Binging with Babish: Ziti and Lasagna from The Sopranos

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Rarely does food play such a central character in a TV show or movie that's not specifically about food, but in The Sopranos, it might as well be one of the family. The crown jewel of which, despite Artie Bucco's hapless attempts, is the cuisine of Carmela Soprano. Strap on your gold President and build a ramp for the ducks, because it's time to emotionally repress our murderous mentality with some cheesy, saucy pasta - with a layer of basil underneath the cheese, of course.
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17. Ruj 2019.



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Komentari 80
Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish Prije 8 mjeseci
Sir Potatoaim
Sir Potatoaim Prije mjesec
Its "al forno" not "el forno"
Maxwell Wilson
Maxwell Wilson Prije mjesec
Nick B
Nick B Prije mjesec
Everytime i see or hear this word i just imagine a sim from sims 4 🤦🏻‍♀️ I'm a dummy
VGLM D F Prije mjesec
Tim Lee
Tim Lee Prije 2 mjeseci
It’s not called gravy.
WaterWarrior36 Prije sat
The guy in the intro clip is in Blue Bloods!! What's the actor's name?!
Jihad Toom
Jihad Toom Prije 2 sati
“How much cheese did you put?” Babish: yes
Chebi Kitty
Chebi Kitty Prije 19 sati
What do you think of making a white sauce ziti? I can't eat tomatoes they give me extremely bad heartburn so I've been trying to switch it out with white sauce. The lasagna turned out amazing but I'm not sure how the ziti might work
Shouko Komi
Shouko Komi Prije dan
I imagine your neighbors love your cooking a lot, every week they smell something badass and when you have leftovers it’s the same feeling as Santa delivering you presents
Cristina Zanin
Cristina Zanin Prije dan
Funny how he said "in the face of tradition" and makes a pasta al forno way closer to the actual Italian recipe, not only in terms of ingredients themselves but also about the reasons/role of each ingredient. Guys, if Italians get offended is just because you claim to know the traditional recipe on the basis of an Italo-American recipe passed down and adapted to the US taste and idea of Italy, loosing autenticity, but more importantly meaning.
Cristina Zanin
Cristina Zanin Prije dan
Just some curiosities, since a friend got confused: - in Italy Ziti pasta is much longer than this. It's a spaghetti-size pasta - tricky for this recipe - when talking about Lasagna in Italy, always remember that the south version uses cheese, the Bolognese one is creamier, usually with besciamella sauce. Never tried the in-between one. Seems great
Mehedi Prije dan
You're 32?! I thought you was at least in your early fourties!
Way too many fandoms
Fuck now it’s 5 in the morning and I want pasta al forno
Uber Gigan
Uber Gigan Prije 3 dana
Shouldve made a grilled cheese of a radiator
Victoria Orlando
Victoria Orlando Prije 3 dana
I think you would enjoy the ricotta better if you blended it with eggs, parsley, salt and pepper. One egg per pound of cheese. It makes it creamier.😃
Eric Nolen
Eric Nolen Prije 4 dana
Being against Ricotta is a major chef character flaw
Nelson Richards
Nelson Richards Prije 4 dana
lol Dutch oven.
Dr. Pawlittle
Dr. Pawlittle Prije 4 dana
No idea about cooking but lots of marketing knowledge. I would not eat it.
Jaethen Carl
Jaethen Carl Prije 5 dana
It bothered me when he called the sauce gravy
John Johansen
John Johansen Prije 5 dana
Gee, I'm lazy. I only use pre cooked lasagna plates.
13th Evergreen
13th Evergreen Prije 5 dana
Baking with "It said to do it this way, I'm not Italian and know better" Babish
zetetikos21 Prije 6 dana
Pasta al forno can be done with any type of pasta actually.
TonyNewJersey1 Prije 7 dana
Just a little trick when using fresh Mozzarella (especially buffalo): Cut it into slices, place on a couple of sheets of kitchen paper towels, cover with a couple more and then put a cutting board on top, give it some pressure and stand something heavy on it (2-3 bottles of wine or olive oil should do) for 20 minutes. And presto, (almost completely) moisture-free, fresh Mozzarella that is guaranteed to be delicious, cheese-stringy and not going to make your dish soupy.
