Best Rallies of US Open 2020!

US Open Tennis Championships
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Relive the best rallies from this year's incredible US Open 2020!
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14. Ruj 2020.



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Libre Humain
Libre Humain Prije mjesec
Was easily Djokovic's title, he managed to lose it to himself by himself. Self destruction. Glad he got the lesson from that so hopefully he would stop reckless behaviors.
Parental Consent
Parental Consent Prije mjesec
2:22 is so wholesome. Tiafoe looks genuinely proud for fucsovics. Instead of laughing at the chances, he’s excited that it happened.
Rainer Sattler
Rainer Sattler Prije mjesec
10:06 in the background ...
Eoin Diffily
Eoin Diffily Prije mjesec
5:20 lefty return
TONDANO11 Prije mjesec
Nice rallies, only missing the supreme rallies of Roger and Rafa
Aravind Ajay
Aravind Ajay Prije mjesec
I don't know why there has been not a single point of Sumit Nagal ...he played very well and won one of the best points of US Open 2020....
equinox project
equinox project Prije mjesec
Where is Nole's throat shot?
equinox project
equinox project Prije mjesec
The grunting screaming and screeching should be outlawed as unsportsmanlike behavior.
BETSELOT EYOB Prije mjesec
Why lol?
charlie172011 Prije mjesec
You missed the one that is practically the shot of the tournament. Done by Pella (vs Wolf), on the penultimate game of the match if I remember correctly.
thomas odenkirk
thomas odenkirk Prije mjesec
Hot shot was Djokovic's shot to the lines woman's throat lol
yajilobay Prije mjesec
観客がいない方が、ゲームに集中できるのだろうか? 観客に向かって「Shut up!」とさけんだ選手もいたし・・・。
David Aleksidze
David Aleksidze Prije mjesec
Djokovic is No1
JACK WILLIAMS Prije mjesec
Who is the commentator? That's not the voice I heard on ESPN.
Anthony Hirsch
Anthony Hirsch Prije mjesec
Shapovolov is gonna be one of the best shotmakers of this decade- fun to watch
Lydia las
Lydia las Prije dan
@Anthony i have watch it countless time And how are you doing?
Ruby Ruby
Ruby Ruby Prije mjesec
NO NO.... without Djokovic it is no real first place.
Karlo Marić
Karlo Marić Prije mjesec
Nisu baš dobri poeni!
Coin Chaser
Coin Chaser Prije mjesec
Great video great highlights great matches
ach nix
ach nix Prije mjesec
I think azarenka played Naomis game too much ... flat base line rallies
Chris Yee
Chris Yee Prije mjesec
This tournament has been my silver lining to 2020 Couldn't be happier for Thiem and Osaka
Wenger Ball
Wenger Ball Prije mjesec
Andy Murray 🤝 classy lob shots
Walter Wieser
Walter Wieser Prije mjesec
Einfacher der Bessere,
Xiaohua Alyssa Li
Xiaohua Alyssa Li Prije mjesec
Why doesn’t zverev drink water
Ekene Udeugeu
Ekene Udeugeu Prije mjesec
Congratulations to Thiem nd Osaka I really appreciate u all for the USA Open Championship
Josef Chalupa
Josef Chalupa Prije mjesec
Is noone gonna talk about Serena receiving Pironkova´s serve with left hand at 5:02 ?!! :D
Brandon512k Prije mjesec
Haha she did that twice in the match!! 😂 and won both of those points!!
Maria Nagaoka
Maria Nagaoka Prije mjesec
Wondering if Serena thinks receiving women's serves is 'that' easy so that she does it with her left hand xD
Julian Bobasso
Julian Bobasso Prije mjesec
1:48 there has to be about 100 rallyes better than that one
Julian Bobasso
Julian Bobasso Prije mjesec
Some great moments at this "no big 3" US Open, but my personal favourite was QF Shapovalov vs. Carreño. It was an amazing match between two players with very different playing styles. Very interesting to watch and some tremendous rallies too
gabriel feuning
gabriel feuning Prije mjesec
I'm still recovering from the heart attack the final gave me
Peter Wolfe
Peter Wolfe Prije mjesec
oakvootchu Prije mjesec
The men's finals was simply incredible. Two friends "duking it out", bringing out the best in the game and with the cordiality of true gentlemen. The hug at the end symbolized it. No political messaging, no baggage from idealogies and true humility. Hope they, the USO and the sport can stay that way!!!
Sina M
Sina M Prije mjesec
Black Lives Matter!
