Apex Legends - Full Cinematic Story [2019-2021]

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Apex Legends - All Cinematic Cutscenes Season 1-10

As We Know Apex Legends Releases new Cinematic Cutscenes with each new Apex Season
In this Video you can see the Apex Legends all Cutscenes starting from season 1 up to season 10

This Apex Legends all Cutscenes Video was recorded, played and edited Completely by Me
I hope you enjoy watching the video

These are all the Apex Legends all Season Cutscenes featured in this video:
0:00 - Season 1 Launch Trailer
2:07 - Season 2 Battle charge
3:59 - Season 3 Meltdown
6:10 - Season 4 Assimilation
8:47 - Season 5 Fortune's Favor
11:00 Season 6 Boosted
12:03 - Season 7 Ascension
15:00 - Season 8 Mayhem
17:20 - Season 9 Legacy
20:09 - Season 10 Emergence

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Apex Legends - Full Cinematic Story [2019-2021]
Apex Legends - Full Cinematic Story [2019-2021]
Apex Legends - Full Cinematic Story [2019-2021]

Apex Legends
Apex Legends - Full Story
Apex Legends - All Cinematic Trailer
Apex Legends - Full Story 2019-2021
Apex Legends - All Season Cinematic Trailer
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Komentari 1 059
Kodji Prije 7 dana
New AL Video here ----->
Nera Prije 2 sati
my poor mirage
cyclone king49yt
cyclone king49yt Prije 4 sati
yo my boi revenant really was going to go kill a heavily guarded dude with a p2020 he got some guts (he wishes he had guts)
Sappy Prije dan
season 2 was the best
Tyluchi Reed
Tyluchi Reed Prije dan
Apex was hiding ash for a while in the rev Tralee ash is I. Those pics
Christopher Travers
Christopher Travers Prije 2 dana
Just realized ash was ''in the game'' as early as season four as you can see on 6:18
Kalvin Sanchez
Kalvin Sanchez Prije 2 dana
Instant phase goddammit
Danielle Genero
Danielle Genero Prije 3 dana
Jay Mobley
Jay Mobley Prije 3 dana
anybody notice ash in revenants trailer
A Kd
A Kd Prije 3 dana
ok so Ash was a creation back in season 4 but was never brought out until season 11. In season 4 u can see Ash on the screen revenat was looking at
Bardha Dedja
Bardha Dedja Prije 3 dana
Poor pathfinder never got the hi five
Ibez on 60HZ
Ibez on 60HZ Prije 4 dana
Wraith toxic only picked up mirages banner and didn’t get paths
Degio Playz
Degio Playz Prije 4 dana
FBI Prije 4 dana
This is how the legend die. This is how Titanfall 2 die
Tadeo Maximiliano Salinas Ramírez Maxi
sometimes I would like to have an M.R.V.N as a friend
NaSさん Prije 4 dana
scaryflower 874
scaryflower 874 Prije 5 dana
Bruh revanant is the most bad ass character in the story yet in the trailers he always is shown getting shit on
Spades Prije 5 dana
And I quote “maybe it’s the welcome committee”-Pathfinder
Jerry Enns
Jerry Enns Prije 5 dana
My main is Watson and octane
Colt1182 Prije 5 dana
I main path man
Heated Turtle
Heated Turtle Prije 6 dana
Michael Federico
Michael Federico Prije 6 dana
Season 5 is most inaccurate, the stalkers use l-stars that melted you in seconds
UnderSaber7 Prije 6 dana
I just realised Octane is doing the gauntlet from Titanfall 2 in Meltdown
Potatoe The mama
Potatoe The mama Prije 7 dana
Pathfinder in season 9 just kicked a thot right in her jaw
NotKambo Prije 8 dana
season 2 still the best season trailer or season 3 cus season 3 best season no cap
not who u think it s
Bongo Prije 9 dana
