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Whatever Pathfinder was built for, it wasn’t waiting tables. Go on a dangerous search for answers with your favorite MRVN. But pick your fights carefully - not everyone makes it twelve rounds.

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28. Pro 2020.



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Komentari 17 362
Exodus Prije godine
"I need what is INSIDE you" *Pathfinder: FRIENDSHIP?? *me: Well yes but actually no...
I will otam Your tone
I will otam Your tone Prije 2 mjeseci
only yes. no, no. he is only friendship
morvid Prije godine
@Ian Leonardo Olvera Galindo ?
Ian Leonardo Olvera Galindo
@morvid do i even have to say anything
morvid Prije godine
@Ian Leonardo Olvera Galindo my statement was joke tf
Ian Leonardo Olvera Galindo
@morvid daaaamn, all these people actually judge others humooooor holy shiiiit I genuinly thought it was a joke bit holt fuck you guys are stupid
C.jecht Prije 8 mjeseci
Pathfinder is the most wholesome character with one of the most depressing backstorys
Pyramid Heads Wife
Pyramid Heads Wife Prije 15 dana
@Ron G Sameeee it’s so wholesome and sweet 😭❤️
Squidward Tentacles
Squidward Tentacles Prije mjesec
@slothmanthepug yup
Sir Duck lll
Sir Duck lll Prije 2 mjeseci
I want an irl Pathfinder as my friend and I want him to live with me
Fourdivinewinds Prije 2 mjeseci
I love pathfinder no lie
blazefa Prije 3 mjeseci
Jonny Graham
Jonny Graham Prije 9 mjeseci
The cutest part about this is that pathfinder still wears a coat and hat even though he doesn’t get cold. He just like dressing up. 😭
The counter clockwise pocket watch
@Tatandog9474 nope he's just wearing a vest it's still good thoug.
Poplio468 Prije 2 mjeseci
Also he's called a coat rack 😅
nate. Prije 3 mjeseci
Drip don’t care about the season 😤😤
Nerd Gaming
Nerd Gaming Prije 3 mjeseci
@Necrosis and he enjoys destroying things he knows will come back
Nurjaynar Satkerimova
Nurjaynar Satkerimova Prije 4 mjeseci
Kasta Nik
Kasta Nik Prije 7 mjeseci
"Oh good! Security!" "Drop it!" "Oh no! Security!" X'D
Red Sus
Red Sus Prije 11 dana
@shad ayo revenant is cheatin in Apex, he starts off with a 2+ killstreak smh
shad Prije 2 mjeseci
@lol the party where loba's parents die
lol Prije 2 mjeseci
If you pause at 2:19 you can see revenant in a party ;D
[name deleted]
[name deleted] Prije 3 mjeseci
Jack Nicol Swindale
Jack Nicol Swindale Prije 4 mjeseci
Archie 4 Sure
Archie 4 Sure Prije 8 mjeseci
“Excuse me friend I think I’m about to discover my purpose”
LuckyLuck1212 Prije 2 mjeseci
The protagonist when they’re about to die
Alan Contreras
Alan Contreras Prije 4 mjeseci
Jotaro cat good against floating enemies I see😂😎
Willtabix Prije 7 mjeseci
My entire life story
JB Prije 8 mjeseci
Every protagonist
Tearful 231Pluto
Tearful 231Pluto Prije 8 mjeseci
Almost gets yeeted
Zylbrad Prije godine
Guess we gotta main pathfinder again bois
Gabe Calise
Gabe Calise Prije 3 mjeseci
The fact you dropped him to begin with shows you are unloyal man… I know people that play wattson and wraith since they started back like S3 and they never dropped em
Bigurethra Prije 4 mjeseci
I love my guy pathfinder
CozmicPlayz Games
CozmicPlayz Games Prije 5 mjeseci
i already do
LogeyPerogi Prije 5 mjeseci
Oh after this I played Pathfinder for five games until I finally won
JustaYokai Prije 6 mjeseci
Yes sirr
UnHumane Prije 8 mjeseci
I like how one of his memories is him piloting a ship to verify he was actually a pilot
JadeSpecter2260 Prije 2 mjeseci
"As you can see, I DO have experience behind the wheel"
KnightandDay Prije 8 mjeseci
I love how this one random MRVN was there for every significant plot point
Hexer_ Prije 12 dana
FINALLY! I get the answer to my everlasting question! Who would win? A MRVN or a Spectre?
