Bianca Andreescu vs Serena Williams Full Match | US Open 2019 Final

US Open Tennis Championships
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Watch the full match between Bianca Andreescu and Serena Williams in their gripping US Open 2019 final.
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24. Ožu 2020.



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Komentari 100
Nagaon Talks
Nagaon Talks Prije dan
This game audience very bad react
piter2084 Prije 2 dana
Iga Świątek future nr1!! Bigger talent than Andreescu !
Hayes Fuhrman
Hayes Fuhrman Prije 4 dana
Really I wanted Serena to win but I understand not wanting to be on her side when she lashed out at the empire but its not Serena's fault her fans where being rude to Andreescu
alexandru tomita
alexandru tomita Prije 7 dana
ai sange de dacia ultimii adevarati luptaotri!!!!
alexandru tomita
alexandru tomita Prije 7 dana
sa nu uiti ca esti Romanca!!! respect!!
Ion Gavrilă Ogoranu
super Bianca
tremaine861 Prije 9 dana
What happened to her did she retire? Hasn't played a match since 2019
kalimero destan
kalimero destan Prije 10 dana
can be a star can give the most, but the clothes and it's awful with this powerful figure with this tight-fitting dress is at least inappropriate
M H Prije 11 dana
Serena is one of my favourite tennis players. May she continue to served as the Lord Permits.
2020 LOVE X.X.X
2020 LOVE X.X.X Prije 12 dana
Very nice….
IB Fidch
IB Fidch Prije 13 dana
Diana Barbu
Diana Barbu Prije 13 dana
The ads are longer than the match 😒
Stuart Wayne
Stuart Wayne Prije 15 dana
I wonder how much Bianca's invoice to Serena was for giving her this much needed tennis lesson. Big babe tennis is gone now. Variety and intelligent tactics are the new formula for success. Serena's baseline bashing style has gone the way of the serve and volley dinosaurs..
Enrique Reyes
Enrique Reyes Prije 16 dana
Serena is her worst enemy.
Xavier Almeida
Xavier Almeida Prije 18 dana
Come on Bianca I 💪 support you
xanbex Prije 19 dana
At 1:21....commentator "this place is about to explode" not a bad idea! The crowd is so very gross, a great pleasure to see the crowd so disappointed.
Ken Adams
Ken Adams Prije 19 dana
That courtside commentator is a bias idiot. “The crowd feels like last year match was taken away from her”. And “It’s all about Serena making errors right now”.
James Thompson
James Thompson Prije 21 dan
After Serena ruined Osaka's first win over her last year, I hope this new girl can teach her a lesson. Serena always finds fault in others when she starts getting beat. She will pout, take more time, whine...always something like she is owed the win ...pitiful...go Bianca
lance ball
lance ball Prije 24 dana
On TV today I saw Serena doing a deodorant commercial and Bianca doing a toilet paper ad. Surely their agents can do better than that for the 2 champions. Maybe, reverse mortgages.
SomedayWe'llKnow Prije 25 dana
Steroids out of stock!!!🤣😂🤣😂
optimus prime
optimus prime Prije 25 dana
She win against such a crowd .. quite wonderful
Nishant Thaccker
Nishant Thaccker Prije 25 dana
@All - before we get carried away with conferring greatness on Andreescu (not to belittle her achievement) we need to understand: she got to the finals without facing a single top 10 player in the draw (Wozniacki, Bencic seriously?) and Williams made just too many unforced errors donating points.. Just see how once Williams reduced those errors from 1:5 down in the second set, Andreescu couldn't buy a point even on her own serves! .. Just that Williams dug too big a hole for herself which was tough to climb out off --- Again not to belittle her achievement but way different than Naomi Osaka who blew Williams away!
Pierre Beausoleil
Pierre Beausoleil Prije 24 dana
Rishi R
Rishi R Prije 26 dana
Bianca held an ice berg of pressure when all of the croud is supporting and praying for Serena !!Just think about it guys 🔥
Terry Abbott
Terry Abbott Prije 27 dana
Different class andreescu every time Williams lose commentators make excuses make you sick Williams fan club
Crypto Trader
Crypto Trader Prije 28 dana
Bianca's coach looks like Brett Favre.
lance ball
lance ball Prije mjesec
I would like to see another U.S. Open final between Bianca and Serena. I would even look forward to the 24,000 cheering against Bianca, as long as Bianca would win again, of course. There was something special about this match with these two. It was eclectic and tense. Not to be forgotten, no matter who won. Well done ladies.
MWF Prije mjesec
I’m glad the Canadian beat Serena in front of her rude fans.