Alterative title for Lobas blackmarket *The force*
Sporti Prije 9 dana
All pathfinder wants is a high five
Rodati Prije 9 dana
Why is caustic always the guy that dies?
CrownedYeti Prije 9 dana
Fuse trying to smack Blood's ass at 17:09 is the best lol, I love their friendship and respect for each other after a few seasons. Fuse is the only one who ever got BH to laugh at a joke and crack one of their own.
추니 Prije 10 dana
5:57 I just noticed crypto was winking
Eli Hern
Eli Hern Prije 10 dana
0:20 Icon period
Okayu Virus
Okayu Virus Prije 10 dana
Ayo my man crypto hands in the pocket even when dropping
Zeus wolf
Zeus wolf Prije 11 dana
So God tier team has always been path mirage and wraith
Dabbo Prije 11 dana
This video is a showcase of revenant shown at first being the strongest character going to the punching bag of the apex games
Moronigayo Prije 12 dana
i like this
Hasibul Islam Shanto
Hasibul Islam Shanto Prije 12 dana
When will the brother be released? Apex legend mobile...??
Taylor Morgan
Taylor Morgan Prije 12 dana
i remember playing it before the first season, this got far
William Polli
William Polli Prije 12 dana
Revenant by far has my favorite cinematic trailer
Artis Graudums
Artis Graudums Prije 12 dana
The 1st trailer was the best
lolman lol
lolman lol Prije 13 dana
The season 8 sound like lazabeam
Kenzie Austin
Kenzie Austin Prije 13 dana
Why didn't they had in season 11
💖Lucifer Panameña💙
they had a season 11 trailer wdym
aqua YT
aqua YT Prije 13 dana
1000th comment
XLwolfGD Prije 13 dana
The first time season 8 came out and fuse came out I thought the voice actor was lazarbeam
grand master yoda
grand master yoda Prije 14 dana
I want to be friends with octane so much
Wendy Bauer
Wendy Bauer Prije 14 dana
I just think the revent trailer is sad.
Wendy Bauer
Wendy Bauer Prije 14 dana
But still cool
Solo-Wing Pixy
Solo-Wing Pixy Prije 14 dana
I remember at the time this game was released, fortnite was at its peak
V I B E S Prije 14 dana
They need the old animation studio again.
Bmx_pro_and_gaming Prije 14 dana
This video deserves more likes and Viewes
genji Prije 14 dana
I l play apex from season 1
Kikigamez Prije 14 dana
5:38. I do be like that sometimes
CD's Dream
CD's Dream Prije 15 dana
It’s cute that in season 8 a woman catch a stuffed toy for a girl
Mirage Prije 15 dana
Who the hell made the music in season 2 god damn it’s good!
Jorge Fonseca
Jorge Fonseca Prije 16 dana
man why do they always kill octain jajajajjjajaja he is one of the most used egends on the game jajajjajajajaa
Mirage Prije 16 dana
I wonder what happens to the legends whenever they die (not game wise).
Skeptix PlAyZ
Skeptix PlAyZ Prije 16 dana
This is my favorite part
James Dreamer
James Dreamer Prije 17 dana
Wanna say season 3 had the best trailer
Shadow 3
Shadow 3 Prije 17 dana
They really are just messing with my Boi revenant
zainab hejji
zainab hejji Prije 17 dana
yu forgot octane
Stormy_YT Prije 18 dana
nice vid
KadeTheWaffle Prije 18 dana
Season 4 trailer was kinda sad
Th0ew Prije 19 dana
4:07 octane plays titanfall 2 gauntlet speedrun...
Amed Alansari
Amed Alansari Prije 19 dana
bra what the hell is in season 10 go to 22:55
Henry The Cat
Henry The Cat Prije 19 dana
creedboy Prije 20 dana
No weapons are, aloud on the drop ship bloodhound I don't care
What if we got a Series or Movies with this same Animation
rAFYT Prije 21 dan