tav Prije 7 mjeseci
5:30 the way the music aligns with the punches put a shiver down my spine, amazing
Illumi Prije 4 mjeseci
Bruh we need this guy to be a character so that pathfinder can have a true friend :D
Hexer_ Prije 12 dana
i mean we could put him back into Titanfall 2 so that theres other MRVN's as his friends
ThatPunchKid Prije godine
I need that path skin
Onyx 27
Onyx 27 Prije 10 mjeseci
Which one? The busboy, or the detective skin?
María Maricalva
María Maricalva Prije 10 mjeseci
Lena R
Lena R Prije 11 mjeseci
I was too late for this skin and I am so sad.
Narrow ETT
Narrow ETT Prije godine
Good news: it has been added. Bad news: the price is unacceptable (about 30USD)
D C Prije godine
Go get it
Zxps Prije 7 mjeseci
2:20 Funny how they throw in Revenant
Nate07 Gaming
Nate07 Gaming Prije 2 mjeseci
@Kolove Katoanga oh…. 😂
Kolove Katoanga
Kolove Katoanga Prije 2 mjeseci
@Nate07 Gaming Titanfall 2 campaign
Nate07 Gaming
Nate07 Gaming Prije 2 mjeseci
@Nazalath The collector Team Fortress 2 campaign?
Nazalath The collector
Nazalath The collector Prije 2 mjeseci
@Mr.Humdinger even in titanfall2 aswell, that planet that blew up, typhoon was beacuse of the tf2 campaign, so he was there during the end of the war, reporting weather.
lol Prije 2 mjeseci
Saw it too XD
Scikey Prije 11 mjeseci
Apex has such a good story line I swear. Everything about this game is so good.
Alastor Prije 2 mjeseci
I love that the Apex team didnt forget about Titanfall2 either (Ash, Blisk ect.)
Foxarific Prije 8 mjeseci
Who else wants to see their reunion at some point?
LightTitan_ Prije 6 mjeseci
Pathfinder is so adorable 😭😭 I love how he calls everyone his friend
FIAT 500
FIAT 500 Prije 9 mjeseci
2:18 damn paths been everywhere
Ic0nic Zoe
Ic0nic Zoe Prije 3 mjeseci
@Doublefrost303 I also think that was Seers moon that exploded there
awesome2927 Prije 3 mjeseci
Did not expect to see Typhon on the first time i watched
Doublefrost303 Prije 5 mjeseci
He was there when Revenant killed Loba's parents
True671blood Prije 8 mjeseci
man was defusing a bomb and supposedly succeeded
Tearful 231Pluto
Tearful 231Pluto Prije 8 mjeseci
Cooper and by along with the end of Loba's parents
MoustacheDR Prije 8 mjeseci
6:30 this whole scene always brings a tear to my eye. Maybe I'm just a big softie lol
DSMAG GT Prije 10 mjeseci
I wish they would make a movie that reveals all secrets and further explores characters, it would be epic!!!
Sabrina Kennedy
Sabrina Kennedy Prije 3 mjeseci
Pathfinder exudes pure main character energy and I’m living for it
Pokanika Prije godine
This entire cinematic is proof that Pathfinder witnessed the major events of Titanfall and Apex
Jacke Pop
Jacke Pop Prije 3 mjeseci
@Honey Bunny nah actually thats another family
Lxcas_89 Prije 6 mjeseci
@AcingEclipze yeah it is we know it now and she is one of the creator of Pathfinder
AcingEclipze Prije 6 mjeseci
@Lxcas_89 Could be Wattsons grandmother
Lxcas_89 Prije godine
@Robby07 no if you look at bottom right there is a year 2683 wattson wasn't born yet (2712/2711 for wattson birth) but it could be her dad if Amelie P. Is her grandma that would maybe match a little bit more
Robby07 Prije godine
Hey guys I don't know if this is true but... What if that baby is possibly well. IDK why but I thought wattson for some reason
[MiTH]hotsauce0007 Prije 11 mjeseci
5:29 always gives e goosebumps when the audio cues happen work of art
Naw Yuhurd Entertainment
Naw Yuhurd Entertainment Prije 8 mjeseci
The rain sparking him up along with the "...some of us are made for a great purpose" line a beautiful drop of Divine intention.