Adrian Baltazar
Adrian Baltazar Prije mjesec
Vinci - Venció PlisKOva - K.O Kerber + Osaka = K.O Halep Simona = Hight Speed Bianca Andreescu = Badass
Fred B
Fred B Prije mjesec
Serena looks like Mike Tyson in a dress
kripaja kinnera
kripaja kinnera Prije mjesec
well done
Irma Ramirez
Irma Ramirez Prije mjesec
What happen to Serena last year she looked fine had the baby already, for US open 2020 she looks big and uncomfortable playing.
A. Sawa
A. Sawa Prije mjesec
Bianca !! Tennis needs you!! Come on Bianca!
Judapradana Adhit
Judapradana Adhit Prije mjesec
Miss crowd like this.
Ananya Tyagi
Ananya Tyagi Prije mjesec
I dont know why but the eye and eyebrow area of Bianca looks like Camila Mendes
Bobbo S
Bobbo S Prije mjesec
Serena hugs Bianca after losing while really she wants to strangle her..haha...too bad Bianca is hurt this year..cause I really would love to see her beat Serena again...
Pierre Beausoleil
Pierre Beausoleil Prije mjesec
Leeson James
Leeson James Prije mjesec
Yay! Serena is trash.
Thumbsdown Bandit
Thumbsdown Bandit Prije mjesec
To quote Rocky IV: "Listen to this crowd. It sounds insane."
lance ball
lance ball Prije mjesec
I have no problem with the New York audience vociferously backing their favourite. It was to be expected. I admit, a strong influence on my acceptance was because I never doubted Bianca would win, even when Serena made it 5-5 in the second set. Bianca had smarts, youth and grit on her side.
Jaimin Trivedi
Jaimin Trivedi Prije mjesec
This outfit is unlucky. She needed the black one.
Prabowo Prabowo
Prabowo Prabowo Prije mjesec
Rasain kalah
Purasthu Sayareddy
Purasthu Sayareddy Prije mjesec
Matheducare Prije mjesec
Es genial poder volver a ver este partido. Gracias!
malcolm mclean
malcolm mclean Prije mjesec
What a bad crowd
ovidiu hanganu
ovidiu hanganu Prije mjesec
Virginia Ruzici, Nadia Comaneci, Simona Halep, Bianca Andreescu , these names have something in common = Romania.......:-)
Pierre Beausoleil
Pierre Beausoleil Prije mjesec
THERE are a video on the net in Romanian and it.s call Bianca Andreescu SCANDAL CAN you tell me what it.s all about please because it.s all in ROMANIAN
Владимир Шатов
Отвратительно когда против юной и очаровательной Андрееско болеет весь стадион только ради этой коровы
beavertown2006 Prije mjesec
Serena's hug was so fake.
El Coyote
El Coyote Prije 25 dana
"fake" I don't think so. Just before they hugged she gave Bianca the greatest compliment there is in tennis: WOW!!!
Aks 321
Aks 321 Prije mjesec
Its probably because you already dont like her so you're assuming it was fake lool
Martina Hillery
Martina Hillery Prije mjesec
I basically ruined watching the video due to the comments
Noe Schmoe
Noe Schmoe Prije mjesec
Serena is like an Alien creature. How could she lose? Something is amazing every time she loses. She wines and complains, but she is a sore loser. I cheer every time she loses!!!
Cyril Prije mjesec
1:26:46 any idea what watch this is?
Alina Alina
Alina Alina Prije mjesec
"Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph" 37mm from Audemars Piguet
Cyril Prije mjesec
1:08:10 young Pharrell Williams
Cyril Prije mjesec
Tennis audience seem to be apple watch lovers.
Zultan Amante
Zultan Amante Prije 2 mjeseci
What a shame..beating greedy serena and 20k plus new yorkers bianca silenced them all..happy for her,no thanks to the stupid commentator..
Alberto Olmos
Alberto Olmos Prije 2 mjeseci
The sound quality, stereo, hall, and ambient effects are superb, which are better appreciated with headphones. You can feel like being just behind the player. Even the comments are very well equalized.
Heavy Battle
Heavy Battle Prije 2 mjeseci
Okay but where is the Naomi Osaka vs Serena Williams Full Match | US Open 2018 Final *THO* ? Im just asking what you all thinking
booyah2u 2
booyah2u 2 Prije 2 mjeseci
I reckon that the net serve rule (I think it's called "let") where the player serves the ball, it touches the net but still goes over and then the servehas to be replayed should be removed. It is a stupid, impractical and outdated rule. When the ball is served, touches the net but still goes over to the receiver side, play should still continue. Remove this lousy net call rule because it drags the game. My friends and I don't apply this rule when we play and love it. You should too.
booyah2u 2
booyah2u 2 Prije mjesec
@Keith Byrd ... I never thought of that and I agree. Yes I like that. They have allready applied that rule with doubles where the server also chooses which side to serve to. I will be using it. Thanks.
