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Billie Eilish is the hyper-talented singer/songwriter behind platinum hit singles like "Ocean Eyes" and "Lovely," and her first studio album-When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?-is set to drop March 29th. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the 17-year-old phenom becomes the youngest guest ever to take on the wings of death. As Billie battles through the spice, Sean Evans busts out a full bag of Hot Ones tricks, including a blind soda tasting and a breakdown of some of Billie's most iconic outfits.
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First We Feast
First We Feast Prije 2 mjeseci
Shout out to the youngest guest in Hot Ones history!
Crill Prije dan
Tyler - Strucid Roblox, etc
Edgar Kjellburg
Edgar Kjellburg Prije 6 dana
Least fave episode
Berk Playz
Berk Playz Prije 13 dana
ok ok
ok ok Prije mjesec
we stan
Kamili Angel
Kamili Angel Prije 53 minuta
Interviewer: Did you have fun? Billie: Nope
Jennifer Quinn
Jennifer Quinn Prije sat
water only makes it worse
Myrna Paredes
Myrna Paredes Prije sat
She needed to drink the 🥛 milk, not the water, poor thing! But I admire her! You go Billie! 💕🥰👍🏼
Chocii Prije sat
Who else gets sparkling water from tj
Cameron .J
Cameron .J Prije sat
She looks like emily blunt
Kevin Kwok
Kevin Kwok Prije sat
Does anyone know the intro song??
Pau Fábregas Muñoz
Ohhh man y f***ing love heeer
Lyric Lazer
Lyric Lazer Prije 2 sati
17:34 me getting petty when i didn't hear someone the first time and when i ask them to repeat they say nothing.
JayDark Prije 4 sati
Billie Eilish reminds me of Wraith from apex legends
ramsinator101 Prije 4 sati
Who the hell is Billie Eilish? *An hour on Spotify later...* Holy shit. Now currently my favorite female artist!
D May
D May Prije 4 sati
Seans hot sauce addiction has took to new heights! He knows shoves gallons down his throat every morning as a wake up call!, Uses hot sauce to wipe his body in the shower!, cleanses his anus area with Hot Ones hot sauce once per night! And brushes his teeth with Da Bomb Hot Sauce every afternoon, And Snorts Ghost Pepper Chilli Powder at night time
Gabriela Mesa
Gabriela Mesa Prije 5 sati
i died at the " imma bad bitch"
Jorge Issac
Jorge Issac Prije 5 sati
I love her skin
raerae 4life
raerae 4life Prije 5 sati
I remember when Shawn mendes did it
あひこふかり Prije 6 sati
13:58 I can relate to her sooo much。😂 btw Billie, I LOVE ANIME TOO
MrGonzale09 Prije 6 sati
does she has tourrete syndrome? i like her but she curse too much.
Total Cringe for everyone
Billie: I’m going to start at one, wait no I’m doing three cause i’m a bad bitch. Me: You mean Bad Guy.
Jordan Deadley
Jordan Deadley Prije 6 sati
Billie: *mixes Soy Milk with Grape Soda* Me: SHE IS SO CREATIVE!!!
Shai Dzon
Shai Dzon Prije 7 sati
That look when she saw him shakin the last one. Hahahahahah so hilarious
Shai Dzon
Shai Dzon Prije 7 sati
Billie: I don't even want to lick my lips *licks lip* I love the way she talks while she's chomping those ice.
zamberr Prije 7 sati
this is iconic
Lily_Gamez Prije 8 sati
Takis are my favorite chips
TheRoneZone Prije 9 sati
The worst thing about spicy food....the day after....haha.