Stellarino Prije 10 mjeseci
I love how no matter what he’s always friendly
Danger Prije 8 mjeseci
Can't believe I'm actually intimidated by Spectres Feel's wrong
Nikolas Grace
Nikolas Grace Prije 2 mjeseci
Kinda like super battle droids and Jedi, from their perspective yeah they're little more than cannonfodder but for anyone else they're an unstoppable force
Alastor Prije 2 mjeseci
When your not a pilot they're pretty scary
Hi There
Hi There Prije 3 mjeseci
@Matthew Cha I think that’s Typhons moon, actually.
IsIs likes YoU
IsIs likes YoU Prije 5 mjeseci
Reaper enters the server
Matthew Cha
Matthew Cha Prije 6 mjeseci
@Maxence actually there is a pilot during this time, when pathfinder recordings were rewinding, one of them was typhoon exploding while he does the weather forecast(Bt destroying the ark) meaning pilotd and titans are still things when path is alive
Brent Jordan
Brent Jordan Prije godine
At this point Apex needs to make a Netflix series...this was too good!!
Mugger Pugger
Mugger Pugger Prije 6 mjeseci
@bruh ify Something called multiple studios
Leo Leo nielsen
Leo Leo nielsen Prije 7 mjeseci
Just about pathfinder that would be amazig
CZsup Prije 7 mjeseci
They are
Bonnie&Chica show
Bonnie&Chica show Prije 10 mjeseci
Juggernog Soda
Juggernog Soda Prije godine
@Ricardo true
yort Prije 9 mjeseci
no words or numbers can explain how good this film was
Narrows Prije 8 mjeseci
I think we can confidently say whoever cast Steve Blum in this was a Bebop fan. It's just fits too well.
Forrest Rains
Forrest Rains Prije 10 mjeseci
This gives me the biggest chills I've mained path for a while and I love him even more
MrJackoby Prije 8 mjeseci
Coming from a path main, I absolutely loved this. They need to maker more cinimatics with path
Ally French
Ally French Prije godine
Honestly, this is one of the best lore trailers I think they have made ever.
Dreel 37
Dreel 37 Prije 11 mjeseci
The bloodhound one was the best
16i6 Prije godine
Max Prije godine
Bloodhound says no.
Yael Sanchez
Yael Sanchez Prije godine
I agree! This one has been an emotional rollercoaster 😂
Giovani Irigoyen
Giovani Irigoyen Prije godine
That’s what I’m saying
Techyrelic Prije 11 mjeseci
he’s so innocent... but now i want. no i need an apex movie
I like to exist
I like to exist Prije 15 dana
I love how pathfinder is just like “well it’s good that lightning neve-“ *lightning strikes ship again* pathy: 😬
ProblematicAgent Prije 9 mjeseci
This is still my favourite stories from the outlands
EggBurger59 Prije 10 mjeseci
Apparently Maldera is still around and Caustic knows he’s after him. Can’t wait to see what happens with that
LoneArachnid Prije mjesec
Oh boy potential legend incoming
Moonflwrr Prije godine
That guy with pathfinder had the golden knockdown shield
Reyn Prije 15 dana
EMB3R Prije 26 dana
@Lucas Vincent exactly. What I'm saying that because there's no specters in apex legends, the specter might've only had experience with titanfall warfare. hence, he didn't know about knockdown shields that pathfinder, being from a different game, had according to the joke.
Lucas Vincent
Lucas Vincent Prije 26 dana
@EMB3R it’s a joke 🤡
Jay Griffith
Jay Griffith Prije godine
Business gamer PRB
Business gamer PRB Prije godine
That's why I always finish the downed ones
spaghetti Prije 8 mjeseci
This just makes me love Pathfinder even more
GuseVGP Prije 6 mjeseci
I hope the ex lieutenant comes back, he was amazing
AJ Prije 10 mjeseci
When this guy will visit the apex games to see his old friend and meet our dear caustic xd
Dekoi Prije 3 mjeseci
@MyFriendTheAlchemist (;
MyFriendTheAlchemist Prije 3 mjeseci
@Dekoi basically confirmed, she got a stories from the outlands today.