Pierre Beausoleil
Pierre Beausoleil Prije mjesec
ok remove the net
Tree Garden Life
Tree Garden Life Prije 2 mjeseci
Bianca is so cute. She has nerves of steel with that crowd and Williams against her.
Gregory C
Gregory C Prije 2 mjeseci
20:50 the court-side commentator misreads the play entirely. Serena is being constantly jarred by body serves, changing pace of ball, deep balls at her feet and no angles to work with.
Sudha Sharma
Sudha Sharma Prije 2 mjeseci
Beating serena Williams is a life time achievement for any players specially for New comers
Daniel K
Daniel K Prije 2 mjeseci
1:39:59 Bianca saying sorry to Serena at the net. Bianca is amazing. Apologising when she really doesn't have to. To win, dealing with that raucous crowd against her was incredible and shows how strong she is.
Chrisdi Williams
Chrisdi Williams Prije 2 mjeseci
in my eyes you will always be the best tennis player I ever seen and may God continue blessing you with great talent in tennis that he gave you amen much love always huni NEW ORLEANS
Leticia Hana
Leticia Hana Prije 2 mjeseci
Serena have very strong arms it's clear she can win more often
Stuart Wayne
Stuart Wayne Prije 2 mjeseci
Poor Serena got "Cassius Clayed" LOL
Thanh Mai
Thanh Mai Prije 2 mjeseci
Watching again today after Bianca pulled out of US open this year 2020. What a match 👍😍🇨🇦
John Storey
John Storey Prije 2 mjeseci
What a shame there won’t be a rematch this year. She The North withdrew :-(
Pierre Beausoleil
Pierre Beausoleil Prije 2 mjeseci
wait for R G
G B Prije 2 mjeseci
So glad that dude lost
k8192 Prije 2 mjeseci
Serena Williams is a PROVEN CHEAT. That is a FACT, not opinion. The key word is *PROVEN* . She is also SEXIST and RACIST. She should have been BANNED from the tour, years ago. She should NEVER be presented as a model of a great player.
Ryan Hiemstra
Ryan Hiemstra Prije 2 mjeseci
im canadian, but serena was clearly not at her finest. but great game!
APKoil N Sapthagireesan
APKoil N Sapthagireesan Prije 2 mjeseci
Generally the first serve of any player is difficult to return. Serena's first serve is generally 120 mph while that of Bianca's is 103 . If Bianca has to compete successfully, her first serve needs to be consistent. Secondly, Bianca directs most of her shots towards her opponent. Instead she should make them run to right and left which will make the opponent tired particularly opponents of advancing years. Most of the times I find her running and tires herself. As in the three setters with Kerber and svitolina.
Mike Richardson
Mike Richardson Prije 2 mjeseci
@Pierre Beausoleil your reply was even more retarded then the first morons opinion. You two should hook up and sprinkle the internet with your hilarious opinions.
Pierre Beausoleil
Pierre Beausoleil Prije 2 mjeseci
@Mike Richardson DO YOU WORK for the ss let other speak you must have a thought time with yourself
Mike Richardson
Mike Richardson Prije 2 mjeseci
APKoil N Sapthagireesan what a fucking idiotic take on her game. You didn’t happen to notice who WON did you? Speed on the first serve is hardly the main asset of a tennis player. If it was John Isner would be a world beater. I realize you’ve got no clue who John Isner is so try Google.
APKoil N Sapthagireesan
APKoil N Sapthagireesan Prije 2 mjeseci
I pray her knee injury is cured fully.
Feather Clap
Feather Clap Prije 18 dana
tremaine861 Prije 2 mjeseci
Bianca is the defending champion this year, let's see how she handles the pressure
Tom Chastain
Tom Chastain Prije 2 mjeseci
All champions have their day! When your day starts disappearing then it's time to quietly fade away!
Buffalo 66
Buffalo 66 Prije mjesec
Tom Chastian She won't because she is an ♎. Librans don't quit untill they are destroyed.
Spiritualistic Prije 2 mjeseci
The U.S open crowd is so obnoxious and need to be told when to shut up 🙄 So glad they went home disappointed..
StuffedBox Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm glad she wasn't fazed by the crowd, a true champion
Kerstin Jalander
Kerstin Jalander Prije 2 mjeseci
Thank’s you for euorosporttitti🌎🌟🌈
Tee Bee
Tee Bee Prije 2 mjeseci
She beat a woman the "GOAT" who's getting up there in age and just gave birth... lol big deal.
kimba007 Prije 2 mjeseci
Spike Lee and Billie Jean King wearing the same glasses.
dropshot118 Prije 2 mjeseci
Andrescu movement and forehand sent serena tumbling at the corners. It was joy and pleasure to see.
