol Marín
Pol Marín Prije 3 mjeseci
I love it from Spain ❤️
Viktor ESC
Viktor ESC Prije 3 mjeseci
Anders Greko
Anders Greko Prije 3 mjeseci
Bryr mej inte vad andra säger, detta e min vinnare...
Federico Pifferi
Federico Pifferi Prije 3 mjeseci
Sweden the choice is between Anna and Dotter ! Anything you'll send among these singers I'll be happy. Greetings from Italy! 😊😍🙋💙💛💪👍👊👏🔝🎼🎶🎵🎻🎹
Tobias Hedlund
Tobias Hedlund Prije mjesec
@Federico Pifferih
Tobias Hedlund
Tobias Hedlund Prije mjesec
LOKANI Prije 2 mjeseci
Sadly the mamas won :(
Robert Lemke
Robert Lemke Prije 2 mjeseci
Leo Pacca Yeah we saw it...
Federico Pifferi
Federico Pifferi Prije 3 mjeseci
@Ann-Christine Nilsson No, I love Mariette especially Million years (that was an amazing song) , the song of this year seems a little flat.
ESC Nils
ESC Nils Prije 3 mjeseci
Bogardan Prije 3 mjeseci
I want Dotter to win so much, but I must admit this is golden.
sahar samy
sahar samy Prije mjesec
Bogardan gghuuvtcdz
angela1984a Prije 3 mjeseci
I think Bergendahl is better. A lot better actually...
Valentina Islands Official Channel
parcialbeach Prije 3 mjeseci
Please sweden. Make it well. 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪👑💙💛 From Spain, Barcelona. 🇪🇦
Metehan Karacanoğlu
Metehan Karacanoğlu Prije 3 mjeseci
Jeanette Ståhl
Jeanette Ståhl Prije 3 mjeseci
My WINNER soooo Amazing!! ❤️🙌🎉
carlosxcarlos Prije 3 mjeseci
Franny Becker
Franny Becker Prije 3 mjeseci
Super vídeo 💖🎧🇧🇷
Amer Elezovic
Amer Elezovic Prije 3 mjeseci
Jezziq q
Jezziq q Prije 3 mjeseci
💎 *So beautiful and nice voice* 🌹
Jezziq q
Jezziq q Prije 3 mjeseci
@Samuel Canella Ortíz wouw and you dont understand?! 😁😇🔥
Samuel Canella Ortíz
Samuel Canella Ortíz Prije 3 mjeseci
Beautiful *
Stevenall Prije 3 mjeseci
She NEEDS to win Melodifestivalen please Sweden!
LW Prije 3 mjeseci
AND HERE IS OUR WINNER !!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Anya Molchanova
Anya Molchanova Prije 3 mjeseci
Sweden please, send her, Anna needs a revenge
Kamil Kowalski
Kamil Kowalski Prije 3 mjeseci
Winner ❤❤
Jaran Skardal
Jaran Skardal Prije 3 mjeseci
Yess i liked how we watched the same time!!
Data4664 Prije 3 mjeseci
Thnxs for sharing;)
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