Audi RS3 vs VW Golf R... vs Golf R with £1,200 tune - DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE AND BRAKE TEST

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How much extra performance can you get for £1,200? With the Mountune Volkswagen Golf R that's enough for an ECU remap and an induction kit which increase power by 60hp to 360hp. So is this enough to beat a standard Audi RS3, which has 400hp? To find out we decided to drag race them. And we shoved in a standard Golf R too so you can see the difference between tuned and stock. BTW the Mountune Golf R also had upgraded brakes so you can see the effect of those in the brake test too.
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8. Lis 2019.



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Komentari 1 931
Colin Watson
Colin Watson Prije 16 sati
What mode was the rs3 in..... no pops or crackles
JayzR8 Prije 5 dana
I dunno, I think I’d rather pay 10k more for the sound and keep my factory warranty. The way tunes go these days, you’ll be liable to pay for a new engine should it break.
AKA BEAST Prije 5 dana
Audi rs3 is the best no cap
Lukestersim :3
Lukestersim :3 Prije 8 dana
£1200 is a lot.
Koke Prije 10 dana
The APR stage 1 ecu & tcu tune is similar but extra bhp. Insane mod and well worth the money! Transforms the Golf R immensely!
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm420 Prije 10 dana
Had to sell the wheels to afford the tuning kit.
Aaron Irons
Aaron Irons Prije 11 dana
I almost stopped watching as soon as I heard mountune. They specialise in Fords but they are overpriced and get shit gains from them I’d rather go REVO and get a stage 1 remap much cheaper and more gains in hp
GamerKaz Prije 12 dana
1. The facelift Audi RS3 is much slower than the older ones 2. The golf R has a map. It’s not pulled 60HP from an air filter and some paddle extenders...
Jack ///M240i
Jack ///M240i Prije 12 dana
Out of all the tuners they chose mountune? Apr stage 2 would of made a lot more fucking sense
1969nydrell David
1969nydrell David Prije 14 dana
Forget about the brake test and run the cars flat out for 2 miles
Cooper Prije 14 dana
That's really sad for a tuned golf R. My tune only GTI did a 12.7.
Lee Poerio
Lee Poerio Prije 15 dana
Ya do too many golf r vids
Youcef Belguidoum
Youcef Belguidoum Prije 18 dana
Please do golf r 300 v Léon Cupra v Mercedes a35 vs Audi s3
Binspired Bugzy0161
Binspired Bugzy0161 Prije 19 dana
Pointless race goes from more BHP/ Torque to less BHP/Torque
Juke Mobile
Juke Mobile Prije 19 dana
I use to have a VW Golf GTI
Sean Walsh
Sean Walsh Prije 19 dana
The alloys on the RS3 are too plain and boring for that car.
Daniel P
Daniel P Prije 20 dana
I wish Mat would stick to car reviews which he’s great at. These drag races are retarded, unequal and poorly executed by amateur drivers. The results are pointless.
Luke Primmer
Luke Primmer Prije 21 dan
Brummy moron
drgonzo Prije 21 dan
500Nm of torque + fragile flappy paddle gearbox. Yeah, that'll fall apart soon.
Cliff Harper
Cliff Harper Prije 22 dana
Who was driving the Audi ? Sack him and let me drive with you Matt.
MarcraM82 Prije 23 dana
Stage 1 rs3 and it's goodnight Golf r Mountune
Syed Kazmi
Syed Kazmi Prije 25 dana
Not 12grand difference m8 10 k difference
Dale Long
Dale Long Prije 27 dana
What about the new seat leon
Dale Long
Dale Long Prije 27 dana
I’ve finally given in...and subscribed. You are very lucky
Cobba hall
Cobba hall Prije 28 dana
I recall an RS3 doing 12.2 when it versed the RS4, either way great vid and awesome cars
Nitemare115 Prije 28 dana
APR does a tune on the Golf R and RS3. The tune on each add about 100hp. I’d love to see the RS3 with a tune and how hard it pulls. I own a Golf R but considering the RS3. Why not use the launch control from each? Love to see them dig out with AWD.
Johny P
Johny P Prije mjesec
Spoiler alert: The German car wins.
Iron 44
Iron 44 Prije mjesec
There all basically the same car
RegressMeNot Prije mjesec
1:39 3... 2... 1... GO!
cobratoxic Prije mjesec
You forgot to mention on vwry important thing the mountune R is the 2 doors version, is much lighter that the rs3 and the other golf r. I LOVE the golf R two doors.
Marty TDD
Marty TDD Prije mjesec
Not impressed with the wheels on the tuned Golf R. They're stinking
Ty Spiller
Ty Spiller Prije mjesec
Driver error in the S3.
