Awkward Dating Show (pt. 3)

Cody Ko
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21. Svi 2020.



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Komentari 80
Kayla Frederic
Kayla Frederic Prije 7 sati
Didn't think Cody would dye his moustache if he grew one. No need put so much into faking your age, we all know you're all gray.
Leah Johnathan
Leah Johnathan Prije 8 sati
Mario looks different nowadays..
Jesse Xaivier
Jesse Xaivier Prije 9 sati
Cant help but get turned on by Cody's slimy mustache...
Bo Spurgeon
Bo Spurgeon Prije 9 sati
ummm, we've already seen a commentary on this specific episode? haven't seen this video... but cody has already done a commentary on this episode before
Toreador Rivera
Toreador Rivera Prije 9 sati
Am I deaf or is the first girl named Björk?👀👀👀
sanjukta Prije 9 sati
Cody looks like he'd actually bring a gun to his date now
Brynne Tynes
Brynne Tynes Prije 10 sati
Cody looks like Mario and soccer dad had a baby
You Died Wow
You Died Wow Prije 11 sati
Yo thanks for making so much good content love the vids been a two year fan and your content never gets old
Isabelle Arden
Isabelle Arden Prije 11 sati
i like this series a lot
What A Great Question!
I legitimately thought that was a real rpg
Splay Chunk1
Splay Chunk1 Prije 12 sati
Girl: hi I’m- The button: She hit a child with her car after he beat her in pubg
Bree B
Bree B Prije 12 sati
Cody: *exists* The entire comment section: "Cody looks like.."
je suis fudgeman
je suis fudgeman Prije 12 sati
Cody looks like a 42 year old suburban dad that works at an HVAC company
Joshua Philip Hinrichs
Honestly, this is a great concept, but that stupid button and its voice is annoying as hell and ruin the genuineness of this show
AtomCarmel Prije 12 sati
Tyson chicken nuggets are pretty good
Lily Chalmers
Lily Chalmers Prije 12 sati
you with a mustache gives me bad vibes idk why
Karou Hogan
Karou Hogan Prije 13 sati
Cody has the moustache, now he just needs to be *bald* to be Bart homer.
Andrea Mutoti
Andrea Mutoti Prije 13 sati
i love how everyone is dragging Cody in the comments lmaoo.but fr don't listen to that high dude on the beach... it's time
jintovj onyh
jintovj onyh Prije 13 sati
it felt like i was watching my dad once he started dancing
jintovj onyh
jintovj onyh Prije 13 sati
cody has been making a lot of drug references lately👀👀👀
Isabelle Burdge
Isabelle Burdge Prije 14 sati
Ouch. This show is hard to watch
Suzanne Moreno
Suzanne Moreno Prije 14 sati
So jasmen how are yo- He HaS bEeN a MaGiCiAn *presses button* Next guy walks in. He Is FuCkInG 19 *presses button* Girl walks in. HoLd HaNdS nOw *jasmin holds hand with other girl* Jasmine: your weird bye. *presses button* PiCk SoMeOnE dAmMiT
Olivia Pietrzak
Olivia Pietrzak Prije 14 sati
i lost it at the munch
Brandon Kelly
Brandon Kelly Prije 15 sati
I strive on watching cringe videos. I swear this fucking show makes me feel embarrassed for them HAHAH. I love this shit.
Doggo Chan
Doggo Chan Prije 15 sati
bro i ain’t taking you seriously with that mustache no
Andrew Crawford
Andrew Crawford Prije 15 sati
Hey dad
Cal M
Cal M Prije 15 sati
cody i don’t think i could physically sit through a single minute of this show without throwing up out of second hand embarrassment, ur commentary makes it 1000% times better, thanks broski
Hayden Wang
Hayden Wang Prije 15 sati
I can’t be the only one who thinks Cody looks like Mario from Mario Karts😭😭😂😂😂
bread Prije 15 sati
nice moosetache
Owen Murphy
Owen Murphy Prije 16 sati
Ur name is cody
Gloria Campos
Gloria Campos Prije 17 sati
I would’ve passed on Bjork just by the way she was like “Yeah... Just like the singer...” LIKE WHY ARE U ANNOYED DONT ACT LIKE ITS A COMMON NAME
Travis Price
Travis Price Prije 17 sati
"So tell me about yourself".... BUTTON SMASHHHH.
Schmetterling ::
Schmetterling :: Prije 17 sati
Is this Cody’s way of telling us he is a dad now
Victoria Dukes
Victoria Dukes Prije 17 sati
Loving Cody's energy in this one
Commissar Kitchen
Commissar Kitchen Prije 18 sati
My man Jim was hurt wtf
K Tulloch
K Tulloch Prije 18 sati
I thought you said you were getting rid of your mustache.
brokecollegegirl Prije 18 sati
Right as the button finished saying "you have won an all expense paid 2nd date" A FREAKING KFC COMERCIAL CAME ON. Wtf youtube.
v Prije 19 sati
Is it just me or Cody actually looks hot with the moustache?
