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10. Lip 2019.

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Komentari 12 703
The Chicken Lord
The Chicken Lord Prije 58 sekundi
#YIAYjob to lick Violet from the incredibles
Rene Taylor
Rene Taylor Prije 14 minuta
She works for YEGOR and if you dont believe me i will personally play fortnite with Jimmy neutron
Andriy M.
Andriy M. Prije 37 minuta
I'm a Ukrainian
PizNey Works
PizNey Works Prije 40 minuta
#YIAYjob Dog food taster
BEnJ0 GD Prije sat
#YIAYjob at the laundry shop duh
Winstonator 3000
#YIAYjob She works at night as a detective solving crimes in a bat suit oh shit wait thats batman never mind.
IfBobAnimated Prije 2 sati
5:16 I see this as an absolute win
Pug Person
Pug Person Prije 2 sati
Tells you to not pick most of the comments
Nyah Chan
Nyah Chan Prije 3 sati
5:17 if the head side has a thicker, or heavier, engraving on it then wouldn't it actually be true that coin tosses aren't 50/50? Cause, just proven was that tails is lighter than heads. Therefor, the coin would land on tails up and heads down. Check your fake fact.
Bernardo Greco
Bernardo Greco Prije 3 sati
Jack still 28 episodes till 3 hour yiay 500
urte morkvenaite
urte morkvenaite Prije 4 sati
#YIAYjob im 12yr old vegan girl living in rly small country
Kevin Baskin
Kevin Baskin Prije 4 sati
#yiayjob Erin is obviously a repair woman she fixes your videos
Deadly scar 98 - Ace and mini Games
The person behind your camera #YIAY
Deadly scar 98 - Ace and mini Games
The person behind your camera
Br1ghT From UndefiN3D
#YIAYjob She streams with no viewers to see if MrBeast donates to her
Christian Meyer
Christian Meyer Prije 5 sati
Job be wife : )
Carson Scarlett
Carson Scarlett Prije 6 sati
#YIAY needs to stop, I'm sorry but you are stealing original content from @pewdiepie. First it went from a little video, then u stealing his intro, Then making a song that is literally the same thing as pewdiepie's . Like, Be real here, somebody has gotta say something.
Silect Gamer
Silect Gamer Prije 6 sati
#YIAYjob Be a Mrbeast's friend.
Emmet The Fox
Emmet The Fox Prije 6 sati
#YIAYjob She's a Furry
Becca Scott
Becca Scott Prije 6 sati
#YIAYjob dealing with jack is it’s own job
Uncle Bob
Uncle Bob Prije 6 sati
#YIAYjob shes in your basement making all the merch you shamelessly plug throughout your videos
Foodballer456 Prije 7 sati
#YIAYjob a stripper?
Maher Harp
Maher Harp Prije 7 sati
#YIAYjob A real job
Shadi L
Shadi L Prije 10 sati
#YIAYjob she works for you're 4th dog you didn't knew you had she's also a stalker i see her everyday out the window, she probebly get's paid for stalking me
Spooder Boi
Spooder Boi Prije 10 sati
#YIAYjob Shes actually pewdiepie, she made LWIAY just because she knows it will demotivate you and send you into a bottomless pit of despair. Or she just has a normal job idk
Spooder Boi
Spooder Boi Prije 10 sati
6:57 jack you have done an oopsie
Marcel Faz
Marcel Faz Prije 10 sati
#yiay She's a stunt double for Josh Brolin
EuphoricPenguin Prije 10 sati
#YIAYjob Sorting out all the comments that are funny.
Elliot Prije 11 sati
Are we sure this isn’t a episode of ygs
Minit Thunderstick
Minit Thunderstick Prije 11 sati
#YIAYjob Idk but she brings in the money cause you don’t have a real job
Trinh Rosy
Trinh Rosy Prije 12 sati
#YIAYjob Is to go outside,show a board with 😂 emoji and sream"WHO DID DIS"
SourApple Prije 12 sati
#YIAYjob she's a vet i think
xEmma Prije 13 sati
#YIAYjob she has an actual career, unlike you, jack shes a tik tok star
Simeon Paukkunen
Simeon Paukkunen Prije 14 sati
Did hurhur copy vkkv from yiay?
JeremyAnimates Prije 14 sati
#YIAYjob Lokkin for new husband the job
X3N0 Megawesome
X3N0 Megawesome Prije 14 sati
#YIAYjob being a green unit... That doesn't get slaughtered
Burnin Pwetzel
Burnin Pwetzel Prije 15 sati
#YIAYjob I don’t know your sub bot
temper vlogs
temper vlogs Prije 16 sati
#yiayjob she works at a donut Shop.
Blurrymammal 851
Blurrymammal 851 Prije 16 sati
Does she work as a office worker #yiay
Dragonlegend Prije 16 sati
#YIAYjob night shift in bed Inc. Hahaha hahaha
wafflnator Prije 16 sati
The person who flipped the coin 100 times is awesome. Saw some bullshit, then tested it, then called it out. Imagine if everyone did that. You know, fact check, or test things.
07Flame Prije 17 sati
This video contains spoilers for end game
ThatMarvelNerd Prije 20 sati
#YIAYjob Erin's a professional Furry! She goes to Furry Conventions and probably even walks around the house in a Fursuit when you aren't there!
Nugget :P
Nugget :P Prije 20 sati
#YIAYjob she works for the Canadian Mafia
Broken Hearts
Broken Hearts Prije 21 sat
#YAIYjob A real job
min tea
min tea Prije 21 sat
yeah the coin fake fact is actually true but the opposite way. the heads side is heavier so it’s marginally more likely to land TAILS side up.
