Bon Voyage! 11 DIY Travel Hacks and More DIY Ideas by Crafty Panda

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Do you love traveling but hate the packing stage? We’ve got some handy DIY ways to make your preparations so much easier! Learn to make easy-to-carry toothpaste bits or a safe space in your suitcase by making a compact version of your makeup on paper sheets! Discover how to pack your tourist’s equipment by making a handbag out of your shirt! Stay tuned for more DIY travel hacks and trip tips and don’t forget to have a safe trip!
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00:00 Intro
00:16 DIY Toothpaste Bits
01:17 Earrings In Buttons
01:58 Shampoo Sheet
02:44 Cleaning Pads
03:41 T-Shirt Bag
04:33 Leave the Plants Hydrated
05:29 Bottle Leak Protection
06:37 Clothes Folding
07:27 Hairbrush Money Stash
08:10 T-Shirt Bag 2
09:04 Shorts Remix
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Crafty Panda
Crafty Panda Prije mjesec
Hey, Crafty Pandas, 🐼🖐️ Do you miss traveling as much as I do? ✈️🏖️🥺 I’ve got some clever ideas on how to make the packing process much easier! 🌅🚲🧳 Let me know which of these travel hacks you found the most useful! 🛫🗽⛵ Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! 🌟🌟🌟 Much love from the Crafty Panda 💖💖💖 P.S. If you enjoyed this video, you might also like 😉:
Ramesh Vishvkarma
Ramesh Vishvkarma Prije 43 sekundi
Hdjdhdj♥️🧵🧶 to the or bxnxn
عبير الرحماني
عبير الرحماني
Mahmudul Rana
Mahmudul Rana Prije 3 dana
Yhygy Vvvgg
Yhygy Vvvgg Prije 6 dana
Sottilin Nongsiej
Sottilin Nongsiej Prije 16 sati
O love watching this. in lockdown
Ancila Prince
Ancila Prince Prije 18 sati
Full of fun 😜 is crafty panda 🐼
Bablu Singh
Bablu Singh Prije dan
عبير الرحماني
Sulochna Kamble
Sulochna Kamble Prije 2 dana
You're video are so nice
Kunchala Sirisha
Kunchala Sirisha Prije 2 dana
I like crafty panda so much
Kunchala Sirisha
Kunchala Sirisha Prije 2 dana
Veronika Hudečková
Jaya Bajaj
Jaya Bajaj Prije 3 dana
Kya socha ki baat hui to pay for a few shddd to you tomorrow jkxxhxdhdjsjsososkdjssdhddjkdpdod the most lovely to see the Whole world and your family you have ♥️♥️♥️💓😉😣😉😣😣😆😗😉😉😗😆😗😆😗😆😗😉😗😋💯😔
Ramesh khamkar
Ramesh khamkar Prije 3 dana
Hi Emily
Shibi Kassim
Shibi Kassim Prije 5 dana
Traveling to boring 😒😏😳😵🥱🥱
Shiju Gopinath
Shiju Gopinath Prije 6 dana
Please show bedroom hacks
Asal M
Asal M Prije 6 dana
Hi super crafts
رند مار
رند مار Prije 7 dana
واو الفكرة كلش حلوة😇
Shumon Biswas
Shumon Biswas Prije 7 dana
A matter how to play their
I really wish i had long straight coloured locks like emily's 😥
fathima aysha Fa
fathima aysha Fa Prije 7 dana
I love crafty panda ❤
Basir Ahmed
Basir Ahmed Prije 7 dana
Hey Emily aunty i am naba. Emily aunty I love you! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💝❤💓
Sijas Sijas
Sijas Sijas Prije 7 dana
Iam all wais seeing this chanal
Maura Cantika
Maura Cantika Prije 8 dana
Good morning my love
harshada narvekar
harshada narvekar Prije 8 dana
And show some slime ideas too ok
harshada narvekar
harshada narvekar Prije 8 dana
Hey frnds i love your channel please this is my 1st 💬comment can you all show party ideas
Alii Alii
Alii Alii Prije 9 dana
نلت وبنبةمنث ةبماثم
Julie sumi
Julie sumi Prije 9 dana
I like Emily my best friend is Emily 👭
Ziyaziya Ziya
Ziyaziya Ziya Prije 10 dana
Hiii. Sugano
Nazib Ishmam
Nazib Ishmam Prije 10 dana
Far Han
Far Han Prije 11 dana
Nkrkmk Sd
Nkrkmk Sd Prije 11 dana
I really like Emliy and Jacob and they crafty panda
Malathi Vijayakumar
Malathi Vijayakumar Prije 11 dana
Hi crafty panda I like this video 👌🐼🐼
ANIL Kumar
ANIL Kumar Prije 11 dana
bhavya sharma
bhavya sharma Prije 11 dana
Emily you are the gorgeous one
aradhya computers
aradhya computers Prije 11 dana
I love crafty panda and emily aswome
Godha Nagarani
Godha Nagarani Prije 11 dana
Super nice 👌👌👌👍👌👌👌👍👌👍👍😎😊👌 👌👌👍
Ergi Mustafa
Ergi Mustafa Prije 11 dana
Sohana Tazin
Sohana Tazin Prije 12 dana
First I like Emily but now I like Jesica.