Natalia Laskaridi
Natalia Laskaridi Prije 19 sati
Who here hates where the comments are??? Ah I see you’re on ur phone then
lilly !!
lilly !! Prije 20 sati
the mustache makes cody look 40 years older
Arty Marsy
Arty Marsy Prije 20 sati
I'm not used to waiting a week in between Cody videos anymore. where is he :(
Miriam D
Miriam D Prije 20 sati
Cody's mustache makes him look like the guy that stared at me while I was waiting in the parking lot of Lowes the other day
Miriam D
Miriam D Prije 20 sati
Cody's mustache makes him look like the guy that stared at me while I was waiting in the parking lot of Lowes the other day
Reese Orta
Reese Orta Prije 20 sati
Cody looks like when Cherdleys did the “how dads flex on each other” video
Literally Nothing
Literally Nothing Prije 21 sat
Ok I don't know if I'm just stupid for not knowing this or if I'm gonna bring this to a lot of people's attention but today I found out that Cody is in a 𝘵𝘷 𝘴𝘩𝘰𝘸?!?! It's called "the real bros of Simi Valley" and like I've never heard him talk about it before and apparently it's been going on since 2017 and I really want see it but I think it's Facebook original or something.....i was just confused cuz I've never seen him talk about it but I probably sound really stupid right now.............oof
Landon Stuhlsatz
Landon Stuhlsatz Prije 21 sat
you should do another "that's cringe"
Austin Strong
Austin Strong Prije 21 sat
I watch your vids when I shit to make it go more smoothly
shayla gayla
shayla gayla Prije 21 sat
cody no offense but you need to shave your mustache
Not really trying
Not really trying Prije 21 sat
LOL love the stash, man! 🤩
Kaleb Sharp
Kaleb Sharp Prije 21 sat
Cody vs. button :August 69th
LyleDeYounges Prije 21 sat
Cody, seriously you are just so funny
Noey Greger
Noey Greger Prije 22 sati
we need another thats cringe
Blindeyes Prije 22 sati
Holy shit the ones with the worst personality just sit there and straight up button everyone 😆
aby august
aby august Prije 22 sati
Nobody: Absolutely no one: The button: Tammy failed law school and was disowned by her parents at age 18 she is also an alcoholic and has twelve children... but what do I know I’m just a button.
aby august
aby august Prije 22 sati
The button doesn’t even wait till they finish say hello “Hey my name i- THE. DATE. BEGINS. NOW.
Mehul Khaitan
Mehul Khaitan Prije 22 sati
Cody looks like Mario 😂😂
Rachel Koz
Rachel Koz Prije 22 sati
Justin-bieber-mustache lookin ass
Elizabeth Miller
Elizabeth Miller Prije 22 sati
Cody’s mustache just wished me a happy 18th birthday and told me “ it’s about time”
Jakob Prije 22 sati
Damn Cody I never noticed but ur teeth looking nice AF ! :hearty_eyes:
Devon Shrives
Devon Shrives Prije 22 sati
Cody looks like he would get rejected 20 seconds in on an episode of the button
hyprsucc Prije 22 sati
cody looks like hes boutta "why i otta-"
belle Prije 22 sati
cody why do you look like walmart justin bieber
Dark Magician
Dark Magician Prije 22 sati
Okay but honestly, Jimmy seemed genuinely interesting and like you could have a good time with him :(
ihindaltaher Prije 23 sati
Can't Take You Seriously With That Mustache.
Stefano Vano
Stefano Vano Prije 23 sati
Jimmy being eliminated made my blood boil!
Valentina Ruiz
Valentina Ruiz Prije 23 sati
you look like you sell jelly you made in your room at a farmers market
bambam is big
bambam is big Prije 23 sati
cody wtf is on ur face
Sage Jarmosco
Sage Jarmosco Prije dan
"art, more like fart" -Cody Ko 2020
Eden Murray
Eden Murray Prije dan
your mustache looks terrible ❤️
Max Hall
Max Hall Prije dan
Cody looks like duke caboom from toy story 4
mariella_sanna 03
I’m convinced Cody has a button on his desk
Devon Shrives
Devon Shrives Prije dan
Cody looks like he would were a speedo, jump in a pool and say daddy’s coming
Chayenne Verburgt
4:00 WHAHAHAH I'M WHEEZING ..HIS FACE after she pushes the button like "really bish. really??"
Tyler Dowd
Tyler Dowd Prije dan
The pedo stash
Halie Marie
Halie Marie Prije dan
i dont like this look cody
Sandra Isa-Cevallos
Remind me to never drink any liquids when I’m watching Cody 😂😂😂😂
Devon Shrives
Devon Shrives Prije dan
That pink shirt joke was the most uncomfortable thing ever
Bella k.h
Bella k.h Prije dan
The first guy looks like Mr.struggle to me
Jonathan Arriero
cody getting wild lmao
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