Billie Eilish - NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY - a short film

Billie Eilish
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a short film originally produced for and seen on tour
made by billie eilish
do you know me?
really know me?
you have opinions
about my opinions
about my music
about my clothes
about my body
some people hate what I wear
some people praise it
some people use it to shame others
some people use it to shame me
but I feel you watching
and nothing I do goes unseen
so while I feel your stares
your disapproval
or your sigh of relief
if I lived by them
I’d never be able to move
would you like me to be smaller?
would you like me to be quiet?
do my shoulders provoke you?
does my chest?
am I my stomach?
my hips?
the body I was born with
is it not what you wanted?
if I wear what is comfortable
I am not a woman
if I shed the layers
I’m a slut
though you’ve never seen my body
you still judge it
and judge me for it
we make assumptions about people
based on their size
we decide who they are
we decide what they’re worth
if I wear more
if I wear less
who decides what that makes me?
what that means?
is my value based only on your perception?
or is your opinion of me
not my responsibility


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26. Svi 2020.



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Komentari 80
Melisa Hurtado Sanchez
Melisa Hurtado Sanchez Prije 35 minuta
Te amo
Melisa Hurtado Sanchez
Melisa Hurtado Sanchez Prije 35 minuta
Te amo
Melisa Hurtado Sanchez
Melisa Hurtado Sanchez Prije 35 minuta
Te amo
Melisa Hurtado Sanchez
Melisa Hurtado Sanchez Prije 35 minuta
Te amo
London Carlock
London Carlock Prije 35 minuta
Billie you are so beautiful no matter what.
TPPanda Prije 35 minuta
Damn that fr hits different
rika ft
rika ft Prije 35 minuta
True don’t let others define you. I have a big breasts and everyone staring at me when i use a tight clothes, or when i have a PE class they will staring at it and catfish me so i try so hard to hide it with always using the gym bra so tightly i cant even breath. But as i grow up i have thought why i let them make me to wear what they want me to wear. This is my body not their, so why i’m afraid of their opinions?
Veronica Dominguez
Veronica Dominguez Prije 35 minuta
Melisa Hurtado Sanchez
Melisa Hurtado Sanchez Prije 36 minuta
Te amo
Nick51TM 2005
Nick51TM 2005 Prije 36 minuta
I’ve seen your body trust me haha...😅😅
Melisa Hurtado Sanchez
Melisa Hurtado Sanchez Prije 36 minuta
Te amo
Vinel Season
Vinel Season Prije 36 minuta
people are mean about HER body!? She has a sexy, beautiful body!
Melisa Hurtado Sanchez
Melisa Hurtado Sanchez Prije 36 minuta
Te amo
Melisa Hurtado Sanchez
Melisa Hurtado Sanchez Prije 36 minuta
Te amo
Antipuesto Family
Antipuesto Family Prije 36 minuta
james kim
james kim Prije 36 minuta
Vinel Season
Vinel Season Prije 36 minuta
Thanks Billie, this was a beautiful film. Please notice my comment even though I know you wont
Ethan Petro
Ethan Petro Prije 37 minuta
so many edgy toddlers in the comments
Celeste` S
Celeste` S Prije 37 minuta
why is there just nothing about her that isnt perfect
Otávio Machado
Otávio Machado Prije 38 minuta
otimo video bad vibes pra ver durante a quarentena
Matt Carter
Matt Carter Prije 38 minuta
words can’t describe how this video makes me feel
Anglo- Saxon
Anglo- Saxon Prije 38 minuta
I love the battling of people thinking their deep and people making fun of them thinking their funny
Omg Woah
Omg Woah Prije 38 minuta
ella Prije 38 minuta
billie proved that fame isn’t always based off body standards. i’m all here for it. queen.
Cristroll 2
Cristroll 2 Prije 38 minuta
Awebo se desnudo
roy antonio_507
roy antonio_507 Prije 38 minuta
2:52 hoy hay paja xd
iHxney_bxns Prije 38 minuta
“i feel you watching“ CHILLS
AmineOfficial Prije 38 minuta
Ben N. Syder
Ben N. Syder Prije 39 minuta
lytia xiong
lytia xiong Prije 39 minuta
You're beautiful the way you are!!!!
Brian Maiwela
Brian Maiwela Prije 39 minuta
Tell them! Tell them all! Why does the world have to be like this! I know its mostly men and its just shameful that as a man I have to see this stuff affect others in this world! Be yourself and fuck those that have an opinion that they try to force on others!
KG ANE Prije 39 minuta
William Gomez
William Gomez Prije 39 minuta
builderman b
builderman b Prije 37 minuta
Bruh I really don't understand how so many people think her music is good 😂😂😂 I just don't get anything about her all this is so autistic
Ian Weber
Ian Weber Prije 39 minuta
nice body
HARIPRASAD S Prije 39 minuta
Yes it is..
Esther Espinoza
Esther Espinoza Prije 40 minuta