Diesel Johnson
Diesel Johnson Prije 2 mjeseci
I watched this match live, it was a complete ass kicking
yuuu channel
yuuu channel Prije 2 mjeseci
A_n_d_y_H Prije 2 mjeseci
Was it Brad Gilbert commenting on court side? Whoever it was, he had the illusion of Serena was still only beating herself instead of being beaten by the opponent. Serena still got to the final, so kudos to her at her age and her body condition. But let's face it, not all her unforced errors were really unforced errors. As soon as she's being moved out of the center of the baseline, she's being forced to hit an uncomfortable shot, both back- or forehand. She had been slow in her movement for at least couple of years. That's how she lost to Osaka the year before and to Andreescu last year. Both of them were successful moving her around instead of just hitting big ground strokes directly back to her at the center. I bet you Serena herself knew it and that's why she hit so hard all the time because she would have less chance winning a point when the rally started to stretch wider to the sidelines. Let's admit that, she is at the end of the most decorated career, in any sport. But be honest, she didn't beat herself cuz of her unforced errors. She was beat, period.
Pertuy Daniel
Pertuy Daniel Prije 2 mjeseci
Six months to wait... Six mois d'attente ! And Covid is not concerned ! Merci. Ce n'est pas Sylvain Bwuno mais Sylvain BRuneau, l'entraîneur de Andreescu. Sinon bravo à toutes les deux, beau match. Bravo to both.
Rahul Kochar
Rahul Kochar Prije 2 mjeseci
Serena is like T- Rex. She will eat everything and anything in its way
Jonathan Han
Jonathan Han Prije 2 mjeseci
Simona and Bianca beating Serena in the finals within same year does put a smile on my face :)
Joe Killip
Joe Killip Prije 2 mjeseci
Serenas male sexism need to be stopped she is a biget people need to stop buying any company that sponsers such behavior we see what happens when people dont stand up to this bad behavior from these kids
Indrekk Pringi
Indrekk Pringi Prije 2 mjeseci
That's what happens to you when you hate too much.
Nerd Village
Nerd Village Prije 2 mjeseci
Children of Rome, Romanians, hearts are bigger than life.Fear them, do not give them a chance.
SuperMalle12 Prije 2 mjeseci
Serena is the best in the world.
Keyboard Dancers
Keyboard Dancers Prije 2 mjeseci
BA played her standard game throughout which includes accurate powerhouse shots. She hardly even bothered with much of her renowned delicate drop shots. SW had to bring her A game to virtually every point and any betting afficionado can easily tell you the odds of such a contest. The crowd brought some sort of shitty type of game which doesn't really have a name. I don't see many on the women's circuit dealing with BA and the enforced virus lockdown break will probably work in her favour during a crucial developmental phase for her body - that power game is never easy to sustain.
Kee-Ho Yuen
Kee-Ho Yuen Prije 2 mjeseci
I agree with the comments regarding the crowd and commentators. That is why I just muted the audio so I can enjoy the game.
ManuelPabloArnao Prije 2 mjeseci
Aw. I wish Serena would have been able to make the comeback but she played 4-5 really bad points at 5-5. Props to her though for not giving up down 5-1 in the second.
Yoshi Kay
Yoshi Kay Prije 2 mjeseci
Not gonna lie, not a big fan of Andreescu. Very annoying!!!
Gökhan Tozan
Gökhan Tozan Prije 2 mjeseci
Toxic NY crowd did even worse to Naomi Osaka last year..well thank god karma hit them with covid😂😂😂😂
Vicky Prije 2 mjeseci
Such a hostile crowd.... Against an 18 year old... awful.
Lisa JMichalski
Lisa JMichalski Prije 2 mjeseci
I have to say that many do not understand when you are told that you cannot go after the Court title...... stay in your lane and do as you are told....every match Williams has played since being #1 has and is orchestrated ..... remember when she told Stevens I made you?...... y’all didn’t catch it lol but I did...
void essence
void essence Prije 2 mjeseci
ugh why does the umpire drag her words like that?😖😖😖
Audrey Rudhu
Audrey Rudhu Prije 2 mjeseci
1:22:35 “fight, fight, fight, fight”. Yesss Serena, always meditate on those words
Fuck That Halilintars
Fuck That Halilintars Prije 2 mjeseci
O M G....the umpire is a woman!
Andyontherocks Prije 2 mjeseci
Sam Smith needs to go and pronto! Great match by Andreescu a well deserved winner. If Serena wants to win she has to at least get fit again she was horribly out of shape here. I would wish her good luck in getting her 24th GS title but i can't stand her attitude so i won't :-)
Chucky Prije 2 mjeseci
Remember the ones that beat Serena twice!? SHE REMEMBERS! So trust me Bianca’s day is coming. Good or too good! We all know the queen!
YCRY Prije 2 mjeseci
Serena didnt win cos she didnt get coaching during the match
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