Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét - MONOPOLY

Ariana Grande
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a thank u to them fans
Directed by: Alfredo Flores & Ricky Alvarez
Special thanks: Donté Colley


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1. Tra 2019.

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Αρτεμις Ντουριτσι
I don't like!
Le tuer de mon coeur
Le tuer de mon coeur
là je parle à tous les Français vous trouvais pas que Ariana grande elle est gênante quand même on va pas se mentir
Fopefoluwa Ayo-Oyalowo
Fopefoluwa Ayo-Oyalowo
Fopefoluwa Ayo-Oyalowo
Aleksa •
Aleksa • Prije 8 sati
I don't really enjoy her music anymore ≥﹏≤
anthony garcia
anthony garcia Prije 8 sati
Where was I when this vid came out lol I'm just hearing this shit now lmao
Salome Gooding
Salome Gooding Prije 9 sati
i love you.
Brisa Cifuentes
Brisa Cifuentes Prije 10 sati
I sing this and it sound bad but you wow
Salome Gooding
Salome Gooding Prije 10 sati
i love you.
BRI Prije 10 sati
Just had to come here on national emoji day 😊
Therealmlw Prije 10 sati
Ashley Faz
Ashley Faz Prije 11 sati
Why Ariana grande so cute omg she look like her dad
Jamal Ripon
Jamal Ripon Prije 12 sati
I believe you. Ari
Mignon Loubser
Mignon Loubser Prije 13 sati
Love the teddy on the skirt Ariana
Jesus Ferro sanches
Jesus Ferro sanches Prije 13 sati
we air Darin basio
Yuo Tarde Yuo Tarde Yuo Tarde Yuo Tarde
Ariana Grande linda linda amo amo Love yuo amo Love yuo #ArianaGrande 😘😘😍😍
Patrick Trap
Patrick Trap Prije 15 sati
JoshJTC 01
JoshJTC 01 Prije 15 sati
Congrats on 69K dislikes
Alex Robinson
Alex Robinson Prije 15 sati
Ari is our queen and it’s great to see that she can be outspoken about issues and have fun at the same time
Rigoberto Millan
Rigoberto Millan Prije 17 sati
Aslo con migo
Nadine El Mekkaoui
Nadine El Mekkaoui Prije 17 sati
Techie Bear
Techie Bear Prije 17 sati
Love it! It’s nice to have a really famous music creator think out of the box and does something different. But you see, this different is something special!❤️ (This is my new favorite song)
Gambino123 Stanzistanzi
0:37 Can Ariana do the splits I did not know that
SungJu Yoon
SungJu Yoon Prije 19 sati
this editing is so bad lmao
Liron Golan
Liron Golan Prije 19 sati
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown Prije 19 sati
I still love the simplicity of this so much
nico basse
nico basse Prije 20 sati
Happy 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😇😇😇🤗😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😉😊😋😎😍😘😗😙😚☺🙂🤗😇🤔😐😑😶🙄😏😣😥😮🤐
nico basse
nico basse Prije 20 sati
Likes you
Mohamed Hadi
Mohamed Hadi Prije 21 sat
We miss you ari we want you back please I love your music its the best 🥺
anoud almaadheed
anoud almaadheed Prije 21 sat
Fuck you
「 S u n s h i n e S a p p h i r e 」
The costs of this music video were just ... Friendship, and love
Aayushi ii
Aayushi ii Prije dan
Ariana: Made literally the most high budget music video (7 rings) Also Ariana:...
Kaylina Velez
Kaylina Velez Prije dan
like women and men #goals
RASELMX Prije dan
woah,, what a chill song !
Aubrey Chaides
Aubrey Chaides Prije dan
"Who dA FUcK iS CLEeDUs?!"
Karabo Mokoena
Karabo Mokoena Prije dan
I wish future was featured on this song
Ben Howells
Ben Howells Prije dan
Everyone:We quit Victoria: Let me Get my 2000 Camera's Ariana: yes
Mehtap moonlight
master.of.scars Prije dan
ღLPS XDღ Prije dan
Aaaaa ok
RedyHappy rer
RedyHappy rer Prije dan
клип говно музыка прикольная
ツIt’sMzyy Prije dan
Fuck ari
ツIt’sMzyy Prije dan
Your a little bitch
Celine Prije dan
I love this Song
Cat Girl26
Cat Girl26 Prije dan
They didn't do this cause they don't have much money, they did it because they wanted to show a fun side to their friendship and it's better to do that with a 'real' looking style of music video (like something that you might just make with your friend with a simple video editor).
Simply Kaah
Simply Kaah Prije dan
Ariana: this is my chance to shake my boogie
Ace Duck
Ace Duck Prije dan
90% of comments: this low budget video is beautiful! 5%: Selena Gomez 5%: Russian
Emotional Mess
Emotional Mess Prije dan
yooooooo speed @ 1.25 is a lowkey bop
Cuco - Feelings
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On Chill (feat. Jeremih)
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