Dekoi Prije 4 mjeseci
@Out Of Stock eh idk chief people are saying it's ash.. her full body model is in the game files too
Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock Prije 5 mjeseci
Season 11
WolfMastah Prije 10 mjeseci
I was just thinking that lmao
three mooseqateers
three mooseqateers Prije 8 mjeseci
i love the 70's feel of this it's so good
BZD-Oblivion Prije 10 mjeseci
The amount of lore behind this game makes me want a movie or even a campaign somehow
Bikram Karmakar
Bikram Karmakar Prije 7 mjeseci
1:07 "Oh good, security!" "Oh no, security!" Cracks me up everytime XD
Consequence No. 62
Consequence No. 62 Prije 11 mjeseci
Pathfinder is so friendly I love him.
Aidan Cahill
Aidan Cahill Prije 9 mjeseci
This is still the best stories from the outlands though northstar is also really good. The lore us soooo goood
Chey Ram
Chey Ram Prije godine
“Excuse me friend I think I’m about to discover my purpose “ lmaooo I love path so much his personality is funny 😫
Shell S
Shell S Prije godine
dont look at my playlists!
Joel Achilles
Joel Achilles Prije godine
Sometimes I just play as him to feel happy
TremendoNevado Prije 11 mjeseci
Im surprised nobody's saying anything about how the mob guy sounds a lot like tank dempsey
the ira
the ira Prije 5 mjeseci
Dammmmm he's good at his job
Jason Shmecko
Jason Shmecko Prije 5 mjeseci
NazonRev Prije 5 mjeseci
And Brimstone from valorant lol
Aidyn M
Aidyn M Prije 7 mjeseci
thats where the voice is from god thats been bothering me for months
WATZ UP Prije 7 mjeseci
Yeah he's the male version of Tara Strong
Mr. AxolotL
Mr. AxolotL Prije 6 mjeseci
AlexoO Prije 14 dana
Still the best story from the Outlands
Christian Miller
Christian Miller Prije 5 mjeseci
Thank goodness I bought the skin last minute(literally). It has so much lore behind it
TheRazorHail Prije godine
This only makes me want an Apex movie I swear to god, so good
TheDumbOne Prije 4 mjeseci
Yessss apex movie plssss
Illumi Prije 4 mjeseci
Ya won't get a movie, but... A NETFLIX SERIES PERHAPS
TenLetters Prije 4 mjeseci
And a Titanfall movie
YahighTTT Prije 5 mjeseci
Nah a apex anime
sxrules Prije 5 mjeseci
Noah CCC
Noah CCC Prije 16 dana
rewatching this it very quickly shows revenant breaking into the building at 2:20, i love how legends lore tie in with each other
the blue one
the blue one Prije 7 mjeseci
Pathfinder is like walle when he does a really bad mistake he goes, "wHooPS"
Kodesuper Prije 22 dana
this might be my favorite lore cinematic its really nuanced
Carvalho Prije 15 dana
I am amazed about how well made this ones are
Matthew Larson
Matthew Larson Prije 8 mjeseci
Still makes me cry. I just love Pathfinder so much :'(
Kyle Ortiz
Kyle Ortiz Prije 8 mjeseci
I really hope we get to see that detective in the future. Either in like the seasonal comic or maybe a legend who knows, he seems really cool
Memeweeb Prije 4 mjeseci
Genuinely one of the best stories from the outlands
Kisuke323 Prije 9 mjeseci
I like how cheerful Pathfinder is. Also his awesome grapple.
Frothy Prije godine
pathfinder is such a good dog dude
More Lore Then There Seems
Don't insult Pathfinder like that
Robin Jankovic
Robin Jankovic Prije godine
pet that dog
Dont insult my path
Pathfinder Prije godine
I’m not a dog I am a mrvn but I’m A good boy... can I have a treat?
