Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions Drum Cover

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Chop Suey Drum Cover:
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Edited by Pixlpit:
Outro animation created by Pixlpit:
Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here


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8. Lis 2019.



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Komentari 27 004
jacksepticeye Prije 5 dana
So Avenged Sevenfold actually ackowledged this cover and put it on their channel, I'M FREAKING OUT!!!
Ashlyn Fitzgerald
Ashlyn Fitzgerald Prije 41 minute
jacksepticeye THATS SO AWESOME JACK!!!!!!
aiden zadorecky
aiden zadorecky Prije dan
jacksepticeye finnaly
Brandon38659 Prije dan
scout p
scout p Prije dan
You are a drum god
JBRUV EGG Prije dan
Thats badass
Gemma Sambridge
Gemma Sambridge Prije 13 minuta
That was fucking amazing!!! Yeah!!! Woo!!💚💚💚
will moore
will moore Prije 34 minuta
Thank god you finally posted another one. I've been waiting for soooooooo long
Zachariah Keasling
random guy
random guy Prije sat
ive never seen someone put the high hat like in front of them
Boshmeister 28
Boshmeister 28 Prije sat
I've been waiting 2 years for this and it's finally here...
GypsyDanger Prije sat
Didn't know you liked metal too
Halley Schinkel
Halley Schinkel Prije sat
This made my ENTIRE week ❤️❤️
Nikki Griffin
Nikki Griffin Prije 2 sati
I did not know you could give that kind of sound quality from an electric kit. (I say this as someone who has owned a kit). Note the different in sound based on where he hits the cymbal
2gwells Prije 2 sati
Hell ya i love a7x
Reuben Meldrum
Reuben Meldrum Prije 2 sati
Nice double bass. Have you tried anything by gojira
Hollie rose
Hollie rose Prije 2 sati
I'd love it if you did a queen song because imm absolutely in love with queen it would be so cool hope you read this 😁
LR210 Prije 2 sati
collab with davie504
blue eyed redhead
blue eyed redhead Prije 2 sati
Jack: does the twirly thing with the drumstick Me: stops breathing a second and gets goosebumps Me: holy shit he's so good
Lutfun Nessa
Lutfun Nessa Prije 2 sati
All my wishes have been fulfilled i can die in peace
Acidic Eternity
Acidic Eternity Prije 3 sati
Mazā Blondā
Mazā Blondā Prije 3 sati
Shining Umbreon
Shining Umbreon Prije 3 sati
Shining Umbreon
Shining Umbreon Prije 3 sati
You did a great job, from a song back from 2001 i believe
Papa Scoops
Papa Scoops Prije 3 sati
1:32 Jackaboi thinks he's cute
Alexis Ann Thonason-Stacy
I am so proud of what jackaboy has become, I remember watching from 12k sub and you basicaly raised me lmfaooo great job Sean I'm happy for you 🙏❤✌
Little Firefly
Little Firefly Prije 3 sati
holy shit this is amazing!! Maybe you'll sing along next time?
Pranesh Brabu
Pranesh Brabu Prije 3 sati
Oh niccccce mete
Pablo Lopez
Pablo Lopez Prije 3 sati
Am I the only one that heard the doom theme at 4:56 and so on
eper 2
eper 2 Prije 3 sati
Do enter sandman
Nathan Holybee
Nathan Holybee Prije 3 sati
I can’t even express how badass this fucking drum cover is!!!
ROCK Ass Prije 3 sati
Onnnn pointttttt Séan💪👍🔥🔥🔥
Roxanne Peypascissurs
Ur bit of douche aren’t ya
&Jennie& Prije 4 sati
Maybe you should play all the way with drums
Grant Little
Grant Little Prije 4 sati
Now do Dance of Eternity
Peanut Butter white
Peanut Butter white Prije 4 sati
You should do surfacing by slipknot. Joey's drum solo is crazy and i wonder if you can do it.
_R4Z0R_ Prije 4 sati
*sees Avenged Sevenfold drum cover in feed* me : oh, well, who performed? *sees jacksepticeye in channel name* me : My world never will be the same again.
Killian Shearer
Killian Shearer Prije 5 sati
I honestly didn't think Jack would like music like that
Michael Cusack
Michael Cusack Prije 5 sati
He is very talented across a lot of different areas he should be voted as content creator of the year 🤣🤣
ליאור פשנוב
Mary Chatterjee
Mary Chatterjee Prije 5 sati
Didn't knew that.
Guitaripod Prije 5 sati
Woah. You nailed it
Master Six
Master Six Prije 5 sati
jack u gotta do megalovania dood
Quidato Imdead!&#
Quidato Imdead!&# Prije 5 sati
Just wow jack I dont know what to say but you actually kill it hahaha i dont even know to say but we have the same type of music hahahhaa💕💞
Quixvy Prije 5 sati
jacks actually sick with the drums, amazing work. ❤️👊
Inblox Prije 5 sati
The guy playing the drums looks like jacksepticeye tbh
KAYTAN Docken Prije 6 sati
He did good but I did better I'm a master at drumming you have to take a lot of practice to ask to get a right for me that was a lot learning but I know enough
The Official Industrial Static
Drumming was good, audio was a bit poopy but none the less very good
Denise Buck
Denise Buck Prije 6 sati
Theory: jack is going to be the new drummer of avenged sevenfold
Xayvier Godfrey
Xayvier Godfrey Prije 6 sati
fam am i the only one here fan boying over this like Sean looks so happy and hes doing a drum cover of my favourite song in the world ahhhhhhhh
Hazuki Chan
Hazuki Chan Prije 6 sati
Nice draming jack ☺
Ry Ben
Ry Ben Prije 7 sati
Sean you should do a cover of soleway firth by Slipknot
Dallin Riddle
Dallin Riddle Prije 7 sati
You should try San Diego- Blink 182, not as hard but probably will be fun
Kindy Firmansyah
Kindy Firmansyah Prije 7 sati
What if jack play his drum and pewds play his saxophone
Dan TGM Prije 7 sati
bro battle with 8bit ryan pls
aaron untalan
aaron untalan Prije 7 sati
Me and my brother had a nerf war to this song when i was a kid lol
Brian Patrick BPM Moore Jr.
Jack should play one of his own band's songs
Lackofsanity 1
Lackofsanity 1 Prije 7 sati
I feel like another good song to play would be The Red by Chevelle
UF Cosmic Playz
UF Cosmic Playz Prije 8 sati
I love avenged sevenfold
fredbearsmash 3
fredbearsmash 3 Prije 8 sati
Now when ever i listen to this song ill think of jack
Dat dude Betty
Dat dude Betty Prije 8 sati
Dude, imagine... Archspire - A dark horizontal Would be a wicked cover lmfao.
moonwalker 77
moonwalker 77 Prije 8 sati
My dad liked Jack before and I showed him this he called him a bad ass lol he's not wrong
Point Gaming
Point Gaming Prije 9 sati
I have been waiting and this is amazing and now im a fan of fold And this song is my fav before this now its got a bigger meaning
Sean Adach
Sean Adach Prije 9 sati
He is the whole reason I’m into any kind of metal at all
Joshua Mobbs
Joshua Mobbs Prije 9 sati
This is really good Sean Keep up the great work👍
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