Dave McLover
Dave McLover Prije 8 dana
I’ve never been aroused at pasta before
Lee Manning
Lee Manning Prije 8 dana
This channel would be so much better without his bad takes
Michael Mathers
Michael Mathers Prije 8 dana
I adore the sopranos, I bought the family cook book. I take nothing in it seriously. All my tastes lead me to canned San marzano tomatoes, slights amount of torn fresh basil, salt, pepper, all over rigatoni. Then in each personal serving I put my mozzarella and/or capicola in while zapping it in the micro.
Babak A
Babak A Prije 11 dana
Finally another person not withstanding ricotta! wow this is amazing!
Brandon Scott
Brandon Scott Prije 11 dana
When are you going to team up with Chef John from Food Wishes?
Богдан Новосельцев
Try to put shreddered salami in tomato sauce - it worth it to taste
HWT VI Prije 12 dana
Angelo Arminio
Angelo Arminio Prije 12 dana
Funnily enough, rigatoni is the pasta of choice for "pasta al forno" in most of Italy
thenameisamin Prije 13 dana
1:08 Bring that to a shimmer.. Wait..what?
Boof_That_Jawn Prije 14 dana
What is with babish's longstanding hatred of ricotta cheese and cilantro 🤣🤣🤣
TurtleKing777 Prije 14 dana
Your neighbors must love you
Yucci Harder
Yucci Harder Prije 14 dana
Every time i watch you cooked i got hungry.. all the time
Gorgey boi
Gorgey boi Prije 15 dana
I actualy watch an only cocking channel and i have nothing woth cocking
S. Nifrum
S. Nifrum Prije 15 dana
I’m gonna use this as a basis for my 3 sauce lasagna Marinara, béchamel and bolognese in alternating layers A cheese filling with 4 different kinds of cheese, mozzarella, Parmesan, ricotta, and cottage cheese A topping made with Parmesan mozzarella and maybe some bread crumbs
sedaberry Prije 15 dana
Great video but no love for the Ricotta cheese?
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay Prije 16 dana
Lasagna should be fully cooked the day before it's eaten, kept in the fridge overnight, and heated in the oven again the next day for being eaten.
A.j.E Prije 17 dana
Uhhh... lost some respect for you in this video...
Sbubby Sbubs
Sbubby Sbubs Prije 17 dana
this needs spinach
Kirk Wahmmet
Kirk Wahmmet Prije 17 dana
Jan’s lasagne, whaeva happened there...
Roy Achiron
Roy Achiron Prije 18 dana
2:46 This is probably the most awful shot to ever appear on youtube. I fear you've committed a sin against the old gods, you angered them with this scene and their retribution is the hornets or the virus, can't say for sure.
Akane Takashashi
Akane Takashashi Prije 19 dana
2:46 u ruin the pots handle
Angel Hajjar
Angel Hajjar Prije 20 dana
Babish I love your videos and channel...but I didn't appreciate your comment on ricotta cheese.
Apocalyptic Moth
Apocalyptic Moth Prije 20 dana
I would love to see SNL’s overnight salad
moleary42 Prije 20 dana
My mom has literally always made lasagna with cottage cheese instead of ricotta & the first time I had it with ricotta I was like, eff, what's wrong with this lasagna? Probably as a child I put the weird grainyness down to being store-bought rather than homemade but seriously if you've never tried it, dude you're missing out. Literally my favourite part of lasagna. So chewy and delicious.
Owain Thoma
Owain Thoma Prije 20 dana
What a fat little kid
Owain Thoma
Owain Thoma Prije 11 dana
@fluffy doggo like why do you care so much? It's kind of petty
Owain Thoma
Owain Thoma Prije 11 dana
@fluffy doggo oh
fluffy doggo
fluffy doggo Prije 11 dana
@Owain Thoma I'm just saying, maybe if you stopped spending all your time with a box of doughnuts on your lap and actually spent 2 hours in 1st grade reading class, you could learn how to type and actually form a proper sentence
Owain Thoma
Owain Thoma Prije 11 dana
U calling me fat are something?
Owain Thoma
Owain Thoma Prije 11 dana
@fluffy doggo ?
Aki Prije 21 dan
I like my Ziti and Lasagna wet, not soup but close when its warm. gotta be eaten with a spoon.
Kennty07 Prije 22 dana
I always thought the basil layer was only under the cheese on the top layer
babi bamboo
babi bamboo Prije 23 dana
the baked rigatoni is EXACTLY how my brazilian grandma used to make it.
kitsvne Prije 24 dana
still waiting on some artie bucco recipes...