Pickle hole Plays
Pickle hole Plays Prije 22 sati
A group of fortnite players is called a school of virgins
Thatdude WHOISnew
Thatdude WHOISnew Prije 23 sati
Pucked Prije dan
#YIAYjob she works for today’s sponser
Spot Prije dan
i didnt see the video and fell for the thanos one on insta, damn :(((
Nijad Gereige
Nijad Gereige Prije dan
#YIAYjob jack’s beard
Excalibur Jax
Excalibur Jax Prije dan
Please friend me in fortnite. My username is SuperLuckyBlock1
Excalibur Jax
Excalibur Jax Prije dan
Finding the rarest Pepes. #YIAYjob @jacksfilms
YA GURLL Prije dan
#YIAYjob staying as far away from u as she can.
Rajas A
Rajas A Prije dan
#YIAYJob She's works in Advertising Total Shot in Dark
Ian Rispin
Ian Rispin Prije dan
#YIAYjob Every day, Jack enters the dungeon so that Erin may act as his personal jester. She is paid in food.
jerm cherles
jerm cherles Prije dan
Maybe Erin is the job #YIAYjob
that one guy
that one guy Prije dan
#YIAY job I feel like Erin's job is being a slave to you
Red Cake
Red Cake Prije dan
#YIAYjob Writing all these comments for you that’s why everyone complains about not getting on YIAY, ITS NOT REAL
Tecliips Prije dan
#YIAYjob she teaches kids the deep dab
Jay L
Jay L Prije dan
#YIAYJob I think Erin works as a very hard working stripper
Alex is Wierd
Alex is Wierd Prije dan
#YIAYjob she has a real job unlike you
Cod Zombies Top 5s
#YIAYJob She’s a Roblox streamer
McKay Family
McKay Family Prije dan
#YAIYjob Plastic surgeon, mostly works on foreheads.
Bright and Dark
Bright and Dark Prije dan
#YİAYjob she is a fake fact finder
Heather Thomas
Heather Thomas Prije dan
Honestly Erin seems like either an editor or a nurse. Not a funny answer but you know they can't all be winners.
mouth sauce
mouth sauce Prije dan
#YIAYjob Idk what this means I didn’t watch the video
Cuden Prije dan
Fortnite youtuber that's her day job #YIAYjob
onion does stuff
#yiay she works as a forehead reduction surgeon
Tapue locket
Tapue locket Prije dan
NSFW N: Never S:Slurp F:Fucking W:worms
Marco Wong
Marco Wong Prije dan
lwiay is still better
Lizza Prije dan
#YIAYjob Easy. Full time carer.
Lily Chancey
Lily Chancey Prije dan
The teacher one is actually true at least where I live
vivian nguyen
vivian nguyen Prije dan
She's the actress of the frustrated wife on all commercials #YIAYjob
depravityPD Prije dan
#YIAYjob i know for a fact that Erin slings meth
Radioactive Sheep
#yiayjob a better job then you
Anna Kane
Anna Kane Prije dan
#YIAYjob she is a financial income for u
PacJohn Prije dan
#YIAYjob editing your videos in her cage in the basement
Sam Maclachlan
Sam Maclachlan Prije dan
#YIAY she doesn’t have a job she’s living on your HRvidr payroll
Slenderman Prije dan
#YIAYjob She actually has a job Escaping the basement
Ricardo Wu
Ricardo Wu Prije dan
#YIAYjob Merry Ham from Pew News
ernesto hernandez
#YAIYjob Magician. So she can make Jack's for head disappear
Gaberedstone Prije dan
She doesn’t. She lives in the same cardboard box with you off HRvid income. #yiayjob
Alex Mahoney
Alex Mahoney Prije dan
#YIAYjob Nice try Jack. We all know she gets paid to be your wife
Rocky Moose
Rocky Moose Prije dan
She goes to another school. #YIAYjob
Ella Gergeni
Ella Gergeni Prije dan
#YIAYjob Erin does a Cosplay. Shes done Shrek,Mike Wasowski,Dr Phil, and so much more!
Deborah Zimmerman
Erin’s day job is pretending to be married to you. Although you don’t pay her enough. #YIAYjob
the goblet
the goblet Prije dan
#yiayjob shes a warden. Jack is actually the prisoner. DISCLAIMER i was absolutely not hired to say this.
Mackay Bros
Mackay Bros Prije dan
She works for the Men in Black and your dogs can talk
Ivan Best Gamer
Ivan Best Gamer Prije dan
I got bamboozled with the Nepal flag fact on Twitter lol
isabella pajamas
isabella pajamas Prije 2 dana
#YIAYjob A YIAY Live producer
Jenna Smith
Jenna Smith Prije 2 dana
#YIAYjob She doesn't work Jack... *she's been dead for 40 years....*
Had had Bafd
Had had Bafd Prije 2 dana
He gets the idea from Lylay
Eveydude Prije 2 dana
jack. nobody likes you anymore. seriously.
Maya W
Maya W Prije 2 dana
#YIAYjob Being a human... same job as me
Zdix_YT Prije 2 dana
Her job is to not have a job #YIAYjob
yeetus 399
yeetus 399 Prije 2 dana
Getting bamboozled into marrying you #YIAYjob
Gamer King Boss
Gamer King Boss Prije 2 dana
There's a 51 percent chance of it landing on heads
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*teleports behind you* (YIAY #420)
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