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga Prije 9 sati
Bring katy perry😂
FumettosaMente Prije 9 sati
I like this kid
Anthony Hill
Anthony Hill Prije 10 sati
I thought she said "Happiness is a warm cunt" at first, which is also true
guii Silva
guii Silva Prije 10 sati
7:16 omg shes so cute when she pops out her nostrils
Enzo Mulle
Enzo Mulle Prije 10 sati
17:48 you look this ass 👏🏼🤣🤣
Deep Press ion
Deep Press ion Prije 11 sati
billie's lips looks very soft like cotton candies O.O
Abegail Sotomayor
Abegail Sotomayor Prije 13 sati
when I die, I'm going to hell. And so is he. OMG HAHAHAHAHAHA
Kamau Bey
Kamau Bey Prije 14 sati
I can tell she was in pain when she kept laughing 14:43 😂😂😂
Francesca liste
Francesca liste Prije 14 sati
Great just spilt tea all over my iPad 😂😂😂
chu y
chu y Prije 14 sati
she got more balls then dj khalid
Kristian Irizarry
Kristian Irizarry Prije 14 sati
The more I learn about billie the more I love her.
AtypicalBarrettUser CZ
I'm a *BURNING* guy. DUH!
Hezeal Tanabe
Hezeal Tanabe Prije 15 sati
Really? Billie play Red dead redemption? I must play with her
PiETXD 2 Prije 15 sati
N.C.E.M Prije 16 sati
Yo wassup I'm billge eyelash
Brick Prije 17 sati
She swears like us 17 yr old aussie kids in highschool, every goddamn sentence theres a fuck, shit, bitch or a cunt in it.
Alexa Armendariz
Alexa Armendariz Prije 17 sati
do playboi carti or nardwuar next
Delusive Shotz
Delusive Shotz Prije 17 sati
10:00 she regretted that 😭
Jefferson Maquiling
Jefferson Maquiling Prije 17 sati
Billie eilish!!! 😍😍😍😻😻😻😻😻
Delusive Shotz
Delusive Shotz Prije 17 sati
4:37 made me laugh
YaboiLegend27 Prije 18 sati
Yo I'm from highland Park love my hood man
redx YKLZAHB Prije 18 sati
Why Billie look like she receiving a master sword from behind 🙈😂😂
brayan gomez
brayan gomez Prije 18 sati
17:57 I raped billie ellish
turtles420roast Prije 18 sati
What a strange young man
Jaydon SnaK
Jaydon SnaK Prije 18 sati
totally bad guy
Syeekco Gaming
Syeekco Gaming Prije 18 sati
Probably the best one yet. Shaq was close but this one eeked its way by...
EggosAndMonsters Prije 18 sati
Billie: “Homeschoolers are fuckin crazy.” Me, a homeschooler myself: Cheers I’ll drink to that bro 🥂
Aspasia - Angeliki Katasarkou
how can she be spontaneous comfortable and funny at the same time? I love her! and this guy makes you feel that you're having a conversation with him and not an interview! Just make you feel comfy and friendly!! The best video I've even seen today.
Anony Guy
Anony Guy Prije 19 sati
She’s so pretty...
DebtedFines Prije 19 sati
She ain’t be gonna wanna be herself after she gets a bellyache and has to watch her stomach burn (see what I did there)
ieatthemcookies Prije 19 sati
6:03 I did the same thing
LEGENDEN2019 Prije 20 sati
whats those braces she taking out? 0:55
Erik Westerveld
Erik Westerveld Prije 21 sat
Must be weird being so famous so young. Feeling a obligation to act or be a certain way to reinforce that fame.
Keyla Lopez
Keyla Lopez Prije 21 sat
Me & you f*** for taikis !
Sun-hi Pineda
Sun-hi Pineda Prije 21 sat
@20:15 "I put hotsauce on her titties" IM DEAd, BRUH. I feel you. -
my name is a name
my name is a name Prije 22 sati
you should have segment called explain that lyric
Luke N
Luke N Prije 22 sati
Shout out to everyone who watches this, and immediately craves wings
Aaliyah Evangeline Acosta
Does BILLIE like anime because i Do
_cecirubi Prije 23 sati
can you vomit from this? lol i feel like i would..