Smruti Mule
Smruti Mule Prije 12 dana
I am Indian
محمد علي
محمد علي Prije 12 dana
محمد علي
محمد علي Prije 12 dana
محمد علي
محمد علي Prije 12 dana
Jaynarayan Sah
Jaynarayan Sah Prije 12 dana
Aapka Ghar kahan hai
Jaynarayan Sah
Jaynarayan Sah Prije 12 dana
Apne Naam bhejen
Jaynarayan Sah
Jaynarayan Sah Prije 12 dana
Aapka naam kya hai Uska Ghar kahan hai
Kamal Hossain
Kamal Hossain Prije 12 dana
Paraman Sumathi
Paraman Sumathi Prije 12 dana
Just a few weeks ago
Hafiz iftikhar
Hafiz iftikhar Prije 13 dana
I Love crafty panda
Md Smail
Md Smail Prije 13 dana
my favorite crafty panda
Ali Ali
Ali Ali Prije 13 dana
smruthi ammu
smruthi ammu Prije 13 dana
3 Weeks ago
Himali Kumari
Himali Kumari Prije 13 dana
Naeem Ansari
Naeem Ansari Prije 14 dana
Love cute
positive thinking
positive thinking Prije 14 dana
OooooO nice video
Makii Martinez
Makii Martinez Prije 14 dana
Makii Martinez
Makii Martinez Prije 14 dana
🖐🖐 😏😏😏😏😏
Nadia Shihab
Nadia Shihab Prije 14 dana
Hello crafty panda
Priti Shukla
Priti Shukla Prije 14 dana
Hi poop and pee crafty panda
samsung a50
samsung a50 Prije 14 dana
I Love Emily
Karan Jaiswaal
Karan Jaiswaal Prije 14 dana
Hi crafty panda
Sanchit Pandey
Sanchit Pandey Prije 14 dana
It makes my life easier
crazy brown girls
crazy brown girls Prije 15 dana
Come to India anytime
Karwan Duski
Karwan Duski Prije 15 dana
Sara Banu
Sara Banu Prije 15 dana
Wow tricks
payal's masti channel
payal's masti channel Prije 15 dana
I am early
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Raju Nirala Prije 16 dana
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Nargis Chowdhury Prije 16 dana
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Kyllie's Bidyos
Kyllie's Bidyos Prije 17 dana
Kyllie's Bidyos
Kyllie's Bidyos Prije 17 dana
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Zeljko Ilic Prije 17 dana
Al-busha ali
Al-busha ali Prije 17 dana
Nitin Chintawar
Nitin Chintawar Prije 17 dana
Emily very nice hacks 👌👌
Szasz Andrei
Szasz Andrei Prije 17 dana
Kittu Kittu dixit
Kittu Kittu dixit Prije 17 dana
Stauros Flouris
Stauros Flouris Prije 18 dana
Teleio .
bashir alam
bashir alam Prije 18 dana
thankes for that this video any part are not old video
Асылгуль Боккарина
Tik Tok🤮 Likee😍😘🥰🤩💖💋
Isobel Buyukertas
Isobel Buyukertas Prije 19 dana
T- shirts bag - like why just why..
อร อมรสิน
Penguin kitty mama
Indah Tampubolon
Indah Tampubolon Prije 19 dana
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Lucy Meier Prije 20 dana
Ho is Emley? 😁
Lucy Meier
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Ich bin deutsch
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I will use any Colgate
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Oh wow
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I like Emily mam because . Man has pinky hairs and cute
Maulya Sraj
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I like crafty
nusrat jahan mubashara
এমনকি মেকআপ ছাড়া খুব সুন্দর
susmita Borah
susmita Borah Prije 20 dana
Which soda Baking soda
Deepmala Patole
Deepmala Patole Prije 20 dana
I like all the girls but more I like Emily ❤
Rion Bojaj
Rion Bojaj Prije 20 dana
Lenka Szilágyiová
Lenka Szilágyiová Prije 21 dan
nataLka saska
Aferdita Kelmendi
Aferdita Kelmendi Prije 21 dan
Sheetal Kerekar
Sheetal Kerekar Prije 21 dan
Hey i am a little 9 yaer old sorry to massage again and again but I am giving you nise idya in lock down you guys are bourd so i have downloaded a name by my super market it is a 🐼 game you should download 😁
Sheetal Kerekar
Sheetal Kerekar Prije 21 dan
I am a little 9 yaer old child i love crafty 🐼 so much
Saba Waseem
Saba Waseem Prije 20 dana
123go is the best
Chhaku Lalwani
Chhaku Lalwani Prije 21 dan
I love this . Video
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Ask as ⭐🌹😘
وسام محمد
وسام محمد Prije 21 dan
One 😘
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Omur Nagiyeva Prije 21 dan
Janvi S
Janvi S Prije 21 dan
I like that cleaning pads girl she so cute 😍💙💜
Lady Amanda
Lady Amanda Prije 22 dana
Crafty panda IS THE BEST
Zezo ZOZO Prije 22 dana
d̾v̾j̾f̾ b̾h̾d̾ z̾o̾z̾o̾Z̾O̾g̾v̾h̾d̾ b̾h̾r̾ h̾h̾b̾w̾g̾g̾d̾g̾ h̾f̾f̾b̾ b̾ h̾d̾g̾v̾v̾j̾h̾h̾g̾v̾s̾y̾b̾r̾r̾s̾g̾i̾v̾s̾r̾A̾A̾S̾W̾Q̾