András Ágoston
András Ágoston Prije mjesec
I miss some best shots from the tournament.. ex. Pella's no look behind the back slice against Wolf
Bhavesh Karwal
Bhavesh Karwal Prije mjesec
Thiem's Bazooka down the line and Forehand blinder at 4:5, 30:30 and 40:30 should have been there, it was insanely clutch by the Austrian✌️.
charlie172011 Prije mjesec
They also missed the one that is practically the shot of the tournament. Done by Pella (vs Wolf), on the penultimate game of the match if I remember correctly.
ppm120667 Prije mjesec
They did include the 40:30 shot, but you are correct. The other one was even more clutch
cyber4warrior Prije mjesec
Where are the extended highlights?
Boris Pagani
Boris Pagani Prije mjesec
JJ Soledad
JJ Soledad Prije mjesec
@Russell Nelson It was about Thiem's comment to Serena Williams.
Russell Nelson
Russell Nelson Prije mjesec
what does WHOOPI have to do with anything?
Oleg Voronkoff
Oleg Voronkoff Prije mjesec
The final of the USA OPEN has just ended, - SASHA ZVEREV (he was lucky in the first two sets), LOST BECAUSE he is not a PERSONALITY, but only a "club" 2 meters tall with a slaughter (WHEN IT DOES) 😜😜😜😜 DOMINIK TIM brought out two "clubs" to the row: MEDVEDEVA AND ZVEREVA, - BRAVO!
Der Dani
Der Dani Prije mjesec
Where is Thiems around the Net shot in the final
Figure skating art
Figure skating art Prije mjesec
I don't think these are the best rallies, just random ones. And Serena is here because she's black?
webbski7 Prije mjesec
This will surely go down as one of the weirdest grand slams ever. Shows how big a part the crowd is. Some great tennis though
Laverne Prije mjesec
This match should have been called a tie!! Happy for Thiem yet disappointed for Sasha. I’ve never seen Zverev play such great tennis. He is young and he’ll win many championships. So glad these 2 men got the chance to win the title.
D VDV Prije mjesec
Tennis can be so beautiful. ♥️
Ad_ Zark
Ad_ Zark Prije mjesec
Seriously? Two Osaka's highlights where she lost the points in both occacions. Is this a joke? She's eventual winner, isn't she?
Maria Nagaoka
Maria Nagaoka Prije mjesec
Easy, these highlights are very badly edited. Maybe the editor didn't have enough time and was told to have it ready by Monday (today). Osaka's semi match with Brady had some pretty amazing winning shots by both of them.
Ad_ Zark
Ad_ Zark Prije mjesec
@Brandon Sadler-Gray Probably not. Sorry, but what's the best shot, anyway? Believe she produced some amazing shots against Vika in the final. Probably not the best in the tournament, but surely much much better than the two highlighted, showing the real Naomi n why she became eventual winner.
Brandon Sadler-Gray
Brandon Sadler-Gray Prije mjesec
Ad_ Zark doesn’t mean she produced the best shots in the tournament, this isn’t a highlight reel of Osaka
Wild auf Wald
Wild auf Wald Prije mjesec
Gratulation Dominik Thiem!! LG Hans 🇦🇹
call me Romy
call me Romy Prije mjesec
So verdient 🇦🇹
Luta Cito
Luta Cito Prije mjesec
2:32 heckin' bamboozled
Oscar Lai
Oscar Lai Prije mjesec
thiem was an absolute beast this tournament. props to sascha for his great performance too, hurts to see him lose by such a small margin
Ruben Deacon
Ruben Deacon Prije mjesec
@ppm120667 I agree 👍🏻
ppm120667 Prije mjesec
@L STA yes and no. Zverev played superbly in sets 1,2,5 (on occasion, but he was also pretty bad in clutch moments sometimes) but his level fell off in 3,4. Thiem was really bad in sets 1,2 and even in set 5 he was shaky but he was clutch when it mattered.
L STA Prije mjesec
Thiem was great in this tournament but the final was awful from both
ppm120667 Prije mjesec
This was truly a match of fine margins. But Thiem deserves credit for hitting two incredible forehands at 4-5 30 all in set 5. That was clutch, had he missed one it would have been championship point or deuce. Ultimately Thiem + 3 points
Arrnaw Phoolka
Arrnaw Phoolka Prije mjesec
Both Osaka and Thiem deserved to win
Gisele 911
Gisele 911 Prije mjesec
@K K true 😂😂
Maria Strauss
Maria Strauss Prije mjesec
You are so right 😊.I just loved the rally of Thiem. and Sascha. Congratulation to both of them.
Gareb Feumba
Gareb Feumba Prije mjesec
K K Got u
K K Prije mjesec
@Gareb Feumba No I said “Naomi’s”, in response to the guy who mentioned her opponent
Gareb Feumba
Gareb Feumba Prije mjesec
K K I thought you said Naomi didn’t deserve to win
Neptune Prije mjesec
Congrats to Thiem and Osaka!!! Well deserved champions!!!
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