ThunderBlastvideo Prije godine
I need that jacket as a skin tho
Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper Prije 7 mjeseci
Bruh we NEED a Titanfall/Apex show in this style
The forgotten
The forgotten Prije 10 mjeseci
"a modified 50 Cal rampart. Made for murder" pathfinder "exiting"
More Lore Then There Seems
Well murder IS exciting
The hootedman
The hootedman Prije 5 mjeseci
I really like how they mentioned the gun was a rampheart it really shows how’s she is involved with the underground
Mylame Username1
Mylame Username1 Prije 5 mjeseci
LogeyPerogi Prije 8 mjeseci
I can’t get over how almost every legend has a past that can connect back to Caustic, thus giving a common enemy to bring down
Alex Pegrum
Alex Pegrum Prije 10 mjeseci
Pathfinder is so adorable and brutal at the same time
Lonk Prije 10 mjeseci
I really hope the path skin returns because I didn’t get it when it came out but it’s such a good skin
RedEyeHunter18 Prije 11 mjeseci
I love the Fight Night event I got the dangerous game skin for bloodhound. I like how the pathfinder town taker it looks really cool!
TheSaviorOfSouls Prije mjesec
I didnt expect to see spectres again, i really love seeing unexpected titanfall stuff
paperpando Prije godine
We need the “piss off scavlander” as a pathfinder quip.
Radu Zaharia
Radu Zaharia Prije 10 mjeseci
We have it
Gianni Sarria
Gianni Sarria Prije 10 mjeseci
It is a quip
paperpando Prije godine
@ThatDoodYeet yeah hah.
ThatDoodYeet Prije godine
@BalianA2007 nope
ThatDoodYeet Prije godine
So, about that...
Primo767 Prije 8 mjeseci
bro i get chills when pathfinder says "Just you and me friend! :)" *literally grapples from explosion*
The Grim Screamer
The Grim Screamer Prije 8 mjeseci
2:19 *broo this gave me chills! Why? He’s been in the revenant attack like how could you expect that?!*
Jeff Staniski
Jeff Staniski Prije 9 mjeseci
This makes me fall in love with pathfinder so much...
dre urbina
dre urbina Prije 7 mjeseci
pathfinder is like the forest gump of the apex universe, been in the most important plot points of it
hmre Prije 11 mjeseci
hearing pathfinder, the friendliest character in the game say “piss off scablander” makes me fell good
akira kon
akira kon Prije 3 mjeseci
I think he meant peace off
JustaYokai Prije 6 mjeseci
True lol
thick bread
thick bread Prije 6 mjeseci
@shagadelic3000 I'm just referencing one of his lines
shagadelic3000 Prije 7 mjeseci
@thick bread not from a friend : 2:47
thick bread
thick bread Prije 7 mjeseci
He learned that from an old friend
mikkel the wanderer
mikkel the wanderer Prije 11 mjeseci
I love the part where pathfinder gets hit to the music at 5:29 also does anyone know the piece of music?
I,m funny ,
I,m funny , Prije 9 mjeseci
Imagine if the security guard became a playable legend
Mr. AxolotL
Mr. AxolotL Prije 4 mjeseci
JEZZ I can’t rewatch this this is to good😭
Juwyie Bonzhur
Juwyie Bonzhur Prije 10 mjeseci
I just noticed that the city they're in is right under Olympus, so imagine Pathfinder dropping and meeting his old friend
KingDhruva Prije godine
This is literally why Respawn needs to make a Netflix series for Apex.
Sinneryy Prije 4 mjeseci
one just for pathfinder alone would satisfy me
Gyro Zeppeli
Gyro Zeppeli Prije godine
Yes. I want more detective pathfinder not in shop, but somewhere.
Melanchou Prije godine
@Brian Lloyd shut up brian
Brian Lloyd
Brian Lloyd Prije godine
Reading these replies is making me realise how deluded we are. Just for the people in the back. THERE WILL BE NO ANIMATED SERIES, STOP JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS AND MAKING SHIT UP!!!
Robby07 Prije godine
@KingDhruva yeah. It could be
King Prije 7 mjeseci
Pathfinder isn't my mane but is one of my favs because of how innocent and funny he is
SUN BON Prije 16 dana
Elijah Crosby
Elijah Crosby Prije 8 mjeseci
Only the boys can really relate to fight night
CepbIuLOL Prije 5 dana
This is absolute masterpiece. Especially compared to Bangalore story.
