Are Parrots OP?

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1. Lip 2020.



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Komentari 80
Paul Zamora
Paul Zamora Prije 17 minuta
Parrots are way smarter than ethots
Fellow Degenerate
Fellow Degenerate Prije 48 minuta
Hey tier zoo can you talk about disease patches
Sarbecue Bauce
Sarbecue Bauce Prije 57 minuta
pls halp. I tried to buy Outside on Steam, but later found out the only platform that sells Outside is something called "Real Estate". I'm having trouble installing it though because after purchasing a 30-year subscription (called "Mort Gauge" or something??), it came with a house. Now I am playing Inside. If anyone can please help, that would be pretty cool.
Sarah Caputo
Sarah Caputo Prije 57 minuta
Sam Corbett
Sam Corbett Prije 2 sati
When are you going to release that video on eusocial insects
Animation Plays
Animation Plays Prije 4 sati
More game play
Andy Tran
Andy Tran Prije 6 sati
I'm starting to want to play this animal game. It is so cool, wish it was a real thing.
Vicki Martin
Vicki Martin Prije 8 sati
please do jumping spider tier
Tooji Gotez
Tooji Gotez Prije 8 sati
CadenIsFree Prije 10 sati
i would love to see an actual earth game Imao it would be fun to see peoples creations and also only builds with the talking ability can use voice chat
matt pe
matt pe Prije 11 sati
bro fkn love this channel and the runescape shit, just the name "are dolphins op" and im hooked loool
Oatmeal Prije 13 sati
City meta vid is gone D:
Cuvice77 #i like cats and dogs
You should make a game
Zaid Odtallah
Zaid Odtallah Prije 16 sati
1.99M subs
Tieline Prije 20 sati
What is this game called
Latioswar R
Latioswar R Prije 21 sat
Do a virus tier list
said sencan
said sencan Prije 22 sati
Does anyone know what game he's talking about?
Abdullah Aswad
Abdullah Aswad Prije 18 sati
You really don't know? I'm surprised. over a trillion copies of this game have been sold and currently there are over 8.7 million different play styles. Just google it dude, You'll find it easily.
ツ1h4pp7se4l Prije 22 sati
MrMoonWaffles Prije 23 sati
i'd like to think that tier zoo is just god, just him talking about his game.
Dr. Bright
Dr. Bright Prije dan
Are snakes OP
The great and lovable peridot
We need a eusocial insect tier list, as an avid ant main I would like to see it🙃
Little big
Little big Prije dan
Are ostrich’s op?
Fizzle Dimglow
Fizzle Dimglow Prije dan
Hey, TierZoo! I've been watching your videos to research for a tabletop homebrew that I'm writing for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Would you like credit? I'm more than happy to reference you! I'm not using any of your content so much as using your videos to learn more about the animal's unique abilities that could be referenced in a stat block.
BlueMoth698 Prije dan
You Should do a Don't Starve Mob Tier List.
BlueMoth698 Prije dan
Also, I was playing DST solo while watching this and the pig making wilson noises caught me so off-guard!
JP Trubey
JP Trubey Prije dan
parrots used to have a tank build that is now extinct that shared a server with the dodo build it was called the mauritian giant flightless cockatoo unfortunately due to human mains introducing the pig build to mauritious island about three centuries ago they have since become extinct
THE VOID Prije dan
Do a video on fungi they have some pretty insane metas and are in general not discussed enough in the community
Golden Care Massage Therapy
how are you guys enjoying the corona balance patch
The great and lovable peridot
It was only a quick, "hotfix" supposed to weaken the human playerbase, unfortunately it hasn't helped too much and still humans are extremely op
OB. Breadbin
OB. Breadbin Prije dan
New Zealand 😭😂😂😂
bearfully Prije dan
I really like that you use runescape sound effects.
David Coleman
David Coleman Prije dan
I think one of the least talked about yet unique marine guilds in the game is the ray faction. Manta rays, stingrays and bat rays are all have unique playstyles but still function similarly, and when in the hands of the right player, can actually be considered top tier. Maybe a ray tierlist is in order?
Evan Conway
Evan Conway Prije dan
Could you make a video about the most sympathetic animals?
Alexandra Correa
How do i main a animal?
brian2189114 Prije dan
Smart, dexterous, long life span, can fly, mates for life, looks awesome, talks. Yup, I know how I'm going to answer the "What animal would you be" question from now on.
Ryan GATINGA Prije dan
Can you do mythical classes in the game?
Christian Dalusung
Christian Dalusung Prije 2 dana
geldus Prije 2 dana smthig please
十二獣ƵODIΔC Prije 2 dana
have you planned on making a tier list about bacteria?
十二獣ƵODIΔC Prije 2 dana
at 4:25 me: nani!! Kishibe rohan sensei!!! HEAVENS DOOOR!!!
slucek1971 Prije 2 dana
What is the game called I want to play
The great and lovable peridot
Outside😜also your playing it
Pow Boi
Pow Boi Prije 2 dana
Please make a after man tier list it would be so cool
Meet Kertinz
Meet Kertinz Prije 2 dana
Recently, as a human main I have noticed a major bug which we have classified as COVID-19 have the devs addressed the bug yet? Or is this a nerf of the human players?