See! Even rev want the taste of 100M AC he want to pull for the heirlroom. Pls give me likes pls very much grateful
Twirkk Prije 21 dan
Lol i'm already playing this game season 4 started playing with 7
Potato Lord
Potato Lord Prije 21 dan
It genuinely pains me to see my favourite characters hurt. Mirage, Horizon, Pathfinder- They're sutch beans! How can you hurt themmmmm
Just_Dead_Inside24 Prije 21 dan
Even in the first trailer, wraith just fucking dips when something goes wrong xd
Eic9999 Jr
Eic9999 Jr Prije 21 dan
Emergence trailer is pretty crazy
Amir Rahgoshay
Amir Rahgoshay Prije 21 dan
remyhdf Prije 21 dan
Ya like 🐢
Ya like 🐢 Prije 22 dana
15:40 I love how he was about to swear but didn’t If fuse isn’t your faviourite legend your nuts
Kryplax GM
Kryplax GM Prije 22 dana
Wraith is secretly Mirage's girlfriend
Octopussinker Prije 22 dana
Best movie ever
John David Agsaulio
John David Agsaulio Prije 23 dana
O. Love. The. Robot. He.s. Carzy
Joy Miller
Joy Miller Prije 23 dana
Is it me or does mirages voice actor sound exactly like crane from dying light?
Ondřej Šmídmajer
Ondřej Šmídmajer Prije 23 dana
everything is a number ahead
Karen-siyah Prije 23 dana
19:14 Ash ?
Lost Prije 24 dana
i remember when me & brother & and my cousin watched the season 3 cinematic, DUDE WE WERE SO HYPED!... and now they almost don't give a shit about the game, i think im the only one who wants to play it again
twitch.sofakngsexy Prije 24 dana
escape trailer to dude : I
Aether Hilichurl Destroyer
Bruh those old trailers were bomb
Legizticz Prije 25 dana
Man I remember watching all these
Glitch Grey
Glitch Grey Prije 25 dana
6:17 So you are telling me that Ash ( season 11 new legend ) was already decided on season 4 trailer???
Glitch Grey
Glitch Grey Prije 13 dana
@Megalo Maniac um sorry i dont play dumb games....
Megalo Maniac
Megalo Maniac Prije 13 dana
You trippin? She's a character since Titanfall 2
Seungminsky Prije 25 dana
Damn bruh octane always dying in these trailers 😂
TTCGhost Prije 25 dana
Yo real talk man in season one that bitch didn't even grab pathfinders respawn. Typical wraith
彡D4n1shSYAHRIZAL isma彡
6:09 i like this scene 5:23
Ya like 🐢
Ya like 🐢 Prije 26 dana
Wraith: legends don’t choke under pressure Mirage: chocking under caustic
ちーぷ Prije 26 dana
Love season2 octane♡
Texas1000 Prije 26 dana
I haven’t played since season 5 so I’m just catching up on what I missed😂
Trxsh Len aka Black06xx
octane was season 1 because before octane there were no seasons
noob 1234
noob 1234 Prije 26 dana
season 5 isint that the robots from titanfall2
Heated Prije 26 dana
do not know if this has been commented yet but why did you play the season 0 trailer then the season 2 trailer what happened to season 1.
ROBIN DOSWELL Prije 26 dana
Season 4 harsh season 5 payback
Eunoia_ Prije 26 dana
Lmao Bloodhound pulling the gun out on Fuse, and Caustic looks like he secretly likes it when Fuse slapped his ass
Artem4egg _
Artem4egg _ Prije 26 dana
Its all fun and games, until technobades music kicks in
Leah Kieltuczki
Leah Kieltuczki Prije 27 dana
The best thing is the vines energygizeng and the dive water thing
Javion Swanson
Javion Swanson Prije 27 dana
Bruh if anyone still plays Apex Legends when season 11 comes I'm gonna get Ash🥳
Jeremiah Luster
Jeremiah Luster Prije 27 dana
S1 path 🤧🤧🥺since that patch with with his tactical cd I've became a lifeline main
Apex Legends: The Story So Far