De cualquier forma es preciosa y talentosa❤️❤️❤️❤️😍
Amy Ajodha
Amy Ajodha Prije 40 minuta
wear what u eant not what others want u to where just ignore them. I love what u wear
-MadMelanieYT -
-MadMelanieYT - Prije 40 minuta
This is absolutely beautiful. People can come and body shame someone for the stupidest reasons. But we're beautiful, and one of a kind. Thank you Billie.
Саша Юж
Саша Юж Prije 40 minuta
Вот это сиськи!
The Rage Order
The Rage Order Prije 40 minuta
Camy Yeah
Camy Yeah Prije 41 minute
Algún@ chilen@? :'3 alguien ... :c F
Teanna Bernard
Teanna Bernard Prije 41 minute
U all be hating let her be herself I love her style everything she is unique hard to find tho but facts see is my hero
ThatOneGuyCisco Prije 41 minute
Would it technically be illegal for me or for her for watching this.
CT yang
CT yang Prije 41 minute
Ya not ready for ya girl go 25x
Estelle Prije 41 minute
I feel happy for her that she felt comfortable enough to show herself im proud of her
Ebrahim Baseer
Ebrahim Baseer Prije 41 minute
What did I just watch lol
Виктория Штынь
Русские здесь есть?😹
batyrlan bopbekoff
batyrlan bopbekoff Prije 42 minuta
Видео ни о чём: почти четыре минуты мутного бормотания под скучный эмбиент... Это дно!..
Tom Forward
Tom Forward Prije 42 minuta
I found the plot hard to follow. I guess I'll give it a 6.5 out of 10.
nicole iman
nicole iman Prije 42 minuta
Popped off SOOOO HARD
UltimateAxe Production of Nasir Ahmad
Your body Your Choice is Your responsibility Humans are directly or indirectly linked with each other one is gonna affect other It's on you if you use it in a good way or bad way the result will be positive or negative
rubén olvera
rubén olvera Prije 42 minuta
Vendiendo su cuerpo, buena táctica ahora que nadie hablaba de ella.
Azny Prije 42 minuta
I just want to say one thing, we lost something, humanity.
Anglo- Saxon
Anglo- Saxon Prije 39 minuta
That’s so deep
Rocket Icebear
Rocket Icebear Prije 43 minuta
You are always beautiful 💝💝💝
Sara Zoaib
Sara Zoaib Prije 43 minuta
It feels like I’m watching something suspenseful. Erie, secretive
Iara Sosa
Iara Sosa Prije 43 minuta
Todos:¡¡¡I LOVE BILLIE!!!! Yo:yo no entender Es broma si entiendo
georg randis
georg randis Prije 43 minuta
Haha. Tits.
Adam Wells
Adam Wells Prije 43 minuta
I remember her saying when she turned 18 or whatever she was gonna change the way she dressed
aang 1999
aang 1999 Prije 43 minuta
tetenya gede njr
Ashes Angel
Ashes Angel Prije 43 minuta
Just to think about it that there are going to be more creeps going crazy for her
tori_09 cajal
tori_09 cajal Prije 44 minuta
Alguien de Argentina? Ahre
Justin Daniel
Justin Daniel Prije 44 minuta
she says she doesnt care what people think yet shes making this video
yngSimba Prije 45 minuta
You think that if she was Lizzo size that water, at the end, would have overflowed fast as hell.
MSB 13
MSB 13 Prije 45 minuta
عبدالله التميمي
You are beautiful because you are different from the rest 🌹
RAP BeAT Prije 45 minuta
I make alot of beats more attractive 🔥
sara torres
sara torres Prije 45 minuta
Sara Zoaib
Sara Zoaib Prije 45 minuta
Feels like I’m watching something top secret. So Erie
Mayra Silva
Mayra Silva Prije 45 minuta
Povo americano é tudo besta pq aqui ter os seios desse tamanho é a coisa mais comum
portal dragon ball
portal dragon ball Prije 44 minuta
Psé, ou até maior
Rahma omar
Rahma omar Prije 45 minuta
I,m so proud for you forever(˘❥˘)
Declan Barnes
Declan Barnes Prije 45 minuta
God damn. That was almost haunting. Respect
Marco Antonio 5six
Marco Antonio 5six Prije 45 minuta
Rápido borren esto de su historial, esto solo es hecho para llamar la atención sin aportar nada necesario a la humanidad ni siquiera de forma recreativa así que es inútil por lo tanto déjela morir en silencio ignorando este vídeo que solo sirve para levantar polémica que no nos hace ganar nada
MAFER_GRANADOS Prije 45 minuta
Nadie decide por ti tu eres tú y sólo eso importa tu me demostrarte que lo de afuera no importa y si no te quieren por eso no valen, sólo te digo GRACIAS
Amazing_ivi 2
Amazing_ivi 2 Prije 45 minuta
I love you so much Billie, you have no idea how much you move my soul 🖤
Bloxx Gaming
Bloxx Gaming Prije 45 minuta
Do people forget she’s human, just like us, everyone deserves respect!!!!
Danna Michelle
Danna Michelle Prije 45 minuta
M Þ Prije 46 minuta
الي عربي يقولنا واش راهي تقول 🤔🤔
Jonah Universe
Jonah Universe Prije 46 minuta
Ah, so she's a fan of Under the Skin too? That's my favorite movie!
Tristan Pitt
Tristan Pitt Prije 46 minuta
I wanna simp so hard xd
MASTER DOAN Prije 46 minuta
am i confused or is she confused?
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