Random Dummy
Random Dummy Prije 2 dana
I think Parrots are high tier because all of his alts are sick.
Kerbecs321 Prije 2 dana
Most and least viable dinosaurs for modern day
No Name
No Name Prije 2 dana
This dude is a mix of game theory and v sauce
Ickabodxx Prije 2 dana
How about an insect tier list, with groups of insects. I saw a snail getting taken down by a horde of ants this morning and was trying to figure what tier the snail was in, guessing D, while the ants are clearly S tier.
The great and lovable peridot
Oh no snails are F tier, and ants are typically high tier but can range from A to S tier depending on their adaptations and adaptability to their environments
Krzysztof Wyborski
Krzysztof Wyborski Prije 2 dana
When your biology teacher is a gamer
Russian Commie
Russian Commie Prije 2 dana
1.99M subscribers....... It's so close to 2M
CeshiaB Prije 2 dana
you play too many games
CeshiaB Prije 2 dana
life is not a video game btw
Im not sure
Im not sure Prije 2 dana
Me: Reads title Also me: I don't need sleep I need answers
KinkyBillyMays Prije 2 dana
2:18 made me laugh soo much
Ryan Wu
Ryan Wu Prije 3 dana
the game devs suck. this covid 19 event made the game literally unplayable. i want a refund.
that one gamer 23
that one gamer 23 Prije 3 dana
People need to notice how good buzzer builds could be if used correctly, and they have barely any competition they just wait until the prey is weakened and go for the kill but it has big draw backs. First of all they aren't too smart also they have one of the worse flying causing them to be attacked while eating, other buzzers will also steal others food and they will practically eat any making it easier to find food but harder if other buzzers beat them to it. depending where its at they will sometimes they will eat road kill making them be in danger to cars due to there slow flying and intelligence they could be hit before they see it. I would put it in high c tier or low b tier
Bryan Gurule
Bryan Gurule Prije 3 dana
ples make a kaiju tear list if thy are in the game
zoiuduu Prije 3 dana
is the covid19 OP?
Melenaverde Prije 3 dana
Ray OwO
Ray OwO Prije 3 dana
I love spider.on you spider vid you sayed the jumping spider is dum. its not they are smart not too smart but smart so plz fix
Depressed Monke
Depressed Monke Prije 3 dana
Hey Teirzoo, why is ur channel stuck at 1.990.000 subs?
Unfamiliarmanic 7274
I think you should make a tier list on heavy weight beetles
Alexander Lyons
Alexander Lyons Prije 3 dana
I have a theory that global warming is a scheme by the revs to heavily nerf humans and destroy their progress
Magic Cat
Magic Cat Prije 3 dana
I'm thinking of changing my main, right now I'm a human but with the new virus buff I think I want to change it... Any suggestions?
Mohamad Mahmoud
Mohamad Mahmoud Prije 3 dana
Tier zooo please upload
Jpr Williams
Jpr Williams Prije 4 dana
You should do a vid on what animals humans have the best matches with, but with no tools or weapons
L34NN Prije 4 dana
Almost 2M subs
Ongoing Discovery
Ongoing Discovery Prije 4 dana
Can you do a video about Pleistocene European Megafauna like Cave Bear, Mammoth, and my personal favourite; The European Wild Ass.
Gurretz Prije 4 dana
Can we get a crab tier list
Helena Ren
Helena Ren Prije 4 dana
Has anyone seen this video where a parrot player grabbed a plastic cup and the game suddenly started glitching?
Chick Fil A.
Chick Fil A. Prije 4 dana
We NEED an Ant tier list
Jason Bong
Jason Bong Prije 4 dana
Lets get a pokemon tier list
Jordan Prije 4 dana
Is asking if things are OP in order to get views OP? View count says yes.
great white pup
great white pup Prije 4 dana
Do pangolins next pls
SCP-939 Prije 4 dana
If this dude makes a game it'd be top selling
RaRaGamingRaRa RaRaGamingRaRa
Congrats on 2 million :D
Christian Dulce
Christian Dulce Prije 4 dana
Speculative zoology tier list
Sammy Vlogs
Sammy Vlogs Prije 4 dana
Can you do an anteater tier list? Yknow, the faction with pangolins, sloths and anteater? (I forgot the actual name)
Sammy Vlogs
Sammy Vlogs Prije 3 dana
It's Xenarthra, the faction I mean
long ogre
long ogre Prije 4 dana
do video on seagulls
Chris I.
Chris I. Prije 4 dana
Day one of asking for a parasite video.
Ryan Cohen
Ryan Cohen Prije 4 dana
Is this a real game?
Ektor Prije 4 dana
Petition to divide the damage stat into "Attack Damage" and "Ability Power" or "Ability Damage" (I'd prefer Ability Power). Attack damage is the power that they exhibit with their main weapons, while ability power deals damage and/or provides utility for the build/class using other methods (such as the squid ink ability or the eagle prey drop ability) . If you have any ideas for improvement, please tell me.
Emerald Jonny
Emerald Jonny Prije 4 dana
I main salamanders are they good or not?
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