Gabriel V
Gabriel V Prije 24 dana
Right this lasagna is amazing, but it’s very watery. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?
nutiketgotc Prije 25 dana
You really need to stop calling the sauce gravy. Gravy is a totally different thing and every time you say it it grosses me out that you would put that on pasta.
Anne Elise Morrigan
Anne Elise Morrigan Prije 26 dana
When you added the cottage cheese - every midwestern baked pasta cook shouted in unison "OH HELL YEAH!" Because good ricotta is hard to come by as it is out here.
Quackers Prije 27 dana
goddammit you don't put the meat in the layers! you separate some of the sauce before you add the meat to it!!! you use the unmeated sauce in the layers, each layer a very small amount of mozzerla and dollop of ricotta every 1-2 inches. the top is mozzarella then parmesan! THEN WHEN YOU SERVE you put the meat sauce atop the lasagna!
Katarzyna Wanda Jeziorska
Maybe Polish bigos? It's an amazing dish if done properly. Since I can see how dedicated you are and how good research you make before each dish I'm really curious how You would prepare it since you seem to always add some interesting twist to each traditional recipe.
Aidan Davis
Aidan Davis Prije 29 dana
Binging The Sopranos again. Nothing better to do, best show ever created
Bailey Brewer
Bailey Brewer Prije 29 dana
I feel bad for you, your taste buds are doing you wrong. Ricotta is delicious!
Kiwi Prije mjesec
So he said he was quadrupling the recipe, and his recipe on his website calls for 4 cans of san marzano tomatoes, does this mean I only actually need 1/4 of the ingredients listed since I'm only planning on making lasagna, or did he actually use 16 cans? I'm sure this is a dumb question but I don't wanna make too much sauce
Dead Head
Dead Head Prije mjesec
You ever do the Artie Bucco recipes video?
Dead Head
Dead Head Prije mjesec
love this video.
I see you fapping
I see you fapping Prije mjesec
To have someone that loves you as much as this man loves his tiny whisk.
Gabe T
Gabe T Prije mjesec
Were you born in 87 or 86?
Caleb Sherwood
Caleb Sherwood Prije mjesec
Babish never had the makings of a varsity athlete
Thomas Moccia
Thomas Moccia Prije mjesec
It’s ok babish. I’m Italian and I also hate ricotta cheese!
Matthew Kelly
Matthew Kelly Prije mjesec
So what, no fucking ziti now?
Matthew Kelly
Matthew Kelly Prije mjesec
Babish never had the makings of a varsity cook.
Jordan Bonacci
Jordan Bonacci Prije mjesec
Rigatoni over Ziti is not flying in the face of tradition. New Jersey and NY Italians might like it, but it's definitely an American preference.
More Knowledge
More Knowledge Prije mjesec
"No f***ing zeiti"
alex radulovic
alex radulovic Prije mjesec
It was a mistake to remove garlic and onion because when they spend a lot of time cooking they completely dissolve into the sauce
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson Prije mjesec
Never seen it
TheTofuGod Prije mjesec
Still waiting for that Chocolate pudding pie recipe from The Help!
Iain Balsamo
Iain Balsamo Prije mjesec
Cottage cheese in baked ziti?! 🤮 im appalled
Elise Prije mjesec
Lint-free kitchen towel? Idk her
Richard Prije mjesec
Andrew never had the makings of a varsity athlete.
Zachary Volt
Zachary Volt Prije mjesec
But I don't like basil :(
Bryan Albrecht
Bryan Albrecht Prije mjesec
How can one oppose ricotta!?!?!
Grueso c
Grueso c Prije mjesec
Slow the fuck down dude
Cupcake Comrade
Cupcake Comrade Prije mjesec
no i said cheesus christ it needs more
Krispy Kreme Operator
I've always added beef to the onions/onions with garlic. Didn't know that was weird I guess. Edit: Well now I feel better, at least you don't like ricotta, I hate it as well. That and cottage cheese are disgusting alone and make Lasagna disgusting as well. I like the mozzarella and parmesan.
Lexichi22 Prije mjesec
My hypothesis as to why ricotta is "meh" is because no deliciousness was added to it like you added to the cottage cheese! Then again, if the recipe called for plain ricotta, that's on them.
Davo Prije mjesec
Binging with Babish idea(s): strawberry cake for gourmet guy from paper mario (and/or any recipe from paper mario/paper mario ttyd)
brandon swales
brandon swales Prije mjesec
One simply doesn't have too much cheese, it's simply not possible. ^-^
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