Lazy Assassin
Lazy Assassin Prije godine
As a titanfall player it makes me very happy to see specters being utilised
Swag9k Prije 11 mjeseci
russian pooch
russian pooch Prije 11 mjeseci
mi gusta
mi gusta Prije 11 mjeseci
Yo finally someone who plays titanfall
Xendral Prije 11 mjeseci
Not to mention during pathfinder's memory bank scene when he rewinds there's a weather channel like thing, the one where the plant explodes? Yeah, that screen says "update on typhon"
Clockwork Prije 11 mjeseci
O no what about the reapers
Kegan Wilson
Kegan Wilson Prije 2 mjeseci
Crazy to think this is the continuation of titanfall. Love it.
a frog with a top hat
a frog with a top hat Prije 10 mjeseci
I always will and always have loved pathfinder No matter what respawn does pathfinder will always have a place in my heart
x Coconutt
x Coconutt Prije 10 mjeseci
Holy shit, I hope this city becomes a map in the future. Would dope as hell
MRVN-784 Prije 9 mjeseci
Even if he's a MRVN he's got character Also i wish he had a skin with the detective coat
Spooky Steve
Spooky Steve Prije godine
Can we talk about pathfinder was secretly in everyone’s origin story
E.A sports.
E.A sports. Prije godine
Henry Bui
Henry Bui Prije godine
That's why he was named Pathfinder! :D
Toast Prije godine
@That ONE antoid no it takes place 30 years after Titanfall 2
Oscar Barton
Oscar Barton Prije godine
Even bluthhunter
Austin Morrison
Austin Morrison Prije godine
No wonder he’s called Pathfinder.
Khairuddin Haji Mohamed
Khairuddin Haji Mohamed Prije 2 mjeseci
What a masterpiece.
xTrue Mu
xTrue Mu Prije 11 mjeseci
Bro why can't this be longer, this has to be the best one yet
NateR 1307
NateR 1307 Prije 8 mjeseci
I need more of this story
Matt Kullmar
Matt Kullmar Prije 11 mjeseci
Need to make mastiff a legendary again and your game is amazing!
Denz Sec
Denz Sec Prije godine
Path: "Oh good, security!" Security guard: "Drop it!" Path: "Oh no, security!"
Jaden Quest
Jaden Quest Prije godine
I wheezed
Jaden Quest
Jaden Quest Prije godine
@Luna Hercine lmfao XD
Abd Essalem
Abd Essalem Prije godine
BLACK_HyDrA161 Prije godine
yes, that was the joke
TorchicTime Prije godine
Pathfinder after the sergal robot gets knowcked off: Piss off, scablander! I was surpisred to hear him pretty much swear
PapiPrism Prije 8 mjeseci
The “thanks, friend” at the end got me
Gankslicks Prije 8 mjeseci
Maldera: Gets shot through the shoulder. Also Maldera: Tis but a scratch
Kashmira Makwana
Kashmira Makwana Prije 8 mjeseci
Wait, after this, pathfinder must have lost the memories, and was just thought to be non functional, and woke up in the facility. If it wasn’t Maldara that didn’t bring him to that facility, then who did.
Yeet Ad revenue
Yeet Ad revenue Prije 7 mjeseci
This is the best story from the outlands
Simon Prieto
Simon Prieto Prije godine
Sneh Sharma
Sneh Sharma Prije godine
@Matthew Tysiaczny that's the point...see if u cant make out what i am trying to say even though something is written wrong.. u really need to go to school!! lol
Matthew Tysiaczny
Matthew Tysiaczny Prije godine
@Sneh Sharma tf did u say? Couldn't read that language
Sneh Sharma
Sneh Sharma Prije godine
@Matthew Tysiaczny u really r so not educated...Are r!!?
Heaven Yt
Heaven Yt Prije godine
@Matthew Tysiaczny go back to madden
Trevor Paar
Trevor Paar Prije godine
Love respawn but I just want a Titanfall 3 trailer, or in one of these trailers hear “Titanfall detected” man 😔
Vanspoor's VeePlays
Vanspoor's VeePlays Prije 6 mjeseci
Maldera needs to be a Legend. And given his mission, I think his path leads to the Games eventually.
Butterduf Prije 9 mjeseci
7:13 this animation is cool and all but no one can rip a photo that well and easily
Grizzly Prije 6 mjeseci
This makes me proud to be a pathfinder main
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