Apex Legends All Cinematic Trailers 2022 | FULL HD 1080P 60FPS

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Today I have combined Official cinematic trailers for you. Like the video for a unique experience
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APEX LEGENDS Cinematic Trailers
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19. Vel 2020.



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Komentari 1 635
HIKARI YUUKI Prije godine
Honestly apex legend could be a good series
Zaone Prije godine
Love or hate Apex, you have to admit. Apex has some loveable characters and great cinematics.
shino88 Prije godine
They should really make a animation series of this, it would be even bigger than the game I swear.
FloofyWoofer Prije godine
Wraith in the cinematic: Behind you. Left. Through the glass.
Lilian Clare
Lilian Clare Prije godine
I liked it when Pathfinder said that his costume was Octanes legs
LDG BERG Prije godine
wow its pretty cool to know that the wraith we use in-game isn’t actually the original wraith. fire cinematic 💪🏼
Samarth Hiremath
Samarth Hiremath Prije godine
Who else agrees that Apex is better than Fortnite?
Super Mario
Super Mario Prije godine
Wraith didn’t get pathfinders banner when he carried them :(
oatmeal man
oatmeal man Prije godine
Well, of course they didn't kill Revenant, those guards were using P2020s
TheMasterKiller2013 Prije godine
I love how when a new season gets released, they hint at a new character.
Braxton Rollyson
Braxton Rollyson Prije godine
I love how they incorporated so much from TF2 to tie it all together
Uriel Merher
Uriel Merher Prije godine
Bloodhound: their deaths still carry honor
Johny1220 Prije godine
Woah so wraith is the voice inside her own head who sees everything using her own portals, lol that is so cool man, I love this game and these cinematic shorts so damn much, it just makes the game even more interesting with its own story too lol 😄😁🥳
Bjørn Haakestad
Bjørn Haakestad Prije godine
rewatching these always gives me chills. the stories for each legend are amazing and the cinematography is great especially wraiths. this game to me is my little masterpiece
Purusharth Pant
Purusharth Pant Prije godine
Its so heartbreaking to see that I missed so much that came to this game.....hope they keep releasing this content on and after after season 7.
Danny Prije godine
Imagine if apex legends was a Netflix series like with the first few episodes being backgrounds on the legends the how the apex games goes down.
Sai Aragami
Sai Aragami Prije godine
I would watch an entire documentary about this series, it's so intriguing!
Albm10 Prije godine
Yo I love how apex used legends in cinematics before they where released like in season two with crypto destroying the tower and revenant being the guys who ran the shadow world bc his ult keeps you from dying they mad so many clever nods to future legends and we didn’t even know it it’s awesome
Orange cracker
Orange cracker Prije godine
Its so awesome how seeing it all again you can see all the little details we missed.
This is the COOLEST Art
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Do you like chicken ? 🍗
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This is the COOLEST Art
Pregleda 1 609 199