Ged Lineham
Ged Lineham Prije mjesec
No such word as ‘outbroke’ 🙈🙈
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson Prije mjesec
Fucking stupid fart noises at 3:43 and 3:48 ..... those are the "underbody neon lights" of the 2010s..... can't wait till it goes out of fashion. Could NEVER own a car that made this noise.
Tuned by Rabbid
Tuned by Rabbid Prije mjesec
£1200 for a map and air filter, we can do the same if not better performance for half that.. as if paying stupid money some how changes physics...
Dzek Trbosjek
Dzek Trbosjek Prije mjesec
How is 12 k diference betwen stock Rs3 and tuned golf when golf costs 36k and 1. 200k upgrade while rs3 is 46k so is less then 9k diference.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Prije mjesec
The golf r Would have done the same job on that rs3 with just a £350 jb4 lol and made more then 360 bhp too instead of that rubbish mountune set need to spend £1200 a big waste for stage 1, even apr remap is a much cheaper and better investment for 380 hp then that crud mountune but still a win with only 360 bhp is still a win i guess..
toodyface Prije mjesec
Remap the RS...... Sorted
Giordi J-Lan
Giordi J-Lan Prije mjesec
Video of the new RS Q3 (400hp) ???👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
jfdm1997 Prije mjesec
Why would you pay £1200 for mountune at that disappointing bhp when you can get APR🤣
21Sousa Prije mjesec
MrAaronb400 Prije mjesec
On best motoring a standard subaru type sti ra from 1994 did the 1/4 in 13.1 without launch and manual gearbox is the golf r that impressive? I still wouldn't say no to one though haha
Nerevar22g Prije mjesec
A what, Volkswagen Mountain Goat?
Jurassic Matt
Jurassic Matt Prije mjesec
But Matt clearly put his foot down a second after the Audi in the rematch.
Can you do a drag race with a VW Golf 7.5 GTD
Brian Ellis
Brian Ellis Prije mjesec
Golf R and Audi RS, luckily it was a drag race so a straight line, would both win understeer competitions against quality competition....
Jamie Bridges
Jamie Bridges Prije mjesec
To people who may actually buy the Mountune kit, it's very expensive. Go to R-Tech, or MRC, or Unicorn Motor Developments, or another reputable company - You will get the same, if not a little more HP as well as the important DSG software tweaks to give you a better launch, faster gear changes and lift some of the restrictive torque limiters.
bart bart
bart bart Prije mjesec
So that means golf R with only 360hp does 0-62 under four seconds...?NEVER
Cambell Reynolds
Cambell Reynolds Prije mjesec
Fit some little gps timers in them so you can time how long it takes them to do 0-100 at the same time you do the drag races. IF you have it with the quarter mile setting as well you'll be able to see if it was just a driver sleeping or maybe jumping the starts. The same applies to the braking.
Aron Murphy
Aron Murphy Prije mjesec
that's a 19 plate rs3 with a opf filter that's why its lost
Jonathan H
Jonathan H Prije mjesec
Funny seeing all these people upset with the reduction of performance from the rs3. In a real world environment who gives a shit, still fast, and still fun to drive. I will say the classic Audi design is looking very dated and boring though 😫
Mart54 Prije mjesec
Good to show why spending all that coin modifying an already awesome car to give yourself such a minimal gain while potentially voiding your warranty and losing substantial resale value is a great idea.
Fala, Mestre! Aulas de Matemática
Please!!! Use a drone camera!
nash1H Prije 2 mjeseci
3 door vs 5 doors R, tuned R has unfair advantage
Premium 3338
Premium 3338 Prije 2 mjeseci
What you’ve done with that rs3??? It can’t be slower than a GOLF, even if it’s golf r!!!
Basil Anikeev
Basil Anikeev Prije 2 mjeseci
How do they do the emergency brake? Do the hazard lights turn on automatically? Is it just by pulling the handbreak or some other method?
Manc Car Guy
Manc Car Guy Prije 2 mjeseci
What use done at 3.25 well done guys. This is alone should be worth a subscription. This is what I wanted. Boy better know if I’m in 6th in 50 and somebody challenges me to a race would rather drop it into 3rd/4th and plant foot. Well done carwow.
Joe Joe
Joe Joe Prije 2 mjeseci
By my calculations after 4 or 5 seconds they were all more or less neck and neck. Something wrong here. RS will be 2 tenths faster over 1/4 mile surely?
Lukas Barnes
Lukas Barnes Prije 2 mjeseci
“Don’t know why, same gearbox” yeah errr the RS3’s a lot heavier and hasn’t been tuned
Steven  King
Steven King Prije 2 mjeseci
Plus the Mt gold had suspension upgrades it was clearly lower so probably helped put the power down