Ti Cline
Ti Cline Prije 23 sati
15:54 My lips are like spiced out i don't wanna lick them * licks lips *
Neviyah Conward-Johnson
Who looks at people freaking out over spicy things and thinks of ghost pepper fries 🍟. I do because I am immune two spicy things lol. ❤️ u Billie
Napolitano 071
Napolitano 071 Prije 23 sati
Billie Eilish: I can’t I can i can’t I can 14 y/o girls: *OMG i felt that*
Lame Prije dan
Who else can feel her pain
Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey Prije dan
Why is this whore even a thing?
Gigababait Prije dan
Cock N' Bull torture
Amishi T
Amishi T Prije dan
"its so hard to form a sentence right now" me 24/7
CC Prescott
CC Prescott Prije dan
Gordon Ramsay: "I have the most cuss words said in hot ones history!!" Billie Eilish: "Hold my beer"
Hoku 808
Hoku 808 Prije 11 sati
“Hold my grape soy soda”
Harald Emerson
Harald Emerson Prije dan
I'm home schooled... I'm not crazy.
veretx nerd
veretx nerd Prije dan
The crazyest shit always happens in this show like gordon brought an army of sweets and now this
Der König
Der König Prije dan
Billie looking a lil thicc 😏
Yanta Lergen Yanai
I just want to play red dead redemption just to tie peoples up then ride horses 😂😂😂
SAVION Collins
SAVION Collins Prije dan
Is she gay
SAVION Collins
SAVION Collins Prije dan
Billie is very beautiful
Raph Pepin
Raph Pepin Prije dan
"I don't want to lick them" *also Billie* 😂 15:52-15:55
SAVION Collins
SAVION Collins Prije dan
When ur talking to a girl: its so hard to make a sentence right now
Doe John
Doe John Prije dan
Shes trash music suckssss
Lacey Gillum
Lacey Gillum Prije dan
She's heavy bisexual, or a lesbian. I can smell it 100 miles away
Lacey Gillum
Lacey Gillum Prije dan
I just now started trying her music. I do not see all the hype with her, I don't. She's okay, she doesn't suck..but it's nothing special, at all. That Bad Guy song is not work the almost 200 million views lol ffs...
Matt Napoli
Matt Napoli Prije dan
I love eating hot food, but wearing tha heavy ass clothing while doing it?
Apexx machines
Apexx machines Prije dan
I wouldn't be wearing white while doing this.
Isaac Turner
Isaac Turner Prije dan
she doesn't have any manners at all
Kaitlyn Shelley
Kaitlyn Shelley Prije dan
I think this is the funniest episode ever lmao
Annie Banani
Annie Banani Prije dan
All in favor of Billie doing a cover of happiness is a warm gun
jonny jonjon
jonny jonjon Prije dan
I've got summut hot n spicy she can put in that mouth of hers!! FFFUUUUCK I WANNA SMAAAASH
Matt desu
Matt desu Prije dan
She looks soooo stupid.
Niesha Izzy
Niesha Izzy Prije dan
She’s so freakin cute ARGHHHHHH ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Elaborate Prije dan
She sounds like a kid right after their mom lets them curse
Don Lucchese
Don Lucchese Prije dan
What a character.
Alijah Mata
Alijah Mata Prije dan
Dapur Ngebul Mamah
Bille : “ I go to hell when I die So Does he”
Mikaela. Nel
Mikaela. Nel Prije dan
iM hEaLiNg yOu
Billie's Takis
Billie's Takis Prije dan
if that was not Billie I would not have finished the video 😂🤤❤️
t44e6 Prije dan
We have government school victims shooting shit up but home schoolers are crazy.
DC Music
DC Music Prije dan
14:39 14:42
Josa francisco
Josa francisco Prije dan
is she vegan?
Alessandra Poppa
Is she high😂?
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