Apex Legends The Origin Story For Every Heirloom

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Apex Legends The Origin Story For Every Heirloom

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Which Heirloom story is your favorite?

Hey guys and welcome back to another Apex Legends video! Today we are going to be talking about the lore for every heirloom in Apex. Some of the heirlooms such as the Kunai Knife for Wraith as well as Ravens Bite for Bloodhound have very obvious origin stories due to the Story From The Outlands series.

Other heirlooms such as Mirage, Octane and Caustic are not as obvious but still have many small connections to the legends history. Heirlooms are also designed to be passed down by a family member, friend (or in Wraith's case herself). Not everything about these heirlooms have been revealed to us however I try my best to cover as many details regarding these heirlooms as possible.

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00:27 Wraith Heirloom
02:51 Bloodhound Heirloom
05:28 Octane Heirloom
06:57 Lifeline Heirloom
07:47 Mirage Heirloom
10:00 Pathfinder Heirloom
11:10 Caustic Heirloom
12:09 Gibraltar Heirloom

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Just uploaded the Origin Story for Worlds Edge! It includes images of the map while in development, the story of the map itself as well as every single map change/update it has received! Check it out here:
nicklaus george
I just realized that the disease Mirage's mom have might be hereditary, and that mirage's stuttering and forgetting words is an early onset of the disease (or side effect from the technology)
Man, the mirage hits home for me. My grandmother has alzheimer's, its not fully developed. But it gets worse every week. Just knowing one day she will forget who I am really depresses me.
xNekoz I
When wrath revives marage, she talks about if she lets him die, his “number one fan” won’t forgive her. Aka his mom.
Lop Gaming
Wraith: I have a knife that harnesses the void and was given to my by me from a different dimension
This makes me think deeper about Mirage overreacting when Crypto showed his fails in the anniversary event video trailer, he was not only embarrassed but also didn't want his mother to see him fail so that she'd always remember he's a winner not a loser since he thinks he has to win to always keep her happy even though I doubt that's the case because I think she'd be happy regardless as long as he's trying. (This is just an assumption)
The mirage story just wants me to just main mirage and win, win, win again so his mom would be proud. [PLEASE APEX MAKE MIRAGE BETTER]
Samuel Badger
Just to point out a small inaccuracy. It's unlikely that Mirage's mother suffers from alzheimer's but actually a form of regeneration sickness. It's a process undertaken by pilots to maintain peak physical performance but at the cost of their non-combat memories. We can gather this from the holo-tech and her reference to past pilots she's close with.
The Cloaker
“A small spider crawls out before crawling back in”
Ahmad Qarout
Seeing omega kill someone and loot them for 16 syringes and leaving cells is incredibly painful
Roguewar 31
The thing I love about Apex is that everything has a story.
To be honest I think Mirage is the kind of person to be happy on the outside and everyone thinks he’s happy but when he’s alone he’s just
I always figured the shock sticks where like stun sticks, representing lifeline being more merciful than other legends, as in using none lethal methods like tazers (yes i know they kill in game)
Dr.Charles_B Shi
Mirage having a hard time.
I feel mirage is a dual thing. Dementia and Alzheimer’s are hereditary, so he could be showing early signs himself since he always stutters or can’t “remember” the word he needs. Hence the trophy is for him to remind himself of himself, as well as his mother. Could be a stretch but good for thought
GoldenSonic 321
As a mirage main I always felt ao bad for him because he is permanently stuck in the games, But he is always a funny character to play and honestly I think his mother would be proud of him
iCEE Ops
Literally every aspect of